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A cocktail of Identities

-By KK-

Today, we are not simple uncomplicated selves. There’s a lot more happening than we have bargained for.

 We are subconscious- driven, trained academician, social misfit fits, highly strung emotional bombs of anger, impatience, ego, superiority, inferiority, positivity, negativity, wise owls, cunning foxes, pious, religious, moral inspectors, warriors and devout keepers of divinity mouthing empathies, cold, detached, capable, brisk new world individuals with subconscious buried deep inside.

 A cocktail of mocktails brews within us. There’s no touchdown. Each conditioning of life beats us into a foul-smelling brew.

 Innermost instincts are lost to conditioned stages of rigid learnings and each stage messes with the flavour of self.

 We are far gone from an easy, happy, content, peaceful, wise, simple person linked through a deep sixth sense. A dreadful concoction of artificial flavours and colours has robbed us of pure nectar of our being.

 A crystal glass toast of cheers to our adulterated self. We sip in a sip without the awareness…


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