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Melting Me Softly Recap Index

Melting Me Softly Recap Index

Genre- Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

Cast- Ji Chang-wook , Won Jin-ah

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Series Review

Melting Me Softly is about a 24-hour cryonic experiment which goes wrong and leaves the subjects frozen for 20 years. Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi-ran are woken up after 20 years by accident. Ma Dong Chan had left behind his family and his girlfriend Ha Young while Go Miran left behind her grieving family.

They find out that they are in 2019 and have skipped 20 years in time. They also learn that their temperature at 31.5°C making them cryonics. This creates further complications. There is also someone who wants the experiment to fail. Solving this mystery while trying to cure themselves forms the rest of the story.

The series got off to a slow start.

The romance in this series makes one wonder if it is love or just a heightened level of empathy that stems out of guilt. Though the leads repeatedly confess their feelings for one another, there doesn’t seem to be a base from which the relationship stems except for being thrown together in a capsule. That said, the leads share great chemistry and most of the scenes between them are a good watch and form the best part of the series.

The series lacks a strong antagonist which is one of the reasons why the series is dull. The so-called antagonist makes the most illogical decisions. The plot relies on these illogical decisions to move ahead.

The blend between the serious plot and the comic one isn’t great, so they seem like two different storylines. The plot is inconsistent and doesn’t have proper direction. Though it is a fantasy series, there are some points in the series that are illogical and makes us question the entire storyline.

The comedy wasn’t impressive. Some of the supporting characters are annoying and unnecessary to the plot.

What was good in this series was the acting and the concept of the story.

The concept of what a person from 20 years back would feel about the current technology and corruption was portrayed well. The absence of plot to back up this concept makes its impact subtle.

The scenes with Mi-ran and Dong Chan’s family grows on you and it turns to be the best part of the series.

Ji Chang-wook plays Ma Dong Chan. He does a great job in portraying the Production Director who is self-assertive and strong-willed. As the series progresses we know that he is soft-hearted. Ji Chang-wook’s acting adds life to the otherwise bland plotline.

Won Jin-A portrays Ko Mi-ran, a lively and loving intern who is bent upon achieving her goals. She has done a great job in playing the chirpy 24-year-old from the 90s’ stuck in 2019.

Yoon Se-Ah portrays Na Ha Young, Dong Chan’s girlfriend from 20 years back. Yoon Se-Ah’s performance is laudable as she fits into the character well and makes one dislike Ha Young whenever she is on screen.

Ji Hoon, Nam tae, Seo Yoon, Dong Shik and Dong Ju are my pick of supporting characters who add life to the script.

As the series progressed, it seemed like the plot relied on Ha Young, whom one assumes to be a secondary character in the beginning. What actually was portrayed in the series was how Ha Young turns from a vengeful and obsessive jilted lover to a helpful woman who learns how to let go. Her character showed more promise than any other characters as the story develops.

After a point, all the lead pair does is yearn for a normal life while waiting for the cure and their storyline gets monotonous. The story then turns towards other characters to carry the plot forward. The last 3 episodes seemed like a separate series by itself since most of the story gets over by episode 13.

The finale gives every character a happy ending but it falls short, as it felt rushed towards the end. The epilogue could have been a lot better.

Though the series had a star-studded cast and a good concept, the substandard writing makes Melting Me Softly and underwhelming series.

-By Soul Sword-



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