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Book Review- I Know A Secret by Tess Gerritsen

-By Soul Sword-

I Know A Secret is a Rizolli and Isles (standalone Book Series) thriller novel by Tess Gerritsen.

As a steady paced and gripping novel, it keeps the reader glued to the book with its crisp yet detailed storytelling. It is an interesting read as the suspense deepens with every page.

The book starts with Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles visiting the crime scene of a gruesome murder. Maura is unable to determine the cause of death even after the autopsy. The autopsy report comes clean except for traces of a date rape drug in the wine which the victim had consumed hours before her death. But the drug isn’t enough to kill the victim, so they find themselves in a fix. Soon, there is another murder and this increases the chance that they are dealing with the same killer. The mystery deepens as they stumble upon a chilling case from 20 years ago which might be connected to the current killings.

In a parallel track, we see another character named Holly, who seems to have a connection with the victims and senses that the murders are connected. She has an eerie feeling that she may be the next target. The suspense keeps building on one side while unravelling on the other.

The author Tess Gerritsen is a physician and a fan of horror movies. She spares no details in describing the autopsies and murders throughout the book. She leaves no room for imagination as the scenes in the book are graphic and detailed.

The book touches upon an interesting psychological concept of false memory, wherein a person seems to recall detailed accounts of events which have not taken place at all in reality. There are various reasons as to why a person develops false memories. This book has weaved it into the storyline very well.

As the book progresses, we get a glimpse of both Jane and Maura’s personal lives, but it doesn’t hinder the flow of the novel. As it is a standalone series, the reader can grasp what has been happening in their lives all along (in the series so far).

Detective Jane Rizzoli is soft-hearted and emotional, someone whom we least expect to be around gruesome crime scenes. She effortlessly puts herself in the shoes of the victim or the victim’s family. But this doesn’t intervene with her skills as a detective. Her gut instincts and observational skills always send her down the right path in the investigation. 

Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles, on the other hand, is the logical one with nerves of steel. Even during spine chilling experiences, she manages to keep cool and carry on. 

What stands out in this book is the character-sketch of the Sociopath. The last chapter is my pick of the book. This is one of those stories where we get the killer’s point of view on how it feels to get away with it. We get the author’s view of what goes on in one such Sociopath’s mind and this constitutes the last chapter of the book. The book emphasises that there are quite a lot of Sociopaths in the world who are roaming free. The author does a great job in depicting the mindset of a Sociopath in this novel.

‘I know a secret’ is packed with emotions like fear, grief and loss while being surrounded by an air of mystery. The way the author breaks the suspense while bringing in certain concepts into the story is laudable. The burning question in the reader’s mind is answered in the last chapter and the 300 pages leading up to it was packed with mystery and action.

‘I Know a Secret’ by Tess Gerritsen delivers what is expected- A gripping thriller. I rate this book 4.2/5.

The book can be purchased here.

-By Soul Sword-

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