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Germany Vs Mexico – Fifa World Cup

The match started off with both the sides playing aggressively. Every few minutes there were attempts made at the goal. The German defence was not up to the mark from the start as many chances went through them leaving Neuer (German goalkeeper) to save them. Mexico, on the other hand, was in a terrific form and earned a few free kicks with some close calls. Every time Germany gave up the possession on the ball Mexico was right there taking it right up to a goal and finishing with a shot at the goal. Germany missed a few chances though Kroos and Draxler kept trying. Mexico got their breakthrough at 35’ when Hirving Lozano scored 0-1. The goal was well a deserved one as they most of the attempts were accurate and this was bound to happen. Soon Germany gained a free kick and Kroos took a great shot which was saved beautifully by the Mexican Goalkeeper Ochoa. Germany tried hard to equalise but they were unable to do so before the halftime leaving the score at Germany 0- 1 Mexico.
Germany was energetic in the second half but they were playing a rough game with quite a few fouls committed. They tried hard to equalise the score but it was impossible for them to break through Mexico’s impenetrable defence. Both the goalkeepers had their work cut out for them with shots being aimed at them continuously. Germany tried persistently until the last moment but unfortunately, they could not score. At full-time Mexico won with a score of 0-1.
A special mention to the Mexican Goalkeeper Ochoa who made some amazing saves. Mexico was celebrating the victory since it was against the defending Champions who haven’t lost an opening match for a long time. Though the result was unexpected, the team that played better won the game because both teams did their best they could.


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