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Sone Ka Anda/Musings (Good, bad, ugly!!)

-By Kalpana-

He entered and I was taken aback. A nondescript dark face, average height, drab and plain. Zero attitude, dressing, grooming less than average,(it seemed as if, he dressed for basic decency to present himself in society). He failed to create an impression as far as first impressions went. In fact, I dismissed him in the first four seconds as undeserving of my attention and slotted him in my greetings, conversation to minimum courtesy. In my book of debonair persona I found him exclusively unimpressive. Rather a disappointment.

Certain years later, I heard he was no more. Along with his demise emerged the stories of his kindness. People referred to his tenderness and magnanimity, serviceability and helpful nature. He was a giver. His hospitality was unmatched. His considerate individuality had helped lot of poor and deprived people. He used to hand over even his medicine money, if he met people who needed that cash more than him. His exterior appearance completely belied his inner persona that thrived and shed an invisible light.

Humanity was wrapped in ‘ugly’. It was a jolt for me. Dressing, grooming, outside appearance and one’s way of presenting himself/herself with an attitude of style, sleek and spruced up with an exploding dynamism that filled a room; without being told a good looking, fairly fair, tall debonair; to me fitted the bill of ‘goodness’ of humanity. Perhaps, without realising we grow upon stories that described strong characters as majestic, dapper, suave, with aristocratic features .

But, in reality kindest heart, loving heart, soul, hides in a garb that we barely glance at.

-By Kalpana-

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