The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 6 Recap

Eliah shakes Ga-on awake in the middle of the night and says that Yo Han isn’t home. She says he has never stayed out overnight since his accident. He makes coffee for her. He comments that she helped Yo Han find a prison. Elijah says it would have been fun if they would have cut it off and Ga-on laughs it off. He says she is surely related to him by blood.

She tells him not to say that. She says Yo Han ruins anything close to him. She says that he made a maid who liked him jump from the second floor. She mentions how her dad and she ended up too.

Elsewhere, Yo Han breaks away from Sun-A’s kiss. She takes a few steps away and smiles. Yo-han says she is still the same. He says she still doesn’t know her place and lays her hand on everything. She asks if he recognises her now.


Young Sun-A marvels at the cutlery at Yo Han’s household. She wonders if she has to be reborn to live like this. Ji tells her that the chairman doesn’t like talkative kids and tells her to keep her mouth shut if she doesn’t want to get kicked out. She says Master Yo Han is handsome and beautiful. She asks why he is kept locked in the basement. Ji tells her to keep quiet.

Later, Sun-A brings Yo han food. She says she will keep a lookout for him and he can come out now and then. Ji finds Sun-A watching Yo Han as he reads.

One day, Sun-A is wiping the window on the second floor. Yo Han walks up to her and asks her how much she likes him. She says a lot. He asks if she can jump from the window.

Ji watches as Sun-A falls from the window. She runs forward yelling. She looks at Yo Han who peeps from the window. He smirks slightly.

At present, Sun-A calls Yo Han mean. She says she liked him so much. Yo Han says she is being ridiculous as she liked something else. She holds the silver cup in her hand.


Sun-A steals a silver cup from the cupboard. Yo Han catches her at it and says the Chairman is unforgiving. Sun-A asks if he is concerned about her. She declares that she likes him a lot but he doesn’t like her.

Soon, Ji complains that things keep disappearing nowadays. Sun-a says that Yo han has been leaving his quarters quite often these days. Ji says she will see to it.

Yo Han overhears this conversation.

One day, Yo Han catches her trying to steal Issac’s mother’s cross-chain. Yo Han threatens to tell on her if she doesn’t keep it back. Sun-A says she was just looking at it. She says the chairman will kill her if she touches anything of the mistress.

At night, Sun-A takes the cross pendant and walks away.

The next day, Sun-Ah is cleaning the window. Yo Han walks towards her. He takes the cross pendant from his pocket and he looks at her. She is worried.

He walks up towards her and asks her how much she loves him. He asks if she can jump from the window. Sun-A smiles as she climbs to the window and falls.

At present, Sun-A asks if that is what happened and calls him smart. She walks around the place which is adorned with Yo Han’s photos. She says she does like him as she likes all things that glitter.

Yo Han says she worked really hard and is now a maid to the foundation, doing petty thefts there.

Sun-Ah rushes forward in fury and chokes him. Yo Han doesn’t respond and she lets him go.

Sun-A says he is incredible as he got rid of his brother and saved his niece so that he won’t be suspected. She says he acted like a hero. She says she can’t help but fall in love with him. Yo Han smiles.

Meanwhile, Ga-on asks Elijah why she suspects him. She says she hacked into Yo Han’s computer for fun when she was 12 years old. She says she found a hidden folder in it. 

Elijah says she found the application to cancel the deed of the donation in the hidden folder. She says the date it was filed was a week before the fire. She sobs as she says that all she has left is Yo Han.

YO Han smiles as he asks Sun-A what she wants. Sun-A says she doesn’t care whom he goes after but she asks him to leave the Foundation out of it.

He asks if she is referring to the Dream Home project. She says they both are very similar and they can do things together.

Yo Han tells her to stop wasting time and tells her to kill him when she has the chance. He says she won’t be able to get him like again ever. He tells her that threats are pointless as he has nothing he wishes to protect.

Sun-A says it is a pity and sinks an injection into his hand. Yo Han loses consciousness. Sun-A tells the female motorcyclist to put Yo Han back in his home. The woman asks why she isn’t killing him. Sun-A says a herding dog needs a wolf. She says the more noise Yo Han makes, the more the others will rely on her.

She notices the cross pendant Yo Han is wearing as a bracelet. She says there is no person who has nothing to protect.

Yo Han wakes up in his car just outside his house. He finds the cross pendant gone.

Yo Han walks into his house to find Elijah and Ga-on fast asleep in the living room. He quietly goes over and pulls the shawl over Elijah. He trips on the wheelchair while going back but no one wakes up.

Ga-on wakes up the next morning as Yo Han walks into the living room. He asks where Yo han was last time. Yo Han asks if Ga-on is prying into his private life. He goes on to says that he went out with a tough woman who grabbed his hair and kissed him.

Ga-on stops him from saying anything further and Yo Han smiles.

The next day, Elijah finds that the cereal is empty. She asks Ga-on to make Rameon for her. Elijah smiles as she recalls waking up at night and seeing Ga-on beside her.

Ga-on declares that they should have rice like normal people. He says he cooked to pay for his stay. Elijah smiles after him.

She becomes serious as Yo Han points out that she is smiling. He adds that he is fascinated to see her caring for Ga-on. He runs away after mimicking her and she chases after him.

Yo Han and Elijah sit at the meal as Ga-on serves a delicious spread. Elijah says that this is all Korean food. She says she hates Korean food. Ga-on tells her not to eat if she doesn’t like it. Elijah says she will try his cooking to see how bad it is.

Elijah takes one sip of the soup and her face lights up. Ga-on asks if Yo Han isn’t eating. Yo Han says he can’t taste much. He says he chews and swallows.

Soon Yo Han’s appetite turns out to be ravenous as he keeps eating. Elijah tells Ga-on that she doesn’t accept pity. Ga-on says he cooked for his stay.

She asks him where he learnt to cook. Ga-on says he was a restaurant owner’s son for 16 years and then he lived alone for 13 years. She asks if his parents stopped running the restaurant. 

Yo Han is quiet while Ga-on gives a slight smile.

Just then, Ji walks in and is shocked. Yo Han immediately gets up as Ji asks him what is going on. She complains that he never eats the food she makes. Yo Han walks out without responding as Ga-on says he has made some food for Ji too.

At night, Ga-on asks if Elijah is free to meet his friend tomorrow.

The following day, Soo Hyun joins Ga-on and Elijah at a cafe. Elijah comments that Soo Hyun is pretty. Ga-on says he thought Elijah should have a female friend. Elijah says she is 16 and she is not a child anymore to have company.

Meanwhile, Yo Han notices Elijah’s absence in the house. Ji says she hasn’t seen her around either.

Soo Hyun asks Elijah if she has the hidden file from Yo Han’s computer. Ga-on asks Soo Hyun why she asked that. He goes on to say that donating everything you own is a bit extreme. He says Yo Han could have cancelled it for Elijah. He says the date a file is created can be misleading. Soo Hyun says she wants it to be perfect.

Yo Han barges into the restaurant and threatens to charge them for kidnapping a minor. He tells Soo Hyun that he will go after anyone who comes after this child.

He brings Elijah to the parking lot. Elijah is on the brink of tears. Elijah yells that she won’t get in. Yo Han yells back telling her not to be childish. She asks him if she is his child and asks why he has to humiliate her. She cries as she asks if he is treating her like this because of her condition. Yo Han goes silent.

Ga-on and Soo Hyun come to the parking lot. Elijah tells Yo Han that they should go. Yo Han helps her into the vehicle and he drives off.

Sun-A is at a private party with Mrs Min and Mrs Park. She watches with contempt as they get drunk. 

Suddenly, Minister Cha walks in and everyone goes silent. She tells Min’s wife and Park’s wife that she is aware of them buying properties under borrowed names. She threatens them saying that they will be receiving summons from the prosecutors and walks away.

Sun-A follows Cha outside. Cha asks Sun-A if Seo is really in charge of the organisation. Sun-A asks her if it really matters. Cha tells her to catch Kang Yo Han and walks out.

Sun-A goes back in. Both women turn to Sun-A for help. Sun-A says Cha is bitter about being left out earlier. She says she will speak to Seo about the issue. Both women promise to donate those properties to the foundation if Sun-A helps them. Sun-A smiles as she hears this.

She sends them off and sits on the couch crossing her legs. She puts her hands over the armrest and she holds the cross pendant in her hand. She wonders if Yo Han really has nothing to protect.

Yo Han is on the phone with K. He says he underestimated Sun-A. He says she is a real crazy woman. K says he will tighten the security and continue to monitor her. He hangs up when Ga-on comes in.

Yo Han gives Ga-on all the details he has on Soo Hyun. Ga-on is shocked that Yo Han did a background search on her. Yo Han asks Ga-on what he was thinking by bringing Elijah in front of a policewoman. He reminds Ga-on that he won’t hesitate to get rid of anyone who comes in his way. Ga-on says he thought Elijah was lonely. He warns Yo Han not to go near Soo Hyun. Yo Han says he is curious to know what will happen if he indeed messes with her.

The next day, Ga-on is on the way to the Supreme Court. He calls up Soo Hyun to stay off Yo Han’s case. She doesn’t seem to heed his warnings.

Ga-on notices Professor Min drive past him. Immediately, the expensive bike also rides past him. 

The biker takes photos of Professor Min, dining with someone. Ga-on catches up with the biker. The biker hits him and runs away. Ga-on follows her. She finds the key missing from her bike. Ga-on has them with him. 

Just then, a cab pulls up beside her and she drags the driver out. She drives away in the cab. Ga-on pursues her on the bike. He manages to cut her off in a tunnel. She gets out of the car and continues running. Ga-on loses her as another car comes and picks her up. They drive away.

Once they lose Ga-on, the car stops. Sun-A who was driving the car gets out. The biker asks her why she asked her to do this. Sun-A says she is sowing seeds of doubt. She says it will grow fast once it takes root.

Ga-on comes back and tells Min about the incident. Min suspects that Yo Han is behind it. He says he has been meeting people who are worried about Kang Yo Han’s methods.

Jin Joo runs into Sun-A at work. Sun-A has a talk with Jin-Joo. Jin-Joo is modest when Sun-A compliments her. Sun-A says the people like the emotion Jin Joo brings to the live trial. Jin Joo says it is because she is from an underprivileged background. Sun A says the poor recognise the poor like a radar.

Sun-A says this is a male-dominated field and Jin-Joo should be more ambitious. She reminds Jin-Joo that she is a star and walks away. Jin-Joo looks around the portrait of the judges and they are all men.

At night, Ga-on comes into the living room to find Yo Han watching a video on the screen. It shows a group of men flogging a man since he is a pickpocketer. They say they are the authority.

Yo Han watches this without a word and Ga-on looks at him.

Elsewhere, Soo Hyun watches Dr Safety (Episode 2- Ju Chemical waste case ) make a huge cash withdrawal at night and walk away. She retrieves the torn receipt from the bin and pieces them together. She tells Ga-on that she is going to get a warrant to check Kang Yo Han’s bank account. Ga-on warns her not to but she doesn’t listen. As she drives off, a figure clicks photographs of her.

AT the precinct, the Chief tells her off for suggesting a warrant to check Yo Han’s bank account. She tells this to Ga-on over the phone.

The Chief is on phone with K and tells him what happened. Soon, K tells Yo Han about Soo Hyun and he says she probably knows about the money transfer. Yo Han asks him to move forward with the plan.

Jin-Joo walks into the office lost in thought. She says Yo Han doesn’t include them in the work. She says she gave him few cases to take up in the live trial and he didn’t even look at them. Ga-On doesn’t seem interested in this and he excuses himself.

At night, Soo Hyun calls up Ga-on and says Dr Saftey is gone and his house is in a mess. She says there are traces of a struggle. Ga-on tells her to get out of there. Before she can say anything else someone hits her over the head and she passes out.

Ga-on rushes to the hospital and finds Soo Hyun with a bandage on her head. She says she took the passbook but now it is gone.

Just then, they see Cha’s press conference on TV. Cha says Dr Safety had received a large amount of money from Yo Han before the trial. She says Dr Safety is missing now. She promises to investigate the matter. 

Soo Hyun comments that Yo Han has gone to this extreme to stop this.

Ga-on barges into Yo Hans house and punches himYo Han is furious as he grabs Ga-on to punch him back but stops himself. He shoves Ga-on who falls on the desk and Yo Han rams a scissor on the desk. Ga-on stares at it wide-eyed.

Yo Han hears him out and says he didn’t order the attack on Soo Hyun. He says it is not his problem if Gaon doesn’t trust him. He warns Ga-on never to attack him again.

Sun-A is in the bath when the biker Jae Hee calls her up and says the job is done. Sun-A commends her.

The next day, Jin Joo is flustered. She tells Ga-on that this is a matter of her career which she works so hard for.

That evening, Yo Han meets Cha. She seems proud of herself as she comes to talk with him. He tells her that he knows who is been giving her the information. He says she won’t be able to prove anything. She says when the public is involved, only the storytelling matters. She accuses him of making everyone suffer in pain and she says now it’s time for retaliation.

Yo Han laughs hard at this as out of all people she is telling this to him. He says she is the one who coerces and fabricates things. He says he had come to strike a deal but he says the deal is off now. He tells her to do what she wants and walks away.

At the Supreme Court Panel, Yo Han is reprimanded for his actions. Yo Han says he will handle it.  The Chief Justice says Yo Han has disgraced them by creating a scam. Yo Han claims that the claims are one-sided. Min says Yo Han included public pinions and not just law and order in his live trials. He says the public is impatient and cruel.

The Chief Justice says the public will be enraged if they don’t do anything. He orders Yo Han to hand in the resignation. He says the live court show should be halted too.

Yo Han comes out of the hall and is hounded by the press asking him if the bribery allegations are true.

President Heo, Sun-A and the sponsors watch Yo Han on screen. Chairman Park calls his office and tells them to increase the ad costs as Yo Han is giving a press meet.

Yo Han says he will take full responsibility and he will say his last word at court.

Yo Han goes to the courtroom. Jin Joo and Ga-on come up to him and say they are in this together and they will also take responsibility. 

Yo Han says they have no part in this. He says he is going as a defendant and not as a Judge. He goes to face the reporters.

Cha tunes into the Press Conference.

Yo Han starts by admitting to transferring the money in Dr Safety’s account.  

The public is shocked and they start passing comments.

Yo Han apologises to the public.

Cha gives a triumphant smile.

Just then, Dr Safety walks into the courtroom and says Yo Han has done nothing wrong. The crowd buzzes on seeing him.

He starts by saying his testimony was true and Chairman Ju acknowledged that he knew about the leak.

Dr Safety says that Yo Han has transferred that money after Dr Safety lost his job at the factory. He says Yo Han took pity on him and his family. 

The notice of Dr Safety’s dismissal is flashed on the screen. He says Yo Han checked on him to see if he was mistreated after the trial. He says Yo Han helped him because he felt bad for him. Dr Safety asks if this was a crime.

Yo Han intervenes and says trust is vital for a trial. He says he is guilty of doing something to arouse suspicion. He tells the public to judge him. He says he will resign now if the public thinks he is guilty.

The public votes. The sponsors wait anxiously.

Innocent-92.6% Guilty-7.4%

Yo Han says if this is the public’s consensus, he will obey. he thanks the public.

Yo Han says he will stake everything he owns in order to reveal what the powerful are trying to cover up.

The advertisement for the Dream Home Project comes on screen. Yo Han says the Social Responsibility Foundation is not using the donation for this project. 

He puts up the images of the people behind the project which include President Heo, Chairman Seo, Chairman Park, Chairman Min, Minister Cha etc.

The sponsors are appalled as they see their faces on screen.

Sun-A smirks as she sees this.

Yo han says he will find out where the money is being used and what is the real purpose of the project. He says he will compensate with his own money, anyone who gives a tip. He promises this and concludes the Press Conference.

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode showed Yo Han and Sun-A’s encounters in the past. It looks like Sun-A hasn’t changed much from before. That includes her obsession for Yo Han. The dialogues between Yo Han and Sun A were well-written. 

Now that Yo Han has refused to team up with her, Sun-A is trying to turn Ga-On and Jin-Joo against him. This wouldn’t be very difficult for her.

However, it is interesting that whenever there is an accusation against Yo Han, there is also another explanation that absolves him of the crimes.

This time, the government and the entire nation was against Yo Han. Yet, he single-handedly worked his way out of the issue. He seems to know what will make the scales tip in his favour.

Minister Cha has also figured out that Sun-A is the real power behind the Social Responsibility Foundation. I wonder if Sun-A went through all this trouble just to get back at Yo Han. Her purpose is still unclear as the mystery surrounding her deepens even more.

Elijah and Yo Han seems to share a bond. Though Elijah keeps suspecting Yo Han she takes his side when a situation arises.

Professor Min is the only character who suspects Yo Han but isn’t a part of the Social Responsibility Foundation. He was the one who got Ga-on to investigate Yo Han. He seems to know Ga-on’s parents. I wonder what made him suspicious of Yo Han.

It is intriguing how Yo Han never finds the press as a threat. When faced with any situation, he answers with ease and confidence. It is also interesting that Yo Han uses the facts to bring the public on his side while the Social Responsibility Foundation goes with lies.

This episode showed that the true power rests with the public now. There was real fear on the faces of the powerful when their faces were splashed on the screen in the last scene. They feel that the public overpowers the government as of now. They also realised that their collective power couldn’t remove Kang Yo Han from his position.

The plot is very interesting now as the tables are turning every minute.

-By Soul Sword-

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