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Happiness – Episode 2 Recap

Han visits what looks like a murder scene at the homeless shelter. The soldiers are zipping up the body bags as Han walks into the building. A sermon is running on the TV and the place is stained with blood.

Ji-soo walks in and says that one of the members had pneumonia and he took the pill (Next). She says the pill was donated and he didn’t know. Han looks grim.

Seung Young watches news which speaks of reports from all over the world that people are biting each other’s necks and sucking blood. It adds that the authorities arent commenting about it. It then reports of the homeless shelter in Dayeng where 10 people were either killed or wounded similarly. Seung Young recognises Han walking outside the premises. It says the authorities are blaming it on a fight but the news headline wonders if it is an infectious disease.

Just then, Sae Bom joins him. He shows her the footage and tells her that the training was shut down after she left. He wonders if people will go mad suddenly and asks if there is a cure. She says they are trying to make one.

He says a reporter called him and offered payment in exchange for information on the incident. Sae Bom says she got a call too. She says he probably called the whole team. She tells him not to talk as they have signed the secrecy declaration. Sae Bom says that she is on paid leave for 6 months. She says she got the apartment so she will move out. She says the score wasn’t enough so she asked a school friend if he will marry her. Seung Young is taken aback that she is getting married for an apartment.


Sae Bom tells Yi Hyun that is not that she doesn’t like him. She says it is her dream to have a space of her own. She says she asked him because she is interested in him. Yi Hyun watches her without responding. She says he looks good and is a survivor. She says she is a decent person too. Yi Hyun agrees to marry her.

At present Seung Young wonders if he should congratulate her. She says she is moving in today. He looks at her hand and she says the scratch wound isn’t healing. Sae Bom notices that he is preoccupied and asks if he is okay. He says he is fine. Her phone rings and she goes out to take it.

Yi Hyung calls up Sae Bom and tells her that he is going over to their apartment. He tells her to take her time as he will unpack her stuff.

Sae Bom comes back to find Seung Young gone.

Seung Young walks out of the building and speaks to the reporter waiting in a car. The reporter promises to pay him the maximum if he gives the video and an exclusive.

Seung Young inspects a wound on his chest. He recalls being scratched by the officer bitten by Jong Tae. Sae Bom finds him and he straightens up.

Kim gives Yi Hyun a large framed photograph of Yi Hyun and Sae Bom taken on the day she pushed him off the roof. He congratulates Yi Hyun saying he didn’t expect it would happen this way.

Kim gives him a box of rice cakes and says his wife has started a business on the side as she is healthy now. Yi Hyun says it would be a lot of work for her. Kim asks him to promote the business in exchange for looking into Han Tae Seok.

Kim says Han specialises in infectious diseases. He says there is a program that puts through military students through medical school. He says Han got through and finally got discharged as a military doctor. Following that, Han worked at a pharmaceutical company. He was the team leader of the Enhanced Competitiveness team. Han also stood trial for assaulting the CEO of a pharmaceutical company.  Kim says suddenly he was found not guilty and was reinstated to the Central Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters. Kim asks Yi Hyun to stay away from Han.

Sae Bom drives into the parking lot of the apartment. She recalls Seung Young saying that the officer whom Jong Tae bit isn’t doing well. He says even his family aren’t allowed to visit him. He says he asked a few officers stationed at CDCH and they said you can’t come out alive once you are taken there. He says only Sae Bom came back alive. He fears for everyone’s safety.

At present Sae Bom says that becoming happy is hard. She gets out of the car and is startled as she runs into a kid on a cycle. She smiles and goes up to her apartment.

A man gets into the elevator with her. He tells her to put on a mask since they are indoors. He then looks at her jacket and asks if he too can have the one which says SOU on it. He says he lives on the 15th floor. She says she will try to get one for him and she gets off at the 5th floor.

She goes in to find Yi Hyun unpacking the packings. He hangs the photo of the 2 of them and she asks why he still has it. She says it wouldn’t have been a good memory for him. Yi Hyun recalls Kim telling them (before taking the photo) to take a look at the photo every time things get tough.

Sae Bom takes the rice cake box and says she will distribute it.

Sae Bom goes over to Apartment 502 first. She hears a girl’s voice and asks if there are any elders at home. The girl opens the door and takes the rice cake and immediately shuts the door.

Sae Bom uses the emergency stairwell to go up to the 6th floor. The door doesn’t budge when she tries to open it. The girl from 502 comes up to her and says that the rental units are from the ground to the 5th floor. The general sales are from the 6th floor onwards and they don’t want the tenants coming up so the entrance is blocked

Sae Bom asks how those people come down and the girl says they use the elevator. On the floors below, the girl says one apartment is empty and another girl lives alone but isn’t home now.

Sae Bom kicks down the door to the 6th floor saying that it is illegal to block the fire exit. The girl’s eyes widen in admiration. She says bye to the girl (Park Seo Yoon).

She goes over to apartment 602. A busy attorney on the phone opens the door. He takes the rice cake and hands over his business card to Sae Bom. Sae Bom learns that the attorney’s name is Kook Hae-Sung (Park Hyoung-Soo). He says he will do free consultations for her as she is his neighbour.

Kook shuts the door and walks in. His wife and secretary Shin So Yoon is on the laptop. Kook throws the rice cake into the dustbin and says they shouldn’t accept food from strangers. She says he is too suspicious. Kook says he was a public defender once and knows how evil people are. They then get to work on a hit and run case.

Sae Bom heads to Apartment 602. No one answers the door. She is about to leave when she hears a sound inside. Inside, Oh Joo-Hyeong (Baek Hyun-Jin) freezes as he sees her image on the video feed of the doorbell.

Sae Bom is startled when Oh’s wife Park Min Ji (Baek Joo-hee) finds Sae Bom outside the door. She seems unfriendly as she says she doesn’t eat wheat products. Sae Bom says this is rice. Min-Ji takes it and goes inside the locked house leaving Sae Bom behind.

Min-Ji heads inside and asks Oh why he didn’t open the door. He says he was in the bath. Min-Ji grumbles that the security is bad in the apartment and throws the rice cake on the table.

Oh tells her to take the pill as he goes to bring water. Min-Ji takes the pill NEXT (the one Yi Hyun found at the motel room.) Min-Ji complains that she didn’t want to open a chain of Dermatology Clinics. Oh apologises for making her do it. After the two of them walk out of the room. A woman crawls out from underneath the bed.

It is evening as Sae Bom finishes unpacking. She puts up coupons and plans how to get items free. She produces the contract that the house will be purchased in both their names ten years after the rental contract is over. She says it is a 60-40 split. Yi Hyun says he understands why hers is 60 as she even saved his life. Sae Bom is proud of herself.

Yi Hyun watches her as she talks about furnishing the apartment. He agrees with everything she says about the changes they have to make to their home. They finally reach the bedroom and an awkward silence falls as they see two single beds in the room. Yi Hyun asks if he has to change the beds to a double bed as the Borough office person will come to check if they are really married. Sae Bom says it isn’t necessary.

At night Sae Bom lies in her bed. She says when she was small, they kept moving houses and the houses kept getting smaller. She says they moved to a half-basement home finally which had only one room. Yi Hyung gets serious as he lies down on his bed and listens to her. She says she used to avoid going back home but she always had to go there to sleep. She says her parents would fight every day. She says she tried to ignore it the best she could. She says when she couldn’t she used to take her dad’s car keys and sit in her car.

Sae Bom says she always wanted a place that was completely hers. She says she is almost there and the world cant collapse now. She falls asleep. Yi Hyun tucks the blanket around her and switches off the light before going back to bed.

Sae Bom has a nightmare and wakes up. She sits up as she hears a thudding noise on the floor above her. Yi Hyun wonders what they are doing at this time of the night. He asks if he should go up to check. She tells him not to.

In the morning, Yi Hyung gets a call at 6:10 am. He tells Seo Bom that it’s someone he knows and he goes out. He tells her to rest as she is on a holiday.

Yi Hyung goes down and Han is waiting for him. Yi Hyun asks why they should keep taking Sae Bom’s blood. Han tells him not to complain as he is the reason Yi Hun is married (to get the points). Yi Hyun sits across Han. Han says today a report will go out that the people in the homeless shelter were given NEXT pill. He says the pill will be withdrawn from the market if it is found to have side effects. 

 Han says they should work together. Yi Hyun tries to refuse but he gets a call from his office ordering him to cooperate.  He agrees.

Han gives Yi Hyun Lee Jong Tae’s phone and tells him to pretend to be Jong Tae. He tells him to meet the drug dealers and arrest them. Yi Hyun asks if Jong Tae is cooperating. Han lies that he is. Han has obtained unlocked Jong Tae’s phone forcefully.

Yi Hyun starts to say that the dealers won’t meet unless they pay up half of the money upfront. Han gives him a bag of money. Yi Hyun comments that Han worked at a pharmaceutical company’s Enhanced Competitiveness team. Han says it means that they steal the rival companies’ products. He says though he wasn’t good at making, he was good at stealing. He tells Yi Hyun that he will come along when they meet with the dealer.

As Han is about to walk away, Ji Hyun asks if Han won’t lie about the amount of money later. Han walks back and says Ji Hyun is known as “the sleuth” and uses logic to solve cases. Ji Hyun says he is called the bulldozer or just that he is lucky. Han says people assume that athletes aren’t smart. He tells Ji Hyun to prove them wrong and walks away. 

Back home, Sae Bom receives a call from her mother who is in the hospital. She is upset that she has to learn from Yi Hyun that Sae Bom moved into an apartment. Sae Bom says she was tested for an infectious disease. Her mother asks if Yi Hyun is fine being around her. Sae Bom says they are madly in love so he is fine with it. She then hangs up.

Later, Sae Bom checks the pamphlet for the gym and she hears a thudding sound upstairs.

Sae Bom opens the door to find Seo Yoon outside with a thank you card for the rice cakes. She still is in awe about Sae Bom being a police officer. Seo Yoon says she wants to grow up and become like Sae Bom once she is healthy. Sae Bom says she was also sick a long time back but now she is perfectly fine. She tells Seo Yoon that she will grow up to be better than her.

The two go up to apartment 601 to complain about the noise. Oh comes to the door and apologises. He says he was moving furniture. Sae Bom doesn’t buy it n tries to take a look inside. He thanks her for the rice cakes. She asks how he knew they were from her. He says he heard about her. He points at Seo Yoon saying she looks pretty just like the mother and closes the door. 

On the way down, Seo Yoon says Oh isn’t interested in people and she has seen him twice in the elevator. She says he and his wife are doctors and he stays at home because of some legal problem. Sae Bom says she is going to the gym now and Seo Yoon’s face falls. Sar Bom takes her along after learning that she is on her work-study day at home.

At the gym, Sae Bom is told that the public rental tenants are not allowed in the gym. He says the General salespeople bought the machinery. The manager offers to give her private classes if she agrees. Sae Bom turns him down and they go to the equipment in the park within the campus.

Elsewhere, Seung Young inspects his wound. He has 21 missed calls from his wife. He takes a glass shard and cuts himself on the forearm.

Sae Bom comes back to her apartment when she receives a call from Seung Young. He says he was scratched by the recruit but he was scared to tell anyone before. She immediately rushes over to him. She tells him that everything will be fine.

She takes Seung Youg with her to the university where Ji-Soo takes a look at him. Ji-Soo says the wound on the forearm looks like a knife cut but not a scratch wound. She takes the sample tissue and his blood anyways. She says the skin around the cut will turn reddish-black if it is serious. She handcuffs him but he objects. She then cuffs him to the chair.

Ji-Soo takes Sae Bom inside for her tests. Seung Young decides that he will make some money and go. He says to himself that everything will be fine.

Sae Bom gives Ji-Soo a rice cake. She speaks about the recruit who was bitten. Ji-Soo says as the infection worsens, they spend less time in a lucid state. So the visitors aren’t allowed as they may go after humans. She says there is no cure as of now. She says they can only slow down the process. Sae Bom realises that no one left this place alive. Ji-Soo calls Sae Bom lucky and she says Seung Young might end up here if nothing happens.

Both of them come back to find Seung Young gone. Ji-Soo goes to raise an alarm. Sae Bom calls up Seung Young and he says he has a family. He says there is a way to stay safe and make money. He hangs up and Sae Bom realises that he has taken the reporter’s offer.

They immediately start searching for him. Sae Bom asks Ji-Soo where they keep the critical cases. Ji-Soo says they used to be kept in the refrigerated storage rooms near the kitchens. But the number became more so they shifted them to refrigerated trucks.

Meanwhile, Seung Young locates the refrigerated trucks and gets into one of them. The temperature is set at 4 degrees Celcius. He looks closely and is shocked to see all the critical patients stacked on berths filling the whole truck.  The guards notice that the door is unlocked and they lock it from outside.

Seung Young is alarmed as he runs over and bangs the door but gets no response. He makes a video of the critical patients kept in the truck and calls up the reporter and says this is a huge scoop. He demands the reporter to wire half the amount now so that he can send the video. Seung Young doesn’t notice one of the infected patients waking up. He looks up in horror as one by one all of the patients get up.

Yi Hyung and Han come to ‘Seyang Car Wash’ posing as Lee Jong Tae. They leave Kim in the car and go inside. Han says he wants to find out how the supply had leaked from the manufacturer’s storage. Yi Hyun says it is spreading abroad also and asks if Next is available abroad too. Han says he stole it from a foreign company during his days at effective competitiveness.

As they go in, Han says there are 3 men. 2 men get out of the car. Yi Hyun puts the money bag before the two men. he walks closer talking casually to them and knocks out one man.  He takes down the other man too and tells Han that there are just 2 of them. Han maintains that there are 3. The third man runs at Yi Hyun with a club but Yi Hyun floors him in a flash. 

Han asks the dealer where the pills are and the man points to the car’s trunk. Yi Hyun tells Han to handcuff the men and goes to check the trunk for the pills. 

 As Yi Hyun opens the trunk a chained infected man lunges at him trying to bite him. Yi Hyun is taken aback and struggles as he tries to get the person in control. Han walks over and points his gun at the infected person. He recalls an infected woman in the hospital. He then shoots the infected person in the head.

Yi Hyun jumps away. He confronts Han and asks how Han possesses a gun. Han shoots more bullets into the infected person just to be sure. Yi Hyun points his gun at Han saying that he dared to shoot a person in front of a cop. Han says they aren’t human.

Kim rushes inside and Yi Hyun tells him to calm down. Kim tells him off for firing so many bullets and says he will be disciplined for this. Yi Hyun and Kim watch as Han uses the water hose on the drug dealer and asks him when the man turned. The man says he went to collect money from the man but he had already bitten his family by then. He says the man was banging his head on the bloody floor. He says he took a lot of the Next pill.

Yi Hyun asks if he used the man that way. The dealer says he was the best guard dog and didn’t need feeding. Han reminds the dealer that he will become like that soon as he too took the drugs.

Han receives a call. He tells Yi Hyun that there is a problem at the university Dormitory. Yi Hyun says he doesn’t care. Han says Sae Bom is there.

At the Dormitory, Sae Bom joins the guards and Ji Soo as they run to the refrigerator. She receives a call from Seung Young. He tells her that they are not human. She asks who aren’t and he says ‘All of them’ before hanging up.

Sae Bom calls up his number again and Ji-Soo hears the phone ringing inside one of the trucks. The soldiers open the truck before Sae Bom can warn them not to. They are greeted by a bunch of bloody hands followed by screeches. The guards try to push them back inside.

Sae Bom is shocked as she sees Seung Young sitting on the floor of the truck. He looks up at her and his eyes are cloudy. He charges towards the door.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Yi Hyun agreed to Sae Bom’s request to marry her without a second thought. It looks like he wasn’t joking when he asked her to be his girlfriend back in their school days.

Sae Bom on the other hand seems invested in the marriage and is looking forward to renovating the house along with him.

Sae Bom seems to have taken a liking to Seo Yoon (girl in apartment 502) as Seo Yoon is similar to her in many ways.

Seo Bom’s neighbours seem businesslike and unfriendly. Apartment 601 is suspicious as it looks like Oh is hiding something. Park Min-Ji is taking the Next pill and there is a woman lurking in the apartment.

Han’s background was revealed in this episode. It looks like he has sold his loyalty to someone powerful. Han doesn’t consider the infected people as human beings. Next was revealed to be a stolen formula from abroad. The last scene was a good watch. There were some good thrills in this episode. 

It looks like Sae Bom is on a quest for happiness. Having shifted many houses in her childhood probably due to financial difficulties, a sad Sae Bom had banked on the fact that getting a space of her own in the future would make her happy.

Unfortunately for her, instead of feeling happy on the first day she moved in, she felt uncertain and troubled over the uncertainty of the future because of the spreading disease. It looks like the much-sought “Happiness” is still out of her reach as obtaining an apartment did not bring it. Sae Bom realised that finding Happiness is not easy.

-By Soul Sword-

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