Mouse- Episode 4 Recap

(Episode 4- Who are you?)

Bong Yi’s grandmother hides from the killer. She takes out her phone and calls a number. She sees someone outside.

She is fatally wounded as she falls.

Jae Hoon’s voiceover says, “At times I go on random hunting trips. The old lady saw something she shouldn’t have and became an unexpected target. Until its last breath, a prey should fight for its dear life. However, this prey lacks the energy to do so, which is what makes this hunt too easy and boring.” 

He collects the brooch from the grandmother and burns the photograph which she took from Yo Han’s house.

Mu Chi waits outside the forensics office. He tells Shin to check out Kim who is Yo Hans alibi. The doctors are unable to find anything from Na Chi-kook’s clothes. It is confirmed that the finger in the wine is Na Chi-kook’s.

Later, Mu Chi and Shin go to a crime scene- an old clothing factory run by a religious group. They find a body with a missing finger (which was mistaken to be Chi-kook’s finger). They are told the man has been dead for 10 days. The forensic team removes something heavily decayed from the victim’s throat.

At the accident scene, they recover Jung’s phone where the cop reads the text, ” I saw the scumbag who killed the student on the news. What should I do?”

Mu Chi and Shin are driving past the bridge and they pick up Bong Yi who is drenched to the bone. They drop her home. Bong Yi wonders why her grandmother is still not picking up her phone.

She finds everyone in the neighbourhood standing outside, curious about the cop cars. She asks where her granny is. They say she has probably gone to take a closer look.

Mu Chi reaches the crime scene. He finds her clutching something in her hand. He retrieves a burnt photograph. he gathers that she had clutched it in her hand in an attempt to keep it from burning. Mu Chi recognises the woman as Bong Yi’s grandmother. He had met her many years ago when he was the cop in charge of Bong Yi’s case.

Kang walks in and asks him to go out. Mu Chi throws a hysterical fit before going out.

As he walks out, he spots Bong Yi in the crowd. he tells her to walk away. She refuses the leave and sees the victim being carried out. She recognises her granny’s bandaged foot and she runs towards the ambulance. Mu Chi goes over and removes the blanket from granny’s face. He wipes the blood off her face before Bong Yi can see. Bong Yi cries hysterically as Mu Chi holds her from going towards the ambulance.

Mu Chi goes over to the hospital to talk to Ba-reum. Ba-reum is shaken as he says it is because of him. He orders Ba-reum to narrate everything he saw. He says he didn’t check his phone when they were at the prison. He says he checked his phone at the police station and saw 7 missed calls from Bong Yi’s grandmother. He read the text,” I saw the scumbag who killed the student on the news. What should I do?”

he also receives a voice call in which granny says she is scared and asks him where he is. She says she didn’t inform the police and called him. He says he rushed there on the bicycle but couldn’t locate her. he says the place was empty because it was in a redevelopment area. He says he finally located her with the ringtone of her phone. He says it was too dark and he didn’t see the killer’s face. he says the person was left-handed. Earlier in the day, Mu Chi had mentioned that CHi-kook’s attacker is left-handed too. He says the person smelled of mint.

At his home, Yo Han is in the shower. He takes the shampoo with his left hand and the water washes away all the blood into the drain. He then puts on a mint scent.

Sung Ji eun walks into Yo Han’s home with the groceries. She picks up his jacket and finds blood on it.

Sung Ji Eun walks out of the bathroom and finds his mother cooking. He asks why she is here without calling. She says the new housekeeper must be good. He tells her to stop sending them.

She says she put his clothes in the washer. She asks why he chose Emergency as his specialty when he is always covered in blood. She notes that he is wearing a scent and he rarely wears any scent.

She asks if he has a girlfriend and has considered marriage. She says she can raise the child if he doesn’t have the time.

He says the thought of Han Seo Joon’s grandchild is frightening. She is tense as she looks away.

At the hospital, Ba-reum says granny was upset after an argument with her granddaughter. He doesn’t know anything else. Soon the cops come to move him into a single room for witness protection.

Sung Ji-eun drives back and she listens to the news saying an old woman was stabbed multiple times. It also speaks about the body found in the factory.

She pulls over to the side as she recalls telling Jae Hoon (when he pushed Jae Min in the pit) that she is going to kill him and wondered why she gave birth to him.

At present, Ji Eun cries in the car wondering how she will pay for these sins.

Yo Han watches the news which reports that the police officer who met with an accident while chasing the suspect is receiving treatment at a hospital. He goes out

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ba-reum says Dong Koo will stay in the hospital with him. He asks his aunt and uncle to go home. 

Hong Ju comes to Yo Han’s house. She keys in the password and enters when he doesn’t answer the door. She finds a bandaid in Yo Han’s study (granny’s). She throws it in the bin.

Yo Han walks into the hospital and enters Ba-reum’s room. He tries to give Ba-reum an injection but hurries away when he hears a commotion in the corridor.

A hysterical Bong Yi rushes into the room asking why Ba-reum didn’t pick granny’s call. She says her grandmother died because of him. Yo Han sneaks out quietly.

The news reports that the serial killer has claimed the lives of 6 victims within the span of 2 months.

Mu Chi is at the station holding the burnt photo. He matches it to the crime scene photo of the vineyard victim. He realises the killer takes photos of the victims after killing them. He wonders how granny got the picture. He asks the cops to check the dash cams or CCTV in the area. He finds granny in the bus camera and asks where she got on.

He reaches the area to find Ba-reum waiting there. He says he got information from the bus company. They wonder why she came to this area.

They walk around the place going door to door showing granny’s photograph but no one has seen her. Ba-reum goes to the employment agency and asks if she came here. The man says she didn’t.

Mu Chi is outside as he notes the woman who denied granny a job goes into the shop with a pack of packed yoghurt. She complains loudly about yoghurt theft.

After Ba-reum and Mu Chi leave, the woman asks the man what it was all about. He says they are here asking questions about a murder. The woman recognises granny from the photo but her boss says they shouldn’t tip off the police as he is worried that they may find out that the agency recruits illegal immigrants.

Mu Chi drops Ba Reum home.

Ba-reum oversees granny’s funeral by making all arrangements. Everyone pities Bong Yi who has no family left now.

The next day, Mu Chi returns to the alley with his team and tells them to follow any leads on granny’s whereabouts.

Bong Yi Sits by granny’s grave. She says it would have cost Ba Reum a lot. She says she wouldn’t have minded a cremation. Ba reum says he scattered his parents’ ashes in the sea. He says now he will have a place to mourn. Bong Yi pours out a drink. he says granny never drank. She says granny loved to drink Makgeolli. She cries saying the last words she spoke to her granny. Bong Yi bursts into tears as she says she is very sorry. Ba-reum watches her cry her heart out.

Ba-reum and Bong-Yi return home at night. He tells her not to worry about the bird as he asked Dong Koo to feed it every day. Ba-reum finds the small table in the living room. He removes the top cloth and finds the last meal granny made. It is spoilt. Bong Yi runs towards it and starts stuffing the spoilt food in her mouth. Ba-reum tries stopping her but she continues to eat it as she wails in grief.

That night she cries in her sleep and her grandmother visits her in her dream. She wakes up to find Ba-reum sleeping in the next room. She tells her granny not to worry as there is someone to protect her.

Mu Chi is dejected as he returns to the Police Station. Kang says he found nothing suspicious with the visitors’ list. Just then, Mu Chi receives CCTV footage from the cops showing granny getting into the bus in another area. 

Mu Chi takes the same bus and gets down at that locality. He starts asking around if anyone saw granny that day. 

Yo-Han looks down his window as Mu Chi walks down the street. just then, Kim Joon Sung calls Yo Han asking what to say tot he cop who has come to see him. Yo-han tells him to say what they discussed earlier.

Kim walks up to Shin. He confirms that Yo Han is his friend. He says he was with Yo-han on Sunday evening till dawn as Yo Han was unwell.

Shin borrows Kim’s phone for a moment under the pretext that he left his in the car. He walks a few feet away and calls up Yo-han from the recent call log. Yo Han answers with, “Is he gone? Did you tell him what I told you to?” Shin hangs up. He returns the phone to Kim saying the person didn’t answer and leaves.

Kim receives a call from Yo han and they figure out that Shin is on to them.

Shin calls up Mu Chi and says he also thinks Yo Han is shady. Mu Chi tells him to check Yo Han’s dashcam footage. Shin says that is illegal and he can’t do that because his father’s presidential run will be ruined if he is caught. Mu Chi hangs up and continues asking around.

Mu Chi finally reaches Yo Han’s house. He is about to ring the bell when the chief calls him back to the station. Mu Chi walks back. He doesn’t notice Yo Han driving past him in his black car.

Back at the station, the Chief tells Mu Chi to address the press as the murderer has challenged Mu Chi to find him. Mu Chi says he is under suspension. The chief retorts by saying it is the commissioner’s orders and tells him to be ready with the speech by 8.00 pm.

At the amusement park, Han kook and his mother are filming “Hope for children”. During the break, Han Kook says he is hungry and asks for Goatman bread. His mother tells him to wait for some more time as the broadcasters will provide them with food. Han Kook puts on his Goatman mask and waits while his mother goes to speak with the production crew.

Suddenly he spots a Goatman bread on the ground behind him. He picks it up and notices another packet further away and a few more beyond it. Han Kook picks up all of them and heads into the bushes. Later, the news reports that Han Kook has gone missing.

Mu Chi is fast asleep as the Chief types out the speech for him. He tells Mu Chi not to get provoked and not make any mistakes in the live press meet.

Kim comes home and wheels a suitcase out of his room. He is agitated as he chacks his laptop and switches on the TV where Mu Chi’s interview is going outlive. Mu Chi explains that the trophies of other victims were found on the body of the students. he says that led them to believe this to be a serial killing. He also says there might be an accomplice. He finishes the briefing and says there is no Q and A.

As he heads out he is asked if the same killer was involved in attacking the prison guard. He is also asked how he concluded that there is no connection between the victims. Mu Chi says it was concluded after aa thorough investigation. Suddenly he stops in his tracks as he wonders if there is indeed a connection.

Just then, Mu Chi receives a message, “Bingo!”. He takes a call from a restricted number. The killer says he does choose his victims based on a standard. He tells Mu Chi to figure out why he took the kid Han Kook. He says Mu Chi is smart. He tells him to find out what wrong the kid did and why he should die. He tells him to announce it on Sherlock Hong Ju like last time. The killer says at the end of the show he will kill the kid with the world watching if Mu Chi gets it wrong.

Later that night, mu Chi is at the police station wracking his brains.

Mu Chi visits Han Kook’s mother as she has received a ransom call for Han Kook’s life. the cops say this must be a standard kidnapping case. Mu Chi listens to the call which asks for the ransom money by 11 pm on Friday. Mu Chi understands that it is the same time that Sherlock Hong Ju ends.

At the meeting the next day, Mu Chi tries to convince the commissioner to let them conduct Hong Ju’s show. Hong Ju is also in the meeting. He says the killer wants to brag about his crime and is sure that the kid is alive. Hong Ju adds that when she had interviewed Dr Daniel Lee, he had mentioned that psychopaths make mistakes due to their arrogance.

Mu Chi says the same thing happened to the head hunter when he mistook a family of 4 as a family of 3. He says the killer will make a mistake if they go ahead with the episode. He says they should prepare for the show in confidence to avoid criticism from the public. The panel is convinced. 

Reporter Yang watches the OBN chief and the commissioner of police walk out together. He goes over to Kang and asks him what the meeting was about. Kang doesn’t entertain him.

Later at night, Hong Ju is listening to a recording. She gets called by her editor so she leaves her office unattended. Yang sneaks into her office and listens to the recording.

Hong Ju and Kang are present as Mu Chi addresses the team. He says they have to find the connection between the victims before the show airs. They decide to speak with friends and families of the victims.

Later, Mu Chi speaks with Ba reum who is back at the hospital. ba-reum says he knew Chi-kook since they were in the 10th grade. Just then, Dong Koo comes in and plays the news. 

Yang is on screen. he plays out the entire conversation between Mu Chi and the killer without editing it. He says that the police is secretly putting together a show for the killer. Mu Chi walks out.

Mu Chi is hoarded by reporters as he walks into the precinct. Lieutenant Park (detective from head hunter case) is waiting for him. He tells Mu Chi not to do the show. Mu Chi says he wants to kill a psychopath and go into prison so that he can kill Han.

Park says Han killed his children because he didn’t take Han seriously. He said he also went on TV and got cheeky with him. He says Mu Chi is not dealing with a human being but a monster. He says Mu Chi may lose what he cherishes the most. Mu Chi says he has nothing to lose.

At a talk show, various guests voice their opinions on the police’s decision to telecast a show for the killer.

As a result, the commissioner puts a stop to the operation.

The next day, Mu Chi quits his job and walks out. He tells the reporters that the special task force will locate Han Kook in another way.

Sung Yo Han walks into Ba-reum’s room and is told that Ba-reum got discharged against the doctor’s advice. He checks Ba-reum’s file and finds out his address.

The previous night, Ba-reum, Dong -Koo and Han Kook’s mother had visited Mu Chi at the police station. Han Kook’s mother had begged him to go ahead with the show. Ba-reum and Hong Ju had also sided with her. Mu Chi says they won’t be allowed to work here. He asks where they can work. Ba-reum had volunteered to give his home.

Mu Chi, Hong Ju meet at Ba-reum’s house. They continue to work on the case.

Hong Ju finds a picture on the mantle. She asks if Ba-reum remembers her. She says as a newbie she had interviewed the students who got the citizen hero award. She says Ba-reum refused to give her the interview and finally she interviewed his friend. SHe says his friend gave the full credit to Ba-reum.

Ba-reum smiles saying that friend was CHi-kook and he says Chi-kook was very modest. Ba-reum says he recently saw the person whom they helped. Before he can disclose that person’s identity, Hong Ju changed the subject.

Mu Chi learns from the forensic team that the object from Park Jung Ho’s throat was an insect.

Just then, Ba-reum answers the door. It is Mu Won. He drops off some Japchae which he made. He tells Ba-reum not to tell MuChi that he made it because Mu Chi won’t have it.

Han watches Mu Won talking with Ba reum.

Mu Chi tucks into the food and compliments Ba-reum’s cooking skills. He tells Ba-reum to quit his job and become a chef.

As they head out, Hong Ju looks up and it looks like she notices Yo Han watching them.

The team talks with the victims’ acquaintances. They list out the victims and information about them. Byung Soo Yung was a chef, Park Jung Ho was a temporary factory employee Kim was a homeless man in his 50’s, Jo Mi Jung was a YouTuber, Chi kook was a guard in the prison. Na Chi-kook is the only survivor but is still unconscious.

The work till they are exhausted and they fall asleep. Mu Chi wakes up and realises that the connection doesn’t matter. he notes that he has to find the basis on which the killer chose the victims. he starts thinking in the killer’s shoes.

On Friday, Hong Ju goes live on “Sherlock Hong Ju”. She says they are going ahead with the show as per the request from Han Kook’s mother. She says the killer had requested a live show as collateral for the boy’s life.

Elsewhere, Shin rushes into a murder scene (it is Yo Han’s friend Kim). Shin is told the person has been dead for 3 or 4 days. Shin is shocked as he sees a cross drawn in blood on the window and the victim’s broken middle finger is pointing at it. Shin notices the Victim’s watch has stopped at 8.10 pm on the 28th. He recalls this was when Mu Chi was addressing the press. He realises that the killer had called Mu Chi from here after killing Kim.

At the show, Hong Ju asks Mu Chi if he found the answer and if they can save Han Kook. Mu Chi says he found the answer but before that, he says he has to say something to the killer. He tells the killer that he wants proof of life from the killer to confirm that han Kook is still alive.

Yo Han gets up and walks to his basement. He opens the door.

A child with the Goatman mask sits in front of a video camera. He is tied to the chair. The door opens and Ba-reum walks in.

Image Courtesy -TVN


Sung Yo Han’s mother/ Sung Ji-eun/ head hunter’s wife makes a brief appearance in this episode. It looks like she is aware of the possibility of her son being a killer and considers her actions (letting her son live) as sin. Yet, oddly, she tells Sung Yo Han to start a family which came as a surprise to Yo Han himself. I wonder if Sung Yo Han is her (and Han’s) son or not. 

Hong Ju’s behaviour was suspicious when she cut off Ba-reum, who was about to disclose the identity of the person whom he and Chi Kook saved. It looks like that person is Sung Yo Han. It also looks like she saw Yo Han watching them exit Ba-reum’s house but she chose to look the other way. I am curious to know what is the story behind the two of them.

It looks like Choi Hong Ju is the Child who witnessed the head hunter killing Song Soo Ho’s sister (1st episode). She went to their house and placed the boxing gloves at their home. I am curious to see what Hong Ju’s past is.

Both Yo Han’s mother and Hong Ju seem to be covering for Yo Han.

That was a smart move by Shin on finding Yo Han’s alibi fake alibi. Kim ended up dead and that points back at Yo Han.

Reporter Yang is sneaking in everywhere. I wonder if the coffee stick incident was leaked by Hong Ju or Yang or someone else. Yang comes across as a reckless journalist who cares for nothing except his story. I wonder if his actions are stemming from his thirst for getting his story or fuelled by someone else (the killer). 

Between Sun Yo Han and Ba-reum, there is ample space in the plot for a whole another person (the killer) to move around freely yet remain unseen.

This was another interesting episode.

-By Soul Sword-

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