The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 7 Recap

Sun-A is quiet as Heo rushes into the room. The atmosphere is tense as Chairman Min and Chairman Park lament what happened. President Seo says this is a civil war as Yo Han has declared war on the country. He adds that he donated his precious money for the public and this is what he gets. He wonders if Yo Han is a communist. He complains that Chairman Seo is not around.

Sun-A reminds them that this is a groundless accusation and Heo calms down.

Ga-on finds Yo Han in his office. He accuses him of kidnapping Dr Safety and forcing him into giving the dramatic statement. Yo Han accepts that something similar happened.

Ga-on says Yo Han would’ve promised to pay Dr Saftey after he testified. Yo Han says it is possible that he pitied Dr Safety from the beginning.

Ga-on goes on to say that Yo Han wasn’t the one who attacked Soo Hyun because he didn’t have to. Yo Han watches him as Ga-on says Yo Han knew that Cha had accessed the bank details. He says Yo Han’s priority was to get to Dr Safety and not the bank statement.

Yo Han comments that Ga-on is very smart but wonders why he was furious that day. Ga-on retorts that Yo Han was angry when Ga-on took Elijah out too.

Ga-on asks who attacked Soo Hyun. Yo Han says it must be someone who doesn’t favour him.

Ga-on comes back to his office to find a hostile Jin-Joo in full support of the Foundation. Ga-on then tells her about the party Yo Han and he attended which makes Jin Joo fly off the handle. She is angry that they didn’t take her. She then gathers herself and sums up the party. She says the rich gathered and shared information for profit. She is interested in what Yo Han said.

Ga-on says Yo Han didn’t say anything. Jin-Joo says he did give money to the witness. She accuses him of putting on a scene in front of the witness. She says she used to be a fan of his as he is righteous and courageous. She says she isn’t sure of it now. She recalls Sun-A telling her to seize the moment and shine.

At night, Sun-A does her yoga routine. The accompanying audio mentions that for shining like a star you will have to become a bigger person.

later she admires her perfect self in the mirror.

Just then, Jae Hee (biker) walks in. She holds up the bank passbook she obtained from Soo Hyun. Sun-Ah tells her to throw it as she just needed it to create a story.

Sun-A says they have to watch the old men in the Foundation now. Jae Hee says Sun Ah has to give the speech as Healing mentor in Seo’s place. She says it is not wise for Seo to face the public when Yo Han has accused him of money laundering. She says she feels awkward giving a cheesy lecture.

Suddenly her demeanour changes as she calls Jae-Hee and says they could have got Dr Safety if she got there faster. Jae Hee’s smile fades as she apologises.

Sun A walks towards Jae-Hee and clasps her face. She tells her to do it right and Jae Hee responds that she will.

The next day, Sun A comes to the lecture. She finds the Director reprimanding a girl. Sun-A goes to the young girl and notes that the girl has a bruise on her forehead.

The Director hastily sends the girl away. She tells Sun-A that they are either poor orphans or runaways. She calls them troubled kids and tells her to be careful as they may steal her valuables. Sun A scowls.

Later, Sun A scribbles something on the board. Jae Hee tries to correct her. Sun-A gives up and writes her name on the board. She goes on to say that Sun means goos and Ah means child. She says she has to be a good child despite being a grown-up. She wonders out loud as to why her mother beat her up when she was drunk.

The girl with the bruise says that her mother beats her while drunk too. Sun A says the mother would have gone through a lot and she understands that now. She says the husband had abandoned the mother leaving her to work to make ends meet.

She says her mother hated her because she was a bad kid. She says she would steal because had no choice. Sun-Ah adds that she was teased bullied and beaten. She says she was always hungry.

Sun A says she started working for a wealthy family when she was 12. She says the boys were adorable, nice and they smelled good. She says they glowed.

At present, she wonders if her mother would have liked her if she was a good girl like the boys in the house.

Sun- A goes on to say you have to become rich if you have to be a good girl. Jae Hee shakes her head. Sun-A says you can’t be nice when you have to prey on others to survive. The staff seem uneasy.

Sun-A tells them to survive by all means and if they are attacked, they should bite back. She urges them to steal something if they need it.

She adds that the world is a tougher place for lonely girls as all men are beasts. She tells the girls to take advantage of it when men come on to them. She says the law is never on their side so they have to gather evidence or record it. She tells them to torment him till the day he dies. She tells them to threaten him till he is tame as a dog.

Jae-Hee gestures for the camera to stop recording.

After the speech, one of the girls from the audience asks if Sun-Ah’s mother likes her now since she has become rich. Sun-A says her mother died after falling down a set of stairs when Sun-A was 12.

Later the Director walks Sun-A out of the auditorium and she praises the speech. Sun-A smiles and pushes the director smoothly. The director falls down the stairs. Sun-A turns around to see the girl with the bruise standing at the top of the stairs. Sun-A winks at her and the girl smiles in return.

A furious Elijah goes to Yo Han’s study. She throws the tracker at him and tells him that she has the right to go where she wants and he shouldn’t track her. He is stern as he reminds her that he is her guardian. She says he treats her like an animal. 

Yo Han tells her no one approaches a person without a motive. He tells her that she follows someone who shows kindness and ends up being used or kidnapped.

Ga-on walks in on them and tells Yo Han to go easy on her because he is the only one Elijah has. He says she just feels lonely. Yo Han tells him to stop talking as if he knows everything. Ga-on apologises but takes Elijah out of the room.

Yo Han tells his Virtual Assistant to order books on how to communicate with an adolescent. 

Meanwhile, Ga-on tells Elijah that he lost his parents when he was 16. He says they got conned by a con artist. He says his father took his own life and his mother died out of shock. Elijah is uncomfortable as she doesn’t know how to react. He says he was lonely and slept anywhere. Ga-on tells Elijah that she is strong as she faced everything alone in this big house.

Later, Yo Han reads the book on communicating with adolescents. It says he has to talk about the topics the teenager is interested in and always keep a smile.

Yo Han goes over to Elijah’s room. She is still cold towards him. She shuts the door on him at first but he holds it open. She gives him a weird look when he tries small talk and holds a smile. She shuts the door on him.

She then opens the door and asks him about the person who conned Ga-on’s parents. Yo Han maintains a smile as he narrates the case. He says it was a pyramid scam and over ten people committed suicide over it. She says okay and shuts the door on him. Yo Han is irritated at his virtual assistant.

The next day at the Blue House, the Press Secretary holds a Press meetPresident Heo intervenes and gives a very animated and emotional speech. He challenges Yo Han’s accusations by claiming they are rumours. Heo accuses Yo Han of conspiring with a foreign country and that Yo Han has received funds from those countries. He says any person giving a tip against Yo Han will be rewarded. A reporter asks if Heo will give his own money. Heo walks out in response.

Later, Heo tells his wife that he is distracting the public by announcing rewards.

In Kang Yo Han’s office, Ga-on says Heo was an actor but now he is the President. Yo Han says that now it is the President, Minister of Justice, conglomerates and the media which is pretty much all of Korea. Ga-on asks if Yo Han is going to be okay as he picked up a fight with the country.

Yo Han says they gained power through their hypocrisy. He says when in trouble one will be moved through even the smallest activity of kindness. He says the Foundation did not spend the money for Disaster Relief after the pandemic. He says the Foundations increased their charity and did mass advertising of the same.

He says they created an image of the wealthy taking over responsibility and used it as a weapon to take over the administration. He says they will put all the homeless and ill people in the Dream home village and redevelop the city.

Ga-on says they would have purchased the land around the project using borrowed names. He asks if Yo Han has the evidence. Yo Han says he doesn’t as it is not easy. He says they won’t hesitate to blow up the judge chambers. Ga-on wonders why he did it despite knowing that.

Yo Han says it is fun.

Ga-on calls him irresponsible and asks if Yo Han thought about Elijah. Yo Han says, “Always, constantly.” He asks Yo Han for all the documents he has on the Foundation. Yo Han asks if Ga-on will help. Ga-on says he won’t do anything unlawful. He says a Judge is most powerful when they do what the law says.

Ga-on asks what Yo Han’s next plan is. Yo Han says it is division.

The next day Yo Han goes to the Head office of the Minbo group. Outside he takes a bunch of flyers from a protestor who is campaigning for Chairman Min’s resignation.

Yo Han heads inside and the staff immediately recognises him. He asks to see the chairman and she directs him accordingly. She immediately makes a phone call and says that Yo Han is in the building.

Yo Han goes up and the secretary is charmed at his appearance. She says the Chairman is in a meeting and he says he will wait. She hovers around him but he says she can get back to her work.  After 7 minutes, Yo Han gets up and goes over to the secretary’s desk. He eyes the document cover with Minbo group’s logo on it.

On the first floor, the staff sees him walks out with the stuffed cover. She again reports this to someone.

Yo Han gets into his car and removes the flyers from the envelope. Not long after, he receives a call from Chairman Park, asking to meet.

Yo Han meets him for dinner. Park promises to give him any details he wants. Parks says it was Cha’s idea to charge Yo Han with buying the witness. Yo Han eats in silence. Park sends away his bodyguards. Park gives Yo Han a lot of dirt on Chairman Min. He sees that Yo Han has uttered not a word. He promises to give Yo Han the Foundation’s Financial Documents.

One of the bodyguards comes out and calls someone and tells them that Yo Han is here.

Later, Yo Han has dinner with Chairman Min. Min says anything that Park says is a lie and he trash talks Park. He continues to talk.

Soon, numerous documents lay in front of Ga-on who pores through them. Yo Han comes home to see Ga-on working hard on them.

Yo Han drives down the road and he is followed by a convoy of cars who soon cut him off and tell him to come with them.

Yo Han is lead into the Blue House where President Heo meets him in secret. He says that since Yo Han has ruined his reputation, Heo can’t do anything to him now. He says he could release celebrity scandals to throw people off his scent and then no one will notice Yo Han’s disappearance. He says he is aware that Yo Han has been busy meeting fools. Yo Han says he is meeting one now. Heo asks Yo Han what documents Min and Park gave him but Yo Han doesn’t respond.

Heo asks if he should make good his threat.

As a response, Yo Han takes his phone and starts live streaming. He addresses the subscribers of Heo’s channel as he cheerfully says that the President invited him. Heo is stumped at this move. Heo tries to walks out of the frame but Yo Han grabs him. He says Heo has promised to find out the person behind the foundation’s corruption. Heo has no choice but to play along.

Yo Han comes home and Ga-on says that he has found something. He says the foundation keeps advertising the sponsors are donating but the Dream Home Project can be realised through the public donations alone.

Yo Han confirms with Ga-on that Park and Min’s documents are fabricated. Both of them have made it look like the other has embezzled the funds. Yo Han says that is expected. He then asks about tip-offs. Ga-on says most calls are prank calls. Yo Han says they should still pay them and he tells them that they should broadcast the number of tip-offs they are receiving. Yo Han says you should always be confident when you are trying to fool someone.

Ga-on frowns as he says Yo Han sounds like a conman. Yo Han says he forgets that Ga-on would be triggered by this. As he walks out, Yo Han asks which conman would spend his own money to save the world.

At night, Ga-on has disturbed sleep. He dreams of the con artist Doh Young Choon. In the dream, Ga-on sits alone at the funeral home. Soo Hyun walks in and sits beside him. Ga-on weeps. She cries hard as she consoles him. Later, Ga-on goes to the courthouse with a knife. He watches as Doh Young Choon (Jung Eun-Pyo) gets down from the bus and gives a smile. The bereaved family of the victims gather around the bus and ask him to be punished.

Ga-on runs towards Doh Young Choon with his knife but Soo Hyun stops him by clasping the blade in her hand. She tells him that Doh is not worth it. He looks down at her bleeding hand.

At present, Ga-on visits Soo Hyun at the hospital. She asks him what Yo Han is up to. He tells her to rest but she is stubborn. She says she feels bad for Elijah. He gets up to leave but she tells him to have some apples. As she is about to peel them, he grabs the knife from her. Her hand still has the scar from the day she held the blade.

The news states that Yo Han has received over 20 tip-offs. It says the Foundation has denied the allegations but has not given a formal statement. The employees in the Foundation are tempted to give tip-offs. One lady gives this a serious thought.

Meanwhile, Heo, Min, Park and Sun-A meet. They say that the opposition is supporting Yo Han. Min and Park claim that they gave Yo Han fabricated evidence. Sun-A comments that the walls of the foundation are broken from the inside out.

Heo gets a message that Yo Han is holding a press meet. He switches on the TV. A tip-off counter runs on the TV.

Yo Han starts by thanking the informants. He says the Foundation’s attitude has changed after the tip-off. He puts up his live stream with Heo. He mentions that the two executive directors of the Foundation gave him some documents.

He puts up photographs of Min and Park handing over documents.

There is pin-drop silence in Sun-A’s camp.

Yo Han says they gave a sub-contract to a company run by a family member and bought a site for a future business venture.

Yo Han says they looked into the file in detail. He brings up the figures showing the donations. He mentions that the donation made by the public alone can cover the cost of The Dream House Project. He asks where is the Director’s donations being used. Yo Han says Ga-on personally checked this.

Yo Han is asked if he got his hands on the Foundation. Yo Han says one brave person has sent the financial records to them and the numbers don’t add up. Yo-han wonders if the money is embezzled or the donation didn’t take place at all.

Then Yo Han brings up Ga-on’s family photo on the screen and Ga-on is taken aback. He says Ga-on’s parents lost their lives to a scam. He says Ga-on feels strongly on the subject so he couldn’t sit back and watch the nation being fooled. Yo Han promises to reveal all the contents of the documents once they have confirmed the safety of the informants. H3e says it will take place in one week. He concludes the press meet. He catches Ga-on giving him a disapproving look. Yo Han walks away as Ga-on is swarmed by the press. Jin-Joo takes him out of the courtroom.

Ga-on barges into Yo Han’s office after him. He asks if he was just a tool and asks how Yo Han is different from them. He asks if Yo Han thinks it is okay to use anything to get his way. Yo Han says Ga-on didn’t want to become a shady law-breaker. Yo Han says this is a war.

Ga-on asks if he is going to show perjured reports next week. He says they should punish them by the law. Yo Han asks if Ga-on found conman Doh Young Choon’s punishment satisfactory.

Yo Han says Doh got just 17 years in prison after a lengthy trial with expensive lawyers. Ga-on defends the system as he says the jury is comprised of ordinary citizens who deliberated before passing the verdict.

Yo Han asks if that is what Ga-on believes in order to live and if that is what Soo Hyun and Professor Min have told him. He asks if Ga-on suppresses his emotion to kill by thinking like that. Ga-on tells him not to come to conclusions as he recalls Soo Hyun’s bloodied hand.

Yo Han says there is something he has to show Ga-on.

Meanwhile, Heo loses his cool. They all argue and finally, Sun-A breaks her silence. SHe says Yo Han is capable of making cards even when he doesn’t have them. She says they should show the people their hand if they want to call Yo Han’s bluff. She says they have to reveal the projects real purpose and its financial details along with its future prospects. She says they have Mr Seo.

A dishevelled Seo wonders if this is his chance to get back up.

Meanwhile, Yo Han sets out in his car with Ga-on.

Chairman Seo meets Min, Park and Heo. He says he will handle it. He says they should pin the embezzlement on Sun-A. He says they were grooming her for a situation like this and they should go through with it. The others say Sun-A won’t keep quiet if she is framed for something. Seo says they should take care of her forever then. They agree that Sun-Ah should be silenced so she can take the fall. They all laugh insanely.

It is night by the time Yo Han and Ga-on reach the correctional facility. They are greeted by the guards inside the facility. They say they look up to Yo Han and are his huge fans.

Yo Han brings Ga-on to the visiting room. Ga-on realises that Yo-han wants him to see Doh Young Choon. Ga-on is furious and he is about to walk out. Yo Han holds him back.

Ga-on slowly turns around when the prisoner walks it. Yo Han watches Ga- on intently. To Ga-on’s utter shock, he sees that the person serving his time in prison is not Doh Young Chool but an impostor.

Yo Han is quiet as Ga-on tells the officer that this isn’t Doh Young Choon. The officer reads out Doh Young Choon’s crimes and says this is the man. Ga-on asks the old man who he is but the man doesn’t respond. Ga-on tells Yo Han that he will never forget Doh’s face.

Yo Han says they should go out and walks away.

As they walk into the prison grounds, Yo Han says that the system is what can be thoroughly manipulated. He says a system stands no chance against power and power can control the system however it likes.

Yo Han watches as Ga-on struggles with his emotions. Finally, Ga-on sinks to the ground and screams loud and finally is reduced to tears.

Meanwhile, Seo comes to his office. He finds Sun-A in his seat.  Seo acts scared and bows to her. She comments that he has aged and wonders if it is because she has something on him and is bullying him. Seo says it is all his fault and he shouldn’t be blaming anyone.

Sun-A says she blames herself. She says she was young when she came here first and she asks him why he did that to her.

Seo breaks down into tears. She asks him why he is crying when she never got a chance to cry even once. Seo crouches beside her as he cries. She tells him to get up and he does.

She opens her arms wide and calls him. He walks into her arms and cries like a child. She consoles him as she says they should put an end to this.  She says she forgives him. She says he is an important person who will save the country.

Seo’s eyes widen in shock as Sun-A stabs him. She tells him that everything will be okay as he is dying a respectful death as the respectful chairman Seo. She says it is a lot more than he deserves. She stabs him again and pushes him away. Seo falls and the blood pools around him.

Later, the news mentions that Chairman Seo took his own life as a means to take responsibility for the donation embezzlement allegations. It adds that all the employees who were responsible have destroyed evidence and fled. It says that Seo was devastated at this and ended his life.

Meanwhile, Sun A takes over as chairman of the Foundation. She stands at the dais and smiles.

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This episode revealed a lot about Sun-A’s backstory. The scene where Sun-A addressed the girls from the foundation was a good watch. She seemed triggered after seeing the bruised girl. She was out of control throughout the speech. She didn’t bother about anyone and went on saying what was in her mind. It looks like no matter how high she climbs on the social ladder, deep down she is still the 12-year-old girl who yearned for more. 

It is implied that her very first victim was her mother whom she apparently pushed from the stairs. 

Sun-A also rose to power by blackmailing Seo. It also looks like she nurses a hatred towards men in general. She seems to be recruiting only women who share a similar background as hers. 

It was interesting to see how Sun-A didn’t bother to stage Seo’s death and just stabbed him. A normal investigation would’ve confirmed that this was a murder. This goes to show the amount of control she has over the judicial system. 

This episode was a major turning point for Ga-on. He learnt that Do Young Choon (the man who conned his parents) is not doing his time in prison. This was good suspense. It looks like someone has Doh Young Choon’s back.

Ga-on relates Elijah’s lonely life to his teenage years. It looks like he feels Soo Hyun can help Elijah out the same way she did for him. But, it looks like Soo Hyun is interested in Elijah just to get more information on Yo Han.

Yo Han is working extremely hard to bring Ga-on to his side. He seems to have done extensive background work for this.

It is intriguing how the show portrays the powerful and the powerless. The show balances out the characters by placing both the rich and the poor in various tiers of society. Everyone seems to be exploiting the power (however little) they have.

This episode reiterated that power is capable of corrupting anyone no matter what background they come from. Though he uses unlawful methods and is working on his secret agenda, Yo Han seems to be the only one who seems to wield his power for sake of the people.

-By Soul Sword-

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