Adults, Write Ups

Humane Animals or Animalistic Humans?

-By Brave Flower-

Everything on this earth has its own life to live. There is a purpose for each and every living being’s existence based on its abilities and lifespan. Nature, on the other hand, is unswerving.

Animals, insects and birds possess an animal instinct which helps them get through their lifespan. They have the survival instinct and most of them are territorial. Animals under each category have their own way of interacting with the ecosystem. This is termed as animal behaviour. They know their functions in the food chain and do not change unless they are tamed by intrusive humans.

What about us “Human Beings”? Are we all the same? Do all human beings behave the same? Though we all fall into one category of humans, each and every one of us look and behave differently. We have our own individuality.

Most of us possess negative emotions like jealousy, greed and curiosity which will make us lose our peace of mind eventually. Comparing our lives with other humans will create a lot of conflict in our own life as each person has their own calling. If we continue to compare then we will never achieve our purpose in life that we were originally intended to live. It is like losing and deviating from our path and trespassing into someone else’s path which will not lead to the destination that is meant for us.

Animals attack and harm each other only for their survival. They do not possess any of the above-mentioned qualities that we humans have. They mind their own business and live the life they are intended to live. Whereas, we humans who call us superior to them (animals), use our power and intelligence to hurt, manipulate and dominate the weak.

So are we made like that? Is our system programmed to be dominating every time we get a chance? Does human instinct mean destroying the ecosystem even though their (human) existence is not threatened? If so then we are the most dangerous form of living beings.

I don’t believe so. Humans have the ability to improve their knowledge, gain wisdom, love and help others. If we look around ourselves there is always someone richer, poorer, more intelligent, more foolish, more beautiful, luckier, kinder or smarter than the other person.  We can fill the cracks that our negativity causes, with the happiness and contentment that we get out of improving the lives of people around us. This includes imparting wisdom, caring, loving, monetary support, food, shelter, medical support or sometimes even something as small as a warm smile.

Each of us owns at least one quality which will benefit another person. That’s why we are considered superior to other living beings so we should love, be compassionate, help one another and live peacefully. Let us constructively use the senses that we have which animals don’t possess and make the world a beautiful place.


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