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I want…

-By Kalpana- I want my softness to softly tread back I want what I lost to simply come back I want my liveliness to come alive I want my deathly stillness to stay dead  I want my naive self returned I want my trustful self restored I want my hardened self to melt away I… Continue reading I want…

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No !!

-By KK- A two-letter word. The opposite of yes. No - an opportunity denied, Luck bypassed, An experience lost, At what cost?   No. A deprivation- An inexperienced adrenalin rush, A fateful destination, A courageous act, A measure of inner strength, A challenge to self…   A full bloom growth, A creative outcome, An answer… Continue reading No !!

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She The Sea – Poem

-by Grey Husky At the first look so calming; That is the nature of her coloring. Blue and bright in the mighty sun. A glorious sight as dawn begun.   She searches the shore with a million waves. Looking for what she lost someday Meek and coy with her temptress ways, she grabs my mind… Continue reading She The Sea – Poem