Mouse- The Predator Part 1 (Episode 15.1) Recap

(This episode contains hidden narratives in the plotl (from previous episodes) which the viewers may have missed.)

(The Predator Part I)

Ba-reum walks into a basement where a child is tied to the chair wearing a Goatman mask.

Ba-reum films Han Kook on his camera.

Ba-reum is in his black outfit and cap. He watches Mu Won’s interview on his laptop. Mu Won speaks about forgiveness. Ba-reum downloads it to a flash drive and decides to prolong the search (for Han Kook).

Meanwhile, experts on TV say that Han Kook is probably dead by now. Sherlock Hong Ju faces serious criticism.

Ba-reum sits outside the hospital ( because of the injury sustained when he chased a figure after Bong Yi’s granny died). He wonders if the show will be cancelled. He calls up Han Kook’s mother.

Ba-reum accompanies Han Kook’s mother to the precinct and she begs Mu Chi to go ahead with the show.

Later, Ba-reum offers his home for them to work on Han Kook’s case and show. Hong Ju recognises Ba-reum from an interview a few years back. Ba-reum tries to mention Sung Yo Han’s name but she changes the topic.

Ba-reum thinks that this is going to be more interesting as he wasn’t aware that Hong Ju was the reporter who interviewed Na Chi Kook after they saved Sung Yo Han during their school years.

Mu Won comes to drop off some Japchae for them. He tells Ba-reum not to tell Mu CHi that he made it. As he is leaving, Ba-reum asks if Mu Won doesn’t hate Han Seo Joon for killing his parents and leaving him disabled. He points out that Mu Won is also like the rest of the humans and asks how he could forgive Han. Mu Won says he prays to God every day to save Han’s soul. Ba-reum’s smile fades.

After Mu Won leaves, Ba-reum says that this was Mu Won’s last chance.

At 8 pm, Mu Chi throws a tantrum as they haven’t progressed with the case. Ba-reum smiles in triumph. 

Ba-reum goes to the Church and finds Mu Won there alone. Mu Won asks why Ba-reum wanted to meet here. Ba-reum says he wants to send someone away and he needed some advice. He says he hasn’t decided whether the person has to go or not.

Ba-reum again asks if Mu won doesn’t resent Han. Mu Won says he has forgiven him. 

Sherlock Hong Ju runs on Mu Won’s phone. Mu Won wonders out loud as to what the answer would be as they are running out of time.

Ba-reum says he never said he would kill the boy. Mu Won looks confused. Ba-reum says he said he would kill but didn’t say whom. Mu-won’s eyes widen in horror and he trembles.

Ba-reum smiles saying, “Yes you are right. It is you.” Ba-reum clenches Mu Won’s neck.

At Sherlock Hong Ju’s show, she asks Mu Chi if they can save Han Kook. He says yes. Mu Chi asks for proof of life if he wants the answer.

Sung Yo Han watches the show.

Ba-reum laughs as he watches Mu Chi doing whatever he asked.

Mu Chi continues to explain the details about the Moojin murders. Ba-reum limps down the road. When nobody is around he puts his led down and walks normally.

Ba-reum sits on the park bench. He calls up the broadcast station using another phone. He asks to be put on live. He also requests his voice to be scrambled. Then he mentions Mu Chi’s illegal gambling in an attempt to discredit Mu Chi. He watches Mu Chi on the other phone and he says Mu Chi is a bereaved family member of Head Hunter’s victim.

 Ba-reum laughs as he sees Mu Chi swear at him. His call is cut off and Ba-reum continues laughing. He goes away saying that the real game is going to begin now.

The deliveryman gives the footage to Hong Ju.

Ba-reum is in the taxi. He smiles as he sees the footage on-screen. Hong Ju and Mu Chi assume that it the footage of the child actor.

The second deliveryman (Dong Koo) brings the delivery. Mu Chi and Hong Ju are taken by surprise.

Ba-reum calls up Mu Chi from his phone and tells him that he wasn’t the one who sent the 1st footage. Ba-reum can’t help smiling as he watches Mu Chi on screen.

Ba-reum gets out of the Taxi and chases the courrier person. Mu Chi intervenes and they catch the person. Ba-reum offers to check the CCTV at the Subway Station.

Later, he calls up Mu Chi and tells him that they can see Han Kook putting something in the locker. After he hangs up, Ba-reum goes out saying he has to use the restroom.

Ba-reum steps out and types out a comment, “I saw Han Kook with a man. Call me.” Soon he is connected to the show. He tells of the team for cutting him off and he continues the conversation with Mu Chi. He says the video is fake because the kid is wearing a mask and he hangs up.

Mu Chi immediately puts up footage of Han Kook walking up to the subway locker on-screen as proof.

Ba-reum convinces Dong Koo to go to the broadcast station while he looks for witnesses.

After Dong Kook leaves, Ba-reum calls up “Fact Check” and tips them off about the burn scar on Han-Kook’s ear which is missing on Mu-Chi’s footage.

Ba-reum stands within the view of CCTV looking for witnesses. The officers come up to him and say the footage went missing and now the people are crowding around the locker.

Ba-reum smiles as he sees journalists crowding around the locker. He takes control of it and tells them to leave.

Hong Ju asks Mu Chi why the killer sent a fake video. Mu Chi says it must be to add more drama.

Ba-reum calls up Mu Chi and says he found a flash drive in the locker beside locker 13. He says the file is corrupted. Mu Chi tells him to go to the precinct.

Hong Ju is told to wrap up the show despite them having 15 minutes more. Hong Ju convinces the staff to continue broadcasting.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum is bored. He feels he should give Mu Chi a hint. He asks the cop to zoom in on the Han Kook’s helmet. It reflects a drawing of Red riding hood. Ba-reum leaves the precinct.

Mu CHi makes the connection to children’s stories. He tells the viewers about the ant and the grasshopper and the rest of the connections.

Elsewhere in a junkyard, Ba-reum puts on his black jacket which was hidden away.

Ba-reum calls up Mu Chi and commends him on solving it. Mu Chi says the 7 stories are about the 7 deadly sins. Mu Chi stalls as he is told they are close to tracing the call.

Ba-reum catches on to this. He tells Mu CHi to find the child and hangs up. He drops the phone into another man’s bag.

Ba-reum reaches Gudeong cathedral, which is closed. He sneaks inside. Mu Won is gagged and tied up. Ba-reum asks if they can begin the show.

Ba-reum tells Mu Won that Mu Chi is smart and he won’t let Mu Won die. Mu Chi continues to explain why the victims were chosen.

Meanwhile, the cops chase after the person whose bag Ba-reum put the burner phone in.

Mu Chi says Han Kook was kidnapped because he has no wrath. Ba-reum smiles as Mu Chi calls him a monster. He hangs up after saying that Mu Chi is wrong.

The cops restore the flash drive. 

Ba-reum puts Mu Won on a chair and live telecasts it. Ba-reum says Mu Won is guilty of having no wrath.

Mu Chi is hysteric. He asks Mu Won to show wrath on Han if he wants to live. 

Mu Won watches the laptop in front of him. On the split-screen, he sees Mu Chi on one side and Han Kook on the other side with a bomb timer on him. Mu Won is quiet as Mu Chi begs him to show some wrath.

Mu Won apologises to Mu Chi. Ba-reum’s smile fades as he slits Mu won’s throat.

Mu Chi’s scream’s fill the Broadcasting Station. Hong Ju stops the show.

Mu won says, “May the Lord save your soul”. He dies.

Ba-reum cuts open Mu Won’s stomach and fills it with rocks. He hoists Mo Won up and hangs him. He places a book inside Mu won’s coat. He hides as Bong Yi walks in.

She falls in shock as she sees Mu won’s body. Ba-reum creeps up from behind but her instinct kicks in and she attacks him. He pours hot wax into her eyes, temporarily blinding her. Bong Yi catches the blade with her hand as he tries to stab her.

Ba-reum runs away as the police reach the location. He changes back into his clothes in the junkyard and takes the cab to the cathedral again. He pretends to learn about Mu WOn’s death from the taxi driver.

Ba-reum rushes into the scene. He stops and turns around as he smells mint. He recalls the person whom he chased after granny’s death wearing the same perfume. After he runs inside, Sung Yo Han watches him from the crowd.

Mu Chi is in shock and he runs up to hug Mu Won. The book falls from Mu Won’s coat as they drag Mu Chi away.

Ba-reum walks in and puts on an act as if he is horrified by the sight in front of him.

Later it is found that the bloodstained book is about the story of the goat and the donkey.

The footage from the killer is revealed on the fact check where Han Kook reads the story about the Goat and the Donkey. 

Ba-reum tells Han Kook to decide to kill the donkey. Another kid is unconscious before him. 

Ba-reum visits Mu Chi, who is starving himself and doesn’t work. Ba-reum says they have to find Han Kook.

As he leaves, Ba-reum says it will be fun if Mu Chi comes back. He removes the crutch and walks away normally.

Sung Ji-Eun watches Ba-reum speaking to Bong Yi in the hospital. She is nauseous as she runs away.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi says that she cut the killer’s left arm when she attacked him.

Later, Ba-reum checks the knife cut on his left arm.

Ba-reum walks out of the hospital to see Sung Ji eun vomiting. he finds it gross.

He puts a hand around her and asks her if she is okay. Sung Ji-eun looks up and the image of her trying to strangle her son (Jae-Hoon)flashes before her.

Later, Ba-reum finds some Japchae in the fridge which Mu Won had given. He takes it over to Mu Chi’s place. He thinks that Mu Chi should come out to finish the game.

Ba-reum goes to his basement. He takes out the lungs of a dead goat. He holds it up to the camera and says Han Kook will meet the same end if Mu Chi doesn’t find him in 3 days.

Ba-reum is in the hospital when Hong Ju calls him up. Ba-reum asks why the killer is doing this to Mu Chi. After he hangs up, Ba-reum says he is bored, that is why. He smiles in content.

Ba-reum goes to check on Mu Chi and smiles in triumph as he finds Mu Won’s Japchae gone from Mu CHi’s front door.

Mu Chi goes to the precinct. He breaks down when he sees Mu Won’s crime scene photos.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum sits beside Han Kook’s unconscious form. He says Mu Chi didn’t keep his promise. He ties a watch around Han Kook’s wrist to prove that he kept his word. He whispers in Han Kook’s ear that he who does not envy is a sinner.

Ba-reum is outside when Kang tells him over the phone that Bong Yi’s granny’s DNA was found in Sung Yo Han’s house. Ba–reum wonders why it was in Sung Yo Han’s house. He realises something.

He immediately rushes over to Sung Yo Han’s house which is empty. He finds the basement and is shocked to see it filled with his pictures. He realises that Sung Yo Han was the one following him. He realises that he was wrong in killing Kim while it was Yo Han all along. He wonders how Yo Han got all these pictures of him.

Later, Ba-reum sends Bong Yi out of his house and turns around to see Yo Han waiting. He says he smells mint and he killed the wrong guy. He says Kim didn’t talk because he had to save Yo Han.

Yo Han asks to save the child.

Later, MuChi shoots Sung Yo Han.


Ba-reum walks into the hospital’s lobby after visiting Na Chi Kook. 

Sung Yo Han walks into work.

Ba-reum turns around and looks at Yo Han.

Ba-reum’s voiceover says, “My mom said there was another child who had the monster gene. I’ve always wondered what happened to that child. Did he become a predator like me or did he become a normal person unlike me? But the almighty never answered my prayers. I ended up a killer.”

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode focussed on the timeline from Ba-reum’s point of view as he committed the murders. Ba-reum played around with everyone’s emotions especially Mu Chi’s in a cold-hearted manner.

It looks like Ba-reum was unaware that Sung Yo han was following him and Bong Yi’s granny led him straight to Sung Yo han.

Mu Won saw that there was a bomb tied on Han Kook and that was the reason he didn’t reveal Ba-reum’s identity to the public.

It was interesting to see Sung Ji Eun recognise Ba-reum as Jae Hoon from her past. Ba-reum/Jae-Hoon was a grown boy when she tried to strangle him (after Jae-Hoon tried to push his brother into the grave). Ba-reum doesn’t recognise her now so it is possible that she is not his mother. Also, Jae-Hoon’s mother wasn’t shown in any of the scenes and one assumes her to be Sung Ji Eun. Sung Ji Eun’s son wasnt shown in the flashback scenes either.

Sung Ji-eun always regretted not killing Jae Hoon that day. She had not referred to Jae-hoon as her son but as “him”. It is possible that Han’s son Sung Yo Han turned out to be a genius and the other one (Ba-reum) turned out to be the killer. This plotline continues to be interesting as it deepens the suspense.

Daniel Lee was tracking down Jae Hoon in Episode 3. I wonder if he had found out Ba-reum’s identity.

This episode had quite some revelations and was an interesting watch.

-By Soul Sword-

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