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Melting Me Softly-Episode 7 Recap

Melting Me Softly-Episode 7 Recap

Dong Chan swims laps in the swimming pool. He notices his temperature is 31.5°C and his heart rate 160 bpm when exercising in water. He learns that his body temperature doesn’t rise if he is in water.

He is startled to see a group of women in the pool cheering and calling him “Iceman”. Dong Chan gets out of the pool and runs away. He sees his temperature is 31.9°C.


Later, in the car, Dong Chan remembers the conversation with Ha Young the previous day in her office. In a flashback, Ha Young says she wants to do a lot of things for him. She says she can’t love anyone other than him from the bottom of her heart. She says he told her the best way to protect her was to not find out what he doesn’t know yet. She tells him to face it head-on. She asks to face and resolve conflicts together. She asks him to leave her if that doesn’t work. She says they can’t end it here.


Ha Young is on her way to work and she recalls the same conversation. In a flashback, Dong Chan asks her if they can overcome the 20 years that flew by. He says he resents her for what she did. He says she must have felt distressed for these 20 years and matured a lot. On the other hand, he says he lost his chances to do that, so he is selfish and immature. He says he only cares about himself. Dong Chan tells her that he resents her now. At present, Ha Young cries as she drives to work.

Mi-ran walks to work and she recalls what happened the previous day. In the flashback, Mi-ran walks into the room but stops when she sees Ha Young with Dong Chan in the office. Mi-ran realises that she interrupted them and apologises before closing the door and walking away.

At present, Mi-ran remembers that at an award show, Dong Chan had announced that Ha Young is his girlfriend. She wonders if Ha Young waited all along for him. She is furious that Dong Chan at least got to have a girlfriend before he was frozen.

Meanwhile, at Mi-ran’s home, Mi-ran’s mother is angry that Hwang eats everything in the refrigerator every night and leaves a mess on the table. Her husband tells her that Hwang might feel pressurised in thawing the cryonics. Nam-Tae brushes Hwang’s hair and Hwang asks him to tie his hair in a bun.

Kyung Ja calls up Young Sun and asks her to pick up Byung Sim who has fallen asleep here. Young Sim is having breakfast with Ji Hoon. She tells Kyung Ja to leave Byung Sim there.


Young Sim tells Ji Hoon that she is considering getting a divorce and asks if he is okay with it. Ji Hoon asks if she will be able to live without Byung Sim. He says he was always curious as to why she didn’t get a divorce though they fought all the time.


He says that as he grew up he realised that she can’t let his father go. Ji Hoon says it is better to be happy than be in an unhappy marriage. He says he will respect her decision if that is the reason. He says it is her life anyway and walks away.

Ji-Hoon reaches the university and checks his email. Mi-ran has mailed him the homework, “All about love by Ko Mi-ran”.

(Episode 7-All About Love)

Dong Chan finds a lot of items on his desk. He sees a poster of a woman names Shin Hyang Sook (born in 1972). It says she owns 5 snack bars and will give him 2 if they get married. He is startled when Hyung Gi peeks from behind him. He passes the poster to Hyung Gi saying she will be a good suit for him and walks away.

Dong Chan runs into Mi-ran. He asks her why she walked into the editing room the previous day. She says she gave him the wrong proposal by mistake and wanted to give him the updated one. He asks her why she left. She says it didn’t seem like a good time. He asks her why. She is awkward as she says she figured she could give it some other time.


He asks why she came into the editing room if it wasn’t that urgent. She asks him why he is trying to start a fight. He says this is how he asks questions. Dong Chan tells her that no matter what situation she is in, she should tell him if she is feeling hot or sick. He tells her that same holds good even if he is in a hotel with a woman. Mi-ran says she isn’t that rude. Dong Chan says it is better than fainting due to a fever. She agrees and he leaves. Mi-ran wonders what is wrong with him after he leaves.

Mi-ran catches Hyung Gi staring at the Shim’s poster. She asks if that woman is his ideal type. He says he doesn’t like Korean women and walks away. She wonders if he likes Korean men.

At Mi-ran’s home, Mi-ran’s mother tells her husband that Nam-Tae is becoming social since he is around Hwang. Mi-ran’s mother puts up an advertisement that their attic is available for rent. She lists Mi-ran’s father as the contact. Just then, the police arrive for Hwang’s protection. Hwang walks in with his hair done in two side buns.

Elsewhere, Dr Jo starts his car when he receives a call asking for some documents for publishing in an academic journal. Jo leaves his car running and gets out to retrieve the documents. As he walks a few steps, his car explodes into a ball of flames.

Meanwhile, Mi-ran’s mother drives her car and Hwang is in the backseat. She says she has to give Mi-ran a herbal tonic. Hwang says herbal tonic will raise the body temperature and asks her not to do that. She asks if Hwang remembers anything.


At the station, Mi-ran runs into Dong Chan. They stop for a moment. She starts to walk again when he holds her hand. He checks her vital watch. It reads 31.6°C. The heart rate reads 107,108,110. He asks her why her heart rate is going up and now her temperature shows 31.7°C. She says it is because he startled her.

Dong Chan asks if he makes her heart race. He tells her that her heart rate shouldn’t go up because it will, in turn, raise her temperature. She asks him what makes their heart rates go up. He tells her not to run, not to get worked up and not to watch porn. Mi-ran tells him not to watch those. He tells her to take a cold shower if she gets worked up. Mi-ran says her heart rate is going up because she is angry.

Just then, she receives a call from Young Sun asking to meet at a place. Mi-ran agrees and hangs up. Dong Chan asks if it is her gorgeous friend and she says it is. He asks if she keeps her fever reducing shot with her. She says she doesn’t. He sternly says he had asked her to keep it with her. She says she will. He says her project proposal wasn’t so bad. Mi-ran’s face lights up and says she is cut out to be a director of a variety show. Dong Chan tells her not to be so proud, as only one of them were okay but the others were garbage. Her smile falls as he tells her to keep her meeting with her gorgeous friend short as they have a planning meeting after lunch.

After he leaves she comments that he has a sharp tongue. Hyung Gi says Dong Chan is a jerk and Mi-ran is startled.


Mi-ran meets Young Sun at the cafe. She asks for a drink with ice. Before Young Sun can speak, Mi-ran apologises for hitting her husband. Young Sun says he deserved it. Mi-ran asks how the two ended up getting married. Young Sun says she got pregnant. She says on the graduation day, Byung Sim had come over and they got wasted.

Mi-ran says that is so unlikely of Young Sun. Young Sun says it wasn’t a mistake. She says she liked Byung Sim even before Mi-ran started dating him. Mi-ran is surprised and asks what she liked in Byung Sim. Young Sun says he was good looking, quirky and looked like he needed looking after. Mi-ran says he is the type of person whom you date out of curiosity before you really know what you want from a man. Young Sun agrees saying it is impossible to love him for a long time. Mi-ran realises that Young Sun still loves Byung Sim. Young Sun says Byung sim doesn’t love her. She says she can’t abandon him as he never looked at her. She says she can end something only if she ever started.

Ji Hoon reads Mi-ran’s homework. Mi-ran’s voiceover narrates, “Often we ask the people. When did you start to love them? But you cannot put a finger on the exact time you fell in love. It comes at you so randomly, so you can’t even know when you fell in love. Then it tortures you.”

Young Sun tells Mi-ran that it is time she ended this. She says it isn’t because of Mi-ran. Mi-ran asks if she can really end it, because Young Sun loves Byung Sim. Young Sun says she needed a reason to end it and asks if she can live her life with a person who doesn’t love her back. She says she still has her pride.

Mi-ran’s voiceover continues, “At the end of love it isn’t very clear either. It is not over even when it is over.”

Meanwhile, Dong Chan receives a call and he is shocked.


Dong Chan reaches the police station and asks Jo what happened. Jo says he is alive because he left his car running. Dong Chan says Nikolai didn’t try to kill Jo as there is no motive. He there is no need to show it as a car accident again. He says someone is trying to frame Nikolaj.


Meanwhile, CEO Lee says that Lee Seok Du cannot come back alive. A man walks in and says he will not let this mistake repeat again. Lee points a gun at the man saying that the money he gave was the price of the man’s life. The man says he understands.

Mi-ran sits at her desk. She notices that Dong Chan isn’t there. She opens her laptop to find a post-it stuck on the screen from Dong Chan. It says he is at the police station as Jo’s car blew up. It says Jo Is fine.

Mi-ran receives a call from the university’s Professors Association. The woman accuses Mi-ran of assaulting a professor on the campus. Mi-ran says they sorted it out at the police station, the woman says she has to sort it out with the association as well.

Dong Chan is deep in thought as he drives back. He thinks that they followed him because they think Hwang is alive. He recalls that Hwang is a witness to the murder case from 1984. He wonders if they want to get rid of Hwang after 20 years. He then wonders why they tried to kill Jo and what is the link. He suddenly remembers the capsules and something strikes him. Dong Chan stops the car and asks Jo if he has the documents on the other 4 participants in the experiment. Jo Says that only Hwang has them.

Jo is in the lab looking at the frozen form of CEO Lee.

At his office, the imposter CEO Lee asks if their source at the National Police Agency contacted them. The assistant says Dong Chan hired a private bodyguard. He says the project is top secret so they don’t know the bodyguard’s identity. He adds that Dong Chan’s ex-brother-in-law Baek is the only one who knows about it.


Congressman Kim Si Seok (ex CEO of TBO) comes to the station and meets Kim. He says Dong Chan has given them a new card to play, a president who wanted to develop science and technology for over 20 years. He says they have to stir people with the news that Kim will be the first variety show director to be president. He passes an application form for joining the National Party. He tells Kim to follow his lead.

Dong Chan gets back to his desk and he finds a post-it note from Mi-ran. It reads that she has to go to school, as they will take disciplinary action against her for hitting a professor. Dong Chan comments that she leads a colourful life.

In his office, Kim says he is about to start his political career. Hyung Gi says Kim has used Dong Chan a lot to get where he is now. He says this is too much. Just then, Dong Chan walks in and Kim grabs him. Hyung Gi takes a picture but Dong Chan says he can’t smile.


Mi-ran is frowning as she sits in the hearing. Byung Sim walks in and joins her. He says that he deserved the beating. He says Mi-ran is his first love but fate split them apart. He says he started an unwanted marriage too. He says this was an assault of passionate love and Mi-ran’s jaw drops at this. He says he is finding an answer to what his first love Mi-ran wants. The room falls silent as he walks out. Mi-ran runs behind him.

Outside, Mi-ran tells Byung Sim not to hurt Young-Sun. He says he is the one who gets hurt though he looks muscular and manly. He asks her to wait for him, as he will sort out his things fast. She calls after him but he walks away.

Byung Sim’s assistant brings him some clothes. Byung Sim asks if his ex-wife gave it easily. The assistant asks if he is already divorced. Byung Sim says he will soon be. The assistant says he shouldn’t be calling her his ex-wife until they are legally divorced. He says he will be pessimistic once he gets a divorce and it will be difficult to call her that so he is practising now. The assistant gives him a weird look.

Dong Chan goes to Ha Young’s office. He tells her about Jo’s car exploding and says Nikolaj isn’t the suspect according to him. He says he needs the news bureau’s help to expose the attempt on Jo’s life. She says she will do the coverage and take the case file from Baek. Ha Young tells him that she will protect him and will never put him in danger again. Dong Chan says that he will protect himself. He asks her to help protect something else. She asks what is that. He says he wants her to protect everyone else involved in this case, starting from Mi-ran. Ha Young’s eyes tear up as he walks away.


Ji Hoon spots Mi-ran in the university and runs over to her. He says he hasn’t turned in her assignment yet. He says he hasn’t read it fully. Mi-ran sees Young Jun walking with another girl. She says she didn’t know he had a girlfriend. Ji Hoon says they are just flirting and she isn’t Young Jun’s girlfriend yet. He says they are just finding out how things work out. Mi-ran asks if flirting is something you do before you date someone.


Ji-Hoon is surprised that Mi-ran doesn’t know what flirting is. He says that you flirt when you like someone and you aren’t sure if that person likes you and is being vague about it. He says she has probably dated someone and must’ve flirted with them. She says she did, but the guy she dated was a jerk. She says he married her friend and had a kid with her. She says they should call him psycho.

Just then, she receives a call from Dong Chan saying that she is two hours late for the meeting. She apologises and says she will be there soon. She gets up to leave and Ji Hoon says he hopes he gets through the internship and gets to work with her.

Mi-ran is short of breath as she gets to her desk. Dong Chan says he told her not to run. She says he asked her to come quickly. He says she has to schedule her time wisely so her body temperature doesn’t rise. She tells him he is being obsessed with her body temperature. He asks her if she ate and she says she didn’t. Dong Chan is annoyed as he asks her why she hasn’t eaten yet. She says it is all right. He says her temperature will rise if she doesn’t eat and she asks how. He says she gets angry when she is hungry. He asks her to get up, saying he will give her company when she eats.


At the cafeteria, Mi-ran eats as he asks if they forgave her for hitting the professor. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks about Jo’s car exploding and he says they will discuss this later as this is not the place to talk about it.

As she eats, he notices the tips of her hair toughing the bowl. He leans over and tucks the hair behind her ear. She looks up and he says she was about to chew her hair. Mi-ran asks him if he has flirted with someone. He asks her what it is and he hasn’t heard of it. She calls him old and says he has to catch up with the trend. He asks her if she knows what it is. He asks her to tell him so that they can do it together. She says it is something you do with a person you like before you start dating them. He goes silent as she smiles and continues to eat.


In the meeting, Dong Chan starts the presentation “Turn Back Time”. He says he came up with this idea based on Mi-ran’s Project Proposal. He says they will go back in time. Dong Chan speaks about an experiment where Ellen Langer turned back time psychologically. He says she gathered 70-year-olds and created an environment that took them back 20 years by exposing them to songs, news and movies of those times. He says eventually, those people’s physical strength went back to what it was twenty years ago. He says Mi-ran suggested gathering 27-year-olds and taking them back by 20 years.

Dong Chan says it is unnatural to see adults act like infants so they have to gather people in their 40’s. He says people in their 40’s will get to relive their 20’s. One man asks if the show wouldn’t seem too tacky. Dong Chan says that would be the essence of the project. He says their job is to make people feel intrigued about what is old fashioned at the moment. he says they can make retro the new trend. He says people who are exhausted and tired in their 40’s can get a chance to relive their 20’s and overcome their biological ageing process. He says every generation can relate to their show. He says they will be the ones to decide the age of their minds. He says it will be a fun variety show with sincerity. 

Hyung Gi claps saying if they should title it, “Reply 1999”. They say it was a hit drama.

Mi-ran says they should call it, “Go-Go 99” which means let’s go back to 1999. Dong Chan also says that they should have college students and celebrities participate. He asks Mi-ran to come with him to check the sites. Park objects saying he is already working on a show. Dong Chan said he read it and is sure it will fail. He tells Hyung Gi to draw up a budget. He says a person who is fed up with his life should be enthusiastic about his work. He says they should all work together now that Ma Dong Chan is back.

Meanwhile, Ha Young is with her team. She says they have to report every detail about Jo’s car explosion on the news to pressurise the killer. When she is alone, Ha Young wonders if she is still in love with Dong Chan or if she has fallen in another love.

At the pork rib restaurant, Dong Ju is fighting with her ex-husband as he hasn’t given her the alimony. Baek walks in just then. Seo Yoon walks in and calls the man as uncle one and Baek as uncle two. Dong Ju asks him for the alimony as Dong Chan is back and she can’t live here any longer. The man says he doesn’t have the money.

They continue to fight as Mi-ran’s voiceover narrates, “A passionate love that boiled at 100°C can always drop down to 10°C. And you must pay the price when your love ends. It either hurts, makes you sad, or costs a lot of money.” 

Dong Shik is at the temple praying that Dong Chan should live peacefully. He prays that his daughter grows up beautifully. He cries as he prays Dong Ju should recover from being an alcoholic. He prays for everyone else and about selling the piano academy too.

Young Sun, Kyun Ja and her aunt (fortune teller) are at a prayer meeting. The aunt prays for the two of them.

Mi-ran’s voiceover continues, “Two people’s love comes to an end. But the temperatures which they cooled down to are different. One of them is still burning hot. The other one is as cold as ice. That is the problem with love.” 

Byung Sim places his bag on a bed and relaxes.

As they walk out of the church, Young Sun receives a message from Byung Sim asking her to send over the rest of the clothes. He says he will send the address of the studio. He also asks her to pay the delivery fee, as he has no cash.

At the station, Hyung gi announces that they will go out for a team dinner. In a low voice, Dong Chan warns him not to drink.

Later, Dong Chan walks with his team down the hall. Ha Young walks towards them and she spots Mi-ran next to him. She walks past them. Dong Chan walks on with a serious expression. Mi-ran turns around and looks at Ha Young.

The team has dinner at Dong Chan’s mother’s restaurant. He refuses the drinks. One of them gives a drink to Mi-ran. Dong Chan takes it away. He says Mi-ran can’t drink because she has fatty liver syndrome and palsy too.

She watches them drink for some time and then pours Dong Chan and herself some soft drinks.


Later, Mi-ran eats the pork-ribs. Dong Chan smiles as he gives her an extra helping. He asks her to eat a lot as it is all-you-can-eat.

After a while, everyone dance and sing. Dong Chan is surprised to see Mi-ran singing and dancing. He starts clapping. After a while he gets concerned as too much dancing can exhaust her. Dong Chan sings when it is his turn. He remembers Ha Young and their fate as he sings. (the song is about lost and forgotten love)


Afterwards, Dong Chan drives Mi-ran home. Mi-ran asks who he thinks killed the professor. He says it is someone who wants Hwang and Jo dead. He asks her whom she thinks it could be and she says she doesn’t know. He tells her not to think too hard as her temperature will go up.

Dong Chan turns around and is startled to see Nam Tae’s face against his car’s window. Mi-ran tells him that he is her brother. Dong Chan immediately greets Nam Tae and Nam Tae enthusiastically greets him back. Mi-ran leaves with Nam-Tae.


Later at home, Dong Chan realises that Mi-ran participated in the experiment because her brother is sick. He tries to find the meaning of the word flirting on the internet.


Just then, Seo Yoon walks in saying she score 7/10 in a spelling test. He says that is good and asks her to try to score 10/10 in the next test. She says tests aren’t important. He asks her what is important and she says it is to live happier than the person who scored 10/10. She asks him how work is and he says it is manageable. She asks if anyone is keeping him awake at night and he says not right now. She asks if she can help him with something. He asks her what flirting means. She says snow white was flirting with the seven dwarves. Dong Chan is taken aback. He smiles saying she would’ve flirted with the prince. Seon Yoon is persistent saying Snow White flirted with the dwarves.

Just then, Dong Shin comes in. He sends Seo Yoon away. He massages his legs saying he went to the temple. Dong Chan says he should see the doctor. Dong Shik says it is probably arthritis or calcium deficiency. Dong Chan sits beside Dong Shik and hugs him. Just then, Dong Ju walks in. She says Dong Chan always favours Dong Shik and not her. She says she is sick too and hurting. Dong Chan calls her over and asks her where she is hurting.

Dong Ju sits beside Dong Chan and says she has a heartache, as the world is so mean to her. Dong Chan holds the two of them close and consoles them.


Mi-ran’s voiceover narrates, “Love isn’t limited to the romance between men and women. There is familial love. In order to hatch an egg, it needs to be 36°C. This warmth only allows love. That’s the love between family members.

Mi-ran packs her bag for the next day and smiles as she goes to sleep. She has forgotten to pack the fever reducers.

The next day, Dong Chan and Mi-ran drive to the shooting location. She runs in the front while Dong Chan carries her bag. They find a good spot and they start walking further. Both of them drink iced drinks that they brought along. They reach a secluded spot and Mi-ran says they can set up tents after cutting the grass.


After walking for some time longer, Dong Chan tells her that they should go back as it is too hot. She agrees and they walk back. Both of them sweat a lot as they walk back. They have little water left as their temperatures reach 31.8°C. Both of them are panting by now.

Dong Chan says it looks like they are lost. He tells her to stand by the tree and gives her his water bottle. He says he will walk further and see if there is a path ahead. Dong Chan walks up to her and asks if she has her fever reducing shot. She says she did. She asks if she can come with him.

Dong Chan takes her along. After some time, her temperature rises to 32.3°C and she is exhausted. He brings her to the side and they both sit down. He says they should take the fever-reducing shot. He brings out his box and is about to take his injection when Mi-ran tells him that she can’t find it in her bag. She says she has forgotten to pack it.

Mi-ran panics and her temperature rises to 32.8°C. She passes out and he tries to shake her awake. Dong Chan sees his temperature is at 32.7°C. He looks at the injection in his hand. He immediately gives her the injection. He watches her temperature come down.


Dong Chan’s temperature rises to 33°C and he passes out. Mi-ran wakes up when her temperature is 31.8°C. She is shocked to find Dong Chan lying motionless beside her. She tries to shake him awake. She starts crying helplessly as she gets no response.

Just then, it starts raining. Dong Chan’s temperature reduces slowly and he gets up. She asks him if he is all right. He says he is all right and she kisses him. Dong Chan’s eyes widen in surprise. Mi-ran passes out and Dong Chan holds her.


Mi-ran’s voiceover narrates, “The temperature limit to my love is 31.5°C. It should never go higher than that. I wonder if I will ever be able to kiss someone before I die. I should at least kiss someone before I die. I should make the best of my life.” 

Image Courtesy –TVN


The dialogues in this episode were good.

Dong Chan and Mi-ran’s project was a refreshing one. It would be great if everyone could age slowly and get a chance at reliving a certain age.

The comedy in this series is disjointed. The transition between serious scenes to the comedy isn’t smooth. Byung Sim and Kim are getting difficult to tolerate with every episode. Byung Sim’s character is detestable as he is irresponsible and so full of himself.

The voiceover “All about love” was well written. The scene with Dong Chan and his siblings was my pick in this episode.

It was reckless on Mi-ran’s part to not pack the fever reducers. I wonder why she doesn’t take the hypothermia problem seriously.

The pace of the romance in the beginning of the episode was good, but it was disrupted in the last scene. Mi-ran is under the assumption that Dong Chan and Ha Young are dating. I wonder if Mi-ran’s final voiceover was the reason for her kissing Dong Chan. Even so, it didn’t fit the situation as Mi-ran doesn’t come across as an impulsive person. I hope we see Mi-ran’s reasoning behind the kiss in the next episode. The scene seemed out of place and rushed as they are just acquaintances now.

It looks like Dong Chan has figured out that the killer is connected with the other people in the capsule. The thriller aspect of the plot has good pace and is an interesting watch.

-By Soul Sword-

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