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Amazing Gift

-By Kalpana-

I could see grey clouds from the window of my kitchen
chasing each other. Small baby clouds. Running across on
the sky ground aimlessly, still oblivious to the purpose of
their creation of meeting Mother Earth from which it had
spiritually evaporated as mist, to play in the lap of father sky
before crashing down as rain in their mother’s arms.

Oh! My imagination always runs like aimless clouds in
monsoons. I shook my head picked my mobile to capture a
slo-mo image of these elusive clouds. So, visible yet,
untouchable. I love their creativity. I love how swiftly they
change shapes leading us on to a guess game of shapes.
Creative as they draw the sky up with various forms of
animals, birds, faces and what not. Just a pic was what I
needed. A picture that will capture the motion of the fluffy,
now cloudy babies of earthy water world. For, soon they will
entangle into dark grey menacing cloud roaring thunder and
flashing lightening.
I stepped into the balcony. Held up my mobile and pressed
slo-mo. I moved my arm slowly to capture the movements of
cloud kids. Released the slo-mo, completely satisfied. I
smiled and returned back, this time in the drawing room
under the fan to beat the humidity that accompanies pre-
monsoons. And sat eagerly to view the toddler clouds.
I, switched it on to view the rapidly moving clouds playing
across the expanse of father sky. But, lo! Behold! I watched
in amazement at a bird majestically flying across my camera
lens. A perfectly synchronised flight.. nose diving to fly
gracefully beyond roof of the house right to me. What a
magnificent show. And the timing unknowingly so bang on!!

It felt as if the little fluffy candy puffs clouds were
hoodwinking me with earthly creatures. I was left wide eyed
at a shot that professionals wait for hours to capture. It felt
as if, these heavenly water bubbles gave me an unexpected
I got back into my balcony. To look at the sky in wonder and
nearly laughed out loud at my imagination of a cloud winking
at me. These sugary candy floss newborns of Mother Earth
from the lap of father sky made my day.

-By Kalpana-

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