Blind- Episode 12 Recap

Sung Jun waits outside the Operation Theatre.


The hooded figure stabs Sung Hoon.

At present, Judge Ryu and Na ask Sung Jun who did this. Just then, the doctor comes and informs them that the weapon hit Sung Hoon’s organs and bones. He says Sung Hoon will survive but there is no guarantee that he will wake up.

Sung Hoon goes into the room and watches Sung Hoon sleeping.

(Episode 12- Another Person’s Life)

Young Sung Jun runs up to the jungle gym. He calls out to Sung Hoon and waves. Young Sung Hoon says, “Yoon Jae, No!”. A boy in a grey hoodie pushes Sung Jun and Sung Jun falls.

At present, Sung Jun wakes up with a start.

Eun Ki walks into the hospital room and he tells her that Sung Hoon probably found out the culprit’s identity and the culprit stabbed him. He says he suspected Sung Hoon for no reason. She asks why he suspected Sung Hoon. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon was going after the culprit on his own.

Later, Sung Jun, Na and Kim are at the place where Sung Hoon was stabbed. Sung Jun finds a wildlife camera on the other side of the greenery. 

Later at the police station, Sung Jun says the culprit knew where all the CCTV cameras were but he wasn’t aware of this oneNa says they found a part of the weapon used on Sung Hoon and have sent it to forensics. Oh asks how many children out of the five are yet to be identified. 

Sung Jun says 12 and 24. Sung Hoon says they can’t decide 24 is dead till they find the body. Sung Jun says he has to meet Baek. Oh says Baek isn’t there.

Later, Sung Jun watches Baek screaming hysterically at an asylum as the attendants tie him down on the bed

Meanwhile, Yeom is on the phone with someone asking how “he” is doing. Just then, Sung Jun storms into Yeom’s annoyance. Sung Jun confronts Yeom. He says he knows that Hope Welfare Centre was under his jurisdiction. He asks Yeom what he did to the children at the welfare centre and where he sent them. Yeom tells Sung Jun to ask his mother Na Guk Hee.

Meanwhile, Na is heading to work. She stops the car to speak to a woman holding a protest sign. The woman says that her son used to be at Hope Welfare Centre and he has not been the same since then. Na is taken aback. She gathers herself and asks why the woman’s son was placed at the welfare centre. The woman’s eyes are downcast. Na smiles and says she will look into it. Na walks into the Ministry. She tells her secretary to make sure that the woman doesn’t come back.

Sung Hoon comes to the Ministry. He sees the secretary sending the woman away. He reads the board she holds in her hand. “Hope Welfare Centre, reveal the truth, compensate the victim.” Sung Jun asks her if he can see her son.

The woman takes Sung Hoon to her home. A young man sits on the floor writing on the wall. She says she sent the boy to the welfare centre as they were struggling financially. She says when she took him back he was in this state. The son crawls to the corner when he notices their presence. She says no one believes it if she says he wasn’t like this before he went to the welfare centre.

She says he goes berserk if you call him by his name. She tells him to call him Number 45.

Sung Jun goes to 45 and tries talking to him. 45 cowers in the corner and refuses to talk to Sung Jun. Sung Jun says he is a detective and his brother is 11. He asks if he knew 11 and 45 shakes his head vigorously. He asks about 12 but gets no response. 45 looks up at the mention of 24He wriggles to the corner yelling that he won’t do it and not to hit him. His mother rushes over and comforts him.

Later, Eun Ki tells Sung Jun that she will try talking to 45 as she used to counsel abused kids at the Children’s Centre. Sung Jun says the boy’s intelligence is around age 7. He says 45 goes into convulsive panic if sees a man or someone calls him by his name. She says if the victim’s family agrees, she will try speaking to him. He asks if she is fine as she should rest. She says she feels better if she does something.

Eun Ki says she will go to the Children’s Centre and get some tools for counselling. She refuses his offer to come along.

Eun Ki picks up the items from the Centre and as she is about to leave, she receives a call from Jung In Seong.

Eun Ki goes to meet him. She says he is a good person. He says he isn’t as good as he seems. She wonders how they got into the mess. He asks her what is the reason. She says her mother worked as a nurse at the Hope Welfare Centre. Jung says he has no idea who his birth parents were. He seems surprised that Sung Jun didn’t tell her. 

Jung says he didn’t find his parents because he didn’t want to burden them. He says it would have been difficult for them to give up their child. Eun Ki says his parents might be looking for him. Jung says if they wanted to find him they would have already done so. He says this country isn’t that big. She says what he does is up to him.

Sung Jun visits Sung Hoon at the hospital. 

Eun Ki visits 45. 45 draws on the drawing book. She notices that 45 has written a lot of numbers on the page. She pours him some fruit juice and he drinks it. She tries to see what he drew but he hides it from her.

Jung In Seong stands outside Inseong’s restaurant. The restaurant is closed today. Kim Seok Hee finds him waiting outside and takes him inside. She serves him a meal and they get talking.

Jung asks her if the boy on the flyer is her son. She says he is. She feels sad as she says she has no idea how he looks now. She says all she wants is to just see him once.

Jung tells her that he lost his mother 20 years ago. He says he remembered what she looked like. He says his mother wore a grey coat, beige pants and white sneakers. He says she bought him his favourite vanilla ice cream.

We see a montage of young Jung In Seon sitting on the bench by the river eating ice cream. His mother sits beside him.

Kim’s smile fades as she asks how he knows that. Jung says that the boy in Kim’s flyer is himHe says he is her sonKim Seok Hee bursts into tears of joy as she can’t believe her eyes.

Chef Lee Jung Soo (Charles) watches this from outside.

At the brothers’ house, Eun Ki shows Sung Jun 45’s drawings. Sung Jun says it is all numbers. She says 45’s name is Jin Gu. Eun Ki says Jin Gu is still stuck in fear and anxiety from 20 years ago with other kids. She says he may never make progress. She adds that it will help her get through to him if she knew what happened. Sung Jun says he has something.

Later, Eun Ki watches footage of Sung Hoon’s statement on what happened at the Hope Welfare Centre. Sung Hoon says the place was like a prison. He says they worked morning, noon and night at an incineration plant. He says there was no exception. Sung Hoon says all they ate was doenjang broth with rotten vegetables and a ball of rice. He says any child who died of sickness or beating was either buried in the mountains or donated to universities for dissection.

Kim Seok Hee heads over to the police station and informs the detectives that Jung is her son. Sung Jun asks if she went for a DNA test. She asks why she would do that and says a mother recognises her son. She promises to treat them all to a huge meal.

On her way out, Kim Seok Hee runs into Yeom. Kim Seok Hee tells him that she found her son and he seems concerned. Sung Jun watches as he escorts her inside. 

Yeom asks her where her son was until now. She says her son doesn’t have memories of before his adoption. Yeom says it is better and Kim’s face falls.

We see a montage of Kim Seok Hee abandoning Jung In Seon and walking away while he eats his ice cream.

At present, Yeom tells Kim Seok Hee not to talk about the past unnecessarily as some truths are better off kept a secret. 

Meanwhile, Eun Ki visits Jin Gu again and he is still drawing. She blows bubbles and he is interested in them. He takes it from her and blows bubbles. His mother is happy to see him enjoy himself.

Later, Eun Ki visits Sung Hoon at the hospital. She speaks to him as he sleeps. She tells him that they blew bubbles, sang songs while hitting a tambourine, baked cookies and ate them. She says she saw Jin Gu enjoy himself like a little boy. She says she felt sad that Jin Gu lost his entire childhood in that place just like Sung Hoon. Eun Ki says that when Sung Hoon wakes up, they can look for it together.

Sung Jun joins the party Kim Seok Hee hosts in celebration of finding her son. The detectives and jurors are present. Kim Seok Hee introduces Jung as her biological son and Sung Jun as someone like her son. Charles brings out the food.

Sung Jun has an odd look on his face as he notices Charles (Lee Jung Soo) place a reassuring hand over Jung. Shaman Kwon wraps a shawl around her and Jung asks if she wants something warm. Just then, Na serves them drinks and he pours the drink on Jung by mistake.

As Kim Seok Hee helps him wipe off the drink, Sung Jun notices a deep scar across Jung’s ankle. He remembers Eun Ki’s mother saying Number 12 has a scar on his ankle as it had got caught in a trap while escaping.

Later, Sung Jun asks Jung how he got the scar. At first, Jung says he doesn’t remember but later on, he says it was when he was caught in a trap. Jung says he has nightmares sometimes. He says he gets nightmares of running like crazy in the forest and getting caught in a trap.

Yeom watches Sung Jun talking to Jung.

The next day, Kim tells the team that he spoke with the adoption agency. He says they confirmed that Jung In Seong was adopted to the US from Hope Welfare Centre in 2002.

They say it is almost certain that 12 is Juror Jung In Seong. Sung Jun says except for the connection to Hope Welfare Centre, nothing is pointing to Jung as the killer. Na wonders if Chef Lee Jung Soo (Charles) is number 24 as he is skilled with the knife.

Sung Jun says the chef’s brother Lee Hyun Soo is probably 24. He says the parents know Chief Yeom as he was the one who looked after their son Lee Hyun Soo. Sung Jun says Yeom was making sure the parents never found their children. He says that is why Kim Seok Hee also wasn’t able to find her son. Oh says they can’t move against Yeom without solid evidence.

Sung Jun tells Oh he saw a photo of a skeleton on Yeom’s desk. Oh says he has those photos and he gives them to Sung Jun. Sung Jun notices the pendant on the skeleton.

Sung Jun goes to the medical examiner. She says the skeleton belongs to a 14-year-old girl. She says she can’t figure out the time of death. She asks Sung jun if there is anyone with whom she can compare the mitochondria from the marrow. Sung Jun says there isn’t. Sung Jun asks her to reconstruct the face.

Elsewhere, Bae is tied up. Inside the car, the hooded figure watches footage from the welfare centre on the video camera. It has footage of Jung Yoon Jung (looks like her sexual assault was recorded on camera). 

Meanwhile, Sung Jun notices that the reconstructed face matches Yoon Jung’s face in the photoSung Jun wonders why the culprit exhumed Yoon Jung’s (Yoon Jae’s sister) remains

The medical examiner also gives him the analysis of the weapon used on Sung Hoon. She says the material is very dense and it is artisanal. She says it is a sashimi knife. She says there are signs that it was used in the kitchen. 

Sung Jun and Kim head to Sosoo. Charles (Lee Jung Soo) is there. He waves the knife in front of Sung Jun and gives him a bad attitude. Sung Jun asks Kim to check the knives. Kim looks through the knives but doesn’t find the murder weapon among them.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki is at Jin Gu’s home. She asks him if he wants to go for a picnic with his friends. She says they can take his friends 15,19,24 and 7.  Jin Gu says 24 and 7 aren’t here as they ran away.

Eun Ki asks if Ahn Tae Ho and 24 ran away. Jin Gu panics and huddles in the corner. He says she must not use names. He hits himself and says he will get beaten. Eun Ki holds his hands and says her name is Eun Ki and no one will hit him here. His mother says her name is Kim Jung Hee.

Eun Ki says 45’s name is Kim Jin Gu. Jin Gu becomes hysteric. He becomes quiet when he realises he wasn’t beaten. Eun Ki asks his mother to call him by his name and she does. This time Jin Gu doesn’t panic. His mother hugs him and comforts him. Jin Gu says they should take 24 for the picnic. Eun Ki asks him who is 24. 

Sung Jun is at SoSoo when Eun Ki calls him up and says 24’s name is Hyun Soo. Sung Jun repeats the name and notices the chef’s expression change. Sung Jun sees Chef Lee Jung Soo (Charles) push something inside the shelf with his knee. 

Sung Jun asks him if he knew that his elder brother Lee Hyun Soo was at Hope Welfare Centre. Lee Jung Soo says he has no idea. Sung Jun heads to the back of the counter and Kim holds Lee down. Sung Jun grabs whatever Lee tried to hide. Sung Jun opens it and finds the blood-stained knife with its tip missing

Charles/ Lee Jung Soo is taken in for interrogation. Sung Jun asks where Lee was on May 24th at 10 pm. Lee mimics a stabbing action in the air. Sung Jun asks why he didn’t throw the knife. Lee says it was his most cherished knife.

Sung Jun comes out and tells Kim that Lee is not the culprit and is hiding something.

Sung Jun heads over to the artisan blacksmith’s place and they confirm that the murder weapon was crafted at this place. He checks the serial number against the ledger and finds that the purchase was made by Yoon Jae. The blacksmith says Jung Yoon Jae mentioned that he is buying the knife for his brother who opened a Japanese restaurant.

Sung Jun heads back to the interrogation room. He asks Lee who gave him the knife. Lee says it is someone dear to him Sung Jun asks if it is Yoon Jae.  Lee says he doesn’t know such a person. Sung Jun asks if it was someone impersonating Jung Yoon Jae. Sung Jun asks if Lee Hyun Soo is impersonating Yoon Jae.

Sung Jun tells Lee Jung Soo that he isn’t the culprit. He says Lee wanted Sung Jun to find the weapon and he is now hiding the culprit. Sung Jun asks him for Lee Hyun Soo’s (24) whereabouts. Lee Jung Soo says even he wants to know that.

Meanwhile, the detectives dig the site where Yoon Jung’s body was found. They find many skeletons. Kim finds 24’s tracksuit in one of the graves

At Inseong’s restaurant, Jung In Seong watches Kim Seok Hee, who is proudly going through his graduation photos.

At the station, Sung Jun looks at the photos of the joker victims. He lists down the numbers of the boys at the Hope Welfare Centre and their names beside it. 

“Number 7- Ahn Tae Ho

Number 11- Ryu Sung Hoon

Number 12- Jung In Seong

Number 13- Jung Yoon..” 

Sung Jun stops as something strikes him. He picks up the photo with Yu Na’s dying message, “Jo Eun..”.

Sung Jun heads home and asks Eun Ki if she knows any of Yu Na’s acquaintance whose name starts with “Jo Eun“. Eun Ki says she doesn’t know anyone like that. She asks to see the note. he asks if she will be fine and she says she will. He shows her the message written in blood. Eun Ki tears up and says she can’t do this. He apologises. She goes back to her room.

At the mental asylum, Goo walks into Baek’s room disguised as a staff. 

Eun Ki sits in her room and cries for Yu Na. She suddenly recalls Yu Na asking who Jung In Seong was. Eun Ki replied saying he is a “nice person” (sounds like Jo Eun in Korean). She makes the connection.

Eun Ki runs out to Sung Jun and tells him.

Baek makes his getaway in the car. He is on the phone asking for 11’s location.

Sung Jun is at the archives looking for Jung In Seon’s adoption documents.

At the hospital, someone walks into Sung Hoon’s room.

Sung Jun finds the adoption documents with director Lee Myung Shin’s consent form. Sung Jun turns to Jung In Seong’s photo in the file. He is shocked to find that the photo on the document matches Jung Yoon Jae’s photo outside the church with his siblings.

At the hospital, Sung Hoon wakes up to find Yoon Jae/ Jung In Seong staring back at him. Sung Hoon’s eyes widen in shock as he recalls Jung In Seong Stabbing him. Yoon Jae smiles as he says, “You survived that”. 

Image Courtesy – TVN


The skeleton found with the pendant was Jung Yoon Jung’s. It looks like Bae filmed Yeom sexually assaulting her and he still has that video. 

It was revealed that Yoon Jae was living as Jung In Seong all along and he was the one who stabbed Sung Hoon.

Chef Lee Jung Soo and Yoon Jae/Jung were working together. Interestingly, he claimed he didn’t know Yoon Jae’s name when Sung Jun mentioned it. Chef Lee Jung Soo/ Charles was non-cooperative and was protecting Jung In Seong. It was also confirmed that his elder brother Lee Hyun Su was 24. The detectives found 24’s shirt at the grave site. I wonder if his skeleton was also there.

It was revealed that 12’s mother had abandoned him at the park when he was small. 12 was identified with an ankle injury all along and Jung In Seong has that injury. Interestingly, Yoon Jae’s photo is there on Jung In Seong’s adoption papers. It looks like Yoon Jae has been living as Jung In Seong since he left Hope Welfare Centre. I wonder what caused the identity switch and why a death certificate for Yoon Jae exists now.

Sung Jun’s memory showing Yoon Jae pushing him was a good reveal. It looks like Yoon Jae was with Sung Hoon till Sung Jun fell. It is yet to be explained how Sung Jun has 13’s memories and also what happened to the original 12 (Jung In Seong).

The scene where Sung Jun confronted Yeom was a good watch. Yeom mentioned that Na Guk Hee had a large role to play at the Hope Welfare Centre. Na is making sure that she quashes anything about Hope Welfare Centre even today. It looks like the killer has kept her for the end.

 Yoon Jae/ Juror Jung In Seong seems to nurse enmity towards Sung Hoon. As a child, Yoon Jae always found Sung Hoon’s rational behaviour (at Hope Welfare Centre) as wimpy. Yet, he always went along with Sung Hoon. I am curious to see what caused Yoon Jae to turn against Sung Hoon who always watched out for him.

Eun Ki working on Jin Gu and making progress with him was a good watch. Jin Gu (45) was abused at the Hope Welfare Centre and this left him traumatised. This goes to show how mentally strong Sung Hoon was to make it out of there and lead an almost normal life despite the trauma and torture he went through. 

-By Soul Sword-

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