Blind- Episode 10 Recap

Sung Hoon is in his study. He has photos of Eun Ki, Kwon, Chef Charles, Jung and Bae. He places them on the table with a pensive look.

He thinks for a while and picks up Eun Ki’s photo.

(Episode 10- The Child Who Survived)

Sung Jun stands in the storage room of the Hope Welfare Centre. He realises that this is the place where the killer killed Baek Jin Eun, Yeom Hye Jin and Ahn Tae Ho.

Sung Jun wonders why the place seems familiar to him.  He looks at the writings on the prison walls. Sung Jun sees a vision.

The scene shifts to the past and a boy in normal clothes explore the storage room at the Hope Welfare Centre. He looks at the cages and the prison cells. He finds Yoon Jae writing on the wall.

The boy asks Yoon Jae why he is here. Just then, we hear Na’s voice call out, “Sung Jun”. The boy in normal clothes starts to go. Yoon Jae puts his hand out of the cell and grabs the boy (Sung Jun). Na’s voice says, “Where are you Sung Jun”.

Sung Jun watches as the boy (young Sung Jun) in his vision runs away after pulling his hand away from Yoon Jae. Sung Jun notices the number 13 on Yoon Jae.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki meets with the nun. The nun says they had a financial crunch at that time and they had to send away the older kids. She says they were sent to Hope Welfare Centre.

The nun says that the oldest kid was Gabriel. She says the other two were his siblings, elder sister Yoon Jung and brother Yoon Jae. Eun Ki asks if she is in touch with the kids. The nun says she received news that the Hope Welfare Centre was closing down. She says she was told that Gabriel was adopted and they didn’t know where Yoon Jung went. She says that Yoon Jae was dead.

At the precinct, Sung Jun and Oh show Hye Jin’s murder footage to Kim and Na.  Sung Jun says Yeom hid this video from them because he didn’t want his sins to be exposed. He says Yeom tried to kill the culprit using Baek and Kang.

Sung Jun says that one of the kids from the Hope Welfare Centre is now grown up and taking revenge. He says the killer invited all the jurors to the game during the public execution. He says the jurors are his targets. They decide that they have to find the jurors’ connection to Hope Welfare Centre.

At Sosoo, Chef Charles (Lee Jung Soo) is making Puffer fish sashimi. Sung Jun asks Charles about his dead brother. Charles says his brother went missing and they reported him dead after years of searching. He says his brother disappeared in 1999 while coming back from school. Sung Jun asks for his parents’ number. Charles asks his parents to be left out of this. Sung Jun says he wants to know if Charles’ parents are connected to Hope Welfare Centre. Charles asks for SUng Jun’s phone and Sung Jun gives him his card.

Later, Sung Jun is on a call with Charles’s parents. The father says they searched all orphanages in the country but didn’t find him. He says they didn’t visit Hope Welfare Centre in person but the station Chief Yeom looked on their behalf.

Later, Detective Na tells Sung Jun that Bae is on vacation so they can’t reach him. He says that Bae had pulled the plug on an investigative show on the Hope Welfare Centre.

Sung Jun calls up Shaman Kwon. She is in the woods for her prayer. He asks her about Hope Welfare Centre. She says she hasn’t heard of it. She says she has no relatives or friends. He gives her the address and she is shocked as it is the same area she is in. She tells him that she saw men in military uniform escorting boys with numbered tracksuits. She says she had seen 13’s future.

She says the whole world was drenched in blood. She says people were dying. She twitches and drops the phone. She says, “You must kill that kid. If you let the kid live, you will die and so will the rest of us.”

Sung Jun returns to the station and tells them that Kwon witnessed the children being caught while trying to run away. Oh says they found the connections for Bae, Kwon and Charles. Sung Jun says Jung In Seong is on a business trip. He says he is trying to contact Eun Ki.

Just then, juror Jung In Seong walks into the station. Sung Jun talks with Jung in the interrogation room as the precinct is noisy. Sung Jun notes that both of Jung’s parents are American citizens. Jung Says his father was an American Soldier stationed in Korea. He says he was adopted and taken to America.

Juror Jung says he doesn’t recall where he was before his adoption. He says he was in a car accident shortly after he was adopted. He says he lost his memories before that as an after-effect. Jung tears up at the mention of his parents. He says his parents are dead.

Sung Jun takes Jung to In Seong’s family restaurant). Kim Seok Hee takes his order. Jung notices Sung Jun calling Kim ‘Mom’. He asks if he is her son. Sung Jun says Kim’s son went missing 20 years back He says she opened a restaurant close to the police station so she can hear about her son soon. Sung Jun says he is like her surrogate son as he couldn’t locate her son. 

Jung looks at the flyers as Sung Jun steps out. Kim greets him as he is new.

Sung Jun finds Eun Ki at the Children’s Centre. He asks if her mother worked at Hope Welfare Centre. She says she didn’t. She keeps watching Sung Jun as he asks for her mother’s number. Eun Ki says she spoke to the nun and the nun said that Yoon Jae died 20 years ago. She says Sung Jun claims his name was Yoon Jae before he was adopted. She says it is probably false memories. Sung Jun asks if the nun saw the body.

Eun Ki takes him to the cemetery. They are told that corpses that no one claims are cremated and kept at the House of remembrance for ten years. If they are still unclaimed, the ashes are buried with the others who met the same fate. Eun Ki shows the headstone that reads, “381 unclaimed souls from 2002 were buried here. August 10, 2013.”

Sung Jun wonders why he thought he was Yoon Jae when Yoon Jae from Hope Welfare Centre is dead.

Sung Jun clutches his head as he has a flash of memory. 

Young Sung Jun runs on the playground in a blue cape. He climbs on the jungle gym. He calls out to his elder brother. The boy’s face is a blur as he says, “Yoon Jae don’t. (11’s voice) ” Sung Jun trips and falls.

The scene shifts as Sung Jun overhears his parents talking. Judge Ryu says Sung Jun doesn’t know he was adopted. She says Sung Jun doesn’t recall who he was. She asks how he would remember this. Judge Ryu says it is too late to send him back. He says they will have to keep him even if they don’t like it.

That night young Sung Jun sits crying in the playground. A boy in a grey hoodie plays on the see-saw. Sung Jun says he doesn’t know who he is. He cries as he says he doesn’t know his real mom and dad’s faces. He says he doesn’t know where he lived before he came here. The boy in the hoodie asks (in Yoon Jae’s voice) if he really doesn’t rememberSung Jun says he doesn’t but he remembers someone calling him Yoon Jae. He asks if that is his name.

At present, Sung Jun wonders what are these memories. He tells Eun Ki he is fine.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon is working late. He goes over to the cabinet and picks out a case file from 2002 on embezzlement. The ruling was passed on August 9, 2002. Just then, his phone rings.

Sung Jun is heavily drunk at Kim’s restaurant. Eun Ki tries to stop him from drinking further. He says he is pathetic as he doesn’t know who he is. She says it is because he can’t remember.

She asks why he thinks he was Yoon Jae. He says someone called his name. He falls asleep. Kim says he gets miserable when he drinks alone. Eun Ki says she has called someone to pick him up. Sung Hoon walks into the restaurant.

Sung Hoon takes Sung Jun home and puts him to bed. Sung Hoon stops as Sung Jun mutters in his sleep. Sung Jun mutters, “Who am I? At the playground, you said I was Yoon Jae. Why did you do that to me? Stop hiding and come out.” Sung Hoon is shocked as he hears this.

Sung Hoon rushes to the restroom and stands over the wash basin. It looks like he is in agony. He takes a razor from the top of his medical cabinet. He groans as he brings the blade towards his hand. (It looks like he is cutting himself).

Sung Jun wakes up in the morning with a terrible hangover. He finds a full meal on the table. Sung Hoon is ready and about to leave. Sung Jun thanks him for cooking. Sung Hoon asks why he drank so much. Sung Jun says he had his reasons. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae (13) died 20 years back. Sung Hoon asks if that is why he got drunk. Sung Jun says he will tell him the rest when he is sure.

Eun Ki visits her mother. Her mother says she should meet someone and get married. Eun Ki says that will happen eventually. Eun Ki’s mother is flustered when she mentions Hope Welfare Centre. She says she has no connections to that place. Eun Ki asks if her father was involved. She goes on to ask about her father. Eun Ki asks if there is a photograph of the father. Her mother says she threw it out. Eun Ki asks why she threw it. She asks if she shouldn’t know who her father is. Eun Ki’s mother is agitated and she loses her temper. She tells Eun Ki to leave.

Just then, Jung In Seon comes there. He introduces himself for Eun Ki’s mother. Eun Ki’s mother finds him familiar.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon is at his office. He recalls Sung Jun muttering in his sleep. Sung Hoon gets a notification on his phone. The location traacker says Yeonju-Dong. He gets up to leave but his secretary brings in a whole trolley of case files. Sung Hoon says he will do it tomorrow.

Jung drives Eun Ki back in his car. He says the hospital in which her mother works, uses software from his company. He says they go to their clients’ offices and upgrade the systems. Eun Ki says she thought he studied liberal arts and not science. He offers to help with her computer if she has any problems.

Jung asks if she met the nun. He says he didn’t mean to eavesdrop. She says she met the nun. He says he is curious about Hope Welfare Centre. She says the nun knew only as much as they do. She asks why he is curious about it. Before he can answer her she receives a phone call.

At the precinct, Sung Jun says someone close to Yoon Jae is the culprit. Detective Na says people can’t recognise some of their childhood classmates once they grow up. Sung Jun says Ahn probably went to the wedding to find out who is the culprit.

They review the CCTV footage from Kang Ha Na’s (Juror Kang’s daughter) wedding. They see the recording before Ahn walks into Ha Na’s room. They notice a man with a black cap walking out of the room before Ahn goes in. They say he is the culprit. Oh instructs them to check other cameras to get a better look at him.

Sung Jun recalls seeing someone like Sung Hoon in a black hat at the wedding.

Sung Hoon (in a black hat) follows the tracker on the phone and finds Eun Ki outside Yu Na’s house. She argues with Yu Na’s mother. Yu Na’s mother refuses to let Yu Na stay with her as she needs privacy with her new boyfriend. Eun Ki tries to make her see sense and asks her to come to Yu Na’s school as Yu Na is in trouble. The woman refuses. She says she regrets giving birth to her. 

Sung Hoon turns to leave but finds Yu Na behind him

Sung Hoon buys Yu Na some food. She asks him if he likes Eun Ki. He says no. She asks why he is following Eun Ki around. He reminds her that she agreed not to talk about it if he bought her what she wanted to eat. She shows him a picture of him entering a building. He asks why she is showing him that. She says it looks like it is his secret.

Yu Na says she is as good as an orphan. She says everyone looks down on her because she is a karaoke escort’s daughter. She says Eun Ki was the only adult who cared for her without asking for anything in return. She says it feels like life is fun now. Yu Na says she hopes that she becomes someone decent. She tells him not to hurt Eun Ki. She asks him why he is smiling. 

Sung Hoon asks what kind of person is decent. Yu Na answers that it is someone like Eun Ki. She asks him what kind of person he wants to become. Sung Hoon says he wants to become a normal person. She says they should go and become normal people.

At the police station, they say they can’t find the black hat guy anywhere in the footage. Na says none of the records of Hope Welfare Centre exists. Sung Hoon says the records may not exist but Baek does.

Sung Jun speaks to Baek in the interrogation room.  Sung Jun shows Baek Yoon Jae’s death certificate. He says he wants to know every detail about Hope Welfare Centre if they have to find the culprit. Baek asks Sung Jun if this is real. Sung Jun tells him to go ahead and check it if he doesn’t believe him.  Sung Jun asks Baek who would hold such a grudge if it was not for Yoon Jae. He vows to catch the culprit.

Later, Baek gives Goo certain instructions. Sung Jun follows Goo’s car after he leaves. Goo goes into the hospital where Eun Ki’s mother works.

Sung Hoon is in his office. He goes through the case file. He notes that Jo In Seok (Eun Ki’s mother) was a witness in the (embezzlement) case. She has been recorded saying that she has no relationship with the defendant and that she used to work at the Hope Welfare Centre as a nurse.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki’s mother is furious at Goo. She says she has no idea where the kids went. She says she has no idea if Yoon Jae died. She threatens to call the police if he doesn’t leave. She tells him to tell Baek never to contact her again. Jo In Seok is flustered as she walks away. She trembles as she is out of Goo’s sight.

After Goo leaves, Sung Jun walks up to Eun Ki’s mother. He shows his ID and asks if she worked at Hope Welfare Centre. She says she didn’t. She tries to walk away when he stops her. She notices the pendant on his neck and asks where he got it from. She says it is the pendant she gave to Yoon Jae.

She realises she slipped up. Sung Jun says she did work at the Hope Welfare Centre. He says he needs to know who Yoon Jae was with before he died if he is to find the culprit. She says he was with 11 and 12 but she doesn’t know his names. 

He urges her to say anything she remembers. She says that the three siblings came from the same orphanage. She says 12 was the same age as Yoon Jae or youngerShe says his ankle got trapped in a trap when they tried to escape. She says he was hurt badly. He asks where the kids went when the place shut down. She says she left before the place shut down so she doesn’t know. She says she just now found out that Yoon Jae died. She asks him not to tell anyone that she worked there in the past. Sung Jun says that everyone connected to the Welfare Centre is in danger. He says all the victims are their family members.

Jo In Seok tells him that her daughter’s name is Eun Ki. Sung Jun realises that she is Eun Ki’s mother. Sung Jun says all the victims died because of their parents.

At the Children’s Centre, Eun Ki thanks Jung for taking care of the ransomware on her computer. She offers to treat him. He says he will see her soon and walks away. He passes Yu Na on the way.

Yu Na says Eun Ki is lucky to have good people around her. Eun Ki says she will come to Yu Na’s school and show that Yu Na has a tough elder sister. Eun Ki says Yu Na did the right thing by standing up for herself. Yu Na says someone who is way stronger than Eun Ki will deal with them. Yu Na says she left something in the storage room and goes up.

Eun Ki asks who is this person but Yu Na doesn’t respond.

Later that night at the Children’s Centre, Eun Ki fills up the daily observations log on Yu Na. 

Meanwhile, Yu Na lies on the bed in the storage room of the Children’s Centre storage room. She flips through the photos on her phone. She smiles seeing the photos booth photos that she took with Sung Hoon. He is smiling in one of the photos. She sets the photo as her wallpaper. 

Just then, Eun Ki receives a call from the nunShe says she found a photograph of the three siblings. She sends it to Eun Ki and Eun Ki opens the file.

Sung Jun speeds down the road. He calls Eun Ki but the call goes unanswered.

The black figure stands outside the building. The CCTV is broken. 

Eun Ki looks at the photo of the three siblings. Sung Jun calls her up and she picks up the phone. He says he will come there and talk in person. He tells her to stay inside and lock the door. He tells her not to open the door for anyone except him and she says okay. Sung Jun hangs up before she says anything more. 

Eun Ki hears the Crazy Dog’s whistle.

Inside the storage room, Yu Na also hears the whistle.

Eun Ki heads out and finds the black figure walking towards the storage room.

Sung Jun reaches the Children’s Centre. He finds Eun Ki’s desk empty. He sees the photograph of the siblings on the desktop screen. 

The figure walks with a knife in its hand. Eun Ki loses sight of the figure and peeks around the corner. A black figure walks up to her and places a hand on her shoulder. She is startled and drops her phone. The phone is on the emergency page that Sung Jun installed. The figure places its hand over Eun Ki’s mouth, silencing her.

Pain sears through Sung Jun’s head as he sees the photograph. Sung recalls a memory of Na asking Sung Jun to see who is here. Judge Ryu brings 11 (Gabriel) into their house. Young Sung Jun stands beside Na watching 11.

Sung Jun rushes back home and walks into Sung Hoon’s study. Sung Jun finds the wooden figurines that Sung Hoon made. He lifts one of them and sees the number 11 carved into it.

Sung Hoon whispers that Sung Hoon was number 11.

Outside the children’s Center, Eun Ki stares at the figure clamping its hand over her mouth. It is Sung Hoon.

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This episode was intriguing and it did not have a flashback sequence.  

Sung Jun’s mother Na was at the Hope Welfare Center when the children were being held captive. I wonder if she and Judge Ryu were also guests at the Centre and how closely are they related to the case. 

It was revealed that Sung Hoon is boy 11 and his original name was Gabriel. Sung Hoon was adopted by Judge Ryu and Na. 

Sung Hoon was shocked when he heard Sung Jun mention Yoon Jae in his sleep. I wonder how 11 was the only one left alive with his memories intact. I am curious to see how he ended up with Judge Ryu’s family.

It seems like Sung Jun overheard his parents regretting adopting Sung Hoon and not him.

As per the nun, Gabriel’s younger brother Yoon Jae 13 is dead. This is interesting as Baek and Yeom didn’t kill him and were sure that Yoon Jae is alive.

Interestingly, Sung Jun has childhood memories as both Yoon Jae 13 and Sung Jun. Eun Ki stated that Sung Jun is probably having false memories. Sung Jun has repetitive nightmares of Crazy Dog’s whistle, being chased by dogs and 13’s memory of lying under the staircase with 11. These memories are exclusive to 13. I wonder how he has such vivid memories of 13 when he was living at Judge Ryu and Na’s household as their son Sung Jun.

In one of his memories, young Sung Jun was crying and conversing with a boy in a grey hoodie on the see-saw. The boy spoke like Yoon Jae. I wonder how the boy got there or if he was just a fragment of Sung Jun’s imagination.

The jury has an interesting mix of people. Bae and Kwon are witnesses to the Hope Welfare Centre incidents. The families of the other children from the Hope Welfare Centre are also on the jury. Charles had an elder brother Hyun Soo missing since 1999. I wonder if that boy was 24. 

The restaurant owner Kim Seok Hee was also called for jury duty which she declined. She has a son who is missing since 2002. Her restaurant is named In Seong’s family restaurant. Juror Jung In Seong shares the restaurant’s name. He may be boy 12 and Kim Seok Hee’s missing son. Though he seems suspicious, I wonder if he ended up on jury duty in kim’s stead.

If it is understood that the killer has everyone on the jury as targets, it is possible that the children’s parents were aware of something too.

Intriguingly, both Sung Jun and Jung In Seon mentioned losing their childhood memories after adoption. I wonder if Hope Welfare Centre was involved in an adoption scandal. 

Charles’s elder brother and Kim Seok Hee’s son have not been found yet. Eun Ki and Sung Jun were shown to a common headstone where Yoon Jae was supposedly buried. Though Yoon Jae has a proper death certificate, it is possible that the death certificates were forged and the children were put up for adoption with their memories erased.

It looks like Gabriel/11/Sung Hoon is also trying to figure out everyone’s involvement in the case and who the killer’s next target is. Whereas the killer has everything already figured out. Sung Hoon was looking into the embezzlement case and Eun Ki’s mother was a witness in that. The slashes on Sung Hoon’s arms seem self-inflicted. It looks like he is battling mental trauma of his own.

Even detective Na was unable to find records of the Hope Welfare Centre. It looks like Eun Ki’s mother Jo In Seok knows where the children went from the Centre. She always seems jittery when talking about Eun Ki’s father. I wonder if she was the one who saved the children or if she was just a witness to their torture. 

Eun Ki’s mother mentioned giving the pendant to Yoon Jae. Sung Jun wears the pendant now. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Sung Jun’s identity.

Jung Man Chun, Choi and Baek were already seen roaming in the black hood. One cant assume that Sung Hoon intended to attack Eun Ki just because he came there in a black coat.

Clearly, there are a group of people who are trying to cover up what happened at Hope Welfare Centre at any cost. The killer on the other hand is determined to expose them. 

At first, it looked like there were a lot of revelations in this episode, but they only further complicated and deepened the mystery. I am curious to see how the story progresses in the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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