Mouse Episode 16 Recap

Jae Hoon sleeps in his room. A bell (bicycle?) keeps ringing in the background. His body is covered in bruises.

He wakes up to see his mother sitting in front of him. She puts the pillow over his face and suffocates him. He thrashes in resistance and then goes still.

At present, Mu Chi watches Na Chi Kook’s dead form and runs out. He sees Ba-reum about to walk out of the hospital. he calls out Ba-reum’s name and Ba Reum turns around.

Mu Chi and Ba-reum run back to Chi Kook’s room. They are told Chi Kook died of a heart attack. Ba-reum is unable to believe his ears. He holds Chi Kook’s hands as tears streak down his eyes. He begs Chi Kook to wake up and breaks down.

Ba-reum notices wet bootprints beside Chi Kook’s bed. He recalls seeing a man with muddy boots in the restroom just a while back. Ba-reum runs out of the room. Mu Chi tries to follow but Chi Kook’s mother faints and Mu Chi holds her.

Ba-reum runs out to see the killer driving away. Ba-reum follows him on a delivery bike. Mu Chi wonders what Ba-reum is chasing after.

The killer speaks into his phone. He informs the person on the other end that he took care of it. He drives into W hotel (Where OZ was there.)

Ba-reum reaches the hotel and frantically searches through the parking lot. He notices muddy water near the entrance of the building. He walks in through the entrance and notices that it is a staffless hotel.

The killer is in his room. He hears the delivery person call out on the other side of the door. The killer asks someone if they ordered food and he opens the door.

Ba-reum barges in and throws the food packet on him. He hits the killer on the face. The killer manages to escape. He pushes the trolley against the door before running away. Ba-reum does not notice that there is another person in the house. He jumps down balconies from the outside of the building. and runs into the stairwell. The killer runs back up and they run to the terrace.

Ba-reum manages to pin The killer to the wall and asks why he killed Chi Kook. The killer says he had to kill an innocent man because of Ba-reum. He calls Ba-reum a monster. Ba-reum chokes the killer.

Just then, another person hits Ba-reum on his head with a wooden club. He bludgeons Ba-reum repeatedly. Ba-reum manages to getaway. He dodges an attack and his attacker falls over the wall to his death.

Meanwhile, Chi Kook’s killer runs down to his car. he reports to someone over the phone and asks them to take care of the scene. Ba-reum comes running as the man drives away.

Ba-reum stops after the man drives away. He thinks that he has seen that man before. He walks back to find the body of the man who fell to his death gone.

Ba-reum realises that it is the same person who got rid of Woo Hyung Chul (tie knot killer.) and Han Kook’s body (the kidnapped child). Just then, Mu chi calls up Ba-reum but Ba-reum cant hear him. Ba-reum hangs up wondering why he cants hear anything.

Later, Mu Chi drives into W hotel. He recalls that it is the same place he tracked OZ to. Ba-reum comes up to him. Mu Chi grabs him saying he seems suspicious.

They get the CCTV footage and Ba-reum points at the killer in the lobby. The owner says the guests didn’t like the CCTV in the parking lot and they had it removed. He says reservations are made online and payment is made by the self-payment kiosk. Mu Chi asks who had paid for room 802.

The owner says the room has been empty for a long time. Mu Chi gives Ba-reum a look. Ba-reum takes Mu Chi to the room. The room has been cleaned up and it is spotless.

Mu Chi doesn’t buy Ba-reum’s version of the story as it is impossible to clean up the scene in such a short duration. Ba-reum tells him to check the license plate number. When Mu Chi hears the number, he realises it is OZ’s car.

Mu Chi goes back to the room and removes the doormat. He finds traces of the broth (from the food packet that Ba-reum threw on the killer) on the floor. Mu Chi says it’s the same license plate as the attacker’s who took his wallet.

Ba-reum says the man killed Chi Kook. Mu Chi asks why a mugger would kill Chi Kook and walks away.

The forensic team is called to the scene. Ba-reum realises that the killer killed Chi Kook because Chi Kook knew Ba-reum was a predator. He thinks that someone is covering his crimes.

The forensic team leaves after finding the scene clean. Mu Chi tells Ba-reum that there was no poison found in Chi Kook’s blood. Ba-reum asks for an autopsy as some poisons don’t show up in the blood. Mu Chi seems annoyed and says they cant request for autopsy without evidence of foul play. Ba-reum says he will ask Chi Kook’s mother to request an autopsy. 

Meanwhile, the doctors convince Chi Kook’s mother not to request an autopsy. They say Ba-reum is delusional because of the brain surgery.

Later, Chi Kook’s mother refuses to request an autopsy. She says Sung Yo Han is dead and now she wants her son to go peacefully. She says she doesn’t want another knife in his body.

Ba-reum checks the suicide note in his pocket. Ba-reum tears it up saying that he will find the killer before he dies.

Just then, Mu Chi comes to him. He says they will find another way. He asks why Ba-reum was in Chi Kook’s room. Ba-reum says Chi Kook had called him and said he wanted to be happy with his mother. He says Chi Kook seemed to be threatened by someone and they were using his mother.

Mu Chi says Chi Kook lied that he didn’t see his attacker. He says Chi Kook was attacked in the shower room but he was found in the magic box. Ba-reum is nervous as Mu Chi says they have to investigate the case from square one.

At Chi Kook’s funeral service, Ba-reum vows to turn himself in after finding Chi Kook’s killer. He says he is dying and will see him soon.

Just then, Bong Yi comes into the funeral hall followed by the families of the Moojin Serial Murder’s victims. Ba-reum is overwhelmed with guilt and he walks out.

Bong Yi grabs hold of him and makes him sit down. She serves food in front of him and tells him to eat. Ba-reum sees the rice and is reminded of the rice Byun Soo Young was having in her hand before she was killed.

He pushes Bong Yi away and yells at her. Mu Chi walks in just then. Dong Koo intervenes and tells Ba-reum not to be mean to Bong Yi. ba-reum storms out. Bong Yi also goes out.

Outside, Ba-reum checks the scar on his left hand where Bong Yi had struck him (In the church after Mu Won’s death). He holds his head in his hands.

Ba-reum watches Bong Yi walks down the road. he recalls trying to kill her. then another memory floods in. He recalls thinking that Bong Yi’s granny is old and will die soon. Once Bong Yi is an orphan it’ll be easier to kill her even if she finds out that Bareum is the killer. He decides that Bong Yi is the perfect woman to mother his child. He had watched out for Bong Yi so that one day she would mother his child.

At the service, the victim’s family members discuss Hong Ju who is trying to get a program on TV to exonerate SUng Yo Han. Song Soo Ho’s mother says Hong Ju didn’t approach her. Mu Chi eats with them quietly.

Later, Ba-reum walks in front of the casket as it is brought out of the funeral home. He notices another mourner who carries a photo of his uncle. Dong Koo tells Ba-reum to walk and Ba-reum starts walking again.

Chi Kook is laid to rest. Ba-reum mourns Chi Kook’s death.

Later, Ba-reum goes back to the funeral hall. He finds the board which carries the details of the funerals taking place. He finds that the name and family of the uncle’s photo are different (Lee Pil Seung, Wife- Gong Soo Young). Ba-reum decides that it is someone who looks like his uncle.

Ba-reum realises that his aunt hasn’t called him. He tries her number and he gets a response that the number is not in service. He finds it odd that his uncle’s number also gets the same response.

Ba-reum checks the family of the dead person and he sees a wife and two small daughters. Just then, a flower bouquet from the Ministry of Science and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) arrives. A woman says it is from Lee Pil Seong’s workplace. Ba-reum wonders if this man is his uncle’s twin. His uncle Park Min Sung’s last name is different. So Ba-reum leaves the place.

Ba-reum walks out of the house and a car honks at him. He is unable to see the driver but he sees the car hanger. Suddenly he recalls seeing a dreamcatcher car hanger-on Chi Kook’s killer’s car. He also recalls seeing it in the car which crashed into him when he was chasing Sung Yo Han. Ba-reum realises that chi Kook’s killer was the same one who ran over Ba-reum last year.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi is in the CCTV room. He is told that there is no footage of OZ’s car after a certain point.

Later, Ba-reum checks up on his accident case as his uncle had sued the driver. He is told that someone else’s ID was used while getting the details. He is told Ba-reum’s uncle settled with the car owner. The officer tells him to check with his uncle or the insurance company because it will be faster. 

Ba-reum checks the insurance company. They tell him that there is no record of the accident with this license plate number. Ba-reum wonders what is going on.

Bong Yi is at the store. The owner trash-talks Hong Ju for trying to hire a nanny. She says Hong Ju dares to ask for a nanny.

Hong Ju is at work. Her colleagues are playing with the baby. She checks the comments which mention that whoever is taking care of the baby will be raising a killer.

Bong Yi also reads the comments at the store. She tells the woman not to leave comments and tells her to stay away from such pages. She runs out.

Meanwhile, Hong Ju receives a message from a number for the nanny job.

Later, she meets with the nanny at home. She says the woman seems familiar. Sung Ji Eun (Sung Yo Han’s mother) says she has a common face. Hong Ju brings her baby and she asks if she has experience with the job. Sung Ji-eun says she raised her son whom she lost in an accident. Her face lightens up as she sees the baby.

Sung Ji-eun easily pacifies the baby and she says the baby is crying because he wants a diaper change. The baby calms down as soon as she carries him. Hong Ju is relieved. After taking a call, Hong Ju asks if Sung Ji-eun can start today. Sung Ji-eun smiles as she says she can.

After Hong Ju leaves, Sung Ji-Eun’s eyes tear up as she notices that the baby resembles Sung Yo Han.

As Hong Ju walks out, she receives a call from SOng Soo Ho’s mother (Moojin murder victim). She agrees to do the show. She says she wants to say something on the TV. She says she will meet Hong Ju at the broadcasting station tomorrow. After the call, Hong Ju wonders what the mother wants to say.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi watching OZ’s footage near the evidence room. he notices OZ taking a piece of paper from someone. Mu Chi comments that it must be a police officer. He receives another file from his contact which has the deleted video.

He watches wide-eyed as it shows Detective Lee handing over the written statement from Kang Duk Soo’s mother to OZ.

Mu Chi finds Shin and talks to him. Shin says he gave the statement to Lee before going for Sherlock Hong Ju’s shooting. He says the only good thing which came out of Lee giving the statement late was that Kang Duk Soo died as its consequence.

Mu Chi goes to the chief who tells him that Lee gave the statement to him after Mu Chi was released.

Later Mu Chi shows the footage to Shin and Kang and they are shocked. Mu Chi says Lee showed the statement to OZ at 8 pm. Kang released Mu Chi at 10 pm. Lee gave the statement to the chief after that because Mu Chi was already out and there was no point in keeping it. Mu Chi says OZ attacked Mu Chi so that Mu Chi doesn’t stop Kang Duk Soo from being killed. He says Oz had taken the wallet to make it look like a robber.

Kang and Shin say that it is a big stretch. Kang says Lee was with him during Kang Duk Soo’s death. SHin says they should question Lee. Mu Chi is against this. he says they should be careful or Lee will delete the evidence. He adds that the same person had something to do with Na Chi Kook’s murder too. He says he doesn’t have evidence but Ba-reum saw something.

Mu Chi asks if Sung Yo Han wasn’t the Moojin killer and if he made a mistake by shooting him. Kang and Shin brush it off saying Sung Yo Han was breaking Ba-reum’s skull.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum goes back to W hotel. He thinks that professionals are at work since they clean up very fast. He looks up and notices that the man would’ve fallen on the ledge before hitting the iron rods on the ground. he finds a blood sample on the ledge.

Later, he gives the sample to forensics. He is told the match came up in the ex-cons’ database. Ba-reum is shocked to learn that the person is his uncle.

Ba-reum goes over to the morgue where the uncle’s body lays. He removes the cover and sees that the injury on the body matches with the injury of the man who fell off the hotel earlier. The body also has a mark on the shoulder which matches with his uncle. Ba-reum realises that this man is his uncle and not a doppelganger.

Later, Ba-reum finds out that neither Lee Pil Seung nor Park Min Sung has left the country. He tells them to check for Kim Hee-Jin and Park Hun Suk (aunt and nephew). He is told there is no record of them leaving either.

Ba-reum goes to his aunt’s house and their neighbour tells him that they moved. She says Hun Sook went missing one day and the next day he was found (the day Ba Reum brought Hun Sook home). She says the aunt stayed with her son and she got divorced when Hun Sook was a baby. She adds that her ex-husband lived in the US.

Ba-reum recalls that he moved closer to their house after his surgery. He recalls visiting them and his uncle had offered to renovate his house. He recalls that Hun Sook wasn’t around at that time when the uncle was there. ba-reum wonders if everything was a lie.

Ba-reum checks his mother’s family registry. He finds out that his mother was a single child and didn’t have any siblings.


Jae-hoon sits on the staircase outside his house. His aunt runs up to him and hugs him. He asks her who she is. She says she is his mother’s sister and that she was in the US. She says she came late because the news reaches her late. She says she will raise him.

Jae-hoon decides to act and he says he is hurting. She hugs him again.

Later she brings him home and his uncle walks in. He introduces himself. She says she will add Jae-Hoon’s name to the family registry. Jae-Hoon asks his name to be changed from Jung Jae Hoon to Jung Ba-reum (meaning righteousness).

Bong Yi is looking for her job. She remembers that she has left her things at the broadcasting studio. She goes to get it back.

Meanwhile, Hong Ju is running late. She tells her colleague to bring Song Soo Ho’s mother from the lobby to their office. 

As Bong Yi comes in, she is told to go and bring Song Soo Ho’s mother for the interview.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi thinks Oz’s fingerprints may be on the written statement which Lee had given him. Mu Chi takes out the evidence box and one photo falls out. He picks it up and sees that it is a photo of a boy with boxing gloves. Mu Chi calls up Song Soo Ho’s mother and asks to meet her. She says she is at the broadcasting station.

Bong Yi goes to the lobby. She introduces herself and tries to talk the mother out of doing the interview. She says Hong Ju is using her. The mother says Hong Ju had saved her when she attempted suicide and Sung Yo Han had treated her. She says she understood why Hong Ju might have helped her. She tells Bong Yo that she was the one who requested the interview as she wanted to get something off her chest.

Bong Yi asks her what it is. The mother says she thinks that Sung Yo Han isn’t the killer.

Meanwhile, the families of the other victims come to the broadcasting station. Mu Chi arrives too and wonders what they are doing here.

Hong Ju comes to the lobby and finds the mother sitting by herself. She escorts her but is stopped by the victim’s families. They accuse Hong Ju of using SOng Soo Ho’s mother for trying to exonerate her boyfriend. They say that Hong Ju wants her child not to be named a killer’s offspring. She holds on to Hong Ju’s coat hurling abuses at her. Hong Ju stands still. Mu Chi runs in and intervenes.

Bong Yi walks down the street with her things. She recalls the mother saying that she feels that Sung Yo Han might not be the killer. She says that Sung Yo Han who treated her didn’t seem like the killer. Bong Yi asks what she knew about him and the mother tells her to check the interview. Bong Yi says she attacked him at the church but the mother asks if Bong Yi saw his face. Bong Yi says she saw his face when he attacked Ba-reum. The mother says that is the reason why she didn’t speak up. At present, Bong Yi walks away annoyed,

At the station, Mu Chi tells Hong Ju not to try to exonerate Sung Yo Han for his sake. He drives Song Soo Ho’s mother home.

On the way, Mu Chi says he wants to see old photos of Song Soo Ho as he has to check something.

Ba-reum comes to Jae-hoon’s school. He is told that Jae-hoon fed a mouse to the snake at the zoo. They say he went to Gureong Elementary school where he drew a gruesome image at the art class. He had cut open a rabbit. Ba-reum recalls the incident.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi goes through the photo album and he removes one photo. He is surprised to see two photos behind the photo he took out. It is a photo of Jae Hoon. He asks who this boy is.

Ba-reum walks to the playground and visualises Jae Hoon cutting open a rabbit. Ba-reum walks over to Jae-Hoon’s home. He recalls Jae-Hoon sleeping on his bed and waking up to see his mother looking at him.

Ba-reum holds his head as pain shoots through it. He recalls the streets filled with children playing. Ba-reum heads inside.

Ba-reum is shocked as he recalls Jae-hoon’s father’s dead body lying on the staircase. He visualises Jae Hoon walking upstairs. Ba-reum goes up.

He goes up and recalls seeing his mother’s dead body against the chest. He sinks to the floor as he realises that he killed his entire family.

Jae Hoon/ Ba-reum awakens in his bed as he hears the bell ring in the background. He finds his mother sitting in front of him teary-eyed. he asks her why she is crying. His mother puts a pillow over his face and presses down saying, “You monster! Die… Die!”

Ba-reum gets up as he recalls his mother being pulled away from him and a figure in black bangs her head against the wooden chest. His mother lies motionless in the corner.

Ba-reum looks into the figures face and he gets shocked. Ba-reum whispers in recognition, “Song Soo Ho…”

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode was filled with mystery and suspense.

The scene with Sung Ji eun and Hong Ju was good.

Mu Chi’s team have zeroed in on Detective Lee. I am curious to see how they work on it.

There was someone else in the building (Hotel W) clearing up after Ba-reum apart from the two men whom he encountered. It looks like there are many of these men out there. 

It was revealed that the lady posing as Ba-reum’s aunt was indeed a part of the conspiracy. Ba-reum’s nephew Hun Sook didn’t recognise the man on the bus because he wasn’t his father. Hun Sook hadn’t seen him before either. 

The man who posed as Ba-reum’s uncle was working with OZ / Na Chi Kook’s killer. They seem to be using the same vehicle with license plate 6264.

It looks like there is an experiment taking place and the government has been recruiting ex-cons to do their job. It seems like they are keeping track of many people with the psychopath /genius gene. It looks like Mu Chi is right in believing that OZ wanted the killer to kill Kang Duk So.

It is intriguing to see that one of these figures clad in black is always following/watching the serial murderers. It looks like Song Soo Ho (the boxing ring victim in Moojin murder and Head hunter victim’s brother)) might have been following the Susong killer too. It is possible that he cleaned up after the Suseong killer (like someone who cleans up after Ba-reum). Song Soo Ho told Sung Ji Eun to have the baby (Sung Yo Han) after saving her from the Susong serial killer. Both Ba-reum and Sung Yo Han were saved by Song Soo Ho at one point. From Soo Ho’s album at his home (that Mu Chi found), it looks like he was tracking Ba-reum since Ba-reum was a child.

A figure in black (driving the car 6267 license plate and dreamcatcher hanger) had helped Sung Yo Han getaway in the same manner when Ba-reum had chased him. 

It was interesting to see that Sung Soo Ho was wearing the same clack outfit as Sung Yo Han. I wonder if Sung Yo Han was also carrying out the same task of cleaning up after a psychopath.

It was shown in this episode that Sung Ji-eun wasn’t Ba-reum’s mother. Song Soo Ho killed Ba-reum’s mother when she tried to kill Ba-reum/Jae Hoon. 

As per the records, the case mentioned the murders of Jae Hoon’s father and his siblings in the top room. His mother wasn’t around during the murders. Ba-reum’s memory seems fragmented when he goes up (after seeing his father’s dead body) he recalls himself sleeping and his mother attempting to kill him.

Ba-reum was wrong in assuming that he killed his mother. Song Soo Ho was the one who killed her. I wonder if he killed the rest of Jae Hoon’s family. Ba-reum did not kill Na Chi Kook too. 

The government, namely the Ministry of Science and ICT seems to be protecting psychopaths at all costs. They allowed the murderers to kill a lot of innocent people and their men have killed more in the attempt to keep the psychopaths out of prison.

With just 4 more episodes to go, I am curious to see how this mystery is solved.

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