Mouse- Episode 3 Recap

(Episode 3 – Resurfacing murder case)

Dr Daniel Lee goes through a case file. He notes that the eldest son (Jae Hoon) was the prime suspect but he was let off. Daniel says psychopaths can easily beat a polygraph. The cop sitting across him says an 11-year-old cant murder an entire family. 

Lee walks out of the police station and visualises 11-year-old Jae Hoon walking out of the Police station. Jae-Hoon’s form looks at the cross atop a church far away. He then turns around and looks at Lee contemptuously. 

The news reports that 25 years after the head hunter case, now the nation is again terrorised by murders.

At the vineyard, Mu Chi reads the message on the ceiling, “Bingo! detective Ko Mu Chi. Kudos to you. Enjoy my gift.” and curses.

Daniel Lee visits Sung Ji Eun’s home. He sees her pet dog limping around (broken limbs seem to have healed from an old injury). Ji Eun isn’t delighted to see him.

She prepares tea for him. He notices Sung Yo-Han’s (wearing his Doctor coat) photo with Ji Eun. Lee asks what happened to the dog. She says her son brought it home when it was dying and treated it. She says her son has been sweet since he was a child. She says he can’t see animals suffer. As Daniel leaves, Ji Eun tells him that he had been wrong all along. Daniel watches her hand tremble as she speaks.

At the crime scene, Mu Chi bags a piece of evidence.

At the hospital, Sung Yo Han and Ba Reum’s eyes meet for a moment. Ba-reum greets him but Yo Han walks away without acknowledging him. Ba-reum runs into Daniel Lee as he is walking out of the hospital. They apologise to each other and walk away.

Lee walks into the ER to see Yo Han treating a patient, a gang member. Another gang member holds a knife at Yo Han telling him to work carefully. Yo Han holds the scalpel at the gang member’s throat. He says that he is good with knives too and he can easily kill both of them.

Just then Lee watches Hong Ju rush in with a gurney carrying an old woman. Lee recognises Hong Ju. She asks Yo Han to save the woman and goes out.

Later, Mu Chi comes to the hospital and she tells him she went to interview Sung Soo Ho’s mother for the case and she found her in the reservoir.

Yo Han finds them and he says the lady is suicidal and she will try to kill herself again. Mu Chi comments that Yo han is rude. Hong Ju watches Yo Han silently as he walks away. 

Lee watches everything from afar.

Mu Chi goes home to find a food packet from Mu Won. He kicks it away. After a few seconds, he retrieves it.

Hong Ju sits beside the sleeping woman. She recalls Soo Ho’s mother mourning her daughter Soo Jung’s death. Young Hong Ju is teary-eyed as she puts a bag containing boxing gloves inside the house and goes away without them noticing.

Ba-reum is at a store buying some wire and supplies when he runs into Mu Won. Mu Won asks how Chi Kook is doing. ba-reum says he isn’t doing good. Mu Won says he will be holding mass here for a few days before he joins the new church.

Ba-reum goes away for a bit to get a petition signed. Just then, Mu Chi arrives in a cab. He throws the food packet at Mu Won saying he wants nothing to do with him. Mu won says they are brothers. Mu Chi says he can never forgive Mu Won for forgiving their parent’s killer. He says he hates Mu Won more than Han Seo Joon.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum rushes up to Mu Won. He says he saw Chi Kook’s watch on TV at the crime scene.

Later Mu Chi sees Chi Kook wearing the same watch in a photo.

Mu Chi visits Chi Kook’s attacker in prison. The prisoner says he stabbed Chi Kook because he offended the Head Hunter. He says he burnt Chi Kook’s clothes. He tells Mu Chi to find the weapon. Mu chi says he won’t reveal where the weapon is because the prisoner isn’t the real attacker. Mu Chi says Chi Kook’s watch was found outside the prison on a victim of a serial killer. He tells the prisoner that he isn’t the killer because he was in prison.

At the hospital, Sun Yo Han receives a call from Lee. Lee addresses him as Han Seo Joon’s son. He says he wants to talk to Yo Han. Yo Han agrees to it.

Meanwhile, at the prison, Mu Chi orders all the guards to search for the weapon used to stab Chi Kook. He tells them to search the exterior areas and places where outsiders come. Ba-reum asks if the outsiders could have taken everything with them. Mu Chi says all the belongings are checked before they come in. He adds that the killer never stripped anyone’s clothes before, so the clothes may be crucial evidence.

Later, Ba-reum explains how the diagonal mirror in the magic box creates an illusion of a person disappearing. Mu Chi checks it out. Ba reum says the box is extremely heavy and it is on wheels so he had no idea that Chi kook was inside. Ba-reum says that it was around noon when Chi kook left for the office to work on forms. he says they left the box unattended when they went for lunch for 30 minutes. The guard says there is no CCTV camera here because the visitors use this place to change.

Later, Mu Chi checks the CCTV camera. He notes that the box was left unattended for 50 minutes (including walking to the cafeteria). He comments that there was ample time for putting Chi Kook in the box.

At night, Sung Yo Han arrives at a gate. He is wearing a black hoodie and a cap. He jumps over the gate in a swift movement.

Lee sits in the Ferris wheel at a closed amusement park, waiting. Suddenly the lights on the Ferris wheel come on. Lee tries to get out but a black figure comes and pushes him back in. He brutally kills Lee as the Ferris wheel keeps moving.

Mu Chi is still with the guards. He notices Ba reum still there. Ba-reum wonders why Chi kook was not left near the cross but inside the box.

Bong Yi is in the boxing ring practising. She is floored twice. Suddenly she hallucinates Kang Duk Soo (her attacker) and a puppy. She comes to her senses when her trainer calls out her name.

Mu Chi drives Ba-reum back. Ba-reum says it is his first time meeting Mu Won’s brother. Mu Chi says it’s not the first time and asks how the wounded bird is doing. Ba-reum smiles and asks if he can join the investigation so he can learn from Mu Chi. Ba-reum says he is just a newbie now. Mu Chi says patrolling the neighbourhood and catching a serial killer is not the same. Mu Chi says that a guy like him who has nothing to lose is a person who can catch serial killers. He says only evil can catch evil.

While coming back, he spots Bong Yi and takes her to a restaurant though she refuses. As they are eating, Bong Yi asks if she can marry him and Ba reum chokes on his food. She says she will be good to him, learn cooking, clean well and get a job. He asks her if something is wrong. He then goes on to say that she is like a cute little sister to him. She walks out.

Bong Yi waits outside the police station. She sees Mu Chi’s picture in her phone from Hong Ju’s show.

Inside, Mu Chi is at his desk. Hong Ju walks in and asks about Chi Kook’s attack. Mu chi asks how she knew that information. He then rushes out as he seems to have found a clue. 

Bong Yi hides behind the tree as Mu Chi retrieves something from his car. He notices her but he walks away.

He goes inside and labels the coffer coffee stick as Jo Mi Jung. He suddenly remembers Bong Yi as a child. He goes out to check but she has left.


Bong Yi (child) asks Mu Chi to promise her that he will take revenge on the prisoner (Kang) once he is released. Mu Chi says he will keep his promise.

At present, Mu Chi sees that Kang Duk Soo may be released soon. Shin comes and gives Hong Ju a coffee stick and he has one too. Mu Chi yells at him because it is evidence found in Jo Mi Jung’s hand. Both Hong Ju and Shin spit it out.

The figure in black dumps a sack (Daniel Lee’s body?) tied to a rock in a lake. The figure turns around and he is Sung Yo-han.

Bong-Yi goes out for her morning run and she sees an injured bird. Ba-reum closely follows the bird. He says he named the bird Eo Bong Yi. She snaps at him when he asks if she is upset with him from the previous night. Bong Yi says she has no feelings for him.

Mu Chi is at work. Mu Won is at the station giving his statement. He vouches for Ba-reum and his team. He says the performers were all volunteers from the church.

The chief calls Mu Chi inside and tells him to keep the coffee stick a secret. Mu Chi says he is sure it belonged to another victim and he says it should be revealed. Chief says he is against it as Shin and Mu Chi will be charged with misplacing the evidence. He tells Mu Chi to tell Hong Ju the same.

After Mu Won leaves, Mu Chi picks up a fight with Kang for calling a disabled person to the police station instead of going there. Shin comes up and separates them. Shin is given a list of visitors to the prison on the day of CHi Kook’s attack and is asked to check them all out.

Mu Chi meets Hong Ju at a cafe. He tells her to keep the coffee stick incident a secret. She asks him to apologise to her for not recognising her. He curses and walks away telling her to do what she wants.

Mu Chi visits Cho Kook in the hospital. Ba-reum is there. He says it looks like Chi-Kook’s middle finger was cut off while blocking the weapon the attacker used. He says they couldn’t attach the middle finger because it got to the surgeon late. Mu Chi wonders why CHi-kook’s watch was left at the crime scene when the attacker knew the police would make the connection. 

Later the doctor says it is a miracle that Chi Kook is still alive after being stabbed that many times. He says the killer would’ve thought Chi kook was dead. He says Sung Yo han is the doctor treating Chi-kook.

Mu Chi then heads over to Song Soo Ho’s mother’s room. He tells her that she needs to be alive to see him catch her children’s killer. She asks him to catch the killer. Mu Chi says he will kill the killer and tells her not to do this again. She tells him to kill the murderer.

Bong Yi is sleeping in class. The students gossip about her and leave her out of their group. Bong Yi notices everything.

She returns home from school to find the bird “Eo Bong Yi” in a cage in the courtyard. Her granny says Ba reum left it here because Bong Yi had liked it. Bong Yi is embarrassed and says she didn’t like the bird. Later, Bong Yi peeps from her window and smiles at the bird.

She heads over to Ba-reum’s house. He asks her why she is here. She looks at the photo of his mother carrying him as an infant. She comments the house is huge. He says he bought it with his parent’s insurance money after they passed away.

She asks if he was taken aback by what she said at the restaurant. She says she was kidding and he immediately says he thought she was serious. She apologises for startling him and says she cooked something for him. She feeds him some spicy fried chicken and he says it is tasty. He asks how it is so tasty and tender. She says it is because she cooked the bird Eo Bong Yi. She asks if he still thinks she is cute. Ba-reum is shocked and he stops chewing. She smiles as he runs out and is sick in the restroom.

She goes home and sits with the bird which is very much alive. She enjoys the prank she played on him. She admits that he is cute when he is flustered.

At the police station, Mu-Chi is flustered to learn that someone has leaked the coffee stick evidence to the press. OBN news reports this news (Hong Ju’s channel). Mu Chi says they can’t accuse her without evidence.

Mu Chi drives down the road cursing under his breath that Hong Ju leaked the information over a trivial matter. He tries calling Hong Ju but she doesn’t pick up his call.

Hong Ju drives home and finds a flustered Sung Yo Han waiting for her. She asks where he was all day. He hugs her and tells her he was scared. He asks to stay like this for a bit.

Mu Chi drives over and sees Hong Ju in a man’s arms. He recalls her asking him out in their earlier days and he had turned her down. He sees her escorting the man in.

Hong Ju wakes up in the bed and Yo Han isn’t beside her. She finds him by the window. She recalls Mu Chi saying he wants to take revenge on Han’s son. She goes over and hugs him asking what he is looking at. He doesn’t respond.

Yo Han stands facing the wall. The wall has photos of all the victims along with notes about the victims’ whereabouts.

The next day, Ba Reum watches the show”Hope for Children”. A child in the programme says he doesn’t hate his father thought his father abandoned him. He says he misses his dad and loves him. Tears streak down Ba-reum’s eyes as the boy (Han Kook) says he wishes to go to the amusement park with him.

Ba-reum tries to donate money for Han Kook but he is told that the donor line is closed now. His aunt wonders why a cop cries so much.

Hong Ju is browsing the internet when she comes across an article where a detective was transferred to the suburbs for destroying evidence.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi tries to take a case file of the serial killing. Kang tells him to lay low as he is taken off the case. Mu Chi suspects that Kang was the one who ratted him out to the reporter.

Mu Chi calls up Shin and accompanies him on the case he is working on. Shin says there is a missing person Daniel Lee but he feels Lee is dead. He says the cleaner found a lot of blood on the Ferriss wheel. he says they found a car outside which Lee had rented from the hotel. The DNA test (sample from the car and the Ferris wheel blood) shows that it is Lee’s blood. 

Mu Chi notes that the body is gone. He says Lee would have come to meet someone in secret. Shin mentions they found a jacket zipper and Lee was wearing a suit. He deduces that it must be from the killer. 

They head over to Lee’s hotel room but they find nothing useful. They go through the CCTV videos. They find Lee talking to a housekeeping woman. Mu Chi tells them to locate the woman and find who he was calling at that time.

Bong Yi’s granny is called to school by Bong Yi’s teacher. Upon reaching there, granny finds out that Bong Yi is in trouble for beating a classmate. The classmate and her mother want Bong Yi removed from school. Granny falls to her knees and begs before them to forgive Bong Yi. Bong Yi tells her granny to stop it but granny asks Bong Yi to apologise.

Bong Yi refuses, saying that the classmate had spread rumours about her. She is angry as she walks out saying she will quit school. Bong Yi’s granny takes both the classmate and the mother by their hair and threatens to hurt them if they badmouth Bong Yi. The teacher intervenes and separates them. 

Bong Yi is outside when her granny walks up limping up to her with dishevelled hair. She asks what happened but granny says it is nothing. Granny asks what she wants to eat but Bong Yi refuses to eat. Granny says she will cook meat but Bong Yi ignores her. Granny comments that she never listens to her and wonders how Bong Yi will grow up to be. Bong Yi says she listens to granny well that is why she ended up this way. She says she had gone to buy Makgeolli for her granny on that fateful day. Bong Yi cries as she walks away. Granny is heartbroken as she stays behind weeping.

Later Bong Yi is at the boxing ring. She ignores all the phonecalls from her grandmother. 

At home, granny waits for Bong Yi after cooking a full meal. Then she goes over to the closet and checks her notebook. It says, “December 13th, 2019, Kang Duk Soo’s release.) She thinks that Bong Yi is agitated because Kang Suk Soo’s release is just 2 months away. Granny removes a knife wrapped in paper and says that she will take care of it. It looks like she intends to kill Kang Duk Soo.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum is helping people who are moving out of the neighbourhood. He walks in to check on granny. he notices she is wearing an ugly brooch. Granny says Bong Yi made it for her when she was small and she loves it dearly. She remembers Bong Yi being sweet and loving when she was young. She asks if he would do her a favour.

Later, granny recalls the classmate’s mother asking her to pay the settlement if she doesn’t want Bong Yi to get arrested. She goes to the employment agency asking for a job. The lady there doesn’t entertain her due to her age. She gives her some yoghurt drink and asks her to leave. The woman goes to use the restroom. Granny goes over to the refrigerator and takes all the yoghurt drinks inside for Bong Yi. As she is about to leave, the telephone rings. She takes the call in place of the woman. It is someone asking for house help. Granny says help is on the way. She asks for the address.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi corners her trainer and packs in some strong punches earning praise from him. He says the session is over. Ba-reum comes over saying he didn’t eat the bird. He tells her to go home and talk with her granny. She asks him to join her in the ring. She easily floors him twice and then the next time she floors him, he says she is hurting him. She lets him go asking how he is a cop when he is this weak.

Ba Reum says granny was late that day to pick her up because she slipped in the rain and sprained her ankle. He says granny is old and Bong Yi will regret it if she passes away. He tells her to be good while granny is alive so she won’t regret it later. She tells him to mind his own business and walks away. He calls after her and asks if she wants to marry him. She calls him an annoying jerk and walks away.

Elsewhere, Granny rings the calling bell and Sung Yo Han answers the door. She walks in saying she is the new housekeeper. She goes in to find that he has a friend over who is startled to see her. Yo Han tells him that his mother sends over a housekeeper now and then. The friend gets up and leaves. There is a jacket lying on the couch.

Yo han tells granny he doesn’t need a housekeeper but she refuses to take no for an answer. She gets to cleaning and Yo Han gives up.

At the police station, Kang is annoyed because the Chief asks him to submit all the information regarding the case.

Just then, Shin calls up Mu Chi saying that Lee has called up Sung Yo Han. Mu Chi recalls Sung Yo Han being Chi-kook’s doctor.

Meanwhile, Yo Han is walking out of his basement room. He receives a call and he leaves the key at the door. He goes up talking.

Yo Han leaves an envelope of money on the counter and he asks her to take it. He notices the brooch on the floor. Granny comes and takes it from him saying her granddaughter gave it to her. He tells her to leave. As he walks out, she puts the jacket over him and he walks out. 

She checks the envelope and finds a lot of money on it. She decides to do a good job of cleaning and stays on.

Kang calls up Ba-reum asking for Chi-kook’s severed finger that couldn’t be stitched. Ba-reum says he told the hospital to keep it safe because the murderer’s DNA might be on it. He says he will bring it.

Sung Yo-han meets with Mu Chi. Mu Chi asks if he knows Daniel Lee. Yo Han says he doesn’t know him personally. Mu Chi says he was Lee’s last dialled number. Yo Han says someone called him by mistake. Mu Chi says the call went over 3 minutes. Yo Han says he unaware that the call didn’t get cut. Mu Chi asks him for an alibi for the day Daniel Lee went missing and the next day. Yo han says he was home unwell. Yo Han asks why he wants it. Mu Chi says Daniel Lee is probably murdered. Yo-han writes down the name (Kim Joon Sung) and the contact number of his alibi. Mu Chi notices that Yo Han is left-handed. Yo Han recalls forgetting to lock the basement. He tells MuChi to get a subpoena if he has more questions.

As he walks out of the hospital, Mu Chi runs into a flustered Ba-reum. Ba-reum says the severed finger doesn’t belong to Na Chi-kook. He says Chi-kook had and injury from fishing last week. He says this finger doesn’t have a scar.

Mu Chi realises it is someone else’s finger (coffee stick victim). He wonders where Chi-Kook’s finger is. Suddenly, he remembers that there is a church on the prison premises.

Yo Han is on his way back home. Granny is humming as she cleans. She doesn’t notice her bandaid falling off. She notices the basement and goes down. she finds the key hanging out of the door in the room and she opens it.

Yo Han rushes into the house and is relieved to find granny in the living room. She asks if he is impressed with her work and leaves for the day. as she turns her back on him, her hand trembles. She walks out of the house quickly. Yo Han notices that she didn’t take the money but she has already gone.

Yo-han rushes to the basement to check. He finds a photograph missing.

He immediately drives down the road to find granny getting into the bus. He follows her.

Granny takes out the photograph which she recognised as the vineyard victim from the news. she holds the photograph close with the intention of Ba-reum getting a good performance record.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi is walking down the road. She recalls Ba-reum asking her to treat her granny better. She buys looks at a brooch to get for granny.

Ba-reum and Mu Chi reach the prison church and look for the finger. They are escorted out as it is time for mass. Mu Chi creates a racket as it is important. Just then Ba-reum calls him saying there is blood dripping from one side of the wall. Mu Chi asks for a ladder and climbs up.

Mu Chi finds Na Chi-kook’s guard uniform arranged in the shape of a cross and the knife/weapon sunk right into the middle of it.

There is panic in the church as Chi-kook’s finger is found in the communion wine.

It is raining heavily as Grandmother reaches their neighbourhood but her neighbour’s house is locked. She spots Yo Han’s car and she hides. She runs away when he gets out and he spots her.

Ba-reum gets back to the station and he switches on his phone. He has missed calls from Bong Yi’s grandmother.  

Ba-reum rushes home on the bicycle. He tries to find granny and he calls her phone. He hears the phone ring nearby and he walks in.

He is shocked to find granny’s lifeless form on the ground. He spots someone running and chases after the person.

Bong Yi sits beside the bridge shivering in the rain.

Ba -reum chases after the figure all way and finally catches up to him. They get into a scuffle and the figure escapes. the figure crosses the road and Ba-reum follows it. The figure runs into the darkness as Ba-reum is hit by a car.

Ba-reum looks to his side and a figure in black walks up to the crowd gathering around him. Ba-reum points at the blurred face and Yo han walks away. Ba-reum loses consciousness.

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode gets one’s mind thinking.

Yo Han’s name turns up everywhere but his face is revealed only at the crime scenes. We have not yet seen him in the act of killing. He may be covering someone else’s crime.

Ji Eun is always jittery. She claims her son has grown up into an angel but she wasn’t speaking about her son like a proud mother when she was talking to Daniel. 

Ji-Eun says Yo Han saved a dying dog. Interestingly, Ba reum is the one showing compassion towards animals while Yo Han is portrayed as cold and emotionless. Ba-reum supposedly has the psychopath/genius gene. Though he is quick-witted, Ba-reum doesn’t display his genius gene nor the psychopath one.

I wonder why the meticulous killer left Chi Kook alive. He doesn’t seem like a killer who makes mistakes.

It looks like Dr Daniel Lee knew something and there is more to his story. I wonder if it was Daniel’s body at the lake. It is a different method of disposal as usually, the killer displays the bodies in some form.

Hong Ju seems to know that Yo Han is Han’s son and she seems to be shielding him from Mu Chi.It was also revealed that she knows Sung Soo Ho’s family.

Jae Hoon the psychopath can be anyone at this point.Yo-han’s whereabouts are vague and though his involvement with the crime is acceptable, the aspect of him being the killer isn’t convincing. Also, Yo Han being the killer seems too obvious and defeats the purpose of the script not disclosing Jae Hoon’s identity.

The scene with Mu Chi and Ba-reum at the church was well-made.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.

-By Soul Sword-

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