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Happiness – Episode 6 Recap


Han is at a restaurant and on the phone with his wife. His wife says she will buy some items for their unborn baby before she joins him. She says she is sure it will be a girl who looks like Han.

Han gets up as Chairman Seok joins him. Seok picks up the soup bowl and gulps down the entire contents at one go. Seok asks if the Food and Drug safety have made the decision. Han says they will announce it tomorrow under the condition that NEXT has to be prescribed to only adult ADHD patients (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder- Children with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviours (may act without thinking about what the result will be), or be overly active.). He says they will expand the age group when the drug proves effective. Seok thanks Han for helping him get richer.

Han says it is a failed pneumonia cure but he is sure that it will help ADHD patients. Seok is overjoyed as he says Next improves concentration. He says many people are already taking it. Seok takes one NEXT pill while Han says he hasn’t taken one yet. 

Just then, Han’s wife joins them. Seok chats with Han’s wife as Han goes out to take a call. Han learns from the person on the other end that “he bites”. Han asks if he is taking anything else. He tells the person to get him admitted and keep the staff silent. He adds that the approval will come tomorrow and word cant get out. The person on the phone seems to object. Han says he doesn’t care if the person is not dead. He says they will compensate the family and take care of the treatment too.

 Han comes back to the room to find his wife on the floor and Chairman Seok has bitten her neck. Chairman Seok drinks her blood and looks up. His eyes are white.


Han sits beside his wife who seems comatose. Ji Soo tells him that the Prime Minister called.

They stand outside the dormitory. One truck drives out. Han says the truck is going to a landfill as there is no place for mild cases. Han says he made a choice as to how many losses they can take. He tells her a time will come where she should decide how much blood she should shed too. He asks about the cure. 

Ji Soo says they selected a few people and got them infected but they all died. He tells her to keep doing it while he buys them time.

Meanwhile, at the gym, the tenants discuss what to do. Na says the authorities arent helping. Yi Hyun says even if they scale the wall they cant go far. The old man says they should break into the rich people’s residential complex. Kook intervenes and says only the rental units are saying that the outside is infected. 

Sae Bom says he can go out if he wants but she can’t guarantee if he can come back.

Yi Hyun says they have left the supplies in nit 201. He says they can take supplies from 201 but asks them to give some items to No and team in exchange for the supplies.

As they walk back, Sae Bom asks Yi Hyun what to do if the infected try to break the doors with cars from the parking lot. Yi Hyun says they will probably look for easier ways. Yi Hyun says thefts happen because doors are left open or locks aren’t in place. He says it is rare for them to be determined enough to break the doors with cars. She says they should not give them the chance. She remembers that they haven’t checked the roof yet.

They rush up to the roof and find Andrew there. They head over and check the stairwell that leads to the roof. It doesn’t look like the infected have found it yet. Sae Bom locks the door to the stairwell. Yi Hyun asks Andrew how he was calm earlier. Andrew says no one treats him like a weirdo anymore. He tells them to be careful and walks away.

Sae Bom suggests they get some fresh air. As they stand by the railings she says she recalls the day she pushed him. He says he thought for a second that he could fly. She says she would visit her mother if she could fly. She says she kept feeling uncomfortable seeing her mother so she kept putting it off.

She wonders where the infected are. He says they must be trying to avoid biting someone they know and turning into a complete monster. He says they will fight till they cave into the thirst. 

Yi Hyun says they must keep themselves safe if they want to get out of this situation. Sae Bom tells him not to do something like this again. She says he touched that blood and wonders what would’ve happened if it was harmful.

Yi Hyun asks if she doesn’t object to him smearing blood on Oh’s face. She said he didn’t make Oh lick it so it is fine. She says Oh must have been intimidated so he didn’t come to the meeting. Yi Hyun says Yeon Ok didn’t come down either.

In 1202, Yeok Ok’s husband Sun Woo-Chang brings her a fresh damp towel. She is reclining on the sofa and doesn’t speak as he changed the towel. She says she is stressed out and her hair is falling. Sun tells her to give up because now they cant make money even if she becomes the Representative. She says they can make money by repairing the apartment complex (elevator, outer walls etc.). She says she can become the Apartment representative if she wins over the people who have sway over the others.

Yeon Ok rings Sae Bom’s doorbell. Seo Yoon answers and says that the adults aren’t here. Sae Bom and Yi Hyun come down to find Yeon Ok outside their door. 

Yeon Ok says she got the wrong idea when she saw Ko smeared in blood. They allow her in. She tries to sweet-talk Seo Yoon to her side but it doesn’t work.

Yeon Ok tells Sae Bom that her husband and she moved here from a lower level apartment because of the flood. She watches the photo of Sae Bom and Yi Hyun.

Seo Yoon goes up to Sae Bom who is making tea and says that she cant trust Yeon ok. Sae Bom says she doesn’t either. She says you need to keep your enemies closer.

Yi Hyun comes down to the gym and speaks with Kim. Kim says Yeon Ok wants to make money by becoming the Resident Representative.

Yi Hyun goes to trainer Seung Beom. He says the residents will soon grow suspicious of him. He says he can’t do anything about the handcuffs tonight. Yi Hyun says he will allow Seung Beom to roam freely in the gym if he is fine for the next 3 days. Seong Beom is happy that Yi Hyun isn’t threatening him. Yi Hyun says he truly hopes Seung Beom doesn’t have the disease.

Meanwhile, Oh is in the shower screaming as he is splashing water on his already clean face. He checks if his eyes are white and goes outside after seeing that he is normal.

Oh goes out and finds Sang Hee in the living room with a golf club. He says he isn’t infected. Sang-Hee takes a pill and he is alarmed. He is relieved to see that it is just hangover medicine. He asks her if she saw Min-Ji taking medicines at the clinic.

Sang-Hee says Min-Ji used to take supplement pills if she got tired. She says Min-Ji got the from the gym. Oh realises that the gym trainers have been supplying the pills. He says he has to check something and goes out.

As soon as he leaves, Sang-Hee gets up and starts going through the place looking for something. 

Yi Hyun and Kim close the gym for the day and they come up the stairs. As they reach the 5th floor, Yi Hyun notices the elevator coming down from the 6th floor. He asks Kim to go on and goes back down.

Seung Beom is lying on the mat in the gym when Oh walks in. He threatens Seung Beom and asks him about the drugs. Seung Beom says he has no idea about the drugs. Oh says he is grateful that Seung Beom sold the drugs to Min-Ji. He asks for the drugs. Seung Beom says he has no idea what Oh is talking about. Oh picks up some balls and throws them at Seung Beom to get him to talk.

Yi Hyun stands outside the gym and watches this.

In the parking lot, the man who Yeon Ok almost let inside rings the multi-apartment doorbell for unit 602 and Kook answers. He says he lives in 101 and wants a consult as he saw Kook’s ad on the elevator.

Kook asks if there are infected people outside. The man says there were a few but they are isolated. He says he is in Basement level 1 and asks if they can meet and talk about his grandfather’s gravesite. Kook says he will come down. Shin comes and asks who was at the door. He is evasive and says it was a random person from outside. She asks where he is going but he doesn’t tell her. After he leaves, she checks the recording of the previous visitor and finds out that he is going down.

Shin goes over to Sae Bom’s apartment and tells her that Kook has gone to visit someone from outside.

Yi Hyun goes into the gym after he sees that Seung Beom has turned and is trying to bite Oh. Oh tries to get away but Seong Beom holds on to Oh’s feet.

Oh yells at Yi Hyun to save him. Yi Hyun crouches beside Oh and asks why should he as the world would be a better place without him. Yi Hyun notes that the time is 10:25.

Meanwhile, Kook reaches the basement and the man is waiting outside. 

He convinces Kook to open the door by saying that the internet is working outside. Kook removes the curtains and the man looks at him with greed.

At the gym, Yi Hyun grabs Oh’s hand and pulls him away from Seung Beom’s clasp.  Yi Hyun says that Oh would be dead if not for Sae Bom. He says the CCTV would’ve recorded the whole thing. He says he will show footage of Seung Beom grabbing Oh to everyone if Oh doesn’t behave. He tells Oh to just sit at home. Oh asks why they are hiding the fact that Seung Beom is sick. Yi Hyun says it is because he is a person. Yi Hyun tells Seung Beom to calm down and says he will become normal again. He picks up the blanket to cover Seung Beom with it. Behind him, Oh sneakily picks up a weight and gets up.

Sae Bom comes to the basement just in time and pulls Kook just as he opens the door. She pulls the door back as the man from 101 tries to open it. Finally, she latches the doors shut. 

She tells the infected man to go back to his home and sleep. Kook argues with her. She tells him to keep quiet as she doesn’t want to agitate the man. The man walks away slowly. Sae Bom pulls the curtains back up. 

She tells off Kook for almost getting himself killed. Kook is upset that she lost him a client. Shin comes running to find Kook on the floor. Sae Bom walks away as she hears a loud noise upstairs. Kook is annoyed that Shin went to Sae Bom.

In the gym, Yi Hyun pushes Oh against the wall and says Oh never backs down. He says it would be better if Oh got infected. Oh smears some blood on Yi Hyun. He says he hears someone outside and runs away.

Oh runs out into the corridor and Sae Bom is the one walking towards the gym. She kicks him on the chest. Oh falls clutching his chest. She asks if he touched Seung Beom and Oh asks if they are crazy.

Oh tells her that Yi Hyun tried to get him killed using Seung Beom. He tells Kook and Shin the same thing. They go in to check.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom stop Kook and Shin from getting close. Shin shrieks as she sees the transformed trainer with cloudy eyes.

Kook goes to Yeon Ok and says they have to evict the infected person from the building. He tells her off for withholding the information. To get out of the situation, Yeon Ok says she has no idea about this.

Yi Hyun returns to the gym where Kim is watching Seung Beom. Kim says Seung Beom stopped banging his head at 10:45. Yi Hyun asks Kim to go back.

Yi Hyun removes the blanket and Seung Beom is in a lucid state. He tells Seung Beom that the residents probably want to throw him out now. Seung Beom says he took only two pills. He says he went to the car to get the rest of his pills. He says he remembers Oh asking something but he doesn’t remember anything after it. He says he tried to hold back. Yi Hyun says Seung Beom has to hold back with more effort. He says the more times he turns, the more difficult it is to come back. Seung Beom says that he told Oh that the pills are in the gym van. Yi Hyun says he will take care of it. Yi Hyun asks if Seung Beom enjoyed watching himself have a fit. Seung Beom is quiet as Yi Hyun walks out.

Yi Hyun finds Sae Bom on the roof. He puts his coat over her. He says Seung Beum turns for 15 minutes and then he is back to normal. She says Kook said the residents will have to vote tomorrow whether they want Seung Beom to stay or go.

She then asks if Oh was lying earlier when he said Yi Hyun tried to kill him using Seung Beom. She is relieved.

Yi Hyun says they should try the good cop bad cop routine. He says she should be the good cop and he should be the bad cop. She says she will always be the bad cop and walks away.

After she leaves, Yi Hyun says in a low voice that he suggested that because the bad cops always get hurt.

Kook is at 302 to get the family to vote Seung Beom out. He shows them the footage of transformed Seung Beom. Dong Hyun says he will do it if Kook gives him the footage. His mother (the old woman) is worried as she sees the video.

He goes over to 401 and Na’s brother is ready to vote Seung Beom off. Next Kook goes to 601. Sang Hee is at the door. She says Oh is washing himself a lot. Kook says he can offer the other room in his apartment to Sang Hee if she doesn’t feel safe. She thanks him for the offer and hugs him. Kook smiles as she goes back in.

Shin can smell perfume on his coat when he comes home. Kook distracts her by saying he nearly died in the lobby earlier.

In 302, the old woman uses her phone’s front camera to check if her eyes are white.

Meanwhile, Sae Bom is on the 15th floor. Se Hun says he won’t come outside. He asks if they are human. She says he can talk to him if he goes down to the gym. She tells him that a man’s life depends on his vote. She tells him to come to the gym for voting tomorrow.

She finds Yi Hyun is waiting for her when she comes back home. Kim is asleep as they chat. Sae Bom asks if he has regretted anything in his life. Before he can respond she says she has. She says she regrets anything that ends before she is able to give it all. She says she feels guilty. She says this time she will face it head-on. He holds up his beer can and they clank the cans.

Oh sneaks into the parking lot and finds Seung Beom’s car. He finds a pillbox filled with NEXT in it. 

Day 4

In the morning as they are leaving for the meeting. Dong Hyun tells his mother that he wants her phone as he lost his. He says he will return it soon. The old woman is uncomfortable but she parts with it.

At the gym everyone is present. Kook reads out an act that states they can evict Seung Beom if he poses a threat to them. He shows them all the footage. 

Sae Bom asks if anyone here got Covid-19. The old man says he did. She asks if he did something wrong and he says no. She says during the outbreak, people dug up personal information about the infected and criticised them. She says the same way it is not Seung Beom’s fault. She says he should be given a chance to get treated.

She says she understands everyone is worried. She says she is too. She asks them to put themselves in Seung Beom’s shoes and asks if they want to be treated this way. She asks if Oh will be kicked out next as he had contact with Seung Beom. She says Kook too can follow as he had contact with Oh.

They start voting. No one votes for him to be evicted. Kook says he is not going to throw him out. He says they can isolate him on the roof.

Dong Hyun, his father, Ko, Moon, Na’s brother, Yeon Ok and her husband raise their hand. Seung Beom loses his cool as Yeon Ok betrayed him. He cant believe that his wife Shin didn’t vote for it. Sang-Hee raises her hand. Shin watches this.

Kook includes himself and says 9 people are for putting him on the roof.  

The rest of them (Cashier, Andrew, the old woman, Na, Yi Hyun, Seo Yoon, Sae Bom, Kim, the maintenance worker and Shin) vote against and it brings the count to 9. Just then, Kim se Hun (1501) comes into the gym in his HAZMAT suit and votes against putting Seung Beum on the roof. He brings the tally to 10.

Yeon Ok immediately sways to the winning side but Seung Beom glares at her. Sae Bom says they should all take turns and keep watch. Yi Hyun asks if they should decide it by votes.

Na says she will volunteer with her brother. 

Chairman Seok watches news showing the entire Seyang being isolated. Han walks in with Ji Soo. Han says he told the Prime Minister’s office that the areas with the most infection must be controlled first as they can’t stop the spread. 

Seok says the maximum Han can do is load the infected with sleeping pills. Han counters by saying Seok doesn’t have much time left. He says Seok has only a month. Seok says the same goes for Han’s wife.

Seok tells them to cut the power and food supply for everyone in the restricted area. Han steps over the safety line. He says he is giving up on them. He says the infected can die on their own. He says anyone who has tasted blood shouldn’t be forgiven. Han points out that Seok is the one addicted to blood. Seok says it is okay for him to be.

As they come out, Ji Soo tells Han that even the people who aren’t infected will die. Han asks her to find out when they are planning to cut the power.

Meanwhile, Kook comes home and tells Shin off for not following his lead. He asks her to behave like a secretary. She says she is married to him and she needn’t share his opinions. He calls her uneducated and goes away.

In 302, Dong Hyun doesn’t return his mother’s phone and she is agitated. He goes out and scrolls through the gallery. He finds a video of his mother checking the wound on her back that she recorded. He is taken aback.

Just then, the cashier comes and says she spotted Dong Hyun’s phone outside the entrance. He offers to pay her cash if she goes and retrieves it. She agrees.

Sae Bom and Se Hun are on the 15th floor. He asks if she can get a gun for him. She asks if he thinks she will give one to him. She asks why he is interested in military goods. Se Hun says the world will end soon.

He says he is collecting survival equipment. He says he has combat rations. She is curious and he asks if she wants to check his collection. She walks into his house. Se Hun peeks into the corridor and then closes the door.

Yeon Ok visits Seung Beom in the gym. She says he dare not try to break it. She says she wanted to help him but he was the one who took the drug. He says she never helped him. She says she was worried and tells him to ask her if he needs anything. Before going out, she places her water glass in front of him and asks him to drink it if he gets thirsty.

Yeon Ok runs into Yi Hyun, Na and her brother. She says she comforted Seung Beom as a resident representative. 

He brings Na and her brother into the gym. He tells them that the disease is not airborne so they needn’t worry. He tells them not to give him water if he is thirsty and come to the 5th floor and inform them. He gives Na the key to Seung Beum’s handcuffs.

Yi Hyun goes inside to talk with Seung Beum. He asks what he spoke with Yeon Ok. Seung Beom says the guy in the Hazmat suit is a buyer. Yi Hyun rushes out of the room.

Meanwhile, Dong Hyun films as the cashier walks out to take the phone. She picks it up and looks up to find the infected man (who posed as Kook’s potential client) standing in front of her. She cautiously steps back.

Yi Hyun comes home to find that Sae Bom isn’t home. Seo Yoon says she has gone to the 15th floor with Se Hun.

At the gym, Na tries to work but her brother is busy trying to convince her to give the apartment to him. He tells her that if she dies here, he will be inheriting the house.  He says he came here to help her. She says it looks like he will kill her. She loses her cool and they start fighting.

Na walks out as she doesn’t want Seung Beom hearing them. Her brother follows her.

Na says he went to university, got married and got the inheritance. She says she got tuition fees for just one semester. She says she made her own money by working hard and paying the rest. She says she didn’t complain. She cries as she says he can’t have an attitude where he left her money. He gives a half-hearted apology and says they are still family.

They hear a banging noise and they go toward the stairwell.

The cashier and Dong Hyun run into the 2nd floor and close the stairwell door behind them. She stands by the door as Dong Hyun runs to the elevator in horror. Kim and Sun walk into the corridor and they tell them to run.

The cashier runs towards the elevator and the infected man breaks in. Kim and Sun run away. Kim isn’t able to take his gun from the holster. The ban grabs Sun.

Meanwhile, Na tells him not to open the door but her brother opens it anyways. He finds the stairwell empty. He turns around in pride. 

Just then, an infected person bites his neck from behind.

Na is frozen to the spot as she watches her brother being dragged away by the infected.

Na gets a grip on herself and runs into the gym. She brings a chair and blocks the door. Seung Beom gets up and the water spills from the tumbler as he knocks it down. He asks Na what is happening. Na looks at him in fear.

Yi Hyun goes to the 15th floor and knocks on the door. Se Hun opens the door and says Sae Bom is busy. He is no longer wearing the mask and suit. He tells him to wait here while she comes. Yi Hyun stops him from closing the door. 

Yi Hyun asks Se Hun if he took the pill that he bought from the gym. He threatens to kill Se Hun if he hurts Sae Bom.

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It looks like Han knew at the last minute that one of the subjects bit someone. He kept it quiet to get the drug approved. After his wife was infected he chose to work with Chairman Seok so that he can find a cure.

Though Chairman Seok is addicted to the taste for blood, he has enough control to not bite Han though he stepped over the line. Seok knows he needs Han as Han is the only person who can find a cure in under a month. Being the narcissist that he is, Seok believes he is entitled to drink human blood but others who do it must be punished. 

Emergencies test people’s limits. The various characteristics that people exhibit during an emergency situation was portrayed well in this episode.

Attorney Kook is thick-headed. I wonder why he refused to take money from Oh to go out the previous day and yet decided to go out now when one person posed as a client. 

Shin is seeing Kook’s true colours. The fact that she isn’t timid is good. Kook calls Shin uneducated while he was the one who was about to open the door for an infected person long before Dong Hyun did. 

Oh (601) getting infected would be the worst-case scenario as he is a rotten person even when he is at his best. I wonder what he would do if he is infected. He also found a stash of NEXT pills. I am curious to see what he plans to do with them.

Sang hee’s behaviour is suspicious. It looks like she is looking for something within the house and it isn’t money.

Yeon Ok’s husband Sun was the one who went to the gym every day. Yeon Ok deliberately left the water with Seung Beom knowing that water makes them lose control.

With the rotten characters taking centre stage in the series, it is easy for the empathetic ones to get lost in the commotion. The voting scene showed that the characters are equally balanced. It is just that the decent ones are quiet.

Kim Se Hun (1501) has been helpful to Sae Bom all along. He seems to be a doomsday prepper. He could have bought the pills as additions to his inventory. Though Sae Bom is curious, I wonder what it would take for her not to venture into a strangers house without informing someone. 

Ko, Moon and the cashier are so desperate to make their livelihood that at any given opportunity, they always end up choosing money over their safety.

Dong Hyun is one of those many people who do anything and everything without thinking about the consequences in an attempt to get their content to go viral

Thanks to Dong Hyun and the cashier, the infected from outside have entered the building. Han is becoming desperate and he has been taking drastic measures. With the power and food about to be cut off, it looks like the situation will escalate.

-By Soul Sword-

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