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Happiness – Episode 4 Recap

Yi Hyun arrests Oh. Kim escorts him out. Yi Hyun thanks Sang-Hee for cooperating. Sang-Hee says she believed Oh when he said he will divorce his wife. She says she will give the witness statement later as she feels overwhelmed now. She says she will take her stuff and leave. After Yo Hyun leaves she sneaks into one of the rooms.

Sae Bom is downstairs and on the phone with Yi Hyun. She tells him that she is locked in and will protect the apartment. 

Yi Hyun is puzzled as he steps out of the elevator. He spots Sae Bom a few feet away. She runs up to him and hugs him. She says she thought she was all alone and Yi Hyun pats her reassuringly.

Oh takes advantage of this and runs away. Yi Hyun is calm as he says he has to catch Oh. Sae Bom says Oh can’t go anywhere.

Meanwhile, Kim delivers the rice cakes to Seo Yoon’s apartment. Seo Yoon opens the door and is excited to see that he is a police officer. He says he is her neighbour’s friend. She asks him about the gun and Kim says it is to catch bad people. She asks if she can use it. He lets her in on a secret that he hasn’t used the gun ever in his life.

In 302, the old lady’s husband comes in with the food. She is upset that it is a sandwich and not a burger. He then finds out that she has sprained her wrist and it is bandaged. She says she will be alright. The husband seems disinterested in learning how she got injured.

Just then, their streamer son Dong Hyun comes out in a foul mood. He says he is late for the meeting and storms out.

Dong Hyun comes to the parking lot to find the exits blocked. He finds many cars and residents waiting to go out.

In 201, 3 house cleaners are busy working. One of them is Andrew who is dressed in black and wears a cap and mask. He seems slow in his work. The other two cleaners Ko Se Kyu (Kim Young-Woong) and Ji Moon-Hee (Lee Ji-Ha) are a married couple. When Se Kyu brings out his vaping device, Andrew objects to vaping indoors. Ko says he finds Andrew weird. Ji asks him to put up with Andrew because he doesn’t even ask for minimum wages.

Andrew is on the balcony. He sees an insect on the railing. He picks it up and releases it.

In 602, Kook’s wife Shin wonders why the sirens have gone off since the morning. Kook says there must be a fire somewhere. Kook receives a call from Oh.

Oh is hiding in the garden area and manages to call up Kook. He asks for an urgent consult. He says the cops arrested him without a warrant. Kook asks what he is arrested for.

Yi Hyun takes the phone and says murder. He cuts the call. Oh creates a commotion but no one seems bothered as Yi Hyun says he is a cop. Oh tells Seo Bom that he will file a complaint with human rights. She tells Yi Hyun to beat Oh without making it obvious.

She walks over and sees the tall black temporary walls put up as barricades around the complex.

In 401, Na Hyun Kyung’s brother Na Su Min is asking her to lend 150000 dollars. She refuses. He says this house has many rooms and his kids can take a room each. He calls her lucky for getting the apartment. He says she got it with their father’s deposit. She says he also received his share. He says that was 10 years ago. He reminds them that she may die alone if she lives alone. She says she has a newspaper subscription so people will know if she died.

Just then an announcement from Yeon Ok comes through the public address system that there will be a Residents meeting at the gym at 5 pm. Yeon Ok also mentions that the entire complex has been sealed and they can’t go out. She says the authorities will address them at the gym.

She switches on the TV and realises that the complex has been isolated due to the Mad Person’s Disease.

Sae Bom is with Seo Yoon. Seo Yoon watches her phone intently waiting for her mother’s call. She jumps at the phone when her mother calls up. Her mother says she will do everything possible to get in. She asks to speak to Sae Bom.

Sae Bom takes the phone and comes out. Seo Yoon’s mother says Seo Yoon has a heart condition (mitral valve regurgitation). She says blood pools in her heart. She cant do rigorous exercise and she cant bleed. Sae Bom says she will keep an eye on her and asks the mother not to worry. The mother says Seo Yoon needed antibiotics for small injuries.

Seo Yoon tears up as she overhears the conversation. She wipes her tears and speaks normally as Sae Bom returns the phone to her. 

Just then, Sae Bom’s mother calls up asks if she is okay. Her mother tells her to stay home and be safe. Sae Bom tells her not to worry.

Sae Bom calls up Han and asks to meet.

Yi Hyun brings Oh back to 601. He asks if Oh took the drugs too. Oh asks if it is because of the drug. Yi Hyun returns Oh’s phone and asks him to call his lawyer. He closes the door and goes out.

Sang Hee is in the living room and asks if she should be here.  Yi Hyun says no one can go out. She says she doesn’t live here and asks him if he can find her a way out as he is a cop. He tells her that he can’t go out now even if he wants to. He tells her to come to the Resident Meeting. She says she knows what people think of her so she won’t come. 

Yi Hyun asks if she is going to stay with Oh.

He goes in and handcuffs Oh to the bed. Oh protests that he can’t use the toilet. Yi Hyun hands him an empty bottle and tells him not to miss. He then walks out.

In 602, Shin gets ready for the meeting. Kook says he can’t come. he tells her to promote their firm.

Shin runs into Yi Hyun by the elevator. She asks about Oh. Yi Hyun says he is in his house because of the lockdown. He also says Kook can meet him to consult but says it would be better if they don’t represent Oh.

Back in 601, Oh tries to reason with Sang Hee. He says everyone knows about their affair. He says she will be fired from the clinic.  Oh says she needs him. He promises to give her money. Sang-hee is tempted.

Yi Hyun and Shin walk into the gym and join the other residents. Kim says the gym employee claims he doesn’t know anything about the drugs. Yi Hyun watches as the employee drinks water.

 Shin learns from Na (401) that the other buildings are having separate meetings.

Ji Soo joins them on a video call and tells them that the lockdown will be placed for 7 days to avoid the spread of infection. She adds that they will supply food from the following morning. She says they will reimburse for any losses faced during this week.

Day 7

The residents object strongly but Ji Soo signs off. Yeon Ok comes to the front and says they should get over this together calmly. Na says it isn’t safe to be gathered in one place when there is a risk of spreading.

Yeon Ok says it isn’t an airborne disease. Na’s brother asks what would happen if one of them is already infected. Yeon Ok says she doesn’t think that anyone else is infected here.

She says they have detectives here too. She asks Yi Hyun to say a few words. Yi Hyun says the symptoms include thirst, small iris and white eyes. He says they bang their heads on the walls when they are alone. He tells them to go in groups if they are meeting someone. He tells them to be patient for 1 week.

Sae Bom meets Han. She says Han made it so that no children are in the apartments as most of them are in school. She says one child didn’t go to school. She asks Seo Yoon to be let out so she can be with her parents. Han says Seo Yoon’s parents are being tested now and there is a high chance that they have tested positive. Han says they probably took the pills to stay awake and work more. He says Seo Yoon is safe with Sae Bom.

In the gym, Na’s brother asks if they can get over the wall. Yi Hyun says the reporters will have a field day with it and he won’t get far. Yeon Ok says that the person on duty from the management office is in the other building’s meeting. She says the other buildings are scared of building 101 because Min-Ji, the first case was from this building. 

Just then, Sae Bom walks into the gym. Na asks if no one from the management office is here. Outside, an elderly cleaning woman waves her hand to gain attention. Yeon Ok ignores her and continues talking. Sae Bom says that the old woman outside wants to say something. Yeon Ok ignores Sae Bom and continues to talk. Sae Bom is fuming but Kim asks her to calm down.

Yeon Ok takes this chance to campaign for becoming the Representative of the entire complex. Sae Bom asks that the rental units be allowed to use the gym. Yeon Ok ignores Sae Bom again.

Just then, a preacher comes and asks them all to attend church. Shin doesn’t waste time and she also pitches her business. Yi Hyun, Kim and Sae Bom watch them in disbelief. 

After everyone leaves, Yeon Ok comes to Sae Bom and tells her to cooperate as a police officer so that things can be in order. Sae Bom says she is in a different field and only knows to fight terrorism. Yi Hyun says Yeon Ok should talk to him if she wants cooperation. Yeon Ok goes away.

Later, The gym trainer asks Sae Bom what is happening. Sae Bom locks the door. Yi Hyun points at the dealer’s face on the trainers’ list and asks about him. The trainer says Ju Heon missed the last few days of work and he doesn’t know him well as their shifts are alternate. The trainer drinks water.

Sae Bom checks the trash can and finds a lot of empty water bottles. Yi Hyun tells the trainer that he is drinking way too much water. The trainer says he usually intakes a lot of water. Seo Bom checks the trainers’ lockers. Sae Bom says the trainer could be charged with distribution if he doesn’t tell them whom the drugs were sold to.

Yi Hyun blames the trainers for the lockdown and the trainer loses his temper. Sae Bom and Yi Hyun exchange a look.

Just then, Sae Bom opens the blinds to find Andrew staring back at her from the other side.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun come out to find Kim talking to Ko and Ji.  Sae Bom says she will check if they can get the 3 of them to stay at 201 which they were cleaning.

When Yi Hyun asks for his name, Andrew says he is Andrew. Ji says the kid is slow but sweet. She says he wears a mask to cover his scar. Yi Hyun asks for Andrew’s ID card. The name on the ID says Ahn Guk Jin and the photograph is scratched out. Andrew says he scratched it out. Yi Hyun asks why he lied about the name. Andrew says he wishes he had superpowers.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun tell the trainer that they won’t tie him up yet because they aren’t sure about him. Yi Hyun says they will assume he is infected if they see him walking outside. Sae Bom takes the water can and goes outside. She says she wants to see if he will last all night without water. They put him inside the locker room and tell him to sleep.

Yi Hyun takes the list of people using the gym from the table. He jots down the names ( 1202, 602, 601- Park Min Ji).

Sae Bom goes up to 1501 and asks for a few blankets in exchange for the T-Shirt. Se Hun comes out wearing protective clothing and a mask. He gives her the blankets.

Yi Hyun goes over to 601 and releases Oh. He threatens to make him pay if he makes noise. Yi Hyun says Oh’s name is not there on the gym membership list. Oh says he plays golf now and then. He asks if the disease started in the gym. Yi Hyun tells him not to get curious. 

Yi Hyun tells Sang Hee that they got her some change of clothes and a bed on the 5th floor. Sang-Hee says she lied because she was angry. She says she didn’t see or hear anything that day. Yi Hyun walks out without another word.

Han calls up Yi Hyun. He says someone is live-streaming from apartment 302. He threatens to cut the internet and cable lines if Yi Hyun doesn’t stop it.

Meanwhile, in 302, the old man asks his wife if she was scratched by Min-Ji and she says no. He checks her bandaged hand and it seems fine. She says she is upset that he didn’t buy her medicines. 

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun ring 302’s doorbell. The old man says that Dong Hyun isn’t home. Yi Hyun checks Dong Hyun’s channel and finds that he is currently streaming outside apartment 601. They find him and stop the stream. Dong Hyun goes away happy that he got more subscriptions because of them invading his stream. 

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun walk back to their apartment tired. He asks if he should try to persuade Sang Hee. Sae Bom tells him not to as she is a grown woman. She says they should just check up on her to see if she is okay. 

He then asks her about the sleeping arrangement. He asks where they should sleep. She gives him a look and he asks where he should sleep. She still watches him and he smiles awkwardly.

Kim and Yi Hyun are to sleep in the living room. Yi Hyun is upset at this arrangement. Sae Bom and Seo Yoon sleep in the bedroom. She tucks Seo Yoon in bed. 

Kim tells Yi Hyun that he has a bad back, so Yi Hyun shifts to the floor while Kim takes the couch.

Sae Bom’s mother sends her a congratulatory message. She wishes her all the best and tells Sae Bom not to live like her. She responds by asking her mother to live happy too.

Yi Hyun is checking articles on Han’s lawsuit. The headline reads, “Han Tae Seok, Shadow of Atum Therapeutics, assaults Chairman.”  Yi Hyun asks what happened to the Chairman of the pharmaceutical company after the assault.

Elsewhere, Han and Ji Soo walk into a guarded facility. Chairman Seok (Lee Ki-Young) is on the bed working on reports. Han stands behind the red line. Han says the borders will be closed off tomorrow. 

Chairman says Han promised to do this quietly. He says the higher-ups must be disappointed. Han says someone has been distributing Next and that is why they couldn’t keep it quiet. The Chairman asks who did it.

Han says the Chairman himself distributed the Next pills. He says the drug dealer told Han that someone gave him the location of the storage. Han says Chairman Seok distributed it to the public so that the cure can be found faster if more people are infected. He accuses the chairman of choosing to infect the world rather than having himself die of the disease.

Chairman says that Han’s wife’s life also depends on the cure. He reminds Han that she is still pregnant. He says that Han’s wife’s blood tasted the best. Han recalls seeing the chairman bite his wife. Han says it must be tough for the Chairman to quench his thirst. 

Chairman immediately grabs the helper beside him and bites him. Ji-Soo is alarmed as the chairman lunges at Han but he is held behind by the chains.

As they walk out, Han tells Ji Soo that he will make a list of the Chairman’s acquaintances. He says they should block all the sources soon. Ji Soo says they should quarantine the Chairman.

Han says the Chairman is too powerful for them to do that. He says they will use the cure on him first and stop him. He says the Chairman might still attack people after that because he got a taste of blood and nothing bad happened after that.

Han says finding the cure is important and how they survive after that is a whole different subject.

Day 6

Sar Bom wakes up in the morning. Two more nursing homes and homeless shelters have been locked down. Sae Bom says she slept well. Kim says Yi Hyun was tossing and turning all night. Sae Bom is in a good mood as she says people become happy when they have something to get excited over. They go down to get food.

As they go down they find that the management office and the residents from the other buildings have locked building 101 from outside. Sae Bom is told the other buildings voted on it. They say they will provide them with meals. Yi Hyun tries to reason with them. 

Sae Bom goes over and takes Kim’s gun. She points it at the lock. The residents move away in fear. She threatens to shoot the lock if they don’t open up. 

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun walk out as the door is opened. Sae Bom says she is disappointed in humanity with every passing day. He tells her to bear it for 6 more days.

Ji Soo gives them the food for Building 101. She says the other residents wanted Building 101’s meals to be given separately. Sae Bom asks if she can have a large-sized T-Shirt with the special forces mark on it.  Ji-Soo gives her a look.

Yi Hyun is at the apartment store. He comments that the woman at the billing counter is the only one there and most of the items aren’t there either. She says most of the residents bought everything. Yi Hyun comments that she is very calm though the situation is bad. She says that she agreed to get paid three times her hourly pay. She says she can lock up if all the products are sold. She says it is a lot of money. She says they probably go crazy at home and says they won’t come to the supermarket. 

Sae Bom distributes the food to all residents. She gives the T-shirt to Se Hun. She says she will get him an SOU one after the lockdown ends. He says he likes it. He asks if she has been to the roof.

Kim, Seo Yoon, Sae Bom and Yi Hyun go to the roof. She enjoys the fresh air on her face. They spread a blanket and have the food. 

After having their food, Sae Bom says there is 3 packets leftover. She realises that she didn’t give it to the gym guy.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom come to the gym to find the trainer missing. Yi Hyun calls up Yeon Ok and tells her that the trainer who is a suspected carrier has escaped. He asks her to use the public address system and warn the residents to go home. She tells him that the maintenance office is not attending the phone calls. 

Yi Hyun calls up the management office. The office is empty and no one picks up his call. Yi Hyun follows Sae Bom out as she runs after a person running in the parking lot.

She notices the person running away in another building’s elevator lobby. She tries to open the door but her card is invalid. Yi Hyun finds the passcode written under the frame and they get in.

They are shocked to see blood stains beside the elevator. The elevator starts coming down. Yi Hyun says they should go. Sae Bom says she shouldn’t be scared of something without knowing about it. He waits with her.

As the elevator comes closer, they hear loud recurrent banging noises from the elevator. Both of them run out into the parking lot.

Sae Bom spots the trainer inside one of the cars. She tells him to get away before he dies. Yi Hyun tries to go and bring him but she stops him.

They try to get into their building but the swipe card doesn’t work. They are tensed as the door doesn’t budge even when they key the code in. The cleaning woman opens the door for them and they get inside. The trainer also gets inside and Yi Hyun checks if his mouth is bloody.  The trainer swears that he went to his car and he didn’t drink water all night.

The trainer goes upstairs. Sae Bom and Yi Hyun watch for any signs of the infected. Suddenly as they are about to go up, one man rushes at their door covered in blood. He yells for help. Both of them watch in horror as he is dragged away by an infected person.

Andrew is on the roof. He sees an open balcony in the next building and the curtains are smeared with blood. He sees the infected residents running all around the gardens biting the other residents. 

The elder woman in 302 is in the bathroom and checks the wound on her back. Min Ji had scratched her before pushing her down.

Seo Yoon messages her mother. Her mother doesn’t respond. Seo Yoon switches on the TV but the cables are cut. A while later a message, “I love you Seo Yoon” comes as a reply but Seo Yoon isn’t by the phone.

Na’s brother is in the lobby speaking with his wife. He is confused when he sees Yi Hyun locks the building’s door. He tells the cleaning lady not to go out. Sae Bom and he seal the entrances with furniture and objects they find nearby.

The cleaning lady and the trainer scream in horror as the security guard with cloudy eyes walks towards the building.  

Sae Bom receives a call from Han. He asks her if she now understands why he locked them in. He says all the other buildings are overrun. Sae Bom says she gets it. Han watches the residents attack each other all over the complex through the surveillance cameras.

Just then, she hears banging noises from the basement of her building. They stand inside the building with just the glass doors of the building separating them from the infected.

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This episode was a good watch. The second half of the episode was fast-paced and gripping.

Chairman Seok was revealed to be infected and he is the one who escalated the situation by distributing the drugs. Han was roped into this because the Chairman bit Han’s wife as well. With the damage already done, Han is racing against time to reverse the situation. Chairman Seok comes across as the monstrous villain who is cruel and cold-blooded. Han knows the chairman will come after him even after finding the cure. 

The residents are busy discriminating between the rental units and the owners. The others are pitching their business. It is difficult to get the residents to cooperate on normal days itself. It looks like Sae Bom and Yi Hyung have their work cut out for them if they have to handle the residents in the current situation.

This episode mostly gave an idea of how many characters are locked inside building 101 during the 7-day lockdown. 

There are 3 cleaning staff in 201, the gym trainer and a maintenance worker. The old lady, her husband and the son from 302. Na and her brother from 401. Sae Bom, Yi Hyung and Kim from 501. Seo Yoon from 502. Oh and Sang-Hee from 601. Attorney Kook and Shin from 602. Yeon Ok from 1202 and Se Hun from 1501.

601, 602 and 1202 were listed as gym members. So it looks like it is just a matter of fact before they show symptoms. People who have consumed the pill and those who are bitten are usually infected. The lady from 302 was scratched but not bitten. Andrew’s identity is a mystery. 

Sang-Hee decided not to give a witness statment. Oh is a sneaky character and he got Sang-Hee to his side. It looks like he may cause trouble at any given opportunity

Sae Bom who was against the lockdown realised fast that Han had reduced the drastic spread of infection in the city with his decision to lock down the entire residential complex.

This episode was thrilling as things escalated very fast. There are 6 more days for the lockdown to end and already hell is breaking loose. It is only a matter of time before most of the residents also turn. With day-2 of the lockdown being intense, the upcoming episodes look promising.

-By Soul Sword-

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