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Pitter Patter Rainbow

-By Kalpana-

I stared out of the kitchen window as I reached to slide open the window. The squirrels that resided were busy with its chatter scurrying across the tree branches. The birds chirped their cheerful full throated chirps singing happily welcoming the daywith such joy that I felt ashamed of my grumpy mood.

The day was grey. The clouds hung low. But, this was the situation everyday. Cloudy but, the showers of coolness obstinately refused to touch base. And I felt parched. Like ground earth I felt my inner self awaiting the nature’s downpour.

I wanted to soak in, in the wetness, in the fragrance of wet sand, the pitter, patter that will reach its own crescendo from gentle drum beats to roaring thunderous claps lighting up the sky as it poured down on the trees swaying in an extempore choreographed dance as the skies rumbled on.
But, the clouds stayed up in the sky. My whole body felt as dry and cracked as the muddy surface of earth that desperately awaited the well deserved break from scorching heat. But, the clouds were just hanging around like the teenagers. Doing nothing. I turned to the routine. Tea, breakfast, mind racing ahead to assemble noon menu. The craving for rain was pushed back as the routine gripped me in its vice.

Just then, I heard them. First very scanty, some tiny droplets, some large ones. It began to leisurely but, steadily to find its way down. My ears perked. My eyes began drinking the sounds, (yes, literally). I watched as the trees began their drugged sway. Each and every leaf striving to soak the wetness outdoing each other to be the first to catch those single droplets. My heart sang. My soul danced. My numb mind calmed.

I became Mother Earth. As I rushed to the balcony to soak up the torrent. I, too am a child of earth like my brothers; the trees.

We both smiled at each other. We looked in the eye and spoke of gratitude as the heavens steadily opened up generously. I glanced down as the mud turned into slush. As the dry wrinkles eased and they cupped the deluge in rivulets winding its way down to join rivers, oceans. All the elements came together the sky, the earth, the ocean in a single thread woven together by the pitter patter raindrops. I smiled. My heart turned on it’s rainbow hues. The sun of elation shone from within to pierce the cool dampness and my heart reflected my rainbow hues.

-By Kalpana-

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