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Germany Vs Sweden – Fifa World Cup 2018

-By Soul Sword-

Germany walked into its do or die match against Sweden, who also needed a win to get through to the final 16.

Germany was on the attacking mode as they tried to score 2 minutes into the game but it was defended by Sweden. Less than a minute later they again attempted to score but it wasn’t converted either. In the 6th minute, Sweden nearly scored a goal but Germany defended it well. Germany had another chance to score at 7’ but it went wide. In the 13’ minute, Sweden’s Berg attempted a shot at goal inside the penalty box, which was defended by German Goalkeeper Neuer. Since Germany’s Boateng had shoved Berg while he took the shot there were appeals for a penalty but it wasn’t referred with VAR. Sweden scored its first goal at 32′ when Toivonen kicked the ball over the goalkeeper putting Sweden in the lead with the score of 0-1. At 39′ Germany tried to score but it was beautifully defended. Though there were attempts to score at least every 5 minutes both the teams were unable to score. Sweden nearly score again at 46’ from a free kick but Neuer came in with a brilliant save making the half-time score 0-1.

Germany started the 2nd half with an equaliser from Reus at 48’ who scored from a great pass from Werner putting Germany back in the game with a score of 1-1. The Game heated up as Germany came up with repeated attempts at goal but couldn’t get through. At 82’ Boateng was red carded after being yellow carded twice, this time for tripping Sweden’s Beag. Brandt (Germany) tried a shot too but the ball rebounded off the crossbar. They had 5’ of extra time added to play. It was looking like Germany’s World Cup dream was slipping through their fingers but at 90’+ 5′ Kroos scored a goal from a free kick, which curved its way to the net eluding everyone its way making score 2-1, winning the match for Germany.

The match was thrilling to watch as Sweden were tough competitors as they took on the defending champions. Germany was in an attacking mode right from start but they were unlucky as they missed many chances until they started scoring in the second half. The game came to an end with Germany scoring 3 points on the table tying them with Sweden. Both the teams need another win to come their way in order to progress into the next round.


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