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Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 9 – 10

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 9-10

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 9

In the voice over we hear that wickedness isn’t born but nurtured.

Yoon Hui Jae, our serial killer, is hiding in the woods in darkness. He walks to the road and is relieved to find his truck. Not long after, his truck is spotted by the police car while he’s on the road. He is pursued by several police car but he seems to be intent on escaping at any cost. He seems unstoppable and breaks even the barricades across the road. His tyre gives out bringing him to a stop and he is surrounded by the police. As he walks out of the vehicle, even the police are afraid to approach him. They get hold of him and as they cuff his hands they inform him that he Hui is under arrest for murdering Hye Won and her husband. Hui Jae tells them that they didn’t catch him. It was his son that betrayed him and fooled him. Hui Jae laughs maniacally as his vehicle goes up in flames behind him.


In the trial against Hui Jae, Na Moo is allowed to testify via video chat. They inform him that since he is family he needn’t testify. We see Park Hee Young, the horrible reporter, seated among the audience in court.

Much to the relief of victims’ family members, Na Moo agrees to testify. Park Hee Young is absolutely excited when Na Moo says he’ll say everything that happened that day. Hui Jae looks at his son betrayed and we hear in the voice over that wickedness isn’t developed but it is in his blood.


In the present, Park Hee Young visits Hui Jae in prison and tells him about the protests happening outside over his book. He refuses to add any more comments about it to the book. He tells her that he is sitting in prison and still stirred up trouble in the outside world. Suddenly he asks her if she believes everything he say. Park Hee Young replies that it doesn’t matter to her as long they are factual from his perspective. When he insists on hearing her answer she replies smiling that there are many groups of people in the world and some of them should have never been born.


As she is about to leave Hee Young asks Hui Jae’s permission to reveal Na Moo’s face. His expression changes to one of a concerned father. Hee Young continues that the people would like to know what he looks like since he is a serial killer’s son who graduated from the police academy with top marks. We don’t hear his answer.

Do Jin in his Police uniform goes to the publishing house of Hui Jae’s biography and asks if they’ll publish just about anything even if its fake. When questioned he tells him that he is Hui Jae’s son. He asks the publisher why he sent his mother the money even when she refused to accept it.


Park Hee Young is now at Jae Yi’s place trying to get something out of her. She taunts Jae Yi saying Hui Jae asked to say hello to her. She tells Jae Yi that she is only trying to give voice to a serial killer’s opinions but Jae Yi put her in her place saying that she only enabled him to wield his weapon and hurt many people again. When Jae Yi is about to walk away, Hee Young informs her that she heard someone helped her at the police academy when she fainted. Jae Yi comes to a stop and looks down at her clean shoes. Hee Young continues that she knows someone who goes there too.


Jae Yi’s manager Pyo Taek arrives and wonders how the reporter found Jae Yi’s place. Hee Young leaves with a smile which irritates Pyo Taek since he wasn’t done talking to her. He limps to her car saying she can’t laugh after hurting so many people and tries to get her attention but she just drives away.

Jae Yi tells Pyo Taek that she is going to use these people to her advantage but he doesn’t look so confident. He asks her not to but she insists that she’ll be fine.

Hee Young is on a call trying to get Jae Yi’s brother Moo Won to do an interview. He tries to hang up on her annoyed so she informs him about the guy who helped Jae Yi when she fainted. It makes him curious.

Do Jin is getting ready to do an interview at a broadcasting station. They assure him they’ll blur out his face but he tells them that it’s not necessary. In the interview he tells that everything in his father’s book is a lie. He tells the public that if they buy the book expecting atonement from a criminal they won’t find it there. He continues that his father just wants the attention from the world again and the book is just his trophy. He tells that his father is not the kind of person to repent and he is a psychopath who is incapable of feeling anything.


In prison we see Hyun Moo, Do Jin’s older brother, laughing as he watches his brother on TV telling the world not to buy the book.

Jae Yi’s interview too is being telecasted by the same broadcasting network. She tells them she volunteered to do this even though she doesn’t like interviews is because she didn’t like her past being exposed to the world by someone else. She continues that by naming her, her mother and the other victims in the book, they are being used again and she feels that this too is violence.


She goes on to reveal that Park Hee Young of Sisa Lane and the man in prison said that they were cheering for her and that any kind of exposure is important to an actress. She tells that she doesn’t need their disgusting support and she is capable of being loved without it. Na Moo who watches the interview on TV sadly whereas Hui Jae in jail is smugly staring at his book.

Jae Yi goes home and remembers her mother looking at all awards on the shelf. Whereas Do Jin is in a bus stop browsing his phone. He sees that all the articles are now about him and Hui Jae. We flash back to see him telling the broadcasters that he wants to direct the attention away from the victims onto him and his dad so that the books don’t sell.

In prison play ground Hyun Moo greets his father happily. Hui Jae wonders about Do Jin and his graduation and tells Hyun Moo that he’ll be lonely. Hyun Moo replies that the people don’t understand that it wasn’t just their families that was torn apart. He blames that if not for Do Jin his family would still be together. He tells Hui Jae that he fell in love with a girl and ruined their family. He also says that the girl’s brother caused him to go to jail. Hyun Moo goes on to complain that he doesn’t understand why Hui Jae would give the royalty money to Do Jin.


Hui Jae grabs Hyun Moo by the collar and menacingly tells him to be the brother Do Jin needs right now and to use the money wisely. He lets go of him and Hyun Moo takes out his rage on a different prisoner and. When the guy asks why he is beating him he just replies the he is the weakest.

In Chugae, outside Ok Hee’s soup shop window, a couple of people are pointing at Seo Jin and whispering she looks just like Hui Jae. Ok Hee opens the door and starts throwing salt on them. When they mock them for being Hui Jae’s family she empties the whole bowl of salt on one guy and informs them that Seo Jin is not even related to him. Later that day Seo Jin tells her mom that they should move to a different place as all the neighbours have started to ignore them. We see that someone has painted murderer’s family outside their wall.


Jae Yi receives a letter from Hui Jae at home. She looks at it nervously and then looks at the photo of her parents. She watches the news which tells her that Yoon Hui Jae’s son gave an interview about the book being full of lies. She also learns that he is receiving the presidential award at his graduation that very day.

Moo Won receives the picture Hee Young promised to send him and he sees the picture of Do Jin and Jae Yi at the police grounds. He remembers the day his parents were murdered. A young Moo Won goes inside the house filled with police. He sees that the family picture he and his father hung on the day they moved is now splattered with blood. He cleans the blood of off his mother’s face and breaks down in tears.


Chae Do Jin gets into his uniform for his graduation.


Come and Hug Me Recap – Episode 10


Do Jin leads the ceremony and he graduates along with Jong Hyun and his other batch mates. He is called to receive the presidential award for his performance. He goes to receive the award while Jong Hyun and Yeon Ji watch proudly. He receives the medal among the applause and leaves the stage after the salute.

Even before he leaves the staircase of the stage he is hit with eggs by the protestors of the book. They protest to withdraw his presidential award and complain that he is a hypocrite who lied on TV. The guy who leads the protestors keeps screaming that his father is a murderer and he doesn’t deserve the award. Do Jin remains there transfixed at what happened while the screaming protestors are dragged away. They keep yelling he doesn’t deserve to be a police officer. Reporters start clicking away and we see Hee Young is also with them.


As the protestors are being dragged out of the police academy Do Jin asks the police to leave them be. The lead protestor grabs Do Jin and shakes him for being so brazen despite knowing his father is behind this whole ordeal. He pulls Do Jin’s medal from his neck and throws it on the ground. Do Jin goes numb as he sees the pain the victims are going through. Even in his shaken state Do Jin takes off his hat and sincerely apologises to them.

Hee Young realises that the protestors may go calm. So to infuriate them she goes closer to Do Jin and pretends to click a sad picture. The lead protestor thinks that they are putting on an act for the TV and pushes Do Jin to the ground. Do Jin’s eyes widens as the protestor raises his fist to punch him. He tells him to stop acting. Hee Young is practically gleeful at the escalating situation. She looks pretty disappointed when the protestor stops himself from punching Do Jin. He just cries for his dead mom and punches the ground repeatedly. Do Jin’s fellow officers drag him away before he could further harm himself. But he continues to grab Do Jin and asks if he is truly sorry towards his mother.


Jae Yi is behind a tree watching the whole scene unfold. She realises that Do Jin is Na Moo.

She thinks back to the day he told her about his name. Na Moo and Nak Won are under the cherry trees in their school uniforms. Na Moo tells Nak Won that his mother named him Na Moo so that he’ll grow like a tree without harming anyone. But he tells that it’s her who helps him be like that. He holds her hand and she smiles at him.


The scene shifts back to where Do Jin is being assaulted. Ok Hee runs out to the scene, pushes the protestors away and protectively covers her son. Ok Hee defends Do Jin and says that Hui Jae deserves to be stabbed and killed whereas Do Jin did nothing. She goes o to say that he tried to stop the book from getting published and wants to be different from the man his father was.

One of the victim’s mother breaks down there and starts crying blaming herself for everything. Do Jin sends his mother and sister away with Jong Hyun. He then proceeds to bow to the protestors and then walks away from them.

Once out of sight he struggles to walk and starts to cry. Out of nowhere Jae Yi runs from the side and hugs him putting her arms around his waist. Do Jin realises who its is even before he sees her face. He freezes there for a moment and looks down a her when she cries, “Na Moo ya.”


Tears stream down his face as he thinks about how his father stole her world and how he has to atone and run away for something he didn’t even do. He thinks she is his only paradise. Do Jin can’t look away as she touches his wounded face.

Jae Yi too, is in tears and she reminds him that she told him not to keep it all in and just say it when it hurts. Na Moo just continues to stare at her as if she would vanish if he blinked. She asks him to answer her but he doesn’t say anything.


Park Hee Young finds them exactly at that moment and starts taking pictures of their hug. Do Jin realises this and hides Jae Yi in his embrace. Before she can take more pictures, Moo Won shows up and get the camera away from her. Hee Young asks who he is startled but he just removes her memory card. He looks at Do Jin and his anger rises. Moo Won throws Hee Young’s camera to the ground and stamps on it. He throws some money too for good measure.

Moo Won asks Do Jin to take his hands off of his sister and then proceeds to punch his face. Moo Won reminds him that he already warned him nine years ago not to show up in front of his family. He looks at Do Jin’s name on his shirt and says that it doesn’t matter what kind of mask he wears now. Moo Won takes Jae Yi away from him and they start to walk away. Do Jin calls out to Nak Won but he doesn’t say anything. Moo Won tells her we should go and they walk away. Hee Young picks up her camera and tries to go after the siblings but Do Jin snatches the camera away from her.

Jae Yi sits down tired next to the bus of the protestors. One girl offers her some water and their banner. She tells Jae Yi that she can’t protest like the rest of them but bot to worry. She tells her to throw the banner banner out if it gets painful. Jae starts to cry looking ant her mom’s picture among the other victims in the banner. Moo Won sits with her and tells her it’s ok and they’ll get through it one more time.


Hee Young congratulates Do Jin on graduating and tells him his dad wants to meet him. Do Jin is annoyed with her and starts to walk away but Hee Young asks if the girl earlier was Nak Won. sHe wants to know if they still like each other. Hee young’s camera is thrown to the ground once more this time by Do Jin. He threatens Hee Young not to touch Jae Yi. Hee Young tells that he is partially responsible for everything that happened to Jae Yi. She says that he took Jae Yi’s hand despite knowing his father is a monster, so he brought this upon her. Do Jin stands there in guilt as she walks away.

Do Jin and Ok Hee are in the medical wing. Ok Hee checks her son’s wounded face and they reassure each other that they are fine. Ok Hee worries that he looks terrible.

Do Jin tells her that they’ll be able to meet each other more now that she is moving to Seoul. Ok Hee asks Do Jin to not hold everything in. She tells him to cry when he has to and hug when he feels tired. She says after he’s tried everything and if it still doesn’t work then he can hold it all in. She thanks him for making her proud by getting through everything without falling and that he means more to her than anything else. Do Jin looks pretty touched at her words.

Seo Jin brings his presidential award and tells them she is hungry. Do Jin asks them to leave first and that he’ll follow shortly. Once they are out the door he loses his smile. Outside his window he sees the other families taking graduation pictures happily. Hee Young’s words, about him being the reason Jae Yi lost everything resonates in his mind. Do Jin begins crying relentlessly.


Moo Won consoles a crying Jae Yi who sits with the banner unable to stop the tears.

Hui Jae, in prison, reads an article in a magazine about Do Jin being assaulted by the protestors. He remarks that his son is all grown up but the photo is not very good. The author is Park Hee Young.

Once again, we hear that wickedness isn’t developed in the voice over.

Do Jin, dressed in a suit, walks in the marketplace with a stab wound in his abdomen. He seems to be chasing a culprit armed with a knife. The man gets hold of a girl who is passing by and threatens Do Jin to get out of hid way if he doesn’t want the girl to be harmed. Do Jin seems very calm and tells the culprit he’s the one who has to get out of the way. We see a motorcycle appear behind the guy and Do Jin uses this confusion to pull the girl away from him. The culprit gets angry and tries to stab Do Jin again. Do Jin simply tackles the knife by holding its blade and informs the guy that the blade is dull. Both the girl and the thug look shocked at Do Jin’s attitude towards the attack.


We see a red-carpet event and Jae Yi slays it in her red dress.

Do Jin cuffs the culprit and then checks on the girl kindly. The voice over tells that Wickedness is a choice.

Jae Yi’s fans are screaming for her as she shakes their hands and one girl actually gets hold of her hand to tell her how beautiful she is. Jae Yi thanks the girl for liking her very sincerely. But a few feet away among the fans we see a man in a mask.

Then in a hotel room, the red carpet from Jae Yi’s event is shown on television. There are some crumpled clothes, magazines about Jae Yi and a blood-stained hammer.

Do Jin who looks pale from all the bleeding in his abdomen walks on the side walk on a road. At the same time Jae Yi is almost at the end of her red carpet.

Do Jin huffs in pain but keeps walking getting worse by the second.

The voice over goes, “My only paradise.”


And Jae Yi turns around in the red carpet to strike a pose.


Do Jin is going to explode sometime with the amount of things he’s suppressing. He sticks up for everyone else in harms way but when it comes to him, he tries to ice it out. In trying to be the opposite of what his dad was, the guy is determined to live just for redemption. This shows portrayal of their reunion was amazing. They met before, yes, but the reunion was in this episode. When she runs out of nowhere to hug him. It was sudden, not just for Do Jin.

My least favourite character is not the evil, monstrous serial killer. No. It’s Park Hee Young. The K-Drama’s version of Rita Skeeter.

There is another creep on the loose now. We don’t know who it is or if he has any connection to Hui Jae. We should just hope for the best for our lead pair.

-Grey Husky

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