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Sone Ka Anda/Musings (Stay Fit! Do not Envy!)

-By Kalpana-

I marched down to the grocery store in my society. Fresh fruits and vegetables would be delivered in the morning. The routine felt a bit tight. But, I held on tight to fresh vegetables on my tables rule and found myself down. It took me around 40 minutes to pick up my groceries and I headed to the payment counter. Ours is a small society and there are people who regularly come for walks, bring their children to the children’s park or various other activities like chit chat, a break from the stifling flat, or to just soak in the environment.

One such lady, who I got acquainted with while my walks in the garden waved a greeting.

‘Hello’ she said

‘Hello, good Morning’ I said

We exchanged a few Covid related gossip and facts. (This happened when Covid lock down was lifted, but mask and social distancing were still the norm).

She apprised me up and down and said,

‘You are looking slim’.

‘Oh! Thank you,’ I said

‘ No. Really.’ She said. ‘How did you manage? What do you do? Most of us in lockdown are worried about the pounds we have put on. But, you have not only not put on any weight, you look fit. Bursting with energy. Are you doing something? You know none of us have been down for a walk.’

‘Actually, I joined an online yoga class.’ I told her.


Lost for words at that question I said, ‘umm. To keep physically and mentally fit during lockdown..??’

‘But, why? I mean you were good enough with your with your age you know. Neither slim nor hefty. What was the need to join yoga?’

 ‘To stay fit, mentally and physically’ I repeated with a smile at the obvious envy in the youngster’s eye. I reached out to collect groceries, pay my bill and to walk back home.

-By Kalpana-

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