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Melting Me Softly Episode 11 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 11 Recap


Later, Dong Chan dries Mi-ran’s hair using a towel. Mi-ran asks if they can live like normal people. Dong Chan says it will take time as Hwang is being blackmailed. Seeing her expression, he says he didn’t want to tell her because she will be worried. Mi-ran asks him to stop doing everything on his own. She says they should do things together from now. She holds his hand and says she wants to see him happy. Dong Chan smiles and says he doesn’t want her to go through difficulties, getting frightened or live through the pain. He says he wants her to live in joy and happiness and not worry. He says that is what will make him happiest at this point. Mi-ran smiles at him. Their hearts start to race. Dong Chan says they should dry their clothes in their own rooms. Mi-ran agrees.

Dong Chan walks out of her room. Dong Chan recalls the conversation with Hwang.

In a flashback, Hwang asks if the two of them are in love. He says they are like Adam and Eve as they are the first couple of the cryonics experiment. Just then, Dong Chan spots a spycam on Hwang’s cellphone. Dong Chan removes it and asks Hwang to tell him the truth.


Hwang says the person who tried to kill him is the one who called him 2 hours before thawing 20 years ago. He says it is the same voice. He says he was blindfolded, but he feels as if he has seen the man.

At present, Nam-Tae is reading a book. Hwang smiles as he sees Nam-Tae is trying his best to read though he is on the first page. Hwang asks if Nam Tae would be willing to step into the cryonic capsule if they could manufacture a drug in the future that would make him smarter. Nam-Tae says he wouldn’t because he can’t be with his family.


Nam Tae says that though he isn’t smart and people make fun of him, he loves living with his family 100 times more than that. Nam Tae clutches his chest and says this place hurt so hard when Mi-ran disappeared. He says it hurt even though he took medicines. He thanks Hwang for bringing Mi-ran back. He says he doesn’t mind even if Hwang snores loudly. Hwang says if he had a family like this, he wouldn’t have started this experiment. He says he didn’t think about what one’s family would think. Nam-Tae hugs Hwang and says he will be Hwang’s family.

(Family, After all)

Dong Chan meets Ha-young in her office. He tells her to report that the reporter, Park Hyo Woo who is Lee’s wife is dead. He tells her that the real Lee is frozen for 21 years in the capsule. Ha-young asks if they are twins and Dong Chan confirms it. She says there is no information on it. Dong Chan says Lee would have deleted the information. She asks if Hwang was the one who got Dong Chan and Mi-ran out if the capsule and Dong Chan confirms it. Just then, Ha Young receives a call.

Later, CEO Lee calls up Kim asking to meet today. Ha Young sits across Kim. Kim tells her to withhold the information of Park being Lee’s wife. Ha Young asks him to find out what Lee wants at the meeting today.


Mi-ran walks into the office. Dong Chan smiles at her and she returns his smile. His gaze follows her as she speaks to Park. Hyung Gi comes in-between saying that the new intern Ji Hoon is here. Dong Chan looks annoyed and asks Hyung Gi if he really wants to make a great show before he dies. He then asks if Hyung Gi found out who hacked the schoolgirl’s computer. Hyung Gi said the police won’t take a report without evidence. Dong Chan asks Hyung Gi to find out. Hyung Gi says he is the Chief and he has other work. Dong Chan asks if Hyung Gi posted the article. Hyung Gi asks why would he do such a thing. Dong Chan asks him to prove it and till then he will think Hyung Gi did it. Hyung Gi says it is unfair.

They are interrupted by Ji Hoon who announces that he is here. Dong Chan takes an instant dislike to him. Mi-ran goes over to Ji Hoon and shows him to a seat next to hers. Dong Chan immediately calls for a meeting.


At the meeting, Mi-ran distributes the documents. Dong Chan calls her and says she gave him the wrong one. He asks her to sit beside him and explain. She smiles as she says she gave him the right document.

The writer says the pictures are good. Dong Chan holds Mi-ran’s hand under the table as he says they can shoot the pilot episode there. Mi-ran’s eyes widen but she holds his hand firmly. The meeting proceeds. One of the staff drops her pen and she bends down to pick it up. She sees Dong Chan and Mi-ran holding hands.

Kim meets Lee and offers his condolences. Lee says the informant on the news sounded like his late wife Park Hyo Woo. He asks if anyone identified the informant’s voice as his wife. Kim says someone did. Lee says he doesn’t want to discuss this story again. Kim says the news Bureau should cover the story fully once it has started it. Lee tells Kim to do the cover. He warns Kim not to tarnish his wife’s image. Lee says they are on the same boat and he is on the same side. He threatens Kim by saying he shouldn’t think of switching sides. He tells Kim to focus on his political career.

Later, Kim calls up Ha Young and asks her to bury the reports of the callers identifying the wife’s voice. Ha Young asks what she will get in return.

Meanwhile, Dong Chan talks with Ji Hoon. He tells Ji Hoon that he doesn’t need a trainee. Ji Hoon smiles saying okay. Dong Chan tells Ji Hoon not to get close with his seniors, especially the females. Ji Hoon says okay and asks if he can go to the sets of Go-Go 99. Dong Chan asks him to work just enough to be unnoticeable. Ji Hoon asks if he can learn from Ko Mi-ran. Dong Chan asks what an intern can teach another intern. He asks Ji Hoon to learn from Hyung Gi.


Ji Hoon says it is like a dream to work with Dong Chan. He says Dong Chan is his role model. He says his heart will be full from learning from Dong Chan each day. Dong Chan is taken by surprise and acknowledges him before walking away.

In the corridor, Dong Chan runs into Mi-ran and drags her into the editing room. He asks if anyone noticed their relationship and she says she doesn’t think so. He asks her if she wants to do something tonight. She asks if it is okay while Hwang is in trouble and they have work. Dong Chan says those things are separate.

Just then, someone opens the door and Dong Chan pulls Mi-ran behind a partition. Hyung Gi walks in talking over the phone.


Dong Chan gets angry when Hyung Gi says Dong Chan is overrated and high maintenance. Hyung Gi says he is finding it tough to teach Dong Chan everything. Dong Chan tries to get up but Mi-ran holds him down. Hyung Gi says he wants to switch over to cable channel as he can’t stand this job. Hyung Gi says he will bring over the three shows that are being drafted here. Hyung Gi walks out.

Dong Chan’s jaw drops in disbelief. Mi-ran lets out a sigh in relief. Dong Chan says he wants to kill Hyung Gi.

Later, Dr Jo is on the phone with Dong Chan. He says he took care of it. Dong Chan thanks him. Dong Chan had told Hwang to stay in a place crowded with people.


Hwang is at Dong Chan’s restaurant. Dong Chan’s mother and Hwang eat together. She asks him to help Dong Chan get normal. She says she wants to see him normal before she dies. She says she is giving attention to her health because of that. She says she missed him every day after he disappeared.

Hwang apologises to her but she asks him to forget the times she was rude to him. She asks him to use her as a subject for his experiment if needed and not her son. She requests him not to tell Dong Chan.

Meanwhile, Dong Shik comes to see Dong Chan. He runs into Hyung Gi who says he seems similar. Just then, Dong Chan comes in and introduces Dong Shik.

Dong Chan learns that Dong Ju packed her bags, stole their mother’s jewellery and moved into that guy’s house. Dong Chan is furious and says they should follow her.

Dong Chan rings the bell to Dong Ju’s boyfriend’s house. Dong Ju answers the door and sees a fuming Dong Chan. She immediately tries to close the door but Dong Chan and Dong Shik hold the door ajar. Finally, she gives up and the door opens.


Later, Dong Ju places her ear over the door and listens in. Dong Chan and Dong Shik talk with Chu. Dong Chan asks him what he does. Chu says he is talking with Dong Chan. Dong Chan asks about his work. Chu says he carries around industrial stuff and sells them on the highway. He says this is illegal so he doesn’t pay taxes. When asked, he says he is from South Korea. He gives them his citizen card. Dong Shik asks if it is his real name.


Dong Chan asks Chu as to what are his plans with his sister. Chu says he wants to talk over drinks. Dong Chan refuses asking him to tell him now. Chu says they are both old and lonely. He says he wants to be good friends with her as they share the same values. He says they are friends with benefits and Dong Chan loses it. As he tries to hit Chu, Dong Ju comes in and says she isn’t going home.

Dong Chan asks her why she acting so immature despite being so old. She tells him she is old and he can’t tell her what she to do. She asks him what he did for her when she got married and divorced twice. She says her friends got cars and houses from their brothers but she got nothing from him.

Dong Chan yells that he feels so upset seeing her become like this after 20 years. Dong Shik says she took so much of money trying to start businesses but they failed. He says they sold their house because of that. He says she is the reason why he got depression. She says he lost money too but Dong Shik says he used it for art. Dong Chan pulls them apart and says they should talk at home.

Dong Ju says she won’t go but Chu asks her to go. Dong Ju immediately agrees. Dong Chan and Dong Shik share a look of disgust.


Later as Dong Chan drives down, he tells Dong Ju they have to find out what kind of guy she is before she starts seeing him. She says no one loves her and she wants to be loved. She says no man ever loved her from the bottom of his heart. Dong Chan says no guy will love her if she lives so recklessly. He tells her to cherish and respect herself. He says that is how guys will respect her.

Dong Ju says she shouldn’t have been born. Dong Chan says it is too late as that happened years ago. He says she has had her fair share of life. She asks if he wants her to die. She bangs her head repeatedly on the front seat. Dong Shik who has been sleeping all along wakes up with a jerk from the impact. Dong Chan tells her to stop living like this. Dong Ju says she will marry Chu. Dong Chan says no while Dong Shik gives in. Dong Chan asks what she sees in Chu. Dong Ju says he is strong.


At the station’s editing room, Mi-ran meets Byung Sim. She hands over the anticipated questions and answers for a psychology professor. Byung Sim says the script is badly written and asks if he can change some of it. She says it is written in a way to coincide with the show “Age doesn’t define human beings”. Byung Sim says the show is too serious and won’t be entertaining. Mi-ran asks if he knows that his son is interning here for a month. Byung Sim is surprised but then says his son takes after him.

Byung Sim asks if Ji Hoon knows about their relationship. Mi-ran says there is no relationship. He asks her to stop tainting his pure love. She asks him to shut up and calls him a scumbag.

Byung Sim walks out wondering how she became so rough. He says she used to be like a deer but now she is like T-Rex. Just then, he sees Ji Hoon. Byung Sim asks to eat with him.


At a restaurant, Ji Hoon asks if he dated Mi-ran. Byung Sim says Mi-ran is his first love and the definition of his youth. He says Ji Hoon wouldn’t know what a man’s first love means to him. Ji Hoon asks why he wouldn’t know. He asks Byung Sim why it had to be Mi-ran. Byung Sim watches a frustrated Ji Hoon walk to the counter.

Ha Young thinks about Dong Chan asking her to report the informant’s identity and Kim asking her to bury it. Mi-ran walks in. She thanks Ha Young for making a report from her point of view. Ha Young says the News Bureau did what it had to do but she needn’t thank her. She says they were reporting facts and it was not to protect her. Mi-ran says not everyone reports the facts and says she is grateful. Ha Young says she can leave if she is done. Mi-ran thanks her and leaves. As she leaves, Ha Young tells Mi-ran to protect Dong Chan well as anyone would want to steal him. Mi-ran bows and leaves.

Hyung Gi is again on the phone. This time, Dong Chan puts his ear next to Hyung Gi’s phone, startling him. Dong Chan asks if he is finding it tough to teach him, as he is high maintenance. Dong Chan tells Hyung Gi to leave the job empty-handed and without breaking business morality. Hyung Gi is shocked.

Just then, the staff who saw Dong Chan and Mi-ran holding hands comes and says she is leaving the show. She yells at Hyung Gi that she is disappointed and walks away. Dong Chan and Hyung Gi are puzzled.

Dong Chan walks up to the woman and tells her to reconsider as both of them can learn from each other. She smiles and he says he will put her back on the list of crewmembers. He walks away as she nods. She says she likes him even more now that he can’t be hers.

Mi-ran is back at her desk and she finds the notepad. Dong Chan has drawn a cartoon image of her with a speech bubble saying, “I’m Ko Mi-ran, a 44-year-old who is dating right now.” Mi-ran smiles at the note and she responds to it.

Ji Hoon comes to her and asks to eat out tonight. Mi-ran says she has plans tonight. She asks about tomorrow. He says they are going to the set tomorrow. He says Dong Chan told him not to go. Mi-ran says they have space and wonders why Dong Chan said that. Ji Hoon says it is okay and that he will be loyal to Dong Chan.

Meanwhile, Byung Sim is in the attic. He remembers his talk with Ji Hoon. He starts packing his things.

Dong Chan comes to his desk and finds Mi-ran’s note, “Ma Dong Chan, a 52-year-old single guy that Mi-ran likes. Let’s go on a date tonight. I’ll text you the place.” Dong Chan comments that she does everything by herself. He smiles as he says it is their first date.

Later, Dong Chan comes to the skating rink. He smiles as he sees Mi-ran and thinks that they could have come together. He stops walking as he sees Nam Tae along with her. Dong Chan walks up to them and Nam Tae enthusiastically greets him. Dong Chan smiles and greets him. He says he could have picked both of them up if she had told him.


Dong Chan watches as Mi-ran affectionately puts on Nam-Tae’s skating shoes and scarf on for him. Dong Chan tells Nam Tae that he maybe 52 years old on paper but he has lived only as much as Nam Tae. Nam Tae is happy and says he has a new friend.

Mi-ran asks Nam Tae to be careful as he goes into the rink. They both wave back at him as he waves to them while he skates.

Mi-ran greets Dong Chan saying she is 44-year-old Ko Mi-ran who is on her first date with him. Mi-ran says she wants to explain her life to him. She says there is nothing really that she is proud of. She says she is a really wonderful person but has wasted a lot of time. She says that is why her current self isn’t that great.

Dong Chan says that doesn’t matter to him at all. She asks him to watch her as she plans to live her life fully now. She says Nam Tae is a part of her life. She says she always wanted the person whom she likes to meet her brother first. Dong Chan says he is in trouble and he has to leave a good impression. Dong Chan says he hopes Nam Tae likes him. She says she hopes Dong Chan will look after her little brother along with her. Dong Chan thanks her and says he will gladly look after him with her.


Later Dong Chan holds her as they skate together. Nam-Tae also joins them.

A happy Dong Chan comes home to see a drunk Dong Ju. He takes the bottle from her and she protests that she can’t sleep. Dong Chan sits next to her. He asks if she remembers when she went with his friends and he beat the friend half to death. She says it is embarrassing to talk about that.


Dong Chan says she was his precious sister. He says he cut out his friends from his life when they said she was pretty. He says it was because she was too good for his friends. He says it is the same even now. He asks why she thinks no one loves her when he cherishes her. He holds her hand and says he can’t let her be with Chu and she asks why. Dong Chan says it is because she is precious.

In the morning, Dong Shik walks to the table flexing his wrist. Dong Chan asks if he is hurting. Dong Shik says his heart is young but his bones hurt. Dong Chan asks if he will come on a trip along with him.

The next day, the team Go Go 99 gets ready for the trip. Kyung Ja joins them. As she walks by, her scarf grazes his cheek. Dong Shik and Dong Chan join the group. Dong Shik sits beside Hyung Gi. Dong Chan sits beside Mi-ran explaining that they both need the air conditioner on high.

Dong Shik asks Hyung Gi to switch seats with him. Kyun Ja winks at Hyung Gi when he gets up. Hyung Gi sits beside her. Dong Chan and Mi-ran smile at this. During the ride, everyone claps as Kyun Ja sings a song. Dong Chan holds Mi-ran’s hand and he places a bag over both their hands.


Meanwhile, Dong Ju goes to the parlour. She asks for a haircut that would make the world love her because she is precious. She goes home after the makeover and cleans her room. She sees some leftover Soju. She says she is precious and doesn’t drink it.


At the location, Dong Chan addresses the team. He says they will forget their ages here and travel back in time.

The shooting begins in a place where all the props are from the 90s’. The contestants are dressed in the clothes from the 90s’too. Dong Chan’s voiceover narrates that at the end of the experiment they will check the physical age of the contestants again. He says they can prove physical age becomes younger if your heart is young.


The contestants are excited to see the cassettes, computers from the 90s’. They play games, sports and have a night by the bonfire. Dong Chan and Mi-ran smile as they see the lost youth return in Kyun Ja and Dong Shik. They are teary-eyed as they continue to watch them.


Later, Dong Chan walks her to her cottage. Mi-ran says she had the best time tonight. She says both 1999 and 2019 co-existed. Dong Chan tells her to go to sleep. She says she isn’t sleepy but she goes in anyway. Dong Chan waves goodnight.

Mi-ran is lying on the floor unable to sleep. She texts Dong Chan saying she isn’t able to sleep. He says he isn’t able to either and asks to meet outside.

Dong Chan walks out and sees Hyung Gi and Kyung Ja together.


Dong Chan and Mi-ran watch the river as they talk. He asks how they will look when they are actually 52 and 44. She says he will have lesser hair, a huge belly and lousy temper. Dong Chan says she will be a loud woman just filled with anger. She says she won’t and he says she will.

Mi-ran says she will still like him even if he turns out like that. Dong Chan says they might have to face a lot of unexpected things and they might be even sad from time to time. He says he hopes they become adults who overcome everything. Mi-ran asks if at that time their body temperature will be 36.5°C. Dong Chan says he will make sure that happens. He pulls her into a hug.


At his home, Lee asks Ha Young why she wanted to meet him outside work hours. She says there are a lot of eyes at the broadcasting station. She then calls him as Lee Hyeong Du. She says she can tell this on the news or keep it a secret.

He says he doesn’t know what she means. She says 20 years ago, Lee Seok Du got attacked 3 days before his inauguration. She says the company needed a fake CEO to substitute him. She says he isn’t Lee Seok Du.

Lee laughs out loud and asks if she has proof. She says she has been working closely with the cryonics experiment. She says she has found who was the culprit. She says he doesn’t want Lee Seok Du to wake up. She says he was the one who wanted Hwang dead. She says he killed Jung and Park. She asks if Hwang is his next target. He asks her what she wants. She says, “Ma Dong Chan”.

The next day at the station, Dong Chan clutches his chest as he walks down the corridor. Ha Young sips coffee in her office.

Byung Sim gets ready for his interview.

At their house, Nam Tae brings a letter to Mi-ran saying Byung Sim left the attic.

In the interview, Byung Sim explains how times is cruel and it shows in ageing. He says how it brings maturity in people. He says this is why people say age is just a number but life is all about numbers.

Dong Chan walks in and the crew tells him that Byung Sim doesn’t stop talking. Dong Chan says he will wrap this up. Dong Chan watches Byun sim talk and comments he will do well in variety shows.

Dong Chan walks in and wraps it up. Byung Sim apologises for taking a lot of time in a show that is just 60 minutes long. He then asks Dong Chan about his relationship with Mi-ran. He asks if they are dating. He says Dong Chan wouldn’t cast him on the show if Dong Chan was dating Mi-ran. Dong Chan says Byung Sim is right. He says he isn’t dating Mi-ran and he isn’t interested in women. Dong Chan runs his hand inside Bung Sim’s coat and asks why else would he cast Byung Sim. He pulls out the mic and walks away leaving a nervous Byung Sim behind.

Dong Chan receives a call from Jin saying he found the tape and converted it into a film too. Dong Chan reaches the place and is shocked at what he sees in the footage of the lab.


Meanwhile, Hwang is in the lab and he hears gunshots. Lee and his men walk in after shooting the CCTV cameras. Hwang blocks their way. He recognises Lee from the capsule. He says only staff members can enter the lab. Lee says he is related to the project. He says Hwang should have cooperated with him. They push Hwang away and head inside.


Once inside, they find that Lee’s capsule is no longer there. Lee threatens to kill Hwang if he doesn’t say where he moved the capsule to.

Elsewhere, Lee Seok Du is in a hospital bed sleeping. He has been thawed.

Dong Chan calls up Mi-ran. She says she is working on the payroll. She asks why he called. He asks if he needs a reason to call her. He says he wanted to hear her voice. She asks if she should sing a song. Dong Chan’s ears start ringing and it drowns out her voice. He feels dizzy. He clutches his chest and checks his watch. His vitals look fine. Mi-ran asks if he is still on the line.

Meanwhile, Dr Jo is working in his lab. He checks the sample and says that there is a variation in LAP (Low-temperature Activation Protein).

Dong Chan clutches his chest and falls.

Hwang takes Jo’s call as he stands at gunpoint. Jo tells Hwang to comes soon at Dong Chan and Mi-ran may face variation soon. Hwang says, “You have my trust, M,3,4” and hangs up.

Dr Jo is puzzled. Jo watches the warning prompt on the screen that shows VARIATION.

Dong Chan writhes in pain. Mi-ran grabs her bag and runs out of the office.

Hwang closes his eyes as Lee takes the gun from the thug and points it at Hwang’s head.

Mi-ran runs in the corridor.

Dong Chan lies on the path with his phone by his side.


Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode was good and well-paced.

The dialogues were well-written.

The choicest scenes in this episode were the ones with both Dong Chan and Mi-ran’s family. The scenes with Nam Tae and Hwang, Dong Chan’s mother and Hwang, Dong Chan and Dong Ju and Dong Shik and the skating rink were heart-warming scenes. They all show what family is. Go Go 99 was depicted well.

The comedy was hilarious. The scenes with Dong Chan and Hyung Gi definitely makes one laugh.

Ha Young doesn’t seem to be giving up but blackmailing Lee Hyeong Du isn’t a wise move. The man is a cold-blooded murderer.

This episode surpasses last week’s episodes in terms of content and I hope the ones to follow are as good as this one.

-By Soul Sword-

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