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Doctor John Episode 27-28 Recap

Doctor John Episode 27-28 Recap

Si Young informs 119 that Yo Han is a CIPA patient and that he might have a high temperature. She asks them to bring ice packs and to check his temperature immediately.

Yo Han is unconscious on the staircase landing bleeding from his head.

Later, Si Young and Yoo Joon rush into the Emergency Centre and the nurse leads them to Yo Han.


Yo Han is sitting on the bed. He has a dressing on his head and a cast (fracture) on his left wrist. He tells Yoo Joon that he is fine and that he had a fall. Si Young rushes forward and places her hand on his forehead. She says he has a fever. Yo Han keeps looking at her. She asks if he did other tests and he says everything else is fine. He says nothing is serious.

Yo Han asks about Gi Seok’s results and Yoo Joon says an abscess was found and they have put Gi Seok on antibiotics. He yells at Yo Han saying Si Young had called up to tell him that but he wasn’t reachable. He says that is how she called 119. He states that they were all scared. Yo Han says they can get back to the hospital and talk there.

He gets up but Si Young stops him. She says he has to stay here till his fever goes away. She tells he can’t escape like this. She puts his bag back and he sits down on the bed.

(A Certain Choice)

Back at the hospital, Min and Jung Kyu stand outside Gi Seok’s room and Mi Rae comes out to talk with them. She tells them that they need the phlegm test results to be certain but since the abscess was found on the MRI they are suspecting nocardiosis (lung infection in those with a weakened immune system) and have put Gi Seok on antibiotics.


Min asks where Yo Han is and Mi Rae says that he isn’t in the hospital. Joo Kyung asks if he was the one who diagnosed Gi Seok and Mi Rae nods. Joo Kyung comments that he is incredible. Chief Min receives a call from Yi Moon.


At his office, Yi Moon says the ethics commission has decided to finish with Yo Han first and then on suspend the chairman’s life-prolonging treatment. Min says that losing Yo Han would be a great loss for them. She says even after leaving the hospital he focused on diagnosing Gi Seok. She says that the chairman was always for making good doctors. She wonders if they are going against the chairman’s will.

Yi Moon says Cha Yo Han is a time bomb and they had problems with him ever since he joined them. He is persistent as he says they need to be done with Yo han before moving on to the next matter.


Meanwhile, Yo Han restlessly taps his finger while taking the IV. He says they should leave. Si Young glares at him. He immediately shifts his focus to the phone, expecting a call. Just then, the phone rings. Before attending the call, Si Young adjusts Yo Han’s hair to cover his dressing on the forehead. She explains that he wanted to look good.


Yoo Joon makes a video call to Yo Han. He shows the screen to Gi Seok. When Yo Han asks, Gi Seok blinks once confirming that he is okay. Yo Han tells Gi Seok that he will recover little by little. He says it will be easier to breathe once the pneumonia gets better and they will take him off the ventilator. He says that Gi Seok will be able to move his hands, feet and even turn his head. Yo Han thanks Gi Seok for pulling through even though he might have been frightened. A tear trickles down Gi Seok’s face. He tells Gi Seok to be healthy by the time they meet again. Gi Seok blinks once.

After they hang up, Yoo Joon asks if Gi Seok is wondering why Yo Han isn’t here. Gi Seok blinks once. Yoo Joon explains that Yo Han will be here soon. He says it will take a little time.

At the other Hospital, Si Young puts her hand over Yo Han’s bandaged wrist and asks if it hurts. He asks why it would hurt. He says she knows that it won’t hurt She says it looks like it hurts a lot and tells him that he can say it hurts. She pleads with him to say that it hurts. Her eyes tear up as she complains that he always says he is okay.

Yo Han comments that it must be hard. He says she is always concerned and anxious about him. She reminds him that she is his guardian. She says that is her job. He smiles and says that they should go in. She nods and is about to get up but he stops her. He holds her hand and thanks her. Si Young smiles and tells him that he had once told her that he had no idea what he should do if he quit being a doctor. She says she just realised that he should treat patients all his life. He smiles as she says nothing else would suit him. She tells him not to get sick. Yo Han smiles and nods.


Later, Yo Han sleeps on the hospital bed and Si Young sits next to him. She fusses over his hair as he sleeps. She has signed his cast ‘Don’t you ever get sick’. She caresses his face as he sleeps. She adjusts the IV speed before starting to work on the laptop.

Yo Han wakes up after some time and watches Si Young who is working on her laptop. He reads her sign on his cast. He looks at her again before falling back to sleep.

The next day Si Young and Mi Rae walk into the Pain Management Centre. They find patients gossiping about Yo Han being a CIPA patient. Once they are inside, Mi Rae tells her that the results are back and it is a definite diagnosis. She asks if Yo Han is better and Si Young says he will be resting at home for some time.

Meanwhile, a patient demands to see Yo Han. Another patient explains that Yo Han is a CIPA patient. The nurses come over and distract them. Just then, Heo Joon walks in and gestures Mi Rae, Si Young and Won Hee to join him in the meeting room. Yoo Joon also joins them. Heo Joon informs them that Yo Han’s disciplinary committee is meeting tomorrow. He says they are being tough on him. They wonder if it is that easy to fire someone.


Mi Rae says they will fire him if he damaged the hospital’s reputation. He says all they care about is the hospital’s image. They wonder what they can do.

Yo Han gets a call from Han asking if he received the summon. Yo Han asks if he has to attend it. Han says that if he doesn’t attend it, he won’t get a chance to explain his side. Yo Han says that is fine. Lawyer Han says there is someone he wants Yo Han to meet if he has some time today. He says he wants Yo Han to meet the person who recommended his name to this hospital.

Yoo Joon sees a patient who is annoyed that Yo Han is a CIPA patient. Yoo Joon says it is true but reminds him that Yo Han was the one who treated the patient’s condition. He says Yo Han is a very competent doctor. The patient asks him in wonder how a person who can’t feel pain had treated him so well. The patient says Yo Han deserves an award. He asks when Yo Han is returning so that he can thank him in person. Yoo Joon gets up immediately and says he is the one who should thank the patient. He thanks the patient profusely.

Yoo Joon gathers the team along with the nurses in the meeting room. He tells them that he knows how to help Yo Han. He says he will divide them into two teams.


The team then hands out forms to the patients. Si Young and Mi Rae call up the other patients and speak with them.

Meanwhile, Yo Han reaches Lee Won Gil’s home.

(Text from Death Talks)


Lawyer Han escorts him to Lee Won Gil. Yo Han greets Lee and Lee says he has always wanted to meet Yo Han. Yo Han is uncertain but he still sits down. Lee comments that Yo Han would’ve become a doctor to learn about his illness and not to treat the patients. He says he too wanted to learn what caused his muscles and organs to become stiff. He says he wanted to find a way to cure it but he had failed. He says he came across another method. He says he found a way to get rid of the pain instead of the illness itself. He tells Lawyer Han to show Yo Han what it is. Lawyer Han switches on the TV.


Meanwhile, Yoo Ri Hye’s sister approaches nurse Eun Jeong and asks if there is a clinical trial for terminally ill patients. She shows Eun Jeong the text Yoo Ri Hye had received. The text calls for a Death Talks meeting at 5:00 pm tomorrow regarding a clinical trial for terminally ill patients. Eun Jeong remembers “Death Talks” as Son had attended it.

At Lee’s residence, Yo Han watches the advertisement for Cherubim (the same one that Son had watched earlier). Yo Han is shocked as he sees this. Lee asks what Yo Han thinks about this. Yo Han picks up his phone and calls the police saying there is a murderer here. Lee and Han are shocked at this. Yo Han says the person conspired and committed murder.

Yo Han moves the phone away asking what Lee would do if he reported him for killing his patient. Yo Han is furious as he gets up yelling (at Han) as to why he was being shown this. Lee repeats the word murder. Yo Han asks if it is salvation if it isn’t murder.


Lee asks why is death a big deal. He says everyone dies but not everyone can die in peace. He says no one in this world can avoid death. He asks why is it so bad to want to die in peace. Yo Han’s hands tremble with rage. Lee asks what choice would Yo Han make if he is put in charge of a patient who is in severe pain and if he comes across this drug. Yo Han stares him down.

Eun Jeong forwards the text from death talks (that Yoo Ri Hye received) to Son. Son calls her up. She says this isn’t the method to gather volunteers for a clinical trial. Son realises the meeting is today. He sees that it is 3:20 pm.

Yo Han walks out of the house with Han following closely behind asking him to stop. Yo Han pushes Han away asking if Han had always wanted to use him to legalise euthanasia or to sell the drug. Lawyer Han says that he too has the same illness as Lee. He says the illness kills his body even though the mind is healthy. He says firmly that the drug is the only hope for patients like him.


Yo Han calms down and asks Han to listen to him. He says that this causes a whole new issue that is not related to euthanasia. Yo Han asks if that drug will go only to the patients and doctors who really need it. He says anyone can die and anyone can kill with it. He says people won’t want to save or cure anymore.

Lawyer Han is teary-eyed as he says he wanted to help patients like him. Yo Han says that he is sorry Han is sick but he says Han doesn’t want to help patients. He says Lawyer Han wanted to help himself. Yo Han walks away leaving Lawyer Han behind.

Yo Han stops outside and leans on the wall. He remembers the patients he saved and their families. Lee’s voice asking what is the big deal about death echoes in his mind.

We see a montage of a butterfly flying out the window, Si Young asking them to stop CPR since her father is in pain and Yo Han saying speeding up death to bring comfort is different from doing it to take a life. Yo Han tells Son that he isn’t a doctor who kills. Gi Seok asks Yo Han to save his life. Min Seong asks Yo Han what death is and says it is when they are forgotten by their loved ones.

Yo han sits down by the wall and gathers himself.

Lawyer Han walks into the house. Lee suggests that they should set things up. He asks Han to call the doctor. Han says he will.

Son meets with Kim and explains the situation. He says if something like the Cherubim video happens at Death talks, it would mean that Death Talks could become a murder site. Just then, Son receives an address (127, Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu) from Yo Han saying that it is Lee Won Gil’s address.


Son walks out of the room and calls up Yo Han asking if he knows something. Yo Han stands outside Lee’s house as he talks. Yo Han says Son had once told him about a drug that allows people to die comfortably in happiness. Both of them mention ‘Cherubim’ in unison. Son asks if he has seen the video and Yo Han confirms it. Son asks what is the connection between Lee and Cherubim. Yo Han says Lee showed him the video in his house and asks if that isn’t enough. He asks Son to arrest him quickly. Son asks why Yo Han called him.

Yo Han says he wants someone who would investigate obsessively without giving in to suppression considering who he is up against. Yo Han asks Son to use his obsessiveness on the case and not on him. Yo Han hangs up and walks away.

Son walks into his office and tells Kim that someone saw the Death Talks video at Lee’s home. He says Kim and he should go to Lee’s home and sends the other detective to the Death Talks meeting.


Kim asks Son who gave the tip-off but Son doesn’t disclose Yo Han’s name saying he has to protect his source.

At his residence, Lee is on the phone with the “Doctor” and asks the doctor to take care of the rest. He hangs up. Lawyer Han (with gloved hands) walks in with Cherubim and holds Lee’s hand. Lee says death is a majestic grace that relieves us from all pain and sadness. He bids goodbye to Han.


Son and Kim reach Lee’s residence with the police. Kim says no one is answering the door. Son finds the door open and he walks in. Kim asks the police to wait until he calls them.


Son and Kim walk into the room to find Lee Won Gil motionless on the wheelchair. Kim checks his pulse and confirms that he is dead. Son sees the tray with Cherubim beside Lee. Son receives a call from the detective saying that a mass text was sent cancelling the gathering but one of the members is gone. The detective says it is too early to say that he is missing but he disappeared when they arrived. He says they can’t reach him. Son asks him to track the man’s phone and identify him and his family.

(Episode 28)

At night, a black van drives into a secluded spot with the Death Talks member who has gone missing. The patient thanks the doctor for allowing him to die in peace. The doctor says that Cherubim is different from all other euthanasia drugs. He says it will make them feel happy until the end.


Jung Chan Seok (Zinmu Rijund’s sales manager) fills the syringe with Cherubim. He injects cherubim into the patient.


In a flashback, we see Jung meet with Lee. Lee tells him that the drug will be of no use if the euthanasia law isn’t passed. He says their mission is to provide the drug to all the patients who need it. He addresses Jung as ‘doctor’ and says they should wait for that time to come.

The forensic team arrives at the scene and start their investigations.

Yo Han is at home when he receives a call from Son saying that Lee is dead. He says he thinks the cause of death is Cherubim. Yo Han asks about Lawyer Han and Son says Han is missing. He says Yo Han has to give a statement at Son’s office tomorrow. Yo Han says he will.

Son asks Yo Han why he rejected Cherubim. Yo Han says, “If I were to obtain such a drug, I wouldn’t cling to find answers, think or worry endlessly about what I can do for a patient whose hope is fading. I wouldn’t care to think anymore.” He says most doctors, patients’ families and patients would end up like that. Son apologises to Yo Han about the post on the hospital website. Yo Han says it doesn’t matter and he hangs up.

Si Young remembers Yo Han thanking her earlier in the day. She recalls the CIPA study at Cleveland Clinic. She recalls Yo Han telling Gi Seok that he wants him to be healthy the next time they meet.

At his home, Yo Han reads the response from Cleveland Clinic, which states that they are willing to accept him at their research lab. It mentions that they can discuss in detail during the interview.


Just then, Yo Han receives a call from Si Young asking how he is doing. He says he is fine. She says the disciplinary committee’s decision hasn’t been made yet. She says his health is important and suggests they exercise together.

Yo Han says he told her before that he would try not to make her worry. He tells her not to worry about him too much. She tells him not to talk as if she does nothing but worry. He says she does. She says she is being hopeful and not worrying. She says she wants to live a long, healthy life with the person she likes. Yo Han is teary-eyed as he says he knows. She says he doesn’t know anything and then apologises. He tells her to go to bed saying it is late. Tears well up in his eyes as he asks her to sleep well. She wishes him sweet dreams and hangs up.


The next day, Yo Han gives his statement at Son’s office. Son says they searched Lee’s home and Zinmu Rijund but found nothing on Cherubim. Yo Han says there must be a chemical formula in someone’s head since they made the drug.

Son says Lawyer Han left Korea with Jung Chan Seok (Zinmu Rijund’s Sales manager) who used to be a doctor in the Netherlands. He says Jung was interested in euthanasia law and came here to help develop Cherubim. He says they have asked Interpol to get both. Son asks if Yo Han has something to say. Yo Han passes his phone saying he received these text messages last night.

The messages are from Lawyer Han, which read, “I thought about what you said. That I tried to help myself. The ex-minister and I had other options if it were just about us. We could go to a country that allows euthanasia. (We see a montage of last night, where Han is driving to the airport along with Jung taking many vials of Cherubim with them) but there are many people who can’t afford to go or don’t have the opportunity to. To them, Cherubim is the only hope. I will leave that hope intact until the day comes where I can help them.”

Son says he will take a photo of the conversation as evidence. He then says one of the Death Talks members was found dead by the Gyeonggi Province’s mountain. Yo Han sees the pictures of the scene. Son asks Yo Han if the patient really felt at ease while he died. Yo Han says it may seem like a peaceful death but he thinks that the patient felt lonely. He says the man died alone, without family in a place that became a crime scene.

Son thanks Yo Han as he is about to leave. Yo Han stops in his tracks as he finds his photo pinned on Son’s whiteboard. Son explains that he kept his options open and Yo Han nods. Yo Han tells Son to be careful as Son is in no condition to work hard.

At the hospital, the disciplinary committee meets. They start voting. Chief Min votes against firing Yo Han.

Yoo Joon and Mi Rae wait outside the hospital and Heo Joon sends a message that it has started. Si Young comes running to them with a folder filled with documents. Just then, a black van drives up to them.

Meanwhile, Yi Moon reads the results. He says that 8 have voted for and 8 have voted against. Kwon Suk smiles and says Yi Moon has the final call. Yi Moon says he votes for the dismissal but Yoo Joon rushes inside along with Si Young and Mi Rae. He says that they aren’t the only ones here.


They open the door and Joo Hyung Woo (Yo Han’s myasthenia gravis patient) walks in. Father Yu (diagnosed with melioidosis), Choi (diagnosed Zoster Sine Herpete) and Gi Seok’s mother walk in too. Each of them explains their illness and how Yo Han helped them with their diagnoses.

Yi Moon says the committee didn’t gather here to hear them speak. He says there are rules to be followed. Joo says a hospital is a place where doctors cure patients. He asks how Yi Moon says that the patients’ voice doesn’t count. He states that they represent patients and demand that Yo Han should return.

(Episode 28- Gi Seok falls into a critical condition)

Kwon Suk passes his phone to Yi Moon who is shocked to learn that Joo and the others gave an interview before coming here. In the interview, Joo mentions that Hanse Medical Centre banned a skilled doctor who really cares for his patients from seeing patients just because he has CIPA. He says Cha Yo Han is a doctor that patients truly need.

Joo tells Yi Moon that time will tell what will happen if the hospital fires a doctor that patients want. Kwon Suk says that they are just a few of the patients. Si Young passes the papers to Yoo Joon. Yoo Joon places them in front of Yi Moon and says these are petitions signed by their patients requesting Yo Han’s return. (We see a montage of the team distributing the petitions and getting it signed by the patients earlier)

Joo Kyung smiles at Mi Rae who returns her smile as Yi Moon goes through the petitions.

Once outside, Yoo Joon thanks them for coming. The patients thank him for calling them and they leave.

Inside the conference room, Joo Kyung says that the most searched word right now is Hanse Medical Centre followed by Joo Hyung Woo. She says the third is CIPA. She says that public sentiment is that Yo Han should treat Gi Seok as he has the same illness.

Later on, Joo Kyung tells Min that Yi Moon will probably vote against firing Yo Han. Min says they should wait and see. Just then, Min receives a call regarding Gi Seok.

The team rushes into Gi Seok’s room. Si Young asks his mother to wait outside.

Yo Han walks out of the Gyeongseo University Hospital after visiting Dr Shim. Dr Shim tells him that he isn’t reacting to the current treatment. He says the only other option is a high-dosage pulse therapy (the administration of large doses of drugs in an intermittent manner). He says Yo Han won’t be able to take it if it further weakens the immune system. As he walks in the lobby, Yo Han watches Joo’s interview on the TV saying Yo Han is someone that patients truly need. Yo Han smiles saying, “You did so much”.

Yo Han’s smile fades when he receives a call from Yoo Joon saying that Gi Seok isn’t opening his eyes. He learns that Gi Seok’s pupillary reflex is very slow. Yoo Joon says his vitals were stable so they took him off medication but he developed bradycardia (very slow heart rate). Yo Han asks if it is in the relaxation phase. Yoo Joon says he feels that the brain’s pressure is rising.

Yo Han tells them to raise his breathing and put him on mannitol (to reduce brain pressure/swelling). He says he will come right over. Yo Han hails a cab but is stuck in traffic on the way. He calls up Yoo Joon and asks how Gi Seok is. Yoo Joon says Gi Seok’s pupils are fully dilated (a sign of brain damage). Yo Han tells them to drain the abscess or Gi Seok will lose his brain. He tells Yoo Joon to call Neurosurgery and book an OR. He asks to get Gi Seok’s mother’s consent.

The consultant from neurosurgery says that they can insert a tube to drain the abscess and reduce pressure in the brain but the puss has spread throughout the brain so they can’t get it all. He says the brain stem is too risky to touch. He says he can’t guarantee if Gi Seok’s brain will fully function after surgery.

Yoo Joon says they can’t control the pressure with medication alone and says surgery is the only option.


Gi Seok’s mother asks if surgery will make him better. Si Young says he has serious neurological issues. She tells the mother that they can’t say for sure if he will go back to being the old Gi Seok that she knew. Mi Rae says he might become brain dead if he doesn’t receive surgery now.

Yo Han rushes into the hospital. Chief Min walks down the hall as the neurosurgeon’s voiceover says that the surgery requested by anaesthesiology has no point.

Yo Han is in his scrubs as he looks at the board which shows the procedures being carried out currently in the Operating Rooms. Heo Joon and Won Hee walk in. Yo han asks why the Operating Room isn’t ready. Heo Joon says the department is still discussing it.

Yo Han runs up to Gi Seok’s mother and asks if she signed the consent form and she confirms it. He says Gi Seok will have the surgery now.

Yo Han heads in and tells Yoo Joon to move him. Yoo Joon tells Yo Han to think rationally as the location of the abscess is dangerous. Yo Han is out of breath as he says that Gi Seok will die if he doesn’t have the surgery. He orders Gi Seok to be switched to Ambu bag and Si Young gets on to it.


Chief Min walks in and asks Yo Han what he is doing. Yo Han explains that Gi Seok needs surgery before he becomes brain dead. Chief Min says she saw his charts and it is unlikely that Gi Seok will recover from surgery. Yo Han states that if he doesn’t get the surgery, instead of being unlikely to recover he won’t recover at all. Min says that the worst-case scenario would be that GI Seok will have to spend the rest of his life in this state.

Yo Han gets ready to move Gi Seok. He orders Min to move. She says he will inflict more pain and Yo Han goes quiet. She asks if he is doing this for the patient. She asks if this is consistent with the judgements he has made so far as a doctor. Yo Han is seething as he tells her to move. He says the guardian has given her consent.

As they wheel Gi Seok’s gurney down the hall, Mi Rae says that the BP is 60/20. He tells them to inject atropine (to increase heart rate) and Si Young injects it. As the heart rate falls even lower, he asks to inject epinephrine. Yo Han starts CPR as they wheel the gurney in. Yoo Joon asks the mother to wait outside.


Inside the operating room, Yoo Joon asks to take over from Yo Han but Yo Han continues giving CPR. Just then, a nurse walks in and says Gi Seok’s guardian wants to talk with them. Si Young goes out.

She walks up to Gi Seok’s mother. Gi Seok’s mother cries as she holds Si Young’s hand.

Yo Han is giving chest compression to Gi Seok asking him to live. Si Young walks in slowly and asks Yo Han to stop. She says Gi Seok’s mother wants him to stop. Yo Han continues CPR and Si Young says Gi Seok’s mother doesn’t want him to have surgery. Yo Han is gasping as he continues with the CPR.

We see a montage of Yo Han asking Gi Seok to be healthy the next time they meet.

In a flashback, we see Go Seok asking if Yo Han has the same disease as him. Yo Han says Gi Seok is just like him.


Yo Han gasps for breath as he sees the monitor flatline. Si Young is teary-eyed as she asks him to let Gi Seok go. Yo Han removes his hand from Gi Seok’s chest. Yo Han is shaken as he stares at the monitor.

Image Courtesy- SBS


It was a relief that Yo Han being a CIPA patient needn’t be kept a secret anymore. That reduced a lot of complications.

The scene where Yo Han discovers about the Cherubim and his interactions with Son was well made. When Son asks, Yo Han’s reasoning behind rejecting Cherubim was well written.

It is intriguing how the show highlights 3 different people’s (who are battling chronic/terminal illness) view on euthanasia.

Son who strongly opposed the concept of euthanasia began to consider what he would do when his time came.

Lawyer Han claims to help other people who are like him by legalising euthanasia. He sees it as the only solution.

Yo Han who also knows that his days are numbered is totally against legalising it. Ironically, people tend to see him as a person who is totally for it.

From what has been shown in the series so far, Yo Han doesn’t feel pain but he empathises with the patients who fear pain or death He also calls the survival instinct of every living being as pitiful. Since he empathises with the patients who are on brink of death, I wonder if he too fears death and is speaking about himself when he comments about his patients.

Ýo Han seemed solemn as he mentioned that the patient from death talks died a lonely death rather than a peaceful one. Of late, the list of people who care for Yo Han is growing. Despite having people who care for him, Yo Han seems to have chosen to stay alone. I guess it is because he doesn’t want Si Young and the others to go through a hard time being around him.

On the other hand, Yo Han was always confident that his patients would not mind him being a CIPA patient. It was great to see the patients come out in Yo Han’s support.

For once in the entire show, Eun Jeong did a sensible thing by tipping off Son about the Death Talks meeting.

It was saddening to see Gi Seok go the way he did and it reiterates how dangerous bullying is. It looks like his death will have a great impact on Yo Han.

In the previous episodes, both Gi Seok’s and Yo Han’s illnesses seemed treatable for at least the time being. With Yo Han not responding to the treatment and Gi Seok not making it, it looks like the makers are making it a point to not give an open-ended or a hopeful ending, even though the characters could have made it through the last few episodes.

With the series ending next week, I expect it to be interesting as there are quite a few loose ends to be tied up.

-By Soul Sword-

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