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Happiness – Episode 5 Recap

Sae Bom comes back into her apartment. She retrieves Yi Hyun’s baseball bat. Seo Yoon says she isn’t able to reach her mother. Sae Bom says the cell tower must be down. Seo Yoon says the Tv isn’t working either. Sae Bom checks the TV which has an announcement on screen that reads, “Announcement: Stay where you are and wait for rescue.”

In the lobby, Yi Hyun and Kim watch the trainer putting more items against the door. Yi Hyun tells the man to sit down. He gives Kim the gun and tells him to watch the man.

Yi Hyun looks out and says it is suspicious that it is quiet outside the building with no signs of the infected.

Just then, Yeon Ok comes down and expresses sharp disapproval on the barricades. Yi Hyun ignores her as he looks out.

The old lady in 302 asks her son Dong Hyun what the symptoms of the mad person’s disease are. She asks if a racing heartbeat and a wound that feels warm when scratched are symptoms too. Dong Hyun is preoccupied with the internet being cut. He brushes it off saying it is old age. He says he will go to the maintenance office to check. After he leaves, she scratches the wound and finds her nails coated in blood. 

Meanwhile, Na walks down the stairs refusing to believe her brother that all other buildings are infected.

Don Hyun joins them and they go down. They are puzzled when they see the entrance blocked. Kim tells them every one is at the gym.

Yi Hyun, Yeon Ok, the old man and the maintenance worker are near the entrance to the parking lot. Yeon Ok asks if the blood is real. The maintenance worker says that Mr Lee from the maintenance office was infected.

Yeon Ok asks how the disease spread so rapidly when they were all fine in the morning. Yeon Ok walks out once Na, her brother and Dong Hyun walk in. Dong Hyun is told to stop recording but he doesn’t listen.

Yeon Ok asks Yi Hyun in private if he is trying to replace her as the Resident Representative. Yi Hyun is taken aback and says he has no such interest.

Meanwhile, the old man tries to open the door. Yi Hyun tells them it is dangerous. Soon there is a commotion as everyone says they want to go out.

Just then, Sae Bom walks in with the baseball bat in her hand. She opens the door and stands at the entrance with Yi Hyun. She tells everyone that they are welcome to leave. 

Immediately, everyone goes quiet and no one wants to leave. Everyone slowly clears out one by one.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom say that they will inform the residents and talk about rationing the food between them and the non-residents.

Kook, Shin, Oh and Sang-Hee are having food. Kook is giving Oh a consultation. Kook bends under the table and stares at Sang Hee’s exposed legs. As he sits up, Sang-Hee touches his legs with her foot and caresses it. Shin doesn’t notice this.

Just then, Andrew comes by the door and calls them down to the gym.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun reach the landing. Just as she is about to go in, Yi Hyun stops her. he gives her the gun and asks for the bat since he can swing better. She says he used to be a pitcher but anyways gives it to him. He says he would be playing in major leagues if it wasn’t for the leg injury.

They open the door and they find the basement (B3) empty. They latch the doors and peer out into the parking lot which is deserted. Sae Bom says the infected are probably back in their right minds now. She says they must be cleaning the blood on them at their homes. Yi Hyun says they will regret what they did and won’t be able to accept it. He says that the bloodstain on the elevator looked like someone wanted to wipe it off and erase what they had doneSae Bom says it is similar to wanting water and wanting to drink blood.

Elsewhere, the security guard is wiping the blood off his face. He cant believe he did what he did. He changes his clothes.

Meanwhile, Sae Bom tries to call Han but there is no network coverage. she says she should’ve asked for a walkie talkie. Sae Bom wonders what is happening outside. Yi Hyun says either there is a flood of infected people or they have given up on this place.

Han enters a nightclub where the NEXT dealers have locked themselves from the inside. He is told there are around 50 members inside. Han tells them to switch off the music. Then he walks towards the door. He can hear the screeching sounds of the infected and repeated bangs on the other side of the door. Han tells them to block the door and evacuate everyone from the other floors. He walks away after ordering them to seal off the building.

Oh is in a good mood as he stuffs his wallet with money. He says everyone outside the building is infected. He says this is a chance to clear his name but he should make sure that Yi Hyun and Sae Bom keep quiet. He says he should convince them before the lockdown is lifted. He tells Sang-Hee to be on his side later.

Kook tells Shin that he doesn’t want to attend the meeting while she says they will attract potential clients only if he comes. Kook says he isn’t scared of the infected. Oh runs into them in the corridor. Kook says the residents feel that the building has been locked off because of Oh. They all go down.

In the parking lot lobby, the old lady (302) shivers in fear as she sees a bloody palmprint on the door where the infected person had placed his hand on.  She limps out of the way when Oh and company walk in. Kook tells Shin to stay away from the woman.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, the old man(302) wants everyone to go out and check. Kim gets them to calm down. Kook walks in asking who witnessed the flood of the infected. A group of people raise their hands. Kook asks if any owners saw. The tenants take offence at this. Na says she is a writer and Kook insults her. He says he wants a credible witness. Na says he runs a home business and he doesn’t have an office. 

Oh interrupts and offers to pay 200 dollars each for any person who finds out what is going outside. Cleaner Ko is tempted but Moon says no.

 Shin objects to this method. Dong Hyun films secretly as Oh offers 300 dollars each this time. This time, Andrew, Ko and Moon raise their hands. The maintenance lady is tempted. 

After they walk out of the room, Yeon Ok runs into Sae Bom and Yi Hyun. They say the building is safe. She asks if they can switch on the elevator. Yi Hyun walks over to Oh.

Sae Bom tells her that she wouldn’t use the elevator if she was in her place. She says it is an enclosed space and if stuck with an infected person there won’t be an escape.

Yi Hyun says he told Oh to stay at home. Kook says the suspect is released after 48 hours if arrested without a warrant. Yi Hyun is loud as he says Oh is a murderer. This alarms everyone.

Oh says Yi Hyun doesn’t have proof. Oh says he was the one who called the ambulance. He says he is in pain over her loss. No one seems bothered as they walk away. Yi Hyun says Oh is lucky the building is locked. Oh says this place is like a detention centre and walks away. Sae Bom is sneaky as she grabs his shirt. She threatens to kill him if he harms Sang Hee. He calls her uncultured as he walks away.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun walk into the gym. Kim tells them that Oh gave money to people to venture out. Kim says he was able to push it to tomorrow morning. He says Na and Shin offered to give the non-residents food and water.

Oh tries to get talk Kook into going out too. Kook feels annoyed when Oh offers to pay him 1000 dollars if he goes out. Shin tells him to stop teasing people with money and they go to their apartment.

Once inside, Shin asks if they shouldn’t represent Oh. Kook recalls Sang-Hee teasing him and he says if Oh goes beyond control, they will just send him to prison.

Meanwhile, Na gives Moon Ramyeon and water in a big basket. Moon is overjoyed. After they leave, her brother tries to sweet-talk her into giving up her apartment. She refuses.

Back at the gym, the trainer claims that he went to the car to get something. Yi Hyun shows him footage of the trainer breaking out and drinking from the water can outside to quench his thirst. The trainer says anyone would be thirsty if left without access to water. 

They cuff him and Sae Bom asks him to cut his nails. She says she will check for him tomorrow. Yi Hyun asks for the buyers list in exchange for better treatment. The trainer threatens to report them. She tells him to do it if he is able to go out from here. They leave him and go out.

Kim leaves the maintenance worker along with the cleaners in 201. As they eat Ramyeon, Andrew turns away from the others before removing his mask and eating.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyung return to the 5th floor. She says they can’t stop the residents from going out as they can either go out through the front door or the basement. She says they should stay indoors for the rest of the week while rationing the food. Yi Hyun asks what if they have to stay longer. She says they should eat little and his face falls.

She tells him not to tell Seo Yeon about anything as she will be scared. Yi Hoon smiles as he nods. As they go in, they realise that Kim has told Seo Yoon everything. Sae Bom says that once the communications are back up Seo Yoon will speak to her mom. Seo Yoon says she will be fine because her parents are okay.

Elsewhere in a meeting with the Government officials, Ji Soo makes a presentation as Han watches on. She says the mad person’s disease is also called as Lytta virus. She says it affects the brain of a person through the central nervous system. She says the infected show symptoms only when it reaches the brain. She says the infected target the neck because the infection travels faster to the brain that way. She says the infection can be contracted if bitten scratched or ingesting the NEXT pill. She says they cannot treat it with a cure because the Blood-Brain Barrier stops it from going to the brain. Han interrupts and says that a cure is possible with antibodies that will directly work on the brain. He says that if the isolation is removed, everyone will be infected anywhere between 72 hours and a week’s time. Everyone seems worried.

After they come back, Ji Soo says Han lied about growing antibodies in a lab. She says all the test subjects died before forming antibodies. Han says telling the truth would mean the government would order a slaughtering of the infected. When asked if he thinks they are human, he says if they are able to bite and kill humans, it means they are responsible. He says they need more time. He takes out Sae Bom’s personnel file and hopes that they find a cure soon.

Day 5

Sae Bom wakes up and finds that there is still no signal on her phone. She checks on Seo Yoon and goes out to find Yo Hyun wearing a baseball faceguard. He goes in and she follows him with an odd look. He says he is a detective and he cant not do anything. She says they aren’t here as cops but are in quarantine. She says they won’t get paid for it either. Yi Hyun says he wants to help healthy people from other buildings. Sae Bom is against this. She says his leg isn’t strong for running. He says he is faster than middle-aged men. She blocks his path as he tries to go out saying he has to walk over her first. She asks him to choose between her and the residents.

Downstairs, Oh is at the entrance paying Ko, Moon and Andrew. SaeBom walks in along with Yi Hyun in her SOU outfit. She demands money from him too. Yi Hyun refuses to take money from him. She says she doesn’t like him much today. He apologises and says accepting handouts is illegal.

Yi Hyun tells the group that he will lead the team. 

In 302 the old lady prays intently. She loses her temper when the old man says something to her.  She tells him not to touch her and goes away inside. The old man doesn’t notice the bloody clothes in the trash can.

Oh peeks out through the doors as Yi Hyun and team walk out. He latches the doors. Dong Hyun joins them at the last minute. They walk towards the barricades and find a group of people standing near the barricade. 

The infected security guard is among the group. They wonder why he is outside. The guard says there was an internal problem and they have locked the infected carrier. He says he isn’t infected.

 Ko eyes the group suspiciously. He goes over to the barricade which seems slightly ajar. He tries to peek out but is unable to.

Ko turns around to reveal a blood stain on his forehead. Moon is alarmed as his hands are also stained in the blood (looks like the stains were in the barricade).

Sae Bom asks the guard if he remembers her (he had jarred his mouth at her yesterday). The guard says he doesn’t. Ko slowly walks back to Sae Bom’s side and they all cautiously retreat from the infected group.

Yi Hyun says those people are probably infected and they are trying to escape so that they don’t bite known people.

Meanwhile, Yeon Ok is in the gym talking to trainer Kim Seung Beom. She says he used to smoke pot when he was in the States. She asks if he is taking drugs. He says he isn’t. She says she got him a job here to get the residents on to his side but is fuming because he did drugs. She says they are done now. Before going out she asks if it is dangerous outside. He says if he were her, he would never go out.

Yeon Ok decides to take the stairs but she hears a loud bang. She finds a man outside the door in the parking lot. He asks to come in. She goes over to him and he says there are patients outside. He says he has news.

Yeon Ok is about to open the door for him. She asks is he is alright as he has a bandaged neck. He says he is fine and it is just a scratch. As she is opening the latch, she drops her water glass. She bends down to retrieve it and sees his blood on his fingers. She notices the man staring intently at the water. She asks him if he is thirsty. The man doesn’t reply. She pours the water slowly on the ground and is flows under the door outside toward him. He jumps at the water and she drops the curtain in alarm. She looks up again to find him gone. Suddenly the man bangs into the door and his eyes are white. She screams in horror.

Meanwhile, Yi Hyun’s group enter the supermarket which seems deserted. Oh says they should have waited for boxed meals. Sae Bom asks him to do so but Moon stops him. Sae Bom tells Moon to get more water than food. Moon takes the trolley and starts picking items while the others do the same.

Yi Hyun asks Sae Bom how they will pay for this. She says he is too honest. He says he isn’t. He says once he starts he won’t know when to stop. They notice the cashier girl huddled under the table. They stealthily go up to her n Yi Hyun clamps his hand over her mouth as she screams. She doesn’t seem infected. 

 Meanwhile, Ko, Moon and Dong Hyun pick up anything that is useful and load them onto the trolleys.

Just then, Andrews freezes where he is when he notices blood on the floor just a few feet away. Andrew, Ko and Moon quietly retreat without a sound. 

Dong Hyun decides to explore. He records on his phone as he walks inside. He says he is putting his life at risk by recording this. He follows the trail and finds an infected woman drinking blood from a person on the floor. She looks at him and comes at him. Dong Hyun turns around and finds the place filled with more infected people. As he runs he is pulled to the side. The infected look for him in the dark.

Meanwhile, the cashier tells Yi Hyun that a group of infected people ran into the store. She says they didn’t leave. She says she hid under the table and they didn’t see her. Yi Hyun says they should leave. Just then Ko and the others run past them. Yi Hyun asks where Andrew and Dong hyun are. Moon says she doesn’t know. Ko takes the trolly out and the alarm beeps as he hasn’t billed them. Everyone stops in their tracks.

Andrew pulls Dong Hyun to the side at the right time. They both hide beside the boxes. As they hear the beeping, they race for the doors.

By then Yi Hyun, Sae Bom and the others are already by the shutters. Yi Hyun helps Sae Bom pull down the shutters but he stops it halfway. He says he has to rescue others. Sae Bom tells him they should go together.

Just then, Andrew and Dong Hyun come running. They let them through and close the shutters just in time. The infected strain against the shutters. Yi Hyun and Sae Bom take the trolley and run out to join the others.

Meanwhile, Seo Yoon goes over to Kim and says that Seo Bom asked them to come to the 1st floor if they aren’t back by 10 am. Kim takes her downstairs.

Downstairs, Yeon Ok and her husband peek out of the doors. She wonders if Yi Hyun and group are infected. Oh and Sang Hee also come in. Yeon Ok says they can’t allow anyone back in without making sure that they aren’t infected. Oh seems happy.

Yi Hyun and the group come running back wheeling the trolleys to find Yeon Ok manning the locked doors. She demands to see each and everyone up close before coming in.

Ko rushes at the door and she is frightened to see blood on his face. Sae Bom says they are fine but Yeon Ok doesn’t allow them in.

Just then, Oh plays a sound clip of Min-Ji screeching and banging her head after she turned.  Sang Hee asks what he is doing. Oh says he has to convince Yi Hyun and Sae Bom and corpses cant talk.

Immediately, everyone outside the door is startled as they start hearing loud banging sounds from all over the complexes.

Kim and Seo Yoon come in just then. Kim finds the screeching sound is coming from Oh’s phone. He tries to obtain the phone from Oh. Seo Yoon watches Seo Bom outside.

Seo Yoon removes the broom that is blocking the door. Ko slides the door open. He chokes Yeon Ok in fury. Seo Bom and Yi Hyun get in at last with the trolleys. Yi Hyun grabs the phone from Kim and slams it on the floor. The screeching stops and everyone goes silent. Kim says it was Oh who made the sound. 

Yi Hyun scowls as he picks up Ko’s bloodied apron and goes up the stairs. He barges into the 6th floor. Oh asks if Yi Hyun brought his phone. Yi Hyun smears his hands with blood from the apron and walks up to Oh. 

He pushes Oh against the wall and smears Oh’s face with blood. Oh asks if he is crazy. Yi Hyun says this blood is from outside. Oh screams hysterically. Yi Hyun catches hold of Oh’s face and asks in fury if he is scared now. Oh loses his mind and screams in terror as he sinks to the floor.

Sae Bom comes up just then and pulls Yi Hyun back.

Dong Hyun is doing a happy dance as he is going to be famous once the internet is back. Dong Hyun realises that his phone is no longer with him. 

Yi Hyun is washing his hands back home. He turns around to see Sae Bom watching him. He says he got carried away and apologises to her. Sae Bom says everyone around them would have gotten infected if it wasn’t for Yi Hyun.  She hugs him and says he did a good job. Yi Hyun stands still.

Han watches the footage of protestors demanding the quarantine to be cancelled. Ji-Soo calls him up and says they caught an infected person who tried to escape from the complex. 

Han tells her to let him loose but make sure no one is harmed. He says the protestors will understand the seriousness if they see him. He says the infected must not be pitied. He says they should be feared and avoided. He says that is how they will buy time to develop antibodies. 

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Dong Hyun and Oh have put everyone in trouble so many times while Yeon Ok isnt far behind. Yeon Ok takes the Resident Representative post too seriously. She has gone to great lengths to employ trainer Kim Seung Beom to campaign for her.

The old woman was scratched 3 days back and Seung Bom who is a suspected carrier also hasn’t shown aggressive behaviour. I wonder how long it takes for the virus to reach the brain. 

Na and Shin seem sweet-natured and empathetic. Na’s brother is trying to leech off her and I wonder as to what limit he would go to obtain the apartment from her. 

It looks like Oh is so used to buying his way out of all situations. It is taking him a lot of time to understand that he won’t get far with that attitude in the present situation.

Yi Hyun scaring the living daylights out of Oh when he smeared blood on Oh’s face and Oh’s hysteric traumatised screams were satisfying to watch. Yi Hyun who came across as a calm and composed character till now exposed his not so calm side and Park Hyung Sik has done a great job in portraying both sides.

It seemed like Han had deserted the residential complex irrespective of whether the people were infected or not. But now he needs Sae Bom as she has the antibodies As of now it seems like Han’s heavily reliant on Seo Bom for the antibody development (for Lytta virus- mad person’s disease).

Han always seems to have a thoroughly thought about explanation for every decision he makes. Considering how the people inside the residential complex (where the infected are large in number)took so long to accept that the infected are for real, one cant question Han’s decision to let the infected person loose to show the seriousness to the public. 

-By Soul Sword-

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