Adults, English, Write Ups


-By Kalpana-

It turned everything to silver;
A calm, serene slivers of
Borrowed light;
It was the coy, shy moonlight
As the sun abandoned;
Running away to the western world
Darkness dawned yawning awake
The crescent moon peeped from the nether world
Rising in a silken milky chariot
Playing with the cottony clouds
Seek and hide, hide and seek
A moment of peak; and a moment to peek
Accompanied by the the shimmering stars
It unveils a kaleidoscopic twinkling star studded glow
‘Here’s what the sun doesn’t want you to see’
The stars, the comets and a sea of milky galaxies
There are other universes
Apart from your universe
Come speak your words and verse
I, the moon will enrich your darkness
Ushering in dreams, fantasies to meditate-
On the possibilities of impossibilities
Let Magical thoughts reign free in the silvery darkness
floating up in the brilliant radiance
To guileless, weightless empty spaces
Learn about the world and worlds
Weave the magic with silvery threads
Come and explore the land of sky
Of galaxies and galaxies of Milky Way
Come gaze at the universe;
That the sun hides from our gaze.
Reach out, sky rocket, beyond the roof of earth
Discover, the wonders that lie yonder
Sleep my child and dream and wonder
Ways to reach out and explore and conquer

The alluring heavens and heavenly borders.

-By Kalpana-

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