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Argentina Vs Iceland Fifa World Cup

-By Soul Sword-

The match got off to a slow start with both the sides missing the opportunities to score early on. 17 minutes into the game, Sergio Aguero scored a goal putting Argentina in the lead 1-0. After scoring the first goal, Argentina seemed to be enthusiastic and kept attempting shots at goal but was not able to convert them to goals. 5 minutes later Iceland attempted a shot in which the ball after being deflected twice, fell into Finnbogason’s possession who equalised the score to 1-1. This marked Iceland’s first world cup goal.

The second half commenced with Argentina still maintaining the most of the ball possession but there were a lot of incomplete passes. At 63’ Argentina earned a penalty and Messi took it. Iceland’s goalkeeper Halldorsson saved the goal and Messi missed the opportunity to score. Both the sides tried to score throughout the match but were unable to do so. Halldorsson made two great saves towards the end to maintain the score. With 30 seconds to go for the full time, Argentina was awarded a free kick which was again missed by Messi bringing the game to end in a 1-1 draw.

Argentina had most of the ball possession and yet failed to convert them. Messi, on the other hand, had a bad day on the field today having 10 shots on goal but didn’t score even one goal. Both the teams were sloppy in passing and had a lot of failed attempts on goal. Iceland, on the other hand, was able to sustain throughout the game. The Iceland fans performed the famous Thunderclap right before the start of the match and were quite happy with the outcome of the game. I had high expectations for this match but unfortunately, it failed to deliver. Let’s wait and watch if Argentina are able to up their gameplay in their next match against Croatia.

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