Blind- Episode 13 Recap

Sung Jun goes through Jung’s adoption file. (Jung In Seong, December 4, 1992, Muyeong Adoption Centre.) It looks like he was adopted on 14th September 2002. Sung Hoon realises that the photo in Jung In Seong’s file is Yoon Jae’s.

(Episode 13-The people who disappeared)

Sung Hoon wakes up in the hospital to find Jung In Seong/Yoon Jae staring down at him. Jung remarks that Sung Hoon managed to survive. He reaches out to Sung Hoon’s neck but stops. 

Jung says Sung Hoon has a guest and walks out as Baek walks inside.

Sung Hoon tries to press the emergency button but Baek holds him down. Baek demands to know where 13 is. He says he will let Sung Hoon live if he tells that.

Sung Hoon says that the crazy dog is still foolish. Baek strangles Sung Hoon as he asks where Yoon Jae is. Sung Hoon says Baek can never catch Yoon JaeBaek continues to strangle him but stops when he recalls Jung leaving the room. Baek rushes out in search of Jung but loses him.

In the morning, Sung Jun rushes to In Seong’s restaurant. He finds the restaurant closed with a sign saying that Kim Seok Hee has found her son and is spending time with him. It says she will be open soon.

Kim Seok Hee is busy cooking a lavish spread and ignores the phone call from Sung Jun. Jung In Seong (Yoon Jae) walks in and says he doesn’t eat breakfast.


13 stands in the queue and takes his share of a rice ball. He finds 12 crying in the corner. 12 says he misses his mom. 13 asks if 12’s mother also abandoned him like 7’s mother. 12 says his mother went to the bathroom. 13 says there are a lot of boys here whose mothers abandoned them. 13 asks if he should kill 12’s mother. He then realises that 12 still misses his mother and walks away. 13 asks 12 to come to him if he changes his mind so he can kill her.13 smiles in expectation.

At present, Jung smiles at 12’s mother Kim Seok Hee. Jung says he will make an exception today and sits at the table. He says he just came back from a walk. Sung Jun calls again. Jung puts the phone away saying it is the telemarketers.

Sung Jun goes to Jungs’s house and rings the doorbell. He gets no response.

Elsewhere, Jung asks Kim why she abandoned him at the amusement park as a child.

Eun Ki is with Sung Hoon at the hospital when SUng Jun walks in. Sung Hoon is awake.

Jung asks Kim how she could abandon her own child.


Kim Seok Hee leaves her son Jung In Seong at the park bench and walks away under the pretext of going to the restroom. She gets into the bus. 

Kim stops the bus and gets down. She rushes back to the spot but finds Jung In Seong gone.

At present Kim Seok is flustered and says he has it all wrong. Jung says she is saying exactly what 12 said. He bites into a peach and Kim yells. She says Jung is allergic to peaches. Jung says it is weird as he has loved peaches since he was young. Kim gets confused and says it must have been some other fruit.

At the hospital, Sung Jun asks why Sung Hoon was at the riverbank. Sung Hoon asks how he knows about the riverbank. Sung Jun says he tailed Sung Hoon because he thought he was the culprit. Sung Hoon asks if it is because he is 11.

Sung Jun says Sung Hoon knew things about the investigations that Sung Jun wasn’t aware of. He says he even found the boot with yellow prints and black coat in Sung Hoonç car. Sung Jun says he recalls seeing the killer’s shoes with a yellow paint stripe. Sung Jun says he doesn’t suspect him anymore.

Sung Jun asks why Sung Hoon lied about it. Sung hoon says he wanted to find the real culprit. Sung Hoon says Baek was also trying to find the killer. Sung Hoon says the clothes in his car were the ones he wore while tailing the culprit. He says the yellow paint got stained when he was tailing the killer and there was painting work at the park.

Sung Jun asks if he was stabbed by the culprit he was tailing. Sung Hoon confirms that the culprit is Jung In Seong.

Sung Jun puts out an APB on Jung In Seong. Detectives Na and Kim go to Jung’s office. They are shocked to find another person working there in name of Jung In Seong.

Na informs Sung Jun that the person they know doesn’t work at the place he claimed to work. They give Sung Jun Kim Seok Hee’s location.

Sung Jun reaches the place and rushes inside. Kim says Jung has gone out. Sung Jun takes a toothbrush and says she should do a DNA test. Kim refuses and says the family is drawn to each other. Sung Jun tells her she may be in danger. Kim says she will cherish every moment with her son.

Eun Ki asks Sung Hoon to list down all the things he wants to do after he gets discharged. She tells him to jot down the things he wants to eat, places and people he wants to visit. He smiles as he asks why she is doing this. She says it is to kill time. She tells him to keep out anything work-related.

Meanwhile, it is night as Kim and Sung Jun watch Lee Jung Soo work at SoSoo. He receives a call from the medical examiner. She says Jung’s DNA doesn’t match Kim Seok Hee’s but it matches Yoon Jae’s sister’s skeleton.

Sung Jun rushes back to find Kim Seok Hee gone. He calls her number but finds the phone on the table.

Elsewhere, Bae is inside a drum. He sways back and forth and topples the drum. The lid opens and Bae creeps out. 

Just then, Jung drives up to him. Bae places the tape back onto his mouth. Jung crouches beside Bae and says he likes to see eyes filled with utter fear.  Bae asks why Jung is doing this to him.

Jung says Bae hid the tapes from Hope Welfare Centre and pretended nothing happened. Jung asks if he should slit Bae’s cheeks and Bae refuses in fear.

Bae apologises to Yoon Jae and begs for forgiveness. Yoon Jae calls Bae pathetic and says he won’t kill him yet.

Yoon Jae pushes Bae back into the drum and Chef Lee Jung Soo walks up to him.

Yeom is at his desk at night. he receives a photo of him standing next to Jung Yoon Jung. Yeom panics and calls the number that sent the message. Bae picks up the call.

Yeom takes the message to Baek. He says Bae will hand over the evidence in exchange for 100000 dollars. Yeom says Bae doesn’t have the guts to blackmail a police chief. He says Yoon Jae put him up to this. Yeom says this is an opportunity to eliminate Yoon Jae and the evidence.

Na checks her phone and she seems worried.

Eun Ki makes porridge and packs it. She receives a photo on her phone showing her mother tied to a chair and her mother seems unconscious.

Jung calls her up. Eun Ki yells at him and says he will pay dearly if he touches her mother. He tells her that her mother’s life is in her hands. 

Yoon Jae tells Eung Ki to get to the taxi stand without her police tail. He says the moment cops find out, her mother will die.

Eun Ki walks out and a taxi honks at her. She peeks in and sees Chef Lee is the driver.

Judge Ryu tells Sung Hoon that Na left without her aid to meet someone. He says her phone is off and she withdrew a lot of money without telling him. They wonder what it is about.

The detectives say they lost track of Yeom. They say they can’t reach Eun Ki, her mother, Kim Seok Hee, Chef Lee Jung Soo, Na and Yeom. Sung Jun says they can’t reach Bae either. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae is gathering everyone in one place. Oh tells Sung Jun to find Eun Ki. He tells Na and Kim to find the smartwatch (Kwon).

Later, Kim and Na find Kwon’s smartwatch on a tree branch in the woods.

Chef Lee drives Eun Ki to a place. Eun Ki runs inside following him. She goes into a room and finds Sung Jun’s mother Na inside. She seems drugged. He says Eun Ki will meet her mother soon. 

Eun Ki asks him why he is so concerned when he wasn’t even at Hope Welfare Centre. He says it is not because of his brother as his brother can’t come back even if he takes revenge.

Eun Ki asks why he is doing this. Chef Lee says he can’t let him take the fall alone. She asks if he is talking about Yoon Jae. Lee walks away.

Sung Hoon comes home and sees 45’s drawings. He tells Sung Jun that their mother was probably blackmailed. Sung Jun points out that the numbers 2,4 and 0 are circled in the sheet.

Sung Hoon says the address of the vacation home where Yoon Jae was locked up was 240.

The brothers drive up to the vacation home. Sung Jun walks to the front door and finds it wired to a time bomb. Sung Jun notices someone move by the window.

Yoon Jae calls up Sung Jun and tells him that everyone inside the house is alive. He asks if Sung Hoon helped him find the address.  He says the bomb will explode once he opens the door. 

Yoon Jae says there is a gift inside the drum. They open it to find a dead body inside. Sung Jun calls the precinct and asks the bomb squad and the forensics.

Elsewhere, Yoon Jae sits in the car and watches them. Sung Hoon spots the camera. Sung Jun tells Sung Hoon that the house is too quiet for a place with many people. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae wants to tie them down here. He says they are probably elsewhere.

Sung Hoon says that Hope Welfare Centre is the only other place that Yoon Jae would go.

Meanwhile, Yeom wakes up in the storage room of the Hope Welfare Centre. He gets up and takes the money bag downstairs. He sees the jurors, Kim Seok Hee, Na and the others in each cell. 

Yoon Jae walks up to the entrance of the room and calls him a dirty cop. He states that Yeom expected him to be here. He is surprised that Yeom calls him Yoon Jae.

Yeom says Yoon Jae has collected many people here. Yoon Jae says what Yeom did to them was a whole different level. Yeom says he paid back for what he did through his daughter’s death. He says they are even now. Yoon Jae laughs and says they aren’t even

Yeom throws the money bag on the ground. Yoon Jae says he hopes Yeom didn’t trust Yoon Jae. Yeom laughs and says it is over for Yoon Jae today. Yeom looks expectantly at the entrance. Yoon Jae laughs out loud as he says Baek isn’t coming. Realisation dawns on Yeom’s face as he figures out that Baek betrayed him. Yeom tries to run out but Yeom shoots a tranquiliser dart at him.

Yeom wakes up again in the storage room. This time the door is locked. He finds Baek in the corner. Yeom goes and tries to hit Baek for betraying him. Baek pushes him away. Baek’s ankle is injured.


Baek sneaks up to Yoon Jae’s car with a knife. Yoon Jae whistles at Baek and invites him to chase him. Baek chases Yoon Jae in the forest. Yoon Jae smiles as he runs in front of Baek. Yoon Jae lures Baek into a trap and it closes down on Baek’s ankle.

At present Eun Ki wakes up. She tries to wake her mother up. Na, Kim Seok Hee and Kwon also wake up. Eun Ki sees Baek and Yeom outside the cells. Everyone ventures out of their cells. They all say how they were lured here. Kwon says Jung is the murderer and Kim Seok Hee goes silent. Kwon declares that the place is full of ghosts who died unfairly. Na looks around.

Baek goes to the entrance and tries to break the barred cell. Bae joins in. Suddenly they notice a bomb outside the storage room. They hear Yoon Jae’s voice through the public address system. Na yells at him. 

Yeom asks what he wants and Yoon Jae says he wants their lives. In his car, Yoon Jae laughs seeing the horrified expression on their faces. Yoon Jae says he will let them all live on if one of them dies for the others. He tells them to decide in ten minutes or he will kill them all. The timer turns on.

Everyone screams as Bae lifts a chair. Eun Ki reminds everyone that Yoon Jae is a serial killer and he is probably lying. She says they should find a way for all of them to get out of here alive.

Baek and Yeom say that killing one person is their best shot to get out of there. Eun Ki turns to Na. Na says sometimes a sacrifice is necessary for the greater good. Na says they should pick a person.

Bae wonders how they should pick a person. 

Kim Seok Hee volunteers to die. Eun Ki holds Kim back and tells her not to do this. Kim Seok Hee asks Yoon Jae to let them go and asks him to kill her. Yoon Jae asks who will kill herBaek gets up.

Eun Ki stands between Kim and Baek. Yeom tells her to move. He says three minutes are already up. Eun Ki says Kim did nothing wrong and she shouldn’t die.

Shaman Kwon agrees with Eun Ki. She says she saw Baek dragging the kids down the path twenty years ago. She says she did nothing wrong. Baek says Shaman Kwon told him to kill Yoon Jae

Bae says Kwon isn’t innocent. He says he is innocent as he tried to expose the truth behind the welfare centre. Eun Ki’s mother says that Bae didn’t expose the truth but hid the tapes.  Bae blames her for treating the kids by herself and not sending them to a doctor. She says she was powerless and that is why she contacted Bae. She asks why Bae broke the promise.

Bae says Na bribed him and told him to bury the story.

Everyone stares at her. Na says Bae accepted the bribe so that his child can go to a school abroad. She says she isn’t at fault. Yeom says Na was a proactive person.

She says Yeom was the one who locked up missing children at the welfare centre to get the support fund. She says Yeom locked the kids up in the Welfare Centre and lied to the parents that he can’t find them.

Kim Seok Hee asks Yeom if this is true.


Twenty years ago

Kim Seok runs from the amusement park straight to the Police Station and reports her child missing. She bawls and wails and Yeom comforts her.

At present Kim goes hysteric as she grabs Yeom for hiding her son from her. Yeom pushes her away and blames her for leaving the child unattended. 

Bae says Yeom went into the girl’s (Yoon Jung’s) bedroom at the vacation home. He says he has it on tape. Eun Ki’s mother says it was Yeom’s fault that Yoon Jung died. 

Yeom says he wasn’t the only one who received such favours. He points at Na and says her husband receives them too. Na asks if he has proof.

The group decides that Yeom is the worst of the lot. Yeom holds Kwon before him. He says Baek is the worst as he used to hand kids upside down in the torture chamber and beat them to a pulp. He says Baek used hunting dogs to kill kids. Yeom says over ten kids were donated as cadavers. 

Eun Ki has a pained look on her face.

Baek laughs as he says there were at least twenty kids donated as cadavers

Eun Ki asks Baek if he is even human. Baek says humans should know their place. Baek says he would do the same thing if he was given another chance.

Eun Ki says everyone’s life matters, whether they have parents or not. She says he is no different from the serial killer.

Baek comes at her with a knife. Kim and Eun Ki’s mother pull her away. Baek says Eun Ki is just like her mother. He says Eun Ki is too compassionate for her own good.

Baek pulls Kim Seok Hee to kill her. Eun Ki pushes her away. Baek grabs Eun Ki and is about to stab her when Eun Ki’s mother yells that Eun Ki is Baek’s daughter. Baek doesn’t believe her but she asks why she would lie about something like this. Baek stands rooted to the spot. Eun Ki’s eyes widen in shock. Eun Ki’s eyes well up as her mother apologises to her. Eun Ki walks away from her mother.

Yoon Jae walks up to the other side of the cell. He asks Eun Ki if she had no idea. Yoon Jae says Crazy dog raped her mother and that is the story behind Eun Ki’s birth. Eun Ki’s mother’s knees give away and she falls. Yoon Jae asks if no one knew about this.

Yeom and Bae fall to their knees and beg Yoon Jae to let them go. Just then, Yoon Jae hears a loud horn.

Yoon Jae heads up to his car. He peers into the camera and finds Sung-Jun heading down into the storage room. He smiles.

Sung Jun finds them all inside the cell. They run up to him. Kim tells him to run away. Sung Jun notices the timer at 45 seconds.

Yoon Jae asks SUng Jun through the public address system what took him so long. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae can’t get away with this. Yoon Jae says he is playing by the rules and not killing people. He says hell is waiting for them.

Sung Jun watches the timer tick down as everyone huddles in the corner. Yoon Jae smiles as he presses the trigger. He is disappointed when the explosion doesn’t happen

Yoon Jae heads down to find the bomb disarmed and the prison cell empty. He walks closer and finds Sung Hoon standing inside one of the cells. Sung Jun places his gun at Yoon Jae’s temple.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Sung Hoon revealed that he kept Baek away from the clutches of the police because he may give some leads on Yoon Jae.

The scene wher 13 offers to kill 12’s mother Kim Seok Hee shows that he has been planning this for a long time. 13 displayed traits of a serial killer as a child.

The scene with everyone in the prison cell was well made. The moment Yoon Jae asked for one person to be killed, everyone’s reaction proved why they were on Yoon Jae’s hit list in the first place. Except for Kim Seok Hee and Eun Ki, everyone didn’t hesitate to name a person to kill. 

Everyone’s involvement in the Hope Welfare Centre was revealed when they started blaming and calling out each other’s behaviour when the Welfare Centre was functional. They all tried to absolve their crime by pointing to another person and didn’t seem to repent their actions.

It was revealed that Eun Ki’s father was Baek and she was born out of rape. Yeom even went to the lengths of using his daughter’s death to call it even. It was also revealed that Na bribed Bae to bury the story. 

It looks like Sung Hoon was saving Yoon Jae all along after all. He told Baek that he won’t let him catch Yoon Jae. I wonder how far he will go to save his brother now that Sung Jun has him cornered.

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