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Principles are high maintenance

-By KK-

Ethics, morals, principles have been touted to us from the onset of infancy. Good, bad, evil actions’ emergence is driven into our consciousness to help us form a strong steady character.

Truth is a quietly added on Kohinoor diamond.

Autobiographies of famous strong heroic leaders become a part of our inspirational study. In our childhood days, we visually find ourselves emulating and emerging as one of them to be revered for an eternity.

With the bundle of values, ethics, principles and a righteous attitude towards truth, we find the burden strangling as experiences unfold into forms of situations and persons who give a damn for our valued bundle. We flounder as we meet head-on in a clash with evil, vindictive characters who mock our bundle with a scoff. Proving the worth of values and principles that are not valued, we stare at the welcome of a ‘realistic’ world.

A drunken, tottering, stumbling, unsteady walk begins down the path of destiny with gritted teeth and faces of famous world leaders tenaciously screwed into our vision to not let us deter. Moreover, it is not an easy path, nor an easy task to keep the vision alive.

‘Loha lohe ko kaattha hain’ – literally translated means we need iron to cut iron.

And to rise above the rigorous thrashing as if we’re a launderer’s wash, we with quiet intensity begin the process of becoming iron (Evil to combat evil). We slowly adapt to the underhand ways to get back at underhand people. Before we know it, we are sucked into immoral ways.

Victory is sweet. Smirking, we slap ourselves at our ‘smartness’. A chuckle of satisfaction stands on the foundation of ‘iron’. The golden Ethics, morals, principles are high maintenance in an iron cast world.

Loners of morality, ethics and principles do doggedly trudge on. I salute them. Keep the torch burning. The world will do a U-turn. It has to do a U-turn.

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