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France Vs Australia – Fifa World Cup

-By Soul Sword-

As the match started, it was evident that Australia was prepared to put up a good fight against France. France had a tough time getting through the great defence that Australia had put up. Despite a lot of attempts at goal, the Australian goalkeeper Ryan made a lot of great saves. There was a close call with France’s goalkeeper Lloris as well, which he efficiently saved. At halftime, the score was at 0-0 as both the teams failed to score.

In the second half, at 55’ the first penalty using VAR was awarded to France. Griezmann took the penalty and scored the goal making the score 1-0.  Just a few minutes later Australia was awarded a penalty due to a handball by Umititi while defending a free kick.  Mile Jedinak easily scored the penalty equalising the score 1-1. Paul Pogba scored the winning goal on the 81st minute but the ball hit d crossbar before bouncing off the goal line. The goal was confirmed using the goal line technology since they were unsure whether it bounced inside or outside the goal line. France won the match with a score of 2-1.

Though France had won the match, I felt that Australia played a better game than them. Throughout the game, they were energetic and committed, unlike France. They gave France a really tough time with their gameplay though they committed umpteen number of fouls. It is a shame that they had to go back without any points under their belt. I hope that they have a better game in their upcoming matches.



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