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Book Review – The Midnight Library By Matt Haig

-By Soul Sword- Genre- Fiction, Fantasy, Philosophy If you have an opportunity -to undo every regret in life and craft the perfect one -or to change decisions and choices you made -or to live a life where your estranged or departed loved ones still are with you... Would you take it? If one is curious… Continue reading Book Review – The Midnight Library By Matt Haig

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-By Kalpana- Part 1 And a change had crept in.. She kept aside the book to sleep early and a change had crept in.  She decided to wake early to tackle her chores and a change had crept in.  She stopped complaining about things denied and a change had crept in.  She began to silence… Continue reading Change

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A Home Talks…

-By KK- Ever gone into a balcony of your home and gazed across at the high rises of the society? Ever gazed out at the rows of houses as you speed across in a bus or car? The urban houses, rural houses, large houses, small houses, old traditional houses, majestic homes, dilapidated houses, new swanky… Continue reading A Home Talks…

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A cocktail of Identities

-By KK- Today, we are not simple uncomplicated selves. There’s a lot more happening than we have bargained for.  We are subconscious- driven, trained academician, social misfit fits, highly strung emotional bombs of anger, impatience, ego, superiority, inferiority, positivity, negativity, wise owls, cunning foxes, pious, religious, moral inspectors, warriors and devout keepers of divinity mouthing… Continue reading A cocktail of Identities

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Principles are high maintenance

-By KK- Ethics, morals, principles have been touted to us from the onset of infancy. Good, bad, evil actions’ emergence is driven into our consciousness to help us form a strong steady character. Truth is a quietly added on Kohinoor diamond. Autobiographies of famous strong heroic leaders become a part of our inspirational study. In… Continue reading Principles are high maintenance