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-By KK- A mother is born, not created. A crying, howling, bundle is placed in her hands And her old self is throttled in the joy of motherhood. In its place rises a new Avatar… Motherhood.   She awakens with a wonder. Tackling, unborn emotions, Loving someone more than self, Answering the demands of a… Continue reading Un-Mothering…

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‘I don’t want him to go through difficulties’-Parenting

-by K- Parenting is a responsibility wherein you find yourself precariously on a tightrope balancing a large bamboo pole tiptoeing across with utmost care to not fall headlong into the abyss. Parenting is a dear parent is a balancing act. And most of the parent’s today are posed at a dangerous angle leaning towards protection,… Continue reading ‘I don’t want him to go through difficulties’-Parenting