Blind- Episode 11 Recap

Sung Hoon clamps his hand over Eun Ki’s mouth.

Sung Jun learns that Sung Hoon is number 11. He sees the photos of the jury in the desk drawer. He calls Sung Hoon but it goes to voicemail. Sung Jun calls Kim and asks him to track Sung Hoon’s location.

(Episode 11- The Ultimate Suspicion)

Sung Hoon reaches a place in his car. He wears a black coat and opens the trunk of his car.

Meanwhile, the news reports that Na Guk Hee has been appointed as the new Minister For Health and Welfare. Na is pleased as she switches the television off. 

Sung Jun storms in and confronts Na. Na strongly denies that Sung Hoon was adopted. She says she biologically gave birth to both Sung Jun and Sung Hoon. Sung Jun shows her the photo of young Sung Hoon and his siblings standing outside the orphanageNa is appalled when she sees the photo. She asks where he got the photo.

Sung Jun asks why she is hiding the fact that Sung Jun is adopted. Na tries to walk away. Judge Ryu walks in and says it was for Sung Hoon’s sake. He says that society is still prejudiced over adopted children and they didn’t want that for Sung Hoon.

Sung Jun asks how they found out about Hope Welfare Centre. Na is flustered but Judge Ryu says they found it by chance. He says the director was arrested and the older kids had nowhere to go.  Na says they adopted Sung Hoon because Sung Jun was old and lonely. Sung Jun laughs in disbelief.

Sung Jun is furious when Judge Ryu says it makes no difference that Sung Hoon is adopted. Sung Jun yells that for the past 20 years he thought that he was the adopted son. Na asks why he would think that way. Sung Jun repeats her words back to her before storming out.

After Sung Jun comes out, he recalls all the times when he thought he was adopted as his parents favoured Sung Hoon over him.

Just then, Kim calls Sung Jun and says Sung Hoon’s phone is currently switched off but its last known location is the Children’s Centre. Kim says they found traces of blood at the Children’s Centre front door. Oh tells him that the CCTV was intentionally broken and Eun Ki was the target.

Sung Jun goes over to the traffic police CCTV and is told that only one car drove past the road at that time. Sung Jun recognises Sung Hoon’s car and asks the officer to track that car.  

He sees footage of the car driving past the roads. After a point, the officer says the car has gone into a place without CCTV cameras. 

Sung Jun drives down the same route and finds Sung Hoon’s car. Sung Jun finds Sung Hoon covering a pit using his shovel. He runs to Sung Hoon and demands to know where Eun Ki is. 

Sung Hoon asks if Sung Jun thinks he buried Eun Ki. Sung Jun grabs the shovel and starts uncovering a pit. He stops when he sees what is inside. Sung Hoon says he found it dead on the road and he couldn’t drive past it.  

Just then, Eun Ki calls him from behind. She seems fine. Sung Jun informs Kim that Eun Ki is fine and hangs up. He asks Eun Ki what happened.


Eun Ki steps out of the Children’s Centre and follows the whistle. Sung Hoon creeps up behind her and clamps his hand over her mouth. He gestures for her to be quiet. Sung Hoon and Eun Ki watch as the hooded figure walks away from them.

At present, Sung Jun tells Eun Ki off for not informing the police. Sung Hoon says he told her not to inform the police as he can’t trust them. Sung Jun asks why Sung Hoon was at the centre. Sung Hoon says he had to discuss something with Eun Ki. Sung Jun asks who Sung Hoon is and why he has so many secrets. Eun Ki is puzzled.

Sung Hoon asks what he is talking about. Sung Jun states that Sung Hoon is 11 from Hope Welfare Centre. Sung Hoon is taken aback and Eun Ki is shocked. Sung Jun demands to know why he hid it.

Sung Hoon says everyone including Sung Jun will suspect him if he reveals that he is 11. Sung Hoon says Sung Jun already suspects him. He says those memories are so terrible that he would erase them if he could. He says he was at Hope Welfare Centre but he isn’t the killer.

Just then, Sung Hoon receives a photo on his phone from a restricted number. It is the photobooth photos Sung Hoon and Yu Na has taken together. The text beneath it reads, “It is because of you.”(May 22nd 12:44 am) Sung Hoon tells the other two that Yu Na is in danger. Eun Ki realises that Yu Na was in the storage room at the Children’s Centre. 

They reach the Children’s Centre. Sung Jun tells Eun Ki to keep calling Yu Na’s number while Sung Hoon and Sung Jun look around. Sung Hoon hears Yu Na’s phone ring as soon as he opens the storage room. He climbs to the attic. He hears the phone ringing from inside a large cabinet at the far end of the room. He goes near and sees blood dripping from the cabinet. Sung Hoon opens the cabinet and his eyes well up.

Sung Jun comes up behind him followed by Eun Ki. Eun Ki stands rooted to the spot in shock as she sees Yu Na’s body inside the cabinet. Sung Jun tries to hold her back but she pushes him away and comes forward. She falls to the floor and cries as she sees Yu Na’s bloodied form. Sung Jun consoles Eun Ki as Sung Hoon cries silently.

Later, Sung Jun questions Sung Hoon in the interrogation room. He asks why Sung Hoon received the text and why he was there at the Children’s Centre. Sung Hoon says the killer was angry as he was thwarted. Sung Hoon says he was going to apply to be Yu Na’s patron. Sung Hoon says he didn’t see the attacker. 

Sung Jun asks when Sung Hoon knew Yoon Jae was dead. Sung Hoon says he found out shortly after he was adopted. Sung Jun asks where Yoon Jae’s sister Yoon Jung was. Sung Hoon says he doesn’t know. He says he never heard from her after they reached the welfare centre. When asked about 12, Sung Hoon says he doesn’t know anything.

He says the boys were forbidden to talk about themselves at the Centre. He says the place was like a prison. He says they were small, powerless prisoners serving a life sentence. He says they worked morning, noon and night at an incineration plant. He says there was no exception. Sung Hoon says all they ate was doenjang broth with rotten vegetables and a ball of rice. He says any child who died of sickness or beating was either buried in the mountains or donated to universities for dissection.

Sung Hoon says they tried to escape but Ahn Tae Ho betrayed them the last time. He says he understands as Ahn was the one beaten out of them all. He says they knew how to tame the boys. Sung Hoon says it wasn’t because of the violence that they stayed there. He says he thought they were here because of some evil people but he was wrong. He says everyone thought the same. He says the boys were just a pack of dogs that they didn’t know what to do with. Sung Jun says people didn’t care how bad the situation was there. They didn’t care who was in there and whether they ended up getting killed illegallyHe says the feeling that he was completely cut off from the world made him accept his fate. Tears trickle down his face as he says he is not Ryu Sung Hoon but number 11.

Just then, Yeom walks into the room where the detectives are watching the interrogation. He asks what is happening. Oh says it is Sung Jun’s brother.

Juror Jung In Seong stands outside Kim Seok Hee’s restaurant. He see the flyer for her missing son, “Jung In Seong, aged 10 when reported missing”

Meanwhile, Yeom tells Baek that Sung Hoon was the adopted son and not Sung Jun. Baek isn’t concerned as Yeom ordered Kang to kill him. Yeom tells Baek to help him as he is the only one who can get Baek out. Yeom says they have to get rid of Sung Hoon.

Sung Hoon walks on the street. He stops outside the shop he visited with Yu Na. 


Yu Na tries on different props and she drags him into the photo booth. She tells him to pull the silliest pose. Sung Hoon stands still as she strikes a goofy pose.

Later Yu Na wonders if she has to go to college to be a normal person. She tells him she might be expelled from school tomorrow as she got into a fight with a rich girl. She says the girl called Yu Na’s mother a tramp. She says she hates her mother but she hates it more when others speak ill of her. He asks her to let him know if she wants some legal advice.

At present, Eun Ki goes to the Karaoke Bar and finds Yu Na’s mother. Eun Ki is teary-eyed as she tries to tell Yu Na’s mother about Yu Na’s death.  The mother is least bothered about Yu Na and says she should be given some compensation money. Eun Ki is silent as she looks at Yu Na’s mother in disbelief. Yu Na’s mother runs a finger over Eun Ki’s coat and asks if Eun Ki thought she was Yu Na’s guardian. Eun Ki snaps and grabs the woman. The woman provokes her. Eun Ki walks away.

Sung Hoon finds Eun Ki crying outside on the staircase.

Later, Kim and Sung Jun inspect the cabin in which Yu Na was found. Sung Jun notices the words “Jo Eun” written in blood. Sung Jun wonders if it was a dying message.

Sung Hoon brings Eun Ki home and pours her a cup of tea. Eun Ki says she has a lot of regrets. She says Yu Na had no connection to Eun Ki’s life. Eun Ki says she wanted to act like a good adult so she kept her close. She cries as she says she wouldn’t go near Yu Na if she could reverse time.

Sung Hoon says Yu Na liked Eun Ki a lot. He says Yu Na mentioned Eun Ki was the first person who helped her unconditionally. He says Yu Na wanted to become like Eun Ki. Eun Ki cries hard upon hearing that.

Sung Hoon says he felt at ease whenever he was around Yu Na. He says maybe it was because he knew the pain she was going through. He says he felt bad for her and also wanted to help her. He says he couldn’t do anything for her in the end.

Just then, Sung Jun walks in. Sung Hoon says he asked Eun Ki to stay over as she will find it difficult to sleep at her place. Sung Jun says she should stay here till the killer is caught. He offers his room for her to sleep in.

They walk into Sung Jun’s messy room. He cleans it up hastily and tells her that the blankets are clean. He tells her to lock her door when he is not around.  He says he has given Eun Ki and the jurors a security detail. He says the security detail will follow the jurors wherever they go. He tells her she is also a target of the culprit’s revenge.

Meanwhile, Baek repeatedly bangs his head on the bars of his holding cell. His head bleeds as the guards try to hold him down.

The next day, the detectives discuss that Baek will be taken to a mental asylum. Oh walks in and they note that Bae is still off-grid. Sung Jun says the killer doesn’t hide the bodies so Bae is alive. Oh mentions that there is no sign of life and they wonder if Bae was abducted. They declare Producer Bae missing.

Meanwhile, Bae is at a subway station. A woman trips over his bag as he is about to place something in locker number 17. He is flustered and she looks at him oddly before walking away. Bae doesn’t notice the CCTV on the wall facing him.

Sung Jun talks to the medical examiner. She says the weapon is the same that was used on the joker victims. She says the cause of death is excessive bleeding. She says the blood in the hallway matches Yu Na’s. She says Yu Na has defensive wounds and she fought back. Sung Jun visualises Yu Na fighting for her life as the killer chased her down the courtyard.

Eun Ki visits her mother outside the hospital. Eun Ki recalls Sung Jun telling her that her mother was a nurse at Hope Welfare Centre. Eun Ki asks her mother why she lied about working at Hope Welfare Centre. Her mother says she did want to help the kids. Eun Ki asks why her mother couldn’t help. Eun Ki says she was proud that her mother is warm-hearted but she no longer feels that way. Eun Ki tells her mother to tell the world what happened to those kids in that place. She says she won’t come to see her mother till this happens.

Eun Ki’s mother cries as she said it pained her to see the kids suffering. She says she called the TV station and someone secretly filmed the Welfare Centre. She says he promised to show it to the whole world. She cries as she says he never showed it. Eun Ki asks who is the producer.

Elsewhere, Bae walks out of a store. He stops as a black figure is blocking his way. He looks at the figure in fear.

Back at the precinct, Sung Jun lists the numbers of the boys. He writes 11 as the survivor and puts a question mark next to 12.

Kim brings Sung Jun the forensic results from Yu Na’s phone. He mentions that Yu Na was close with Sung Hoon. Sung Jun sees the photos that Yu Na took with Sung Hoon.

He flips through the pages and notices a photograph in which Sung Hoon is seen entering Choi’s house. Sung Jun notes that it was on the day that Ahn was being held captive. Sung Jun realises that Sung Hoon already knew that Ahn was not in Choi’s house but he didn’t tell Sung Jun that he was there.

Sung Jun heads to the signage shop. The man confirms that Sung Hoon got the footage from him. He says it is advertisement balloon footage and not a drone. The man tells Sung Jun that Sung Hoon obtained the footage four days after the ad was placed. Sung Jun recalls Sung Hoon saying that he got the footage only on the day of Sung Jun’s arrest. He wonders why Sung Hoon hid the evidence despite knowing who killed Jung Man Chun.

Sung Jun visualises Yu Na following the hooded figure and recognising Sung Hoon’s identity.

Just then, Eun Ki calls up Sung Jun.

At his office, Sung Hoon finishes reading through the embezzlement case. The sentence was passed against the prosecution because of a lack of evidence. He notices that the defendant was charged with embezzlement of 300000 dollars.

Later, Sung Hoon goes to see his father’s last trial. Judge Ryu says he was nervous when he saw his son in the audience. Sung Hoon asks how was Judge Ry’s last day in court. Judge Ryu says it is bittersweet. Sung Hoon asks if Judge Ryu ever regretted any of his rulings. Judge Ryu says he is human after all and of course, he has regretted it. He says he tried not to repeat the same mistake twice. Judge Ryu asks if something is bothering him and Sung Hoon says it is nothing. Judge Ryu asks him out for drinks at night. Sung Hoon refuses saying he has plans.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki tells Sung Jun that Bae worked on a story at the welfare centre. She says he may still have footage of the Welfare Centre. Sung Jun says they are looking for him too. Kim calls Sung Jun saying that a witness spotted Bae at the terminal.

Later, the witness confirms that she saw Bae putting something in locker 17.

Sung Jun checks the CCTV from the terminal. He confirms that Bae placed something in the locker. The next day a person in a black cap empties the contents. Na and Kim say it is the same suspect from Hana’s wedding. Sung Jun feels it is Sung Hoon and walks away.

Sung Hoon is at Charles’ restaurant SoSoo. Charles learns that Sung Hoon isn’t here to meet anyone. He asks Sung Hoon to call for him if he needs company.

Sung Jun heads home and goes through Sung Hoon’s things and finds nothing. When he is going through the shoe racks Sung Hoon comes home. He asks where Sung Hoon was. Sung Hoon says he was at court.

Sung Hoon asks if he is looking for something and Sung Jun says no. He says he has to write a report on Baek’s case and asks about the drone footage. Sung Hoon says it was an advertisement balloon. Sung Jun asks when Sung Hoon obtained it. Sung Hoon says he got it on the day of Sung Jun’s arrest. Sung Jun notes that Sung Hoon is lying. 

Sung Jun goes down to Sung Hoon’s car and checks the trunk. He finds it empty. He lifts the base and he finds a compartment underneath with a backpack. Sung Jun finds, a black coat and black cap in the backpack. He also finds a pair of shoes. He turns it over and finds the yellow patch on it. he recalls seeing the same shoes worn by the hooded figure on the day of Ahn’s death.

Eun Ki reaches the brothers’ home. Sung Jun rushes in looking for Sung Hoon. Eun Ki says Sung Hoon just left.

Sung Jun rushes down just in time to see Sung Hoon’s car speeding away. Sung Jun follows him.

Sung Hoon stops at a deserted place. Sung Jun watches him from afar. Sung Jun watches wide-eyed as the black hooded figure walks out from the bushes. It comes and stands before Sung Hoon. A few seconds later, the figure stabs Sung Hoon and walks away. Sung Jun rushes to Sung Hoon and holds him.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Sung Jun confronted his parents and their answers weren’t convincing. It looks like both Judge Ryu and Na are covering something up.

Sung Hoon finished going through the embezzlement case. The ruling was in favour of the defendant. I wonder if Judge Ryu was the judge in that case and I am curious to see who the defendant is and if the Director of Hope Welfare Centre was involved too.

It was revealed that Sung Hoon was keeping the evidence and leads from Sung Jun. It seemed like he wanted to keep Sung Jun out of the equation at that time.

This time after Yu Na’s murder, Sung Hoon got a message that read”. It is because of you”. It looked like the killer is going up against Sung Hoon. 

During the interrogation, Sung Hoon showed a glimpse of what life was for the kids at Hope Welfare Centre. He answered only what was asked and was careful with his answers. 

On the other hand, Baek and Yeom have figured out that Sung Hoon was the adopted child. They are probably plotting Sung Hoon’s murder.

It is interesting that Yoon Jung (Yoon Jae’s sister) is also unaccounted for and not much significance is given to her yet. Sung Jun saw the photo of a skeleton on Yeom’s desk. Sung Jun mentioned a dead elder sister when asked about the pendant. Sung Hoon and the nun said they don’t know her whereabouts and they didn’t claim she was dead.

Eun Ki’s mother revealed that she was the one who called the TV station. Bae was off the grid but it looks like Sung Hoon may have obtained the recording. I wonder why Sung Hoon visited SoSoo restaurant.

Sung Jun was looking at Sung Hoon with a suspicious eye throughout the episode. It looks like Sung Hoon wasn’t a tad bit surprised at this. He was working at his own pace waiting for Sung Jun to catch up.

It was saddening that Yu Na’s life was cut short right when it was starting to get better. Yu Na had found herself a patron in the form of Sung Hoon. She had also found a role model in Eun Ki and she had a new found love for life.

Eun Ki’s encounter with Yu Na’s mother emphasised how tough Yu Na’s life was and how a prejudiced society affects a child’s life. The scene portrayed how unfair life is for a child who grows up in a household where he/she is unwanted.

-By Soul Sword-

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