Mouse – The Predator Part 2 – (Episode 15.2) Recap

Jae Hoon makes a diary entry

October 17, Sunny Day

His voiceover says, “I sliced open a rabbit. I was curious if it was fat or pregnant.”

October 18, Cloudy day

“I am not sure if I should be beaten for cutting open the rabbit. So I poured ammonia in the aquarium.”

His younger brother tries to stop him from killing the fish. His dad’s pet dog Choco comes barking at him. He carries it away.

October 19, Sunny

“Jae Min told on me. Tattletales should be punished. So I punished him.”

Jae-hoon pushes Jae Min inside the grave and throws mud on him. 

October 20, Cloudy

“My mom tried to kill me. She said a monster like me should die.”

Jae Hoon’s mother strangles him and tries to kill him.

October 21, Thunderstorm

“I prayed to a higher being for the first time in my life. I asked him not to make me into a monster.”

October 29, Sunny

“I’ve decided to wear a mask from today. I’ll pretend to be the nicest and kindest boy in the world. Jung Ba Reum. I really like this name.”

Jae Hoon smiles. The label on his book changes from Jung Jae Hoon to Jung Ba-reum.

November 11

Ba-reum’s (adult) voiceover narrates the diary entries.

“The higher being never answered my prayers. I ended up being a killer.”

Ba-reum sets Sung Soo Ho on fire in the boxing ring after brutally attacking him. 

“My first murder was inexperienced. I remember it being difficult. But the thrill and excitement of that day haven’t left my mind since.”

Bareum places the holy bible upside down on the bookshelf on the side.

“Now I have decided to become the higher being.”

He vows to judge those who do not possess the 7 sins.

We see a montage of Ba-reum committing the Moojin Serial Killings. He makes a diary entry for each of the murders and he draws out a sketch of the dead body.

“I am a predator. I was born this way.”

At the prison, Ba-reum finds it irritating when Han steps in to give first aid to Na Chi Kook.

Ba-reum visits Na-Chi Kook in prison. When he is alone with Chi Kook he tells Chi Kook not to wake up as it is better for Chi Kook that way. He says Chi Kook will die a pathetic death if he wakes up.

Mu Chi walks in just then and chats with Ba-reum.

One night, Ba-reum looks at the murder weapons in the black car’s trunk. He finds a victim and kills her in the vineyard.

He kills Mu Won and abducts Han Kook, finally killing him.

November 16

Wearing a mask is a nuisance and annoying thing.

Ba-reum acts like he is throwing up when he and his fellow officers spot a dead cat without teeth.

Later at night, he runs into Bong Yi. He buys her a meal and she asks if he will marry her. He tells her that she is like his sister. She is offended and she walks out. Ba-reum mutters that she has lost her mind.

Detective Kang asks Ba-reum to get Na Chi-kook’s severed finger as per the request of the evidence management team. Ba-reum smiles.

Later, Ba-reum puts a goatman band-aid on Bong Yi’s granny’s wound. She asks him to take care of Bong Yi when she is not around.

Ba-reum finds out that granny has seen something she shouldn’t have seen. He kills her. Ba-reum burns the photograph that granny saw.

Sung Yo Han who was watching Ba-reum moves a step back and his foot hits something. Ba-reum looks up and lets out a curse. He drops the burning photo and chases after Yo Han. 

Granny reaches out for the photo and clasps it in her hand to keep the evidence from being destroyed.

Ba-reum runs after Yo Han but Yo Han manages to get away before Ba-reum can see his face. Ba-reum meets with an accident while chasing Yo Han. Yo Han comes back to check if Ba-reum is hurt badly. Ba-reum loses consciousness before he can see Yo Han’s face.

Later Ba-reum thinks that the person saw him but didn’t report it. he wonders who that guy is. He is sure that the person saw his face and the photo granny had proved that the person had seen him kill before.

Mu Chi visits Ba-reum in the hospital. Ba-reum acts like he feels guilty for not being able to save granny.

Later, Bong Yi mourns granny’s death at her grave. Ba-reum thinks that he should track down the follower.

At night, Ba-reum enters Kim’s (Sung Yo Han’s friend) house. He finds a diary and the photos of Ba-reum’s victims at the crime scenes.

Ba-reum hides as Kim walks into the house. Kim watches Mu Chi’s interview on the television. Ba-reum attacks Kim.

As Kim’s life drains out of him, Ba-reum watches Mu Chi say on TV that the victims aren’t linked. Ba-reum calls up Mu Chi and tells him to do a show and tells him to find the standard by which he chooses the victims. He says he will kill the kid in front of the nation if Mu Chi fails to do it.

Mu Chi gets permission to do the show.

Ba-reum asks Mu chi to let him be a part of Mu Chi’s team. Mu Chi says Ba-reum is too naive to be on the team. Ba-reum thinks that Mu Chi is the one who is too naive.

Ba-reum accompanies Mu Chi to the correctional facility as he instructs the team to look for the murder weapon. Ba-reum stays with Mu Chi the whole day watching the progress. Finally, at night, he asks Mu Chi why Chi Kook was found in a box and not near a church.

The next day, Ba-reum collects Chi Kook’s finger from the hospital. He tells Mu Chi that the finger doesn’t belong to CHi Kook. Mu Chi rushes over to the church at the correctional facility.

Mu Chi is removed from the church so Ba-reum decides to put on a show. He looks up at the bloodstain on the side of the roof and puts his hand out. The blood drips on it. He calls Mu Chi and Mu Chi immediately climbs on the ladder.

Ba-reum wonders why Mu Chi isn’t reacting yet. Mu Chi is frozen in shock as he sees Chi kook’s clothes spread out on the roof. Ba-reum joins Mu Chi on the roof. Mu Chi says the killer is left-handed but he alternates when he is attacking victims. Ba-reum smiles as he thinks that Mu Chi is unaware that he is ambidextrous. 

After the Sherlock Hong Ju show, Mu Chi is shocked to see Mu Won’s body at the cathedral.

Ba-re sketches the murder in his diary.

Han listens to classical music on his earphones as he operates on Ba-reum.

Ba-reum wakes up and kills the bird.

1 Year Later

Ba-reum stands on the edge of the roof after writing a suicide note.

Ba-reum’s voiceover says, “Please if there is a place of eternal torment, let me go where I will receive the most painful punishment.”

He closes his eyes.


Ba-reum is discharged from the hospital. he goes home with his aunt. He looks at his mother’s photo on the shelf.

Later, Ba-reum is reinstated.

Ba-reum stands on the roof as his voiceover continues, “I wronged innocent people, including those nearest to me.”

We see a montage of scenes of Ba-reum with Mu Chi and Bong Yi after his surgery. Slowly Ba-reum starts regaining his memories of the murders.

He confronts Han about the surgery.

Ba-reum goes to church and prays that he doesn’t want to turn into Sung Yo han. 

Later Ba-reum sees Bong Yi accusing Hong Ju of having a killer’s child.

Ba-reum’s voiceover narrates the suicide note, “Sung Yo Han isn’t the real murderer of the Mujin Serial Murders. It’s me, Jung Ba-reum. “


Sung Yo Han tells Ba-reum to free the kid. He nearly beats Ba-reum to death but Mu Chi shoots him.

The voiceover continues, “Sung Yo Han was only trying to save Han Kook and Bong Yi from me when he was wrongfully killed. So please stop pointing your fingers at Sung Yo Han and his family. I don’t know how to apologise to the victims and their families. Please do not forgive me. Oh, deity. Please don’t forgive me.”

Ba-reum closes his eyes and puts his leg over the roof.

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode highlighted some facts in the plot.

Jae Hoon pushed Jae Min into the grave on October 19th but his mother tried to kill him on October 20th which is a day later. I was originally shown like Sung Ji Eun tried to strangle him as soon as he pushed Jae Min into the grave (which is October 19th).

Jae-Hoon wrote out his moods like the weather (sunny/cloudy) in his diary. It was shown that Ba-reum maintains a diary. He records his thoughts and killings in it. I wonder where he keeps it. It was revealed that his first killing was Song Soo Ho and that he is ambidextrous.

This episode portrayed a psychopath’s side of life in a great manner. Ba-reum lived a busy life in his own world and Mu Chi, Bong Yi, granny and the rest of the world were just a minuscule part of it. He uses them as alibis or to maintain his image as an innocent man. It was interesting to see how it seemed like one was aware of Ba-reum’s movements in the earlier episodes but what we saw was not even a quarter part of his life. This episode showed him for what he truly was- A psychopath who is interested only in killing.

In the earlier episodes, at some points, the investigation looked like a stretch, but now it makes sense because Ba-reum had helped Mu Chi in those places. He scattered breadcrumbs along the way to get Mu Chi on the same page as him. Ba-reum came across as totally emotionless in this episode. He was least bothered about what anyone else is going through and he was bent upon getting his plan in actions.  

I am curious to see why Sung Yo Han was following him. Kim also had Ba-reum’s photos at his home.

Ba-reum and Sung Yo Han’s past remain a mystery and it looks like they will form a major part of the storyline in the upcoming episodes. 

-By Soul Sword-

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