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Mari and Me Review- For Pet Lovers

-By Soul Sword- JTBC’s ‘Mari and Me’ (2015) is a reality show where pet parents entrust their pets to 8 celebrities for a couple of days, as they can’t be around due to certain commitments. The show comprises of 17 episodes showcasing about 62 pets in total. It is a light-hearted and entertaining show with… Continue reading Mari and Me Review- For Pet Lovers

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Humane Animals or Animalistic Humans?

-By Brave Flower- Everything on this earth has its own life to live. There is a purpose for each and every living being’s existence based on its abilities and lifespan. Nature, on the other hand, is unswerving. Animals, insects and birds possess an animal instinct which helps them get through their lifespan. They have the… Continue reading Humane Animals or Animalistic Humans?