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No !!

-By KK-

A two-letter word. The opposite of yes.

No – an opportunity denied,

Luck bypassed,

An experience lost,

At what cost?


No. A deprivation-

An inexperienced adrenalin rush,

A fateful destination,

A courageous act,

A measure of inner strength,

A challenge to self…


A full bloom growth,

A creative outcome,

An answer to questions,

A budding confidence,

Winning and a winner,

A fight against paralyzing fear,

Exploring the unexplored

Hanging on a precipice-an electrifying thrill…


A moment hung in indecision,

The joy of random accuracy,

A Curious curiosity,

Bubbling newness,

Experiments and explorations,

Trudging the unknown…


The sweet lesson of failures,

The Yay moment of success,

A journey of uncertainty,

Fearful tremble, determined doggedness,

Memories of failed missions.


A book of memoirs

Of which fables are made,

Stones are laid,

Foundations built,

Lessons learnt…


All these lost…

Suppressed, crushed, broken

Under the shot gun of ‘No’


Step out to know,

The outcome of fear

When yessed into a venture!!


-By KK-


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