Adults, Write Ups

‘I don’t want him to go through difficulties’-Parenting

-by K-

Parenting is a responsibility wherein you find yourself precariously on a tightrope balancing a large bamboo pole tiptoeing across with utmost care to not fall headlong into the abyss. Parenting is a dear parent is a balancing act.

And most of the parent’s today are posed at a dangerous angle leaning towards protection, shielding the child from perceived notion of ‘suffering’

Most of today’s parents don’t want their children to ‘suffer’. Any inconvenience, physical discomfort, emotional upsets, challenging situations, puzzling circumstances which the parents have faced in their childhood classifies as ‘suffer’

We often come across parents who say –‘I had to walk 5 km to and fro to reach my school. I don’t want my child to undergo the same challenge.’

‘My mother ensured I cooked and cleaned after my school. I don’t want to put my daughter through the same’

‘I studied under a leaky roof. Bought books from a pastiwallah walked down to save pocket money instead of quick transports’- There might be many more such difficulties faced by a generation based on the lifestyle, economic status, culturally regressive thinking (girl child in India is denied education; though that’s changing ).

But, look back. From these challenging circumstances, you have risen like a phoenix.

Life imparts lessons. School only imparts education. Knowledge is bookish. Knowledge can be sought and added to you if, you know the basic alphabets and numbers. Collective experiences make you a person shaped through experiences good or bad.

So, if you walk down to your school, you have strengthened your physique, you have nature with you; a natural stress buster, if, you have helped in the kitchen you have learnt to multitask, if, you have saved your pocket money by walking down you have learnt finance management. Any growing up hiccups are lessons that add to wisdom. You actually grow. You are not just promoted from one class to another.

So, let your child go through challenges that come his way. Don’t deny him life’s lessons. Do not pamper, protect him. Make him ready to face the adversities of life. You are not going to be around protecting and pampering them forever. Guide. mentor and encourage them to face life’s lessons.

Help him rise like a phoenix too.


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