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Doctor John Episode 31-32 Recap (Series Finale)

Doctor John Episode 31-32 Recap (Series Finale)


Si Young grows extremely concerned as she doesn’t get a response through phone or message.

(Episode 31- Wishing to meet someday)


In the meeting room, (Si-young is absent) Yoo Joon talks about a 52-year-old woman who came in with hiccups that lasted for nearly 48 hours. Yoo Joon asks Heo Joon what might be the reason the hiccups lasted for 48 hours. Heo Joon struggles to make a diagnosis while Won Hee proudly answers. Yoo Joon smiles and throws the small diary at Won Hee. Won Hee notes the name “Cha Yo Han” imprinted on the back cover. Yoo Joon smiles as he says, “Diagnoses is not a competition”.

He asks Mi Rae who lists goitres, throat tumours, gastritis, gastric cancer, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and liver disease. Yoo Joon taps her hand in appreciation and Heo Joon lets out a low howl. (Yoo Joon and Mi Rae are wearing couple rings)

Si Young rushes in apologising for being late. Yoo Joon tells them to call neurology or pulmonology if there is an emergency and goes to his room.

Mi Rae asks if Yo Han got back and Si Young says he didn’t. Mi Rae says he must’ve been busy but Si Young says he hasn’t forgotten once in the past three months. Si Young finds Yo Han’s lab’s contact number on the website and calls that number. She then goes to her locker and changes back to her normal clothing.

Si Young tells Yoo Joon and Mi Rae that she is leaving because something is wrong. She says Yo Han always sent at least one email every day.

It is night as Si Young rushes into the airport. She again calls Yo Han’s lab and this time a colleague named Dr Smith answers the phone. She asks if there is any problem with Yo Han, as he isn’t answering his phone. Dr Smith says Yo Han can’t answer his phone because he is working on a very important project at the moment. He says it will take a few days to finish. Si-young asks him to let Yo Han know that she called and asks him to call her back. Smith says he will do that.


Si Young hangs up and sinks to the floor with a sigh of relief. Si Young messages Yo Han saying she was worried about him. She asks him to call her once he is finished with the project.

She recalls Yo Han’s words from 3 months back.

In a flashback, Yo Han says, “You are the only person that ever understood me, my illness and me as a person. My world that was neither hot nor cold turned warm after I met you.” Si Young cries as she asks, “Why didn’t you give me an answer when you had such a great one?”

Yo Han says, “Because it means I love you. How can someone who is leaving confess his love?” Si Young says, “You can. You can talk about love at any time. Even more so if you don’t know your tomorrow.”

Yo Han leans in and kisses her. He looks at her and says, “I love you”. Si Young responds saying “I Love you too”. Yo Han’s eyes well up as Si Young smiles slightly and he kisses her again.

At present, Si Young smiles as she walks out of the airport.

Back at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr Smith walks into the MICU where Yo Han lays in a bed. Smith says he did what Yo Han asked him to do. He asks Yo Han to get better and walks out. Yo Han doesn’t move or respond. He lies with his eyes open and blinks.


Later on, Si Young calls again and she is told that Yo Han isn’t done with the project yet. She calls up later and gets the same response.

Yo han lays awake (looks like he is paralysed except for eye movements) on the hospital bed while Si Young lays awake on her couch.

One month later, Si Young writes him an e-mail asking if he is doing okay. She mentions that it has been over a month since she hasn’t been able to reach him. She says she was told he is busy but is worried. She says she wants to know how he is doing. She requests him to reply once he reads the email.


(6 months later)

In the meeting room, Si Young checks her inbox and again finds that there is no new email. Heo Joon is out of breath as he runs in and says he has big news. He then goes quiet and walks to the corner as he sees that Si Young is present. Won Hee and Heo Joon walk up to him and ask what is wrong. He shows them something on the phone and Won Hee shouts out that it is Dr Cha. Heo Joon hushes him but Si Young comes towards them.


Mi Rae and Si Young look at the article on the phone. It says, “Dr Cha’s new challenge. The acceleration of Developing Pain Medication” it says that Yo Han who is a CIPA patient helped accelerate the research of pain medication. It says the medication is showing strong sign of pain-relieving effects. Mi Rae comments that Yo Han is doing well. Won Hee and Heo Joon comment it is no wonder that Yo Han seemed busy. They check a picture of the research team and comment that Yo Han has lost a lot of weight. They attribute it to Yo Han being both a patient and researcher at the study. Seeing that Si Young seems upset, Mi Rae suggests that they go for drinks.


Later on, as they have drinks, Yoo Joon tells Si Young that she should understand Yo Han. He says men have trouble doing multiple things at once. Si Young notices Yoo Joon is wearing a ring on his left ring finger. She sees that Mi Rae is also wearing a matching one on hers. The others say that Yo Han is busy working on a big project and can’t contact her every day.

Yoo Joon says men and women should be like cats when it comes to love. He says cats know how to make you feel desperate. He says they are different from puppies who always focus on you. Mi Rae asks if he compared Si Young to a dog. Mi Rae starts arguing with Yoo Joon asking if Si Young is wrong for giving attention to Yo Han. She tells everyone to keep quiet. Si-young and Mi Rae both start drinking a lot.


Later, Mi Rae piggybacks a drunk and crying Si Young into their room. She puts Si Young on the couch. Si Young cries saying that she will never be number one to Yo Han. She sobs saying his patients always come first to him and now he is focussed on his research. She calls him a mean jerk and starts crying. Mi Rae pulls her up and hugs her while trying to console her. Mi Rae asks her to forget about him and Si Young asks how she is supposed to do that. She cries out saying she can’t forget about him.

The next morning in the locker room, Si Young is again on Cleveland’s website but hesitates to call Yo Han’s lab. She sees a Doctor named Mia Chung listed in the team members. Mi Rae calls her and Si Young walks out wearing her doctor gown. As she walks out of the locker room, she again checks Mi Chung’s photo listed as a senior researcher and Yo han and Lucas Smith’s name listed as Junior researchers.


(Yo Han is out of reach)

She puts the phone into her pocket and walks away.


3 Years later

In the meeting room, Si Young is rude and cold as she tells off a second-year resident for making a mistake in diagnoses. Won Hee rolls his eyes. She says that the resident is expecting a compliment for trying (the same things that Yo Han told her at the prison). Won Hee prompts the residents and they say they will try harder in unison. She asks them to get out and walks away. She has frizzy hair, wears high heels and has also gotten her ears pierced. Once she is out of earshot, the residents say that her nickname is “Crazy Kang”.


Si Young walks down the corridor but doesn’t notice someone walking behind her.

Si Young remembers when Yo Han bumped into her and walked down the very same corridor on their first day of work.

At present, Yo Han walks behind Si Young but she doesn’t notice him.

Si Young stands in front of the elevator and remembers catching up to Yo Han at the same place. She shakes her head and walks to the elevator pressing the button. Someone walks up behind her.


Si Young doesn’t look around. Suddenly, Si Young senses something and turns around to see Yo Han standing there with a smile. Si Young’s eyes widen in surprise.

Yo Han says it has been a while and asks if she has been well. After a long pause, she says she has been well. Yo Han notes that she is a first-year fellow now. Si Young congratulates him for his research clearing the first round of clinical trials. He thanks her and she asks him how his health is. He smiles saying he is a lot better and says he is fine now. She smiles slightly saying that she is relieved.


Si Young asks him when he got back to Korea and he says it has been a year. Si Young’s smile fades as she asks him why he is here in this hospital now. Before Yo Han can reply, she receives a call asking to see a patient. Yo Han asks her to go on. Si Young looks at him but doesn’t say anything. The elevator door opens and she walks in. Yo Han smiles as the door closes but Si Young has a grim look on her face.

Yo Han’s smile fades after the doors close. He rolls his hands into fists and stands there. He then walks away slowly.


At the conference room, we see that Min is now the chairperson. She proposes the plan for Hospice and Palliative Care Centre Establishment and Management. She explains that hospice has just 20 beds currently and she wants to expand it. Yi Moon objects saying that terminal patients can only be sustained and not cured. Kwon Suk also objects saying it won’t help with the finances. Min maintains that their goal should be to not only to cure them but also to give the patients an improved quality of life. She says death does not happen in a moment. It is a process.

She says it is their task to help people in their dying process. Joo Kyung says she agrees with Min as they will feel less guilty now while treating patients when there is hospice care.

Once outside, Yi Moon and Kwon Suk complain that Min is being reckless.

Meanwhile, Joo Kyung tells Min that Yo Han is here. Min says she is aware of that and asks Yo Han to come and see her.


At the pain centre, a female patient clutches her abdomen and screams in pain as she lies in the bed. Mi Rae tells Si-young that she was treating the patient and suddenly the patient has abdomen pain. She says analgesics aren’t working.

The patient suddenly stops screaming and says the pain is gone now. She gets up smiling and says that one moment she is in terrible pain and the next moment she isn’t. The team is puzzled.

Heo Joon rushes in out of breath saying he has big news. He apologises seeing that they are having a patient.

Later on, in the meeting room, Won Hee says that there is no family history of convulsive disease. He says the test results seem normal. Mi Rae says the other tests are normal too. Heo Joon tries to say something but Mi Rae interrupts him. She says they will do a faecal immunochemical test and a stool culture test too.

At last, Yoo Joon asks Heo Joon what he has been trying to say. Heo Joon says Yo Han is in the hospital. Yoo Joon lets out an alarmed cry in shock as he looks at Si Young. Si-young looks into her monitor as Yoo Joon and Mi Rae exchange looks. Heo Joon comments that Yo Han has always been handsome but he looks a lot fitter and charismatic now. Won Hee says Yo Han’s research is a big success and it won an exclusive contract with a big American company.

Just then, the patient starts screaming in pain. Si Young tells Mi Rae that she will take this patient as she wants to be busy today. Mi Rae follows Si Young.

The nurses say that the patient complained of sudden nausea and now she has convulsive stomach pain. As Si Young examines her, the patient goes silent and falls asleep.

Later in the meeting room, Yoo Joon and Si Young tap their fingers wondering what it could be. Heo Joon suggests that they ask Yo Han. Si Young goes silent at this. One of the residents asks who is Cha Yo Han.

Heo Joon says Yo Han was a true legend whose nickname was Dr 10 seconds. Yoo Joon and Mi Rae smile as Won Hee and Heo Joon sing Yo Han’s praise going down the memory lane. Si Young loses it when they suggest they should ask him. She yells pointing out that they were doing well until now. Yoo Joon agrees with her in a low voice. Si Young walks out and Mi Rae looks at Yoo Joon with a concerned look. Yoo Joon smiles and holds her hand. Mi Rae pushes his hand away and follows Si Young.


As they walk out, Mi Rae asks Si Young if she met Yo han. Seeing her expression Mi Rae realises that she has. Mi Rae is shocked when she learns that Yo Han returned a year ago. She asks why he showed up now.

Meanwhile, Min is reading the article on the research’s success. Yo Han walks in and addresses her as Chairwoman. Min smiles as she welcomes him. She congratulates him on his success and asks him to take a seat. She shows him the plan for the hospice and palliative care centre. Yo Han’s hand trembles slightly as he takes the cup of tea.


Min says she wants to put together a team that manages pain and psychological aspects of care. She says it is unfortunate that doctors can’t cure death but she says they can do something greater. She says they can soothe the minds and bodies of dying patients. She says she wants Yo Han to head the pain management side. She asks what he thinks about it.

Yo han walks out of her office and he receives a call from Yoo Joon asking if he met Si Young. Yo Han smiles as he says he finally met her. Yoo Joon tells Yo Han about this patient in a low voice.

(Episode 32)

The patient wakes up in the meantime. Yoo Joon and Si Young learn from her that she sometimes sleeps up to 12 hours. She asks to have food.


They go out to the hall and Si Young sits next to the patient while she eats. Si Young doesn’t notice Yo Han who comes and sits behind them. Yoo Joon gives Yo han a look before talking. Yo Han listens as Yoo Joon asks the patient if she has been this way for 10 years. The patient nods. He then mentions that she gets stomach pain about 5 times a day and lasts anywhere from one to five minutes.


Yo Han watches Si Young as she starts speaking. She says the symptoms are not accompanied by vomiting, diarrhoea or fever. She says the patient falls asleep after the symptoms but doesn’t lose consciousness. Yoo Joon says now mild stomach pain and abdominal inflation has appeared. He adds that stomach pain is accompanied by nausea and the patient nods again. Si Young checks the results that are back and Yo Han peeks in to see them too. They see that all the results are normal. Yoo Joon looks at Yo Han as he says all the digestive enzyme results are normal as well.


The patient asks if they believe her. She says all other hospitals say it must be irritable bowel syndrome or psychosomatic illness or Munchausen syndrome (a mental disorder in which the patient fakes illness to gain attention and sympathy.) She asks if they too think she is lying.

Yoo Joon smiles as he says one of his professors said, “Remember this. The cause might be unknown but no pain is without a cause.” Yo Han and Si Young smile at this. The patient says that she is anxious all the time, as she doesn’t know when her pain may return. She always prays that the pain should come later and not now. She is teary-eyed as she begs Yoo Joon to set her free. Si Young asks the girl to hang in there, as they will do everything they can. Yoo Joon suggests they go back for the tests. Yo Han nods at Yoo Joon and walks away.

Heo Joon and Won Hee look at the article on Yo Han’s research. He isn’t able to read it fully because it is in English. Mi Rae grabs it from them and reads it. She then rushes out.


She takes Si Young outside and shows her the article. It states that 3 months into the research, Yo Han almost died from PCP (Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by a fungus that occurs in people with a weakened immune system).

Si Young puts it down and says that he focused on the research even after he recovered. She says he didn’t have much time left so he focussed on the research. She says she knows him. Mi Rae says it is understandable that Yo Han was out of reach at that time. Si Young bursts out asking about the time after he recovered. She is angry as she points out that he has been in Korea for a year but he didn’t contact her. She asks Mi Rae to forget it, as there is no point now.

As she walks out, she receives a message from a number asking if she has done a brainwave test on the patient. She walks into the stairwell as she calls up the number and Yo Han picks up the call. (We see a montage of Yo han looking into the results and Yoo Joon saying the digestive enzymes are normal).

Yo Han walks down the hall and into the stairwell as he asks if she has done a general brainwave test. Si Young says another hospital did a brainwave test and MRI last year. He asks about the results.

Si Young looks up to see him walking down the stairs. She walks up towards him as she says into the phone that the results were normal. Yo han walks to her and tells her to monitor the brainwaves for 24 hours.


Si Young’s eyes tear up, as she asks why he didn’t contact her. She cries as she says she told him to tell her if he got sick. She cries saying he was so sick that he almost died and asks if he never thought about her. She asks how he couldn’t even tell her when he almost died.


Yo Han says, “For 3 years I was sure of nothing, my health or about the time I had left. I was sure of only one thing. I believed that our love wouldn’t end so easily. I didn’t want to repeat that. When I recovered my health and when I could convince you too, I wanted to return then. Sorry, Si Young. I am sorry.”

Tears streak down her face as she cries. Yo Han wipes them away and says that he doesn’t think she has time to shed tears. He tells her to go to the patient and do as he suggested. She asks him why he wants her to monitor the brainwave for 24 hours.

Yo Han explains that the patient complains of sudden aches that go away. He says though the patient is conscious she suddenly falls asleep. He says the painkillers don’t work and results are normal. Si Young completes the sentence saying that if the brainwave monitor shows epileptic waves when the stomach aches, it is abdominal epilepsy (a rare condition consisting of gastrointestinal disturbances caused by epileptiform seizure activity. It has been described as a type of temporal lobe epilepsy.)

Yo Han smiles saying it is a possibility. She says in wonder that they never thought about it. He says the painkillers won’t work and Si Young smiles saying anti-seizure drugs will work. Yo Han smiles saying it will.

Just then, Won Hee and Heo Joon run into the stairwell telling Yo Han how much they missed him. He talks with them as he watches Si Young who walks away.

Si Young walks into the pain Centre and updates Yoo Joon and Mi Rae. Mi Rae says they should consult neurology. Heo Joon and Won Hee come running in and tell them that Yo Han will be joining them for dinner. Yoo Joon breaks down into tears saying he missed Yo Han a lot. Won Hee too starts tearing up and Mi Rae consoles Yoo Joon. Si Young walks out saying she will consult neurology. Yoo Joon keeps quiet for a moment before sobbing again.


Si Young takes the patient in for monitoring the brainwave. She says she will check results in 24 hours. The patient says she can do anything for a diagnosis.

Later at dinner, the team clank their glasses before they drink. Heo Joon asks Yo Han if he missed them. Won Hee says Yo Han coldly left them when they tried so hard to make him stay. Heo Joon says Yo Han left to do amazing research using his rare genes and developed a painkiller. Yo Han watches Si Young who helps herself to some food.


Mi Rae who is drinking, asks Yo Han why he didn’t drop them even a text. She says they had no idea though he has been back for a year. She screams at Yoo Joon who nudges her. Just then, Yo Han’s phone starts ringing and he goes outside to take the call. Heo Joon asks why Mi Rae keeps ruining their team dinners.

Yo Han speaks into the phone saying he will meet tomorrow. He says, “I missed you”. Si-young sees him talk. Yo Han looks at Si Young after he hangs up the call.

He joins the team at the table and says he has to get going. Heo Joon asks if he is coming back and work with them. Yo Han says he isn’t. Won Hee asks if they aren’t going to meet again and Yo Han asks why they won’t. He asks if they must work together in order to meet. Yoo Joon says he will drop Yo Han but Yo Han says his car is in the hospital. He tells them not to get up as he leaves. Si Young tries to get up but Mi Rae holds her back asking her to drink up.

Yo Han walks towards the hospital and then stops in his tracks. He turns around and walks back.

Back at the restaurant, Won Hee complains that there is no going back. Yoo Joon says that whatever the reality, it is how we feel. He then tells Si Young that Yo Han had watched her for a whole year.


(Episode 32- Yo Han and Si-young confirm their love)

In a flashback, Yo Han sits outside the Pain Management Centre drinking coffee. He holds the coffee cup over his face with a smile as Si Young passes by with her residents. He smiles as he sees her speaking rudely to the residents.


Another day, Yo Han eats as he watches Si Young walk by after checking her phone. He ducks to avoid her noticing him. He again ducks when she comes down the staircase. He smiles as he sees her busy working.

At present, Yoo Joon tells them that he knew this all along as Yo Han was in contact with him this whole year. They ask him if the crying was all acting and Yoo Joon smiles. Mi Rae yells at him asking why Yoo Joon didn’t tell them. Yoo Joon says Yo Han was still under treatment and he was exercising hard. He says Yo Han had only recently gained back his health. Yoo Joon yells that Yo han always had Si Young on his mind. Si Young runs out of the restaurant hearing this.

Si Young runs to the hospital to find Yo Han but she finds the parking lot empty. She takes a step forward towards the hospital but someone pulls her back. She turns around to see that it is Yo Han.


Si Young hugs him saying she just couldn’t forget him. She says she couldn’t find anyone like him. She looks up at him and tells him not to leave anymore. She tells him not to go anywhere. She asks him to stay by her side. Yo Han cups her face and says, “I will. Kang Si Young, I love you.” Si Young smiles at hearing these words and Yo Han kisses her.


The next morning, Yo Han smiles as he drives to Subway eatery. He buys a sandwich without cucumbers and starts eating. He checks his phone to find Si Young’s message exclaiming that she is late. Yo Han replies, “Stay strong”. He receives a call and he says he will be right there.

Later, Yo Han meets Son Seok Ki outside a conference hall. Yo Han smiles as he greets Son with a hug. Eun Jeong watches the two of them.


At the conference, Son says that the current law can put an end to unnecessary life-prolonging treatment. He says since the law regards life rather than permitting, the focus should be on limiting.

A person on the panel interrupts him saying that the limiting could obstruct the right to not be in pain. He says nutrients and drugs postpone death. Son says an increase in the scope of those rights could turn the society into one that forces death. He says the society must gain a more mature awareness of death before making hasty and drastic changes.


Eun Jeong says that everyone here respects life, which is why no one should give up easily or left to suffer in pain for too long. Yo Han watches as she says she believes that hospice and palliative care is neutral ground.

Son says that what terminal cancer patients need the most is not treatment, but care and looking after.


Yo Han says he agrees with it. He says to terminally ill patients, the end of their lives isn’t dying. It must be to live while death approaches. Son nods in agreement.


After the meet, Son asks if Yo Han is back for good. Yo Han smiles saying he is. Son asks if he will be able to use the painkiller that Yo Han developed. Eun Jeong says their Centre is waiting for it too. Yo Han says he hopes it helps and asks how Son is doing. Son says he doesn’t know how much time he has left but he is living just fine. Yo Han and Son shake hands saying they will meet again.

At Min’s office, Joo Kyung learns that Yo Han turned down her offer. Min says Yo Han thinks he shouldn’t be working at their centre as many doctors can work here. She says if the drug he developed is commercialised, their hospital may be able to use it. Joo Kyung says if that happens, she wouldn’t envy having 100 doctors like him.

Meanwhile, Si Young’s patient again writhes in pain. Si Young and Yoo Joon rush to her and give her a tablet. Yoo Joon explains that the brainwave test showed clear epileptic waves when she has pain. He says she has stomach epilepsy and Si Young says that is anti-seizure medication. She says the medicine will help her to go on with her everyday life. The girl smiles in joy and thanks them. Yoo Joon and Si Young smile at each other.


Once outside, Yoo Joon asks if Si Young spoke to Yo Han. She says she did. He apologises for not telling her over a year. He says Mi Rae told him off for that. Si Young says she understands as Yo Han has asked him not to. She thanks Yoo Joon saying Yo han would’ve been lonely if he didn’t have Yoo Joon to talk to. Yoo Joon turns away with a proud smile. He asks if they should visit Yo Han where he works now. She says they should.

Later, the team drives down to what looks like a place away from the city. Si Young messages Yo han that they are almost there. They cross a board that says “Healing Clinic”.


At the clinic, Yo Han tells off a patient for smoking in secret. He then helps another elderly patient into the bed and asks if he is doing fine. Just then, he receives a call from Si Young. He reads it with a contented smile as he continues to speak to the patient who is finding it difficult to communicate.


Yo Han’s voiceover narrates, “I am a doctor to those awaiting death at the end of their lives. What they need more than painkillers that don’t work, is someone who understands their suffering and the comfort that their pain is shared by someone.” 

As Yo Han walks out of the patients’ room, the nurse asks him how he can understand a patient whose cancer has spread to the larynx and can’t talk. Yo Han says he can’t understand the patient either but he tries his best. Yo Han says what the man says today could also be the man’s last words.

Yo Han walks out and greets Si Young and the others with a smile. They ask where they should start as they can help a lot. They say they are good with cleaning and laundry too. Mi Rae asks if she can go around taking wishes from the patients for the wish club. Yo Han tells them to do what they want and says he won’t stop them.


Heo Joon and Won Hee point at both the couples who are walking hand in hand into the building. Then they too lock hands and follow them.

Later, Yo Han and Si Young smile as they watch Yoo Joon, Mi Rae, Won Hee and Heo Joon treat and interact with the patients. Yo Han walks up to the piano saying he will play a song for them.


As Yo Han plays the piano, his voiceover narrates, “Pain is the proof of life. Pain lives inside us. Our lives come to an end with pain. Having someone next to you to share your pain with, reduces your pain and gives you the courage to embrace your pain.”

Everyone listens to him play. Yo Han laughs as he plays the piano and Si Young smiles seeing him.


The scene shifts to a white place with only Yo Han and Si Young in it as Yo Han discusses a medical chart. Yo Han’s voiceover says, “Recognising and sharing someone else’s pain. That is my last prescription for our pain that stays with us as long as we live.”

Si Young smiles nodding in agreement and Yo Han returns her smile.


Image Courtesy- SBS


One couldn’t have asked for a better ending. The finale left no stone unturned and it was a satisfactory happy ending, which was convincing too.

What was great about this finale was that it had a realistic pace and it wasn’t dramatic. Though Yo Han came back, it did take him over 3 years and a lot of determination and hard work from his side. He had to battle a life-threatening illness to survive and return. He still has side effects from his illness but it is good that he has a place where he can still practice as a doctor.

The dialogues explaining the reason why Yo Han was out of touch was convincing. Yo Han and Si Young’s relationship has always been an understanding one. It was interesting how Yo Han never explained anything unless Si Young asked him and though Si Young was angry that he didn’t talk to her she was calm while talking to him. The couple always gives each other the personal space and time when required. It was good to see that Yo han finally found the balance between living for today and wishing for tomorrow.

It was great to see Mi Rae and Yoo Joon together. It was also pleasant to see Mi Rae being a supportive sister to Si Young throughout the episode.

The scenes showing the gradual change in Si Young’s behaviour after the emails stopped were well made. It was pleasant to see some of the scenes from earlier episodes revisited.

Yo Han’s diagnosis of the patient in this episode shows why he is called the “10 seconds doctor”. Though his team is competent, Yo Han will always remain a legend.

Yet again, Yo Han’s voiceover towards the end was well-written and shows that Yo Han achieved his dream of writing the last prescription. It looks like this time Yo Han is here to stay, as he now feels that recognising and sharing someone’s pain is what is most important.

The final episode brought back the crux of the plot, which is centred on euthanasia. The scene with Yo Han, Son and Eun Jeong was a good watch. The dialogues in that scene were great.

The drug that Yo Han has developed is a healthier replacement to Zinmu Rijund’s Cherubim. It goes to show that living without pain would be a better alternative any day to dying without pain. It also gave a hopeful ending to Son (and other patients like him) who says he hopes to use the drug someday.

Cha Yo Han’s Healing Clinic was a fitting and peaceful ending to the series. It was pleasant to see all the characters smiling as they got their happy and optimistic ending.

With its great acting, script, screenplay, dialogues and OSTs Doctor John is a must-watch. It easily adds to the list of best dramas and definitely tops my list of medical dramas.

Series Review

This drama got off to a fiery start and then it took an emotional turn making it even better. It does justice to all of its genres of medical, romance and drama. I would highly recommend watching this one and I am glad I watched it while it aired.

Doctor John follows the life of the youngest Professor in anaesthesiology, Cha Yo Han, who specialises in pain medicine. He is a genius who excels in diagnosing his patients but his talent is overshadowed by a malpractice case when he euthanized a terminally ill patient who was under his care. It resulted in Yo Han being imprisoned for 3 years. What looks like just a euthanasia case, actually has something else brewing on the side, which is more sinister.

The series starts at the end of Cha Yo Han’s prison term and him going back to his job. Despite him finishing his sentence, Prosecutor Son Seok Ki (who handled his case) still on Yo Han’s tracks. Nurse Cha Eun Jeong who is obsessed with taking her revenge on Yo Han joins hands with Son in this. How Cha Yo Han manages to treat patients while handling his personal life forms the rest of the plot.

The series touches upon the controversial subject of euthanasia. It showcases the different viewpoints on euthanasia from the angle of both the patients and their guardians. Throughout the series we see the various characters talk about it, argue and discuss the subject under different circumstances. This was well scripted and depicted, as one can understand every person’s point of view.

The show focuses on pain management. It portrays the various degrees and types of pain that patients go through. It also depicts the suffering that they go through realistically.

Few episodes into the show and one comes across the rare disease called CIPA where a patient doesn’t feel pain or temperature and doesn’t have the ability to sweat. CIPA patients do not live past the age of 5. Later, it is revealed that Cha Yo Han is a CIPA patient who has managed to survive all along by using methods that he has devised. The scenes showing how Yo Han goes about his day to day life and the in-depth portrayal of life as a CIPA patient is commendable.

Pain is always considered bad, but the latter part of the show focuses on how important it is to feel pain and how it helps to keep one alive. It shows pain as a means of communication the body uses to let one know that something is wrong so that it can be treated.

It also portrays how the lives of the doctors are affected while they treat various patients. The scenes with the patients are so well made that the viewer can connect with the patients and their life. As the series progresses, one shares the same feelings of that of the doctors treating them.

One of the significant parts of the drama was where the show highlights how difficult it is for the guardians of the patients and what they go through while supporting their loved ones.

The medical content in the drama is of great quality and educational. Each case covers the symptoms, diagnoses and treatment in a detailed manner. Since each disease is a rare one, one also learns how difficult it is for the doctors to diagnose it as the symptoms often overlap with other diseases.

The relationship between the leads is that of understanding and care. Their relationship grows stronger with every episode and is based on supportiveness. Every scene where the leads shared screen space was a great watch. The romance plot is in par with the medical content of the drama which is exceptional. It was interesting to see how the medical content intertwines with the romance plot.

This was yet another remarkable performance by Ji Sung who portrays Cha Yo Han, a doctor who stops at nothing to treat his patients. He fits the role of the melancholic, secretive, composed but assertive Cha Yo Han very well. Cha Yo Han is selfless and lives just to save his patients. It is awe-inspiring to see how Yo Han goes up against the management/laws/rules/regulations to treat his patients whom he has just met. Despite the characters mentioning that Yo Han is anti-social, he comes across as a great mentor and empathetic to his patients.

Lee Se Young has given a noteworthy performance as Doctor Kang Si Young. Kang Si Young’s character is heavily emotive and Lee Se Young has done a marvellous job with her role. Her performance in the crying scenes is laudable as it evokes sadness and sympathy for the character making the drama even better. Kang Si Young is an empathetic and competent second-year resident who is emotionally strong. This character is one of the best female leads by far, as she is matured, caring, strong-willed, loving and talented.

Lee Yoo Joon portrayed by Hwang Hee is my pick out of the supporting roles in this drama. He is a pleasant and supportive character, which is much needed for the plot.

The dialogues in the show are exceptional and it is accompanied by great acting and screenplay.

Despite it being a medical drama, the romance, legal and mystery aspects of the drama are catchy as well. The OST’s are definite additions to one’s playlist.

Doctor John is one of the most informative dramas out there. It is a layman’s encyclopaedia of rare diseases. Despite it being heavy on the subject of diagnosis and treatment, it is easy to follow. The drama, on the whole, was deep-seated and emotive. With its optimistic and happy ending, Doctor John definitely tops my list of favourite medical dramas making it a must-watch.

-Soul Sword-

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8 thoughts on “Doctor John Episode 31-32 Recap (Series Finale)”

  1. Soul Sword, thank you for the brilliant series of recaps of Dr. John. I can’t see whole episodes of the drama, and your writing helps put the bits I can see in order and fills in the gaps. Thank you for the explanation of medical terms. How interesting this all was and it brought me back to a time when I worked in the Anatomy and Pathology departments at a school of medicine. There was also a strong theme of kindness and goodness, whether to acquaintances, family or strangers, that impressed me. What a very satisfying drama! You deserve so much credit for doing these recaps. Kind regards, Pat from the UK

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    1. Love this show. I keep watching this show as it as it allows me to understand pain management. I put myself in the patient’s shoes. Dr Cha and Dr Lang SY are a good pair. They really understand the pain that patients go through. The Anestheisiology team is superb. Bravo!! Good movie.

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    2. I am truly inspired by the show in all areas. Turning the traditional perception of pain a negative body response to appreciate pain as a communication and a survival response in order to survive. Agree also that death is inevitable and the the best is to live well before the day comes. Blessing to all doctors and health care workers. They are just amazing souls. Well done to all the key actors who successfully touch our hearts and mind. Blessing to all.

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  2. Great help for me either! I really consider this drama a very good one. I was impressed by everything: story, topic, medical situations, life circumstances, etc. But the most touching was their way of “saying” their feelings, cares, worries, hearts and souls… Their eyes, hands, gestures and silences were even better than any other words. You just have to pay more attention to fully understand. And you helped me a lot in this direction.
    Did you notice how attentive, observant, careful and tender was Cha Yo Han long before Kang Si Young confessed her feelings to him? Really impressive!
    For all your efforts, research and work: big thanks, respect and admiration!
    Sincerest regards, Daniela from Romania

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