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ADAMAS- Series Review

Adamas follows the story of the twins Song Soo-Hyun (Ji Sung ) and Ha Woosin (Ji Sung). They are on a quest to find their father’s real killer, who has managed to evade the law for 22 years now.

The drama starts when Author Ha Woosin informs his twin brother Prosecutor Song Soo Hyun, that he has been called to ghostwrite a memoir for Chairman Kwon Jae-Kyu of Haesong Group (a powerful conglomerate).

Ha Woosin enters the Chairman’s manor only to find it heavily guarded with cutting-edge security systems. Ha feels that the Chairman’s prized possession “The Adamas” lies within the confines of the manor and he hopes to steal it. Ha Woosin believes the Adamas was the murder weapon used to kill his father 22 years ago and the Chairman is the real killer.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Song Soo Hyun is approached by Reporter Kim Seo-Hee (Lee Soo-Kyung). She claims that she was an eyewitness to his father’s murder and knows who the real killer is. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

What starts as a normal storyline soon deepens and spirals into a larger conspiracy. Adamas has a fascinating and gripping storyline. It keeps the viewer hooked with the twists and turns in its narrative.

Adamas shows the battle for power within the conglomerate once a slight hint of the organisation’s weakness comes to light. Throughout the series, one can see various alliances form and break. The level of caution and distrust the people within the conglomerate have is interesting to see. 

Ha Woosin (Ji Sung) is a quiet personality. One can hear the wheels whirring in his head every time he sits still in his room thinking. A contrast to his twin Song, Ha takes calculated risks and manages to come out unscathed most of the time. A smooth liar that he is, one is always left guessing what his true intention is. Ha plays his cards close to his chest.

Ha’s twin brother Song Soo Hyun (Ji Sung) is a hot-headed prosecutor who refuses to be tied down by corruption. He is reckless and short-tempered as he barges into situations without thinking things through. He is outspoken and impatient.

The brothers care for each other but the contrast in their personalities leads to them having a difference of opinions. Ji Sung has delivered both roles well.

Kim Seo Hee (Lee Soo-Kyung ) is a righteous reporter. As the eyewitness to the twins’ father’s murder case, she feels the need to set things right. She approaches prosecutor Song and this sets the dice rolling. Kim is often distrustful of others and with good reason. She is a quick thinker and a daring woman.

Chairman Kwon Jae-Kyu (Lee Kyoung-Young) is a self-indulging narcissist who created the ADAMAS just to exhibit his sense of superiority. He shows his soft side towards Ha as Ha resembles someone dear to him. He aims to introduce gun laws that make possession of guns legal. The Chairman has “Team A” at his disposal which consists of a group of assassins.

Butler Kwon Soon-Yi (Hwang Jung-Min) is a walking nightmare. She seems to hold the real power in the household and she can be seen bullying others and abusing her power. She has an unhealthy attachment to her master Chairman Kwon and is fiercely loyal to him. Having worked for the chairman since her childhood, she is a human vault bearing the conglomerate’s deepest secrets. Hwang has delivered the role well as the overdramatic butler.

Eun Hye-Soo (Seo Ji-Hye)is Chairman Kwon’s Daughter in Law and is married to his eldest son Kwon Hyun Joo. She is mysterious and ends up helping Ha with his plan. She seems to hate the Chairman for some reason and has an ulterior motive. 

Choi Tae Sung (Heo Sung-Tae) is a SIH agent working undercover posing as the Chief of Security at the Chairman’s manor.

Every character has an ulterior motive and there is always hostility between them. One cannot predict their actions as the plot is deep and well-knitted. Despite that, there are a few instances that are questionable as they defy logic even for a fictitious drama.

One can easily follow the story despite the various plotlines that branch out after the first episode. Yet, the series never wavers from the main plot and all the subplots tied up well towards the finale.

What came as a surprise was the ending, which didn’t match up to the expectation for a series that was crafted so well. By the end of the drama, the viewer is taken back to square number one of the same game but with different players. The finale leaves a lot of stones unturned as it finishes open-ended. There is no closure for the characters as they still have a lot to do before they get what they wanted in the beginning of the drama.

ADAMAS is like an intriguing book which is missing a few pages from the last chapter. It leaves the viewer feeling that the story was left incomplete. The series would be a great watch if it is renewed for another season or if it had included a few more scenes to complete the existing plotline.

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