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Man and Money

-By Brave Flower-

The Earth …The Earth is a wonderful and beautiful planet with its mountains, waterfalls, oceans, flowers and innumerable things that are there for us to enjoy, free of cost. The flora and fauna have their own territory to be free in. From the beginning, all living beings have been the same except humans. The demeanour of animals hasn’t changed, unlike mankind.

Though we have advanced in the fields of science, medicine, technology etc, we have become selfish in our thirst for power and money. Whereas, animals do not exhibit any of these characters since they do not have the ability to understand the concept of money.

Your dog is loyal to you whether you are rich or poor. All he needs is your love and attention. He will not understand the amount of money you spend on feeding and grooming him. You will get just a grateful wag of his tail whether you spend a meagre sum or oodles of money on him.

As of today, money rules the world. Though money is required to live our life, it shouldn’t be the be all and end all. It is a common notion that money will bring happiness along with it. Once we get the scent of money, we start craving for more and it becomes a never-ending process of just earning but not living. In the end, we end up losing our values, ethics and virtues to money.

The society is so corrupted now, that taking a bribe has become a way of life. It is almost considered normal rather than a stigma. People feel that getting away with a bribe is an achievement and even boast about it instead of thinking it’s a shame. Bribing has been sugar-coated with fancy words like donations, foundations, funding investments etc.

Nowadays, we don’t get placement for education based on scores and people spend so much for buying their place in the educational institutions, that they don’t realise they won’t be able to earn back that massive amount even if they work for their whole life. We can feel the presence of money in every industry (politics, education, employment, medicine etc).

Money does a great job at polishing the ego and giving an illusion that it can get you anything you want ( happiness, love etc).

It will give you pride and position but not peace of mind,

It will bring you success, not happiness,

It will give you luxury but not love.


So under the wrong assumption that money is everything people resort to illegal (bribing, illegal trades) and easy ways (robbery, murder) to obtain money and lose themselves while doing so.

Earning money in a fair and honest way gives a sense of achievement and fulfilment which will give us real happiness.

The concept of ‘man and money’ is well worded in the melodious song “Vandha Naal Mudhal” by Tamil Lyricist Kaviarasu Kannadhasan in the Tamil movie Paava Mannippu back in 1961. I have translated the lyrics of the song in English for ease of understanding.

(Note: The mention of religion in the song is associated with the storyline of the movie where protagonist faces prejudice based on his religion)

Since its origin, up until now (2)

The sky hasn’t changed

The moon in the sky, the fish, sea, wind

Flower, earth, plants, oasis

And the rivers too haven’t changed,

Man has changed…


When status (gets a taste of money) changes, his character changes,

He speaks about lies, morals and honesty (becomes a hypocrite),

Asserts cast and creed every day,

And pins everything on fate and destiny (his wrongdoings)

Man has changed… Man is engrossed in religion.


Inspired by birds, man created aeroplanes (2)

He saw the gliding fish and created boats,

He heard the echo and invented the radio,

What did he even see that made him create money?

Man has changed… Man is engrossed in religion


Happiness and love are laws of nature,

Ups and downs are man’s castes,

Everything that nature has created

The sinner-human has separated them all,

Man has changed… Man is engrossed in religion.


“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”- P.T. Barnum

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