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Happiness – Episode 3 Recap

Yi Hyun, Han ang Kim reach the facility. Han obtains a gun from the soldier. Yi Hyun asks for the flash grenade. They rush into the Dormitory block. As they get in, a siren sounds and all the soldiers rush outside. Yi Hyun follows them.

Meanwhile, Sae Bom spots Seung Young sitting on the floor of the truck with cloudy eyes. He charges at the door. Sae Bom tells Ji Soo that Seung Young was just bitten and is not critical. She runs in to save him. She gets through the soldiers and manages to get hold of Seung Young but the other infected catch hold of her and she struggles to get free.

The soldiers shut the door with both Seung Young and Sae Bom inside.

Yi Hyun opens the doors of the truck. He wraps his hand around Sae Bom and pulls her out. Sae Bom holds Seung Young tight as she is dragged out. Yi Hyun pushes both Sae Bom and Seung Young down the ramp before throwing the flash grenade inside the truck and closing the door.

Yi Hyun rushes over to her and asks if she is okay. Sae Bom is surprised to see him there and asks how he got here. Yi Hyun says he is glad he came there in time.

Later, Seung Young is in one of the rooms of the dormitory in a wheelchair. Sae Bom inspects his wounds. He apologises for what he did. He says when he went in, all of them became crazy. He is worried about what will happen to his family if he becomes like one of them.

Sae Bom comes out and tells Ji Soo that she is disappointed in her. Ji-Soo says that 5 of her friends were infected trying to save the infected. She asks what more she is supposed to do.

Han asks Yi Hyun how he knew the flash grenade would work. Yi Hyun says soldiers wouldn’t carry them unless they worked. He asks if they have locked up all the infected in trucks and are waiting for them to die. Han explains that they don’t have a choice as the patients are not rational. He asks if they should feed them live humans. Yi Hyun says that these patients are still alive. Han says they are protecting patients with mild symptoms and are isolating the ones with severe symptoms.

Yi Hyun asks what Han would do if one of Han’s family was in there. He accuses Han of treating the infected like monsters. Han says Covid-19 taught them that getting by is more important than a few people biting each other.

Sae Bom walks up to them and demands Han to disclose this to the public. He says the media has got a whiff of it and soon he will have to address the public. She threatens to expose Han if he doesn’t do it soon and walks away

Yi Hyun tells Han that he hopes they don’t cross paths again. He bangs the truck and the truck starts shaking as the infected people inside are disturbed. Yi Hyun says these people are holding out too with everything they have got.

Yi Hyun drives Sae Bom home. Sae Bom sits in the car and says she was saving up for a trip. Yi Hyun checks her wound and says it is almost healed. He puts medicine on it. Sae Bom feels guilty that only she is recovering while others aren’t. Yi Hyun says he is relieved that she is getting better. He says he is sure they will develop medicines and vaccines soon. She asks if those people will get better and he says he hopes so.

They head to the elevator and Sae Bom tells Yi Hyun to wear his mask as she spots the man from level 15 (Kim Se Hun) standing before them. Se Hun asks her if she got the T-shirt. She says she was busy today and will get it next time. Yi Hyun pulls her closer after Se Hun turns away.

They get into the elevator and Seo Yoon is there with her mother Kang Eun Ji.  Seo Yoon introduces them and Eun Ji is cordial. Seo Yoon tells Sae Bom that Yi Hyun is handsome.

Just then, Oh walks into the elevator with a woman (who was crawling under the bed earlier.) They smile at each other as they talk. Yi Hyun notices a bloodstain on Oh’s sleeve.

Later, Yi Hyun sets up his laptop so they can speak to his mother on a video call. Sae Bom is dolled up as she comes into the living room. She says it feels odd trying to be normal. He asks if they should do it later. She says they should be normal.

Sae Bom has cold feet as she is worried that his mother may figure out that they didn’t marry out of love. Yi Hyun says no one will suspect that they got married for an apartment.

Yi Hyun’s mother comes online. She says she knew they would end up together. She goes on to say that she wants to speak to Sae Bom alone. Yi Hyun says she can tell it to him and he will tell Sae Bom later.

Just then, they hear a thudding sound from upstairs. Yi Hyun’s mother is concerned that the neighbours are noisy. Sae Bom asks Ji Hyun to go and check.

After Yi Hyun goes out, his mother tells Sae Bom that Yi Hyun is living a normal life thanks to Sae Bom.  Sae Bom says Yi Hyun has always been fine. His mother says Yi Hyun gets emotional at times. She says Yi Hyun started hanging out with the wrong crowd after his baseball injury. She says she was worried for him and wanted to shift to the USA but he didn’t want to come because he couldn’t speak English. Sae Bom says Yi Hyun likes being a detective.

Meanwhile, when Yi Hyun gets to apartment 601, attorney Kook is already asking Oh why he is so noisy. Oh says his wife isn’t well and she is throwing things. The woman from earlier is beside him. Oh says the woman is his wife’s manager at the dermatology clinic. He hits her on her shoulder to get her to talk. The woman seems tense but is quiet. Yi Hyun asks if Oh’s wife is biting or scratching. Oh says she doesn’t and that she is just sensitive. He tries to close the door but Yi Hyun jams his foot between the door. He again notices the bloodstain on Oh’s sleeve. He obtains the name of Min Ji’s dermatology clinic before leaving.

At night before she falls asleep, Sae Bom asks Yi Hyun if they should have a wedding. Yi Hyun says Kim could officiate but he is nervous when speaking in front of a crowd. Sae Beom says it would be nice if Seung Young got better by then as he is a good singer. She wonders if they should go for a honeymoon. Yi Hyun says they can go wherever she wants to. She threatens to make it a buffet tour where they can’t leave unless they eat 10 plates from every place. Yi Hyun says he has a ravenous appetite too. They go to sleep.

Han goes back to the car wash place where the drug dealers are tied up. one of them has already turned and bitten the other one. The other dealer is handcuffed alone by the corner. Han shoots the infected one and goes to the car. He takes the pills stash from the trunk and walks out. The soldiers move in to clear the space.

The next morning, Seo Yoon watches the news about the disease while having breakfast. Her parents argue about Seo Yoon’s treatment course. As this seems never-ending, Seo Yoon goes over to Sae Bom’s house.

Sae Bom is still unpacking and she invites Seo Yoon to eat rice cakes.

Yi Hyun is at work. He calls up Min Ji’s clinic and asks for her. He is told she is on leave since last week. He then asks for the manager with waist-length hair and double eyelids. He is told that her name is Woo Sang Hee and she took the day off. The lady says that Woo just walked in and Yi Hyun hangs up.

Just then, Kim comes in and says they want the investigation into the car wash scene stopped and handed over to another team. Yi Hyun realises that Han is behind this.

Sae Bom receives a call from her mother who asks her to turn on the TV. Sae Bom switches on the TV and she sees footage of the infected inside the refrigerator truck on the screen. She realises that Sung Young has sent it to the reporters. The report says that the disease is real and not a rumour. She tells her mother that she will call her back and hangs up.

Sae Bom realises that they need groceries.

At the Police Station, everyone’s phones buzz as they get notified that the government has banned public gatherings. Just then, a suspect is brought in and he acts like he is infected with the mad person’s disease. Yi Hyun heads over and overpowers him. He checks the man’s eyes and warns him not to tell dangerous things and walks out.

Sae Bom goes over to the store and buys groceries to stock. Another woman (apartment 401) is also buying groceries. Sae Bom asks the lady at the billing counter why there is no panic buying. The lady says people know that they need not panic every time. She says they will wait for the infected number to increase at least to a thousand.

Later, Sae Bom returns to Her apartment block to find Resident Representative Oh Yeon Ok (apartment 1202) (Bae Hae-Sun) putting up a pamphlet that shows Sae Bom knocking down the door. Sae Bom says she is the one in the photo. Yeon Ok says she blurred out the face out of courtesy.

Sae Bom says fire may break out and Yeon Ok says the firewall is meant to block out the fire. keeping the door open would make the fire spread. Sae Bom says the door can remain closed but you cant block or lock it.

Yeon Ok says that the fire marshall gave these instructions. At this, the woman Na Hyun-Kyung (Apartment 401) (Park Hee-Von) from the grocery store earlier says that the fire marshal was employed by them. Yeon Ok immediately categorises Na as public rental. She says the Doctor in unit 601 is complaining that she can’t see her patients due to random visitors. Sae Bom says it is them making the noise all night. Yeon Ok says they can’t pinpoint the source of noise when it is through the walls.

Just then a couple of women distribute pamphlets and ask them to come to church which will make all their troubles go away. Yeon Ok tells Sae Bom that she will see to it that she isn’t held responsible for the steel door’s damage. Sae Bom thanks her and the woman goes away.

Sae Bom comes home and hears the thudding banging sound again. She is annoyed.

Manager Sang-Hee packs all of MinJi’s clothes and puts them in the trunk of the car. Yi Hyun catches her off guard. She tries to say that she is getting things for her boss. Yi Hyun shows her his detective badge and asks her to think carefully before answering. He asks what is going on in that apartment.

Sae Bom goes up to 601 and asks Oh if he is sure his wife is alright. Oh says he will admit her today. Sae Bom holds the door ajar and asks about the bloodstain on his hand. She asks if he was bitten.

Sae Bom barges into the house searching for the woman. Oh says she is breaking the law by housebreaking. She tells him to report her. He tells her that Min-Ji has been like this for two days. He says he called a psychotherapist to book an appointment. He adds that her eyes are cloudy. She tells Oh that the infected have lucid phases. She slowly opens the door because Min-Ji is quiet. She sees bloody palm prints on the wall. Oh pushes Sae Bom in and closes the bathroom door.

Sae Bom is appalled as she realises she is locked in with Min-Ji. Min Ji turns towards Sae Bom. The wall is splayed with blood where she has been banging her head all along. She slowly approaches Sae Bom.

Sae Bom runs into the shower cubicle and locks closes the door. She tries to talk to Min Ji who prowls around the cubicle. They hear Oh calling the emergency services and reporting that his wife has the mad person’s disease. He says the neighbour may be in danger.

Sae Bom asks if Min-Ji wants to get out. She says she will open the door. Min-Ji seems to acknowledge. Sae Bom goes out of the cubicle and opens the bathroom door in a flash before locking herself back in the bathroom.

Min-Ji goes charging after Oh. Oh runs out of the apartment with Min-Ji close behind. Just then, Sae Bom receives a call from Yi Hyun telling her not to go upstairs even if she hears sounds. Sae Bom says she is already upstairs. Sae Bom takes a cushion and follows the couple.

At the 6th-floor elevator lobby, Attorney Kook’s wife sits on the floor beside the elder woman from Apartment 302. She appears to have been pushed while Oh ran past.

Oh runs into the 5th floor and Seo Yoon is outside. He runs into her open house. Seo Yoon is fearful as she catches sight of Min-Ji. 

Just then, Sae Bom sneaks up behind Min-Ji with a cushion and presses it over her face from behind. Min-Ji wriggles free and pushes Sae Bom to the floor. She climbs on Sae Bom and attempts to bite her. Sae Bom frantically tries to hold her off.

Yi Hyun walks out of the elevator. He runs at Min-Ji with his coat and covers Min-Ji’s face with it. He pulls her away and handcuffs her. He asks Sae Bom if she is okay and she says she is. Seo Yoon shivers in fear and Sae Bom goes over to her and holds her close. Seo Yoon says Oh is inside the apartment.

Yi Hyun walks up to him and Oh tries to act normal. Yi Hyun punches him hard across the stomach and helps him gently down. He says Oh is lucky that he punched him. He says Oh would be dead if Sae Bom had punched him. The paramedics arrive and Yi Hyun explains that Oh is in shock and sends him away.

Yi Hyun goes into Oh’s apartment 601. He finds empty bottles and a bloody golf club. He bags the golf club. He then goes inside the bathroom and finds blood everywhere. He goes through the medicine cabinet and finds a pillbox with the Next pills in it.

The paramedic tells Yeon Ok that they will disinfect the place and asks them not to leave the premises. Yeon Ok is concerned that more measures aren’t taken. Then, the residents in the apartment go to the grocery shop to buy items.

Na Hyun Kyung (401) tries to order more items online but she gets notice of delayed delivery.

The old lady Ji Sung Sil whom Oh pushed on his way out lives in apartment 302. She limps across the room after speaking to he husband. Her son Kim Dong Hyun is a Youtuber. 

Han holds a press meet. He acknowledges that the virus variant is real. He says the infected experience severe thirst and gives a helpline number as the point of contact if anyone has these symptoms.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom watch this on TV. She complains that he didn’t mention how they isolate the people. Yi Hyun says the knowledge of the disease itself is alarming for the people. Yi Hyun tells her not to go into other people’s houses without telling him. She says she would have told him. She says she went in to check if it was Mad person’s disease and wanted to call 119.

Sae Bom says Min-Ji went just for her husband and didn’t attack her. He says he will look into it. She says it is nice to have a detective friend. Yi Hyun goes silent. He asks if she wants to go out for a walk. 

Yeon Ok meets them in the corridor and tells them to keep the incident a secret. Yi Hyun says many people already know about it. She says all of them are residents. She says this news will reduce the price of the apartment. She says it would be better for them to live in an expensive apartment ten years from now.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun sit on a bench and she says this place is peaceful when the world is collapsing. She says she wants to enjoy the high apartment price in peace and happiness. She says even if that means she has to erase the infected from her memory.

At Night, after Sae Bom is fast asleep, Yi Hyung goes out. He runs into Oh at the parking lot. Oh says his results came clean and seems angry with Yi Hyun for punching him earlier. Yi Hyun says Oh will be quarantined in prison soon and walks awayOh threatens to file a complaint on Yi Hyun.

Yi Hyun visits Han and puts the Next pillbox on the desk. He says he found this at an infected person’s home. He says Han took care of the car wash scene too. He comments that the pill is causing the disease.

Han asks why Yi Hyun is here. Yi Hyun says he wants to see Park Min Ji.

Ji Soo escorts him to Min-Ji’s room. Min-Ji is blindfolded and tied to the bed. Yi Hyun removes the blindfold and Min Ji lunges at him. He is puzzled and asks Ji Soo why she isn’t lucid. 

Ji Soo says Min-Ji should be dead by now but the virus is keeping her alive. She says the disease developed right before she died. She says when Min-Ji returns to her lucid self, she will die. She says the inside of the head is a mess and Min-ji seems to know that. Yi Hyun says she might want to tell the world who killed her. Yi Hyun tells Min Ji that he promises to catch whoever did this to her.

Meanwhile, Han goes over to the drug dealer who is tied up in the truck. He asks if the pills were supplied in Sae Bom’s Apartment. 

The next day, in apartment 302 the old woman is lying on her bed looking weak. She asks her husband to get a hamburger for her.

Yi Hyung is at work when he receives a call from Ji Soo saying that Min-Ji passed away. She says Min-Ji was calm in her final moments and didn’t try to attack anyone.

Kim hands him the forensic report and Yi Hyung immediately sets off to arrest Oh.

Kim and Yi Hyun barge into Oh’s house. Yi Hyun says Min-Ji is dead. He watches Oh intently as Oh tries to bring emotion to his face. He pretends like he cares. Yi Hyun checks the bathroom and finds it wiped clean. Oh explains that he has fear of germs. Yi Hyun asks if Oh wiped the golf clubs too. He says Min-Ji’s skull was smashed in. Oh says it was self defense.

Yi Hyun says that it would have been a perfect crime if Min-Ji didn’t get the disease. he says Oh would have gotten away with it. He says Min-Ji transformed instead of dying. He then reads the NFS report that says it would require full swing from a grown man using a golf club to get the dent on Min-Ji’s head. he says the weapon was swung with intent to kill.

Oh asks if Yi Hyun would allow his wife to bite him to death. He says he did it out of self-defence. Yi Hyun says he checked Oh’s record and found that his license was revoked for medical malpractice. Oh’s wife was taking care of the clinic. He says Oh wanted to kill his wife and make a come back. Oh asks how Yi Hyun plans to prove it. 

Yi Hyun says there is a witness and manager Sang-Hee walks in. Oh is taken aback as Yi Hyun arrests him.

Elsewhere, Han sits beside his wife who is sleeping on a hospital bed. She seems unconscious. He recalls her being bitten by an infected person.

Han tells Ji Soo to cordon off the place as planned. He says it is dangerous if delayed.

Meanwhile, Seo Bom and Seo Yoon are working out at the park. Seo Yoon says she has planned to get the surgery and her mother will take her for testing as soon as she comes home.

Just then, Sae Bom spots Han. They speak privately. He says the disease is spreading in her apartment. Sae Bom says there was only one positive case. He says he grilled the dealer and he says the dealer sold Next in the basement gym of the apartment. He says Min Ji was one of the buyers. The pills were sold for improving concentration and weight loss. 

Han says there will be many like Min-Ji in the apartment but they will be hiding. he says cases will increase and then come into the open. She tells him to investigate. He says there is no point in doing that when there is no cure or vaccine. He says they can’t be killed off either. She asks if there is any other option. He says there is.

Sae Bom is alarmed as she hears sirens and loud noises of huge tall barricades being placed around the residential complex. All the exits are closed too.

There is chaos near the gates as the puzzled people ask the authorities why they are being walled in.

Han says they are fortunate that only the owners were allowed to use the gym and the apartments are only partly occupied. He says preschool also wasn’t open yet. He says they will cordon off the entire area till they can allocate manpower to handle the situation. She says they should warn the residents so they can be prepared. He says people will try to escape and spread the disease further if they are warned. 

He gives Sae Bom an option to leave. Sae Bom says she should’ve gone to the press when she found out what he was doing. Han says that wouldn’t have changed anything. He says they have to prioritise the things and people they need. Sae Bom asks if she is among the people he needs and Han nods.

Sae Bom says she decided to live here and running away is not her style. She wishes him luck and heads back inside.

Na Su Min is on the phone. He enters the complex as he came all the way and doesn’t want to waste his travel.

The old lady’s husband in 302 and Na Su Min (401) manage to get inside before the entry is sealed.

Sae Bom is in the elevator lobby. She Bom calls up Yi Hyun and tells him that she is locked in. She tells him not to fight his way in. She tells him to tell her mom that she is fine if she calls him. 

Yi Hyun asks her where she is and what he is talking about. Sae Bom says she will protect the apartment. 

Yi Hyun gets out of the elevator escorting Oh. He starts saying that he was about to tell her. He doesn’t finish the sentence as a glad Sae Bom runs up to him and hugs him. She says she thought she was all alone.

Oh makes a run for it. Yi Hyun says he has to catch Oh. Sae Bom says he can’t go anywhere.

Outside, the entire residential complex has been cordoned off and the military is stationed guarding the exit.

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This episode saw an opinion clash between Han, Ji-soo and Ji Hyun, Sae Bom. 

Han, Ji soo, and the guards in the dormitories justify the inhumane treatment given to the infected by terming it as prioritising. They have been handling the infected for quite some time now and it looks like they are past that phase where they treat them as human. They take a practical approach and the infected are just a statistical number to them. They are concentrating on containing the spread as of now.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun strongly disagree with this approach and want the infected to be treated better. They both have narrowly escaped being infected and empathise with those who weren’t as lucky. It looks like this episode hinted at a possibility of a cure or vaccination for the condition being developed.

Sae Bom shows survivor guilt and feels the immense need to save the infected (Seung Young and Min-Ji). She jumps headlong into any situation involving the infected people. She barged into Min-Ji’s house in an effort to save her. 

She also heard Oh making a call to the emergency service and help was on the way. I wonder what was running in Seo Bom’s mind when she released Min-Ji from the bathroom when there was a possibility of her infecting more people (looks like she did). 

Oh is a reckless and selfish character as he pushed Sae Bom inside and also called the paramedics later.

Min-Ji’s eyes were cloudy but she still seemed lucid. Min-Ji wanted to attack only Oh and not Sae Bom. This shows that people who are critically infected are in a lucid state too. 

The complacent behaviour of the paramedics after Min-Ji’s capture shows how lightly the disease is taken. It looked like they didn’t care who else Min-Ji had infected when she escaped.

Yi Hyun’s mother revealed information on Yi Hyun’s childhood. Yi Hyun and Sae Bom get along well and they seem to share the same view on humanity.

It is ironic that for all these years that Sae Bom said she saved his life, Yi Hyun has already saved her twice now. Sae Bom is still chasing happiness. She refers to Yi Hyun as her detective friend but she did look happy and relieved that he was inside the complex along with her when it was cordoned off.

Han has a personal interest in the research as his wife is also infected. Sae Bom has seen how the infected people are isolated and disapproves of this. She knows that Han needs her for his research and he won’t want her harmed. So it looks like she chose to stay in the apartment to use this fact to her advantage and keep the complex safe. From Han’s words, it looks like the apartment is already home to the infected people. I am curious to see how the situation escalates.

-By Soul Sword-

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