The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 5 Recap

Yo Han wakes up from a nightmare in which the church burns. He opens his eyes and sees Issac standing before him. A line of fire blazes behind him.

Yo Han is heartbroken as he sits up and reaches a hand towards Issac who stands without moving.

Yo Han has a pained look on his face as he isn’t able to touch Issac. Yo Han weeps as the whole scene vanishes into thin air leaving behind Yo Han in the empty room.

Yo Han is startled when Ga-on walks in asking if he had a nightmare. Yo Han slaps Ga-on’s hand away. Elijah asks if she interrupted something. Yo Han asks why Ga-on is here. Ga-on says he wanted to say something but it can wait since Yo Han doesn’t seem well.

Elijah comes inside after Ga-on leaves. She comments that Yo Han looks like he saw someone he killed. Yo Han says, “I don’t care about someone whom I have already killed. And of course, if I am really the one who really killed that someone.” Elijah goes away with a scowl.

Later, Ga-on apologises to Yo Han for yesterday. He says he won’t complain even if Yo Han kicks him out of the department. Yo Han puts down his book on Ethology (Study of Animal Behaviour). Yo Han says he didn’t want to hear that he killed Isaac from someone who resembles him.

Ga-on says he will leave the bench if it is painful to look at him. Yo Han says he needn’t apologise for a coincidence. Ga-on also points out that Yo Han knows that Ga-on has been snooping behind his back. 

Yo Han asks if he found something. Ga-on says Yo Han has been preparing for a hunt for a long time. Ga-on says he has checked all of Yo Han’s trial records and all the rulings were customary. He says Yo Han didn’t want to draw attention just like how hunters hide their smell.


Yo Han keeps clicking his pen as he hears out a case where a drunk husband has been abusing his son and wife for several years. Yo Han watches as the man pleads with him to let him go this once and promises to lead a moral life from now on. His wife and son are huddled in the corner. Yo Han’s anger builds up and he feels like punching the pen into the man’s eye.

But in reality, Yo Han points out that the victim’s family asks for a favourable judgement and since the man was drunk, he suspends the execution of the sentence. The prosecutor is shocked to hear this. Yo Han walks away leaving behind a notepad on which he has vented his frustration using the pen.

At present, Ga-on says he doesn’t know the reason. But he says he understands Yo Han’s anger as he feels that emotion. Ga-on says using a trial as a tool is wrong. Yo Han says he doesn’t want Ga-on to understand him but says Ga-on needs to make a decision. He asks if Ga-on intends to stand in his way or by his side. Yo Han warns him that he doesn’t hesitate to get rid of people who stand in his way.

Ga-on says he knows. Yo Han tells him to leave. He says he won’t kick Ga-on out as it is fun working with him.

K walks in after Ga-on leaves. Yo Han says it is just as he expected. K asks why Yo Han is doing this. Yo Han says, “He related to me so much that I was flustered. I have never experienced that before.” He then asks what Cha is doing.

Cha goes to the correctional facility at night. She is told the Young Min’s sentence has not been served yet and he can’t have visitors. She says she is here as the Minister and not as a family of an inmate. She is allowed inside.

 Later, Cha weeps as she sees Young Min sleeping. He twitches in his sleep as he gets nightmares. He groans in pain as his wounds hurt. She walks away after telling the guard to take good care of him.

Ga-on sees Ji preparing food for the guest. She asks Ga-on if he likes Korean food as she knows only to make Korean cuisine. Yo Han comes in and reminds her that he told her not to be in this house after the sun has set. Ji apologises and walks out. 

Ga-on follows her and asks why Yo Han is acting that way. She says Yo Han is scared that she would poison him after what he has done. Ga-on asks her if she believes Yo Han has done it. He points out that she brought him up. Ji tells him to throw out the food she made and walks away.

Meanwhile, President Heo puts up an informal Livestream of himself in The Presidential House to compete with Yo Han’s popularity.

After the live stream, Heo and his wife switch on the TV to find Cha giving an interview. She says she has to uphold justice first before being a mother.

Cha takes a break from the interview. Sun-A is waiting for her backstage. She commends Cha for converting a crisis into an opportunity. Cha says The Foundation just like to sit and watch. Sun-A says Cha’s methods are offensive and not defensive. She tells Cha to go back inside as it isn’t over yet.

 As the interview resumes, Young Min’s photo with gashes on his back is brought up on the screen. Cha is asked if this isn’t barbaric for the 21st century. Cha brings herself to say that it isn’t and he deserved it. She apologises as she tears up. The anchor puts up footage of Yo Han saying the flogging will be made public. The anchor says this is a hot debate as it is inhumane. Cha struggles to respond as Sun-A smiles from the side of the room.

Yo Han watches this interview and comments, “The public is changeable. Not bad.” Yo Han makes a call and asks to know who is behind Cha.

Meanwhile, Jin-Joo is excited as Ga-on rejoins work. His fans have sent him a lot of presents as a welcome back token.

Ga-on is uneasy when the PD comes inside and says he is putting together a special episode for Ga-on. 

When Ga-on is out of earshot, Jin-joo asks if the show would still be fine after Cha cried on TV. The PD says it could be helpful as it is called noise marketing.

Soo-Hyun and her team arrive at a location reported for illegal gambling. Just then, Ga-on calls up and asks to meet at night. She hangs up after agreeing. After a scuffle, they make an arrest.

That evening, Yo Han leaves work. A man reports this to someone.

Yo Han meets with K. K says he used his connections in the prosecutor’s office but couldn’t find who was behind Cha. He asks if Cha could have done this on her own.

Yo Han asks if Cha can fake marks of flogging and put it on TV. He says he is sure someone else is behind this as Cha won’t leave a trace. He says they should attack the main body. He asks if K found who organises the Foundation’s Dream Home project. K says he made contact with one person.

Yo Han says he will meet on Saturday at 4 pm at the same place. K says he will arrange it and goes away. As Yo Han drives away from there, a bike follows him.

Yo Han comes home and finds a full meal waiting for him. His Virtual Assistant says that Ga-on left a message for him. Ga-on asks him to warm the meal and eat up so he can sleep well. He adds that if Yo Han skips meals he will get wrinkles.

Yo Han asks the VA since when it had two owners.

Yo Han sits down and relishes the meal. He washes it down with a cup of coffee and says this is nice.

Ga-on and Soo Hyun visit Detective Park (church fire investigator) again and she asks him about the source of his money. He tells them to get lost. Soo Hyun asks about Yo Han but Ga-on intervenes and asks about how much the Foundation paid to make it go away. Soo Hyun is taken aback. The detective pushes her and runs away.

They chase after him but he jumps from a low footbridge and runs away.

Later, Ga-on fills Soo-Hyun in on the church fire incident. She asks if he buys the story. Ga-on says that is why he came to Detective Park to check. Soo Hyun says the list of attendees at the church was also covered up. She says Yo Han couldn’t have done that at that time as it needs controlling the press and the prosecution.

Ga-on says if what Yo Han says is true then he would’ve cancelled the donation too. Soo Hyun says what Yo Han is doing is dangerous and asks Ga-on to leave it to her. Ga-on smiles as he recalls her being the same way since school. Soo Hyun has cried when he had been hit by some schoolboys back in school.

Soo Hyun says no one has the right to break the law.


Soo Hyun gets very good grades in school. She says she wants to join the police academy so she can protect someone who always gets into trouble.

At present, Ga-on says he is worried something may happen to Soo Hyun as powerful people are involved. She says it is too late for that.

The Chief Justice tells Yo Han to choose a case that the prosecution wants. He says it is not right for just one office to hog all the limelight. He says from now on there will be a discussion to choose appropriate cases for the live show. Yo Han says they should make the show a hit first. The Chief Justice says stabilising the society is the priority. He says they will change the judge if Yo Han isn’t willing to agree. He tells Yo Han not to forget who appoints him. Yo Han agrees and gets up. Yo Han tells the Chief Justice not to forget who appoints him (Chief Justice)

The live trial begins.

There is a loud cheer for Idol Judge Kim Ga-on for beating death. Yo Han smiles.

The defendant is the top star and actor Nam Seok Hoon. Yo Han notes that it is a celebrity instead of someone with power.

The prosecution charges him with habitual sexual assault. The prosecutor smiles as Nam admits to the charges.


Nam tells the Prosecutor that he may have made a mistake once or twice but he can’t accept sexual assault.

He says he did call his co-actress to his room late at night but she was the one who hit on him. He says that he has a daughter too now and he cant be involved in this.

The prosecutor presents a broken hard disk. He says they retrieved it from Nam and they can restore it. He says Nam has a hidden folder in it. He says Nam has an interesting hobby and he even has an expensive membership for the VIP room.

Blood drains from Nam’s face as the prosecutor asks what will the family’s reaction when they know about this.

At present the prosecution demands Nam be given 20 years imprisonment and be physically castrated because chemical castration costs a lot of money.

Nam is horrified as he says this is not what he agreed to.

The prosecutor says animals don’t have rights and the people want this.

The people in the courtroom cheer as they ask Yo Ha to cut it off.

Jin-Joo and Ga-on are worried as they look at Yo Han. Yo Han’s mind races as he thinks. Just then, Sun-A enters the courtroom. Yo Han sees her smiling at him and realisation dawns on his face. 


Sun-Ah convinces Cha to give Yo Han this particular case and demand this sentencing. She says whether Yo Han gives the verdict or not will reduce his popularity. She says Yo Han is smart and he won’t give that verdict. He says the people will be disappointed if he doesn’t give it either.

At present, Yo Han says he will listen to the Counsel’s statement during the next trial and he says that will be all for today.

At night, Ga-on finds Yo Han cutting out newspaper clippings about neutering pets. Ga-on is taken aback as he asks why he is looking at these articles. Yo Han says he has a keen interest in animals. Yo-Han asks if Ga-on is imagining something that would hurt human dignity. He says that would be taking it too far.

Yo Han says he is used to people looking at him as a monster but it hurts when Ga-on does it with that face.

Yo Han notes that Ga-on falters when he says things like this.

Yo-Han says some humans are born monsters and revenge is just an excuse to have fun. He says the instinct is very strong.

Ga-on tells Yo Han not to act tough. He says Yo Han isn’t brave enough to face his pains. Yo Han gets up and Ga-on says Yo Han falters every time he speaks like this. Ga-on walks out of the room.

Yo Han walks across the study and closes his eyes. He looks up and sees himself as a young boy. He sees his father by the desk. His father calls him downstairs. Young Yo Han looks at adult Yo Han before he comes down. He removes his clothes and turns around. Tears streak down Yo Han’s eyes as he sees the scars on young Yo Han’s back. His father takes a metal ruler from the desk and raises it to hit yo Han.

Adult Yo Han stops his father and says, “Don’t hit him. Please, don’t hit him.”Tears streak down Yo Han’s eyes as he says this.

Yo Han opens his eyes to find himself alone in the study. Yo Han comments that he is so sick of this place.

The next day, Ga-on and Elijah are on the lawn. Ga-on names the cat Kkomi. Yo Han hears them and watches their laughing forms from his window. He quickly moves away when Ga-on looks in his direction. 

Ga-on visits Professor Min at the Supreme Court. Min says it’s difficult to see Ga-on since he moved into Yo Han’s home and suggests they go for a meal. Ga-on notices an expensive motorbike at the parking lot. He finds it odd that a delivery person is using it.

Min recalls Ga-on getting into trouble while riding a bike back in his school days. He had forbidden Ga-on to ride on bikes since then.

As they reach the restaurant they see few children playing outside the restaurant.

At the restaurant, Min says Ga-on has to choose between being an informer or an accomplice. Ga-on says he is struggling to live with what is in his heart already. He asks why he should carry that burden as well.

As Ga-on comes out of the restaurant he sees a kid playfully flogging her friend (mimicking Young Min’s sentencing). Ga-on intervenes and stops them. The children don’t understand what is wrong with it.

A female motorcyclist watches this from far.

Yo Han watches a streamer who seems to be Yo Han’s fan. The man is in support of physically castrating Nam and he has a lot of people tuning in to see him. He wonders if Yo Han is watching. He says he is sure that Yo Han will sentence Nam to be castrated. 

Yo Han switches screen. He sees that Ga-on’s fans are all chirpy young girls who are asking him to marry them.

Meanwhile, Yo Han frowns as he sees the man bow to Yo Han cut out like he was a deity. Yo Han wonders why only his fans are weird.

 Ga-on walks around the house and he sees Elijah on a video conference with an American. She says she has the permission of the Mayor and she will need some information on the Texas state prison.

Ga-on finds Ji in the next room. She calls him as Young master now. Gaon learns from her that Elijah goes to Stanford and she has good grades. Ga-on comments that they are all geniuses. He asks if she can get the degree from home. Ji tells him to ask Yo Han or check the website.

Ga-on checks the website and finds that there is a building in Stanford called “Elijah Hall”. Ji says Yo Han can go to any extent for Elijah. Ji says that she is in favour of castrating Nam.

Nam’s lawyer tells him that even Kang Yo Han won’t go that far. Nam says he was coerced to plead guilty. The lawyer asks if he should expose the prosecution. Nam disagrees.

At court, Jin Ju tells Ga-on that as a judge it would be wrong to rule in the prosecution’s favour. As a citizen, she wonders why it shouldn’t be cut off. Ga-on says he feels the same way but wonders if it is okay to sever severe someone’s body part.

Ga-on adds that he is as scared of their country as the criminals are.  

At the live court, the prosecution and the defense counsel battle it out. Yo Han keeps clicking the pen restlessly. He gets up and watches the graph where the viewership increases with every second. 

The attorney adds that Korea has a low crime rate.

Jin-Joo interrupts him and says that a lot of crimes take place in the underprivileged area. She says she can say as a person who lived in a poor neighbourhood. She says the country is different for the poor.

The defense counsel says that Nam is a popular actor and he says the country is struggling as it is. Yo Han says he will deliver the verdict after recess.

Yo Han goes to his office after telling Jin Joo and Ga-on to take a break.

Ga-on goes to his desk and recalls everyone in support of the castration. He leans back in his chair.

The trial resumes. Yo Han scribbles on the notepad as he reads the sentence and the pen tears through the pages. Yo Han sentences Nam to 20 years in prison. He says, “And…” He watches Ga-on intently as his pen scratches away. Yo Han says. “That’s all”. The courtroom buzzes as the prosecution objects.

Yo Han breaks the pen and walks out.

Nam is shown to his prison cell. He is happy as he comments that he dodged a bullet. He thinks he will give money and get out soon. Soon he feels excruciating pain in his abdomen and he is rushed to the hospital.

He is told his appendix has to be removed. He goes into surgery.

Nam wakes up from anaesthesia and he sees that A surgeon is still working on him. Nam asks where the nurses are. He then asks what the surgeon is operating on.

Yo Han tells Nam that he talks too much. He climbs on top of Nam and Nam is terrified. Yo Han tells Nam not to worry as he will make it look pretty. Nam yells in terror as Yo Han brings the scissors close to Nam.

Ga-on snaps awake from his nightmare. Jin-Joo says they should get going.

Yo Han says the judges couldn’t reach an agreement so they can hand down only a prison sentence. He says Nam has to serve his sentence in Texas prison where habitual prisoners serve their time.  He adds that the countries have an MOU signed for the rehabilitation of habitual sex offenders. He says Nam can work towards change along with the prisoners who are like him. Yo Han sentences Nam to 20 years in prison.

Nam is horrified as they play footage of the inmates in the Texas prison.

The courtroom breaks into applause as they cheer Yo Han on. 

Yo Han glares at the prosecutor and walks past Sun-A without giving her a second glance.

Sun-A murmurs, “Is this how he does his homework? Kang Yo Han, the student who was able to surprise his teacher”. 

Back at Yo Han’s home, Yo Han says it feels light to give a lenient sentence. Ga-on smiles as he asks if that was lenient. Yo Han asks about Ga-on’s dream during recess. He asks how Ga-on can think Yo Han was capable of such things.

Ga-on asks about Elijah and Yo Han says she is resting. Yo Han says Elijah was the one who scoured through the US prisons and negotiated with the Texas state. Ga-on feels proud.

Later, Ji hands him an envelope from the Social Responsibility Foundation.

Yo Han drives to a place with shipping containers. He gets out of his car. He is knocked out cold by the female motorcyclist and is abducted.

Yo Han wakes up in a room that bears a resemblance to his home. He is handcuffed to the chair. He is confused as he looks around. He sees that the place is set up to look like his house.

Sun-A is dolled up and she comes and stands behind him. She leans down and says, “You are still pretty.”

 Yo Han recognises a cup on the table. He recalls the servant girl who fell from the 2nd floor when Yo Han was young.

Sun -A stands before him and curtsies.

He asks Sun- A, “Are you…

Sun A says with a pleased smile, “Hi Master Yo Han.”

We see a montage of the servant girl holding the chain with the cross pendant in her hand and smiling.

Yo Han stays still as Sun-A steps towards him and kisses him.

Image Courtesy- TVN


The trial scene was a tense one with retaliation from the Foundation and a great comeback by Yo Han. The judgement was fitting as it did go with Yo Han’s style of judgement, yet against the prosecution’s request. It also kept the people happy.

There were a couple of instances that imply that Yo Han is not the monster that people make him out to be. When he spoke to Eliah it seemed like he implied that he didn’t kill that person. Also, Yo Han didn’t rule in favour of the prosecution at the trial.

The public’s reaction to watching violence on live television was portrayed very well. When it comes to a subject where the citizens feel strongly about, it is easy to lose one’s head . At times like these, in the eyes of the public, Human rights disappear in the name of justice. This goes to show the reason why laws are made and criminals also have rights.

The show is maintaining a quick pace as the situation spiralled out of control very quickly. It looks like Yo Han has become the face of a cult that indulges in violence. The live trial is becoming a platform where the rich and famous are punished and the poor celebrate. The essence of justice at the forefront seems to be fading from the public’s mind. 

It does make one wonder if the public would react the same way if the offender was from the poorer section of society.

Most of the characters throw the word monster around Yo Han. This episode portrayed the monstrosity of the other characters. Though Sun-A masterminded the entire thing, many people agreed to it and set the ball rolling. They resorted to inhuman and risky means to put Yo Han in a tight spot.

The contrast between Yo Han’s methods and the Foundation’s make him seem more human than ever.

There is tension in the political camp with Yo Han stealing the limelight. Everyone is resorting to heavy canvassing to keep themselves in the race. 

Yo Han is haunted by his memories and the ghosts from his past. It looks like he has taken his first step towards self-healing after the exchange of words with Ga-on

Ga-on has to choose between Professor Min and Yo Han. He seems to be leaning towards Yo Han’s side as of now.  

It looks like Yo-Han has now found the face of his unknown enemy. Sun-A being the servant girl (with a crush on Yo Han) was good suspense. She seems to be obsessed with Yo Han and is on a mission of her own. I wonder what she meant by student surprising the teacher. 

In the montage, the servant girl was seen holding a cross pendant, which was seen previously on Issac, his mother and also Yo Han. 

Sun-A comes across as a twisted character and she keeps getting darker with every passing episode. The Foundation is expressing authority over the choice of trials. I wonder what is in store in the upcoming trials considering what they chose as their first one.

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