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Melting Me Softly- Episode 6 Recap

Melting Me Softly- Episode 6 Recap

(Episode 6- Captain Korea)


Dong Chan says he is the first person to survive a cryonics experiment. He goes on to say that, he was the one who planned and participated in the experiment. He says he solely planned the experiment without the approval of the broadcasting station. He says the experiment was a success and feasible since he woke up after 20 years.

Dong Chan’s family, Mi-ran’s family, CEO Lee and his assistant watch the broadcast. Mi-ran regains consciousness and her family along with Dr Jo are beside her.

Dong Chan says the experiment has hypothermia as a side effect. He says the subjects can only live if they maintain a body temperature of 31.5°C. Dong Chan says he will do everything he can to perfect the project. He says that is all he can say.

The crew claps as Dong Chan walks away. Kim breathes a sigh of relief.

Dong Chan walks into the hospital. He sees Mi-ran coming down the escalator with her family. He watches from far and goes away. Mi-ran smiles saying Dong Chan is pretending as if he didn’t come to see her. She says she can recognise him from far. Dong Chan drives down as he recalls his conversation with Dr Jo earlier outside the hospital.


In a flashback, Dr Jo tells Dong Chan that Hwang succeeded in finding a solution to bring the body temperature to 36.5°C. He says Hwang is the only person who knows it. Dong Chan says they can’t wait for Hwang to regain his memories. He says he will find another way.

At present, Dong Chan is grim as he drives down the road.

News of frozen man Dong Chan’s return spreads all over the world. All world leaders watch the news.

Ji Hoon and Young Joon recognise Dong Chan in the article. Young Sun calls up Mi-ran and asks if she was also a subject from the experiment. Mi-ran is taken aback.

At the Blue House, they wonder if Dong Chan would join them, as it will improve their image.

In an interview, Dr Jo says he was the one who resuscitated Dong Chan. He says he felt responsible after Hwang’s death and it took him 20 years to get the formula right. He also says that Dong Chan is the only subject and no one else was with him.

In his office, CEO Lee says that if they eliminate Dr Jo, the real Lee will not be able to wake up. He tells his assistant to hire professionals and finish it after the issue settles down. He says the issue has too much attention now. Lee asks about Dong Chan’s mother’s restaurant.


Outside their restaurant, Dong Shik plays the piano while his mother throws away the missing person flyers. The entire place is decorated and Dong Ju hangs a wind chime made up of soju bottles. Dong Chan gives a disapproving look.

His mother says their sales jumped threefold in a week after Dong Chan appeared on TV. She says they will be able to live like before soon. Dong Chan calls Dong Shik and warns him that he will be arrested for causing a scene in the middle of the street. Dong Shik doesn’t listen and he continues singing while playing the piano.

Dong Chan’s eye catches the missing person flyers. He asks his mother if she ever thought that he was dead in these 20 years. She smiles and says she never thought that way even once. She says she thought he might have lost his memory in an accident. She says that way he would eat pork ribs which is his favourite food. She says she opened the pork rib restaurant because one day he might come by to have pork ribs. She says this restaurant doesn’t suit him and he hugs his mother. He thanks his mother.

Dong Chan sternly tells Dong Ju to stop drinking. He turns to his niece and tells her to read the books he bought for her he tells her to stop watching online videos. She smiles and nods. He smiles and walks away.

The thugs are at the Police Station. They say they haven’t a clue as to who their client is. They say they were given Dong Chan’s contact and address. They received payment in their office through delivery service.

Dong Chan and Baek watch the thugs. Baek says the thugs don’t have a clue as to who hired them. Baek says the client knows Hwang is alive. Then he says Dong Chan is a star now.

Ji Hoon gets ready in the morning. He wonders if Dong Chan is Mi-ran’s boyfriend but he brushes the thought away. Young Sun walks into his room and asks him to come and have breakfast. Ji Hoon addresses her as ‘mother’. She says she doesn’t want to discuss his father when he asks where his father (Byung Sim) is.


Meanwhile, in his office, Byung Sim watches Dong Chan’s interview and recognises him as the Director of “Infinite experiment’s paradise.” He figures out that Mi-ran participated in the cryonics experiment. He loses his footing and calls out Mi-ran’s name.

Ji Hoon and Young Joon join Mi-ran in class. She hands Ji Hoon the project and he laughs asking her to email it next time. He says TBO has internships for students. He says he will be applying too. Young Joon asks if Dong Chan is her boyfriend. She laughs saying he isn’t. She says she has high standards and he isn’t her type. Young Joon says Dong Chan is good looking but she says Dong Chan looks like a girl.


In Kim’s office, Kim tells Hyung Gi that if he had known this would become a tough topic, he would’ve have acted as if he was part of the experiment. He says he was the one who signed Mi-ran and he was the one who convinced their superiors along with the budget. Hyung Gi says this makes Kim look bad and asks him to retain his dignity. He says Kim wanted to run when he had to be responsible and now he wants to take credit because of the fame. Kim says he has lived his life fine and Hyung Gi was the one living a bad life. He says Hyung Gi should ‘ve left the country when he committed adultery with a Russian woman.

Dong Chan walks into the office asking why Hyung Gi is always in Kim’s office. He asks if the two of them were dating.

As they walk out, Dong Chan asks Hyung Gi for some files. Hyung Gi says he isn’t his assistant anymore. He asks Dong Chan to accept reality. Dong Chan walks towards Hyung gi and Hyung Gi immediately says he will out the files in Dong Chan’s desk. Dong Chan says he is going to start planning the pilot for the new show. He says he will keep Mi-ran with him. After Dong Chan walks away, Hyung Gi says he has another boss now. He thinks he should quit his job once he has more money.

Dong Chan stops walking as he sees Ha Young. She asks him how long he plans on avoiding her. Dong Chan says he plans on protecting the woman whom he once loved until the end. He says he is afraid of finding out more about what he doesn’t know and so he doesn’t want to dig deeper. He says that is his way of protecting her. He says it is the best he can do for her right now and walks away.


Ha Young calls his name and says she will wait for him till he looks at her again. She says that is the best she can do right now and walks away.

Dong Chan receives a message from Mi-ran saying she will wait for him in the meeting room.

Ha Young watches Mi-ran walking in the lobby, with a disapproving look.

Dong Chan walks into the meeting room and gives Mi-ran her ID card. She says she will work hard for a full-time position. He says it won’t be easy and she acknowledges him.

Mi-ran is taken by surprise when Dong Chan puts his hand on her forehead to check her temperature. He says she seems fine. He puts a vital watch on her hand. He says the watch will sound an alarm if her temperature rises. He hands her some fever reducers and tells her to take them immediately if the warning sounds.


Dong Chan says Biocode from the USA made these especially for them after seeing the show. She looks at the injection and says she hates taking shots. He apologises and she smiles saying she will take them. He says the needle is thin and it won’t hurt. He tells her to let him know if she is leaving the station and to download a location tracker on her phone. She tells him to stop nagging. He tells her to text him her vitals every two hours. Dong Chan tells her to get his permission first before she faints the next time because they are fated to be grouped together.

Mi-ran says she hates nosy people. Dong Chan says he does too. He says they can’t live their lives by doing only what they like. He says they can’t live without doing what they don’t want to do. He says he is sick of apologising. He asks her to come back after her classes so that they can have a meeting to plan out a show. Dong Chan walks out of the room. Mi-ran takes the fever reducers and calls them burdens of her life. She then looks at the ID card like a kid in a candy shop.


Just then, a reporter named Kim Won See asks Dong Chan if it’s true that anything he touches becomes ice cold. Dong Chan asks where he heard that from. Dong Chan puts his hand on the reporter’s cheeks and asks how it feels. He says Won See will freeze to death in 3 minutes. Won See asks if there is another person who participated in the experiment. Dong Chan says 20 years ago, people would get fired for writing articles based on assumptions. He asks Won See to be careful as the trend is going backwards these days.


Meanwhile, Byung Sim walks up to Mi-ran and tells her that he is her first love Byung Sim. He tells her that he knows Mi-ran participated in the experiment because of him. Mi-ran asks him to cut the nonsense. She says she doesn’t want to run into him again and realises this is why psychology classes were boring. Byung Sim says he never for once forgot about her. She asks him who he thinks he is and asks why he didn’t forget her. He smiles and pinches her cheeks calling her hard-headed.

He suggests they go back 20 years to make up for the years they lost. Mi-ran gives a disbelieving look and asks him how he hasn’t changed. She calls him crazy. He says he doesn’t drink or smoke so he is being rational. He says he will get divorced now that she is here. She asks him to get lost before she kills him. As she walks away, he pulls her and hugs her tight. She pushes him away and slaps him hard across the face. She punches him and thrashes him with her bag. She asks him why he showed up in her life after 20 years and trying to mess up her life again.


Later, Dong Chan receives a call from Mi-ran saying she is in the police station.


At the police station, Byun Sim (with a bloody nose) says he won’t press charges against Mi-ran. Mi-ran is fuming. Byung Sim asks her not to say that he is her past insisting their love exists in the future. Mi-ran says she will beat him more since she is going to get punished for assault anyway. The cop stops her and says they will let her go because the victim doesn’t want to press charges. He says she can’t hit a person who can’t defend himself.

Mi-ran looks up as Dong Chan calls her name. She lowers her gaze in embarrassment. Outside, Dong Chan says if Mi-ran was a guy, she would’ve been jailed at least once in her life. She says it won’t happen as she doesn’t like getting locked up. Dong Chan asks if she thinks people go to prison because they enjoy it. He says they go to jail because they can’t control themselves. Dong Chan raises his voice asking how she could hit a professor older to her. She says they are the same age. He tells her to stop lying about her age. He says she acts like 24 sometimes and 44 at times.


He says being temperamental is bad for her health as it will raise her temperature. Dong Chan says he doesn’t mind an ugly woman, eats a lot or doesn’t know tables. He says he hates a woman who swears and hits someone. He tells her to stop doing that. He asks her why she hit him, as this isn’t the first time he is seeing her beat a guy. He asks if it is a hobby.

Mi-ran says it is the same man. She says Byung Sim asked to make up for the lost time and kept hitting on her. She says it was gross. She says she would’ve stabbed him.

Dong Chan says she did the right thing. He says she should’ve told him earlier. He says he is glad she hit Byung Sim. He says that man deserved a good beating and says she should’ve beaten him to a pulp. He calls Byung Sim a jerk and asks where he is.


Dong Chan walks into the police station where Byung Sim is. Byung Sim recognises him. Dong Chan asks him why he messed with Mi-ran. Byung Sim asks why Dong Chan froze his girlfriend. Dong Chan calls him a jerk. Byung Sim asks for respect and Dong Chan says he is 52. Byung Sim says Dong Chan wasn’t even alive for the past 20 years. Dong Chan shows his ID and calls Byung Sim little junior. Byung Sim calls him a fake-52-year-old. Dong Chan warns him not to mess with Mi-ran again and threatens to kill him if he does so. Byung Sim asks who gave him the right to do so. Dong Chan steps forward saying that he is partly responsible for her life.


Byung Sim holds Dong Chan by his collar and says Dong Chan is responsible for Byung Sim’s life too. Dong Chan holds Byung Sim by his shirt and asks why he was to be responsible. Byung Sim says his life was ruined after Mi-ran disappeared. Mi-ran loses her cool and tries to break them apart. She calls the police for help and they break the men apart. Dong Chan tells him to stay away from Mi-ran and not make her blood boil. Byung Sim says Dong Chan is wet behind his ears. Mi-ran asks both of them to shut up.

Dong Chan suggests that they go eat. He grabs Mi-ran’s hand and walks away with her. Byung Sim watches helplessly.

The CEO and his assistant visit Dong Chan’s restaurant.

Inside, Dong Chan’s niece Seo Yoon brings a dolphin toy and waves it in front of Hwang. Hwang remembers the dolphin from the experiment. Hwang runs into the restaurant and he recognises CEO Lee as he resembles the person in the capsule at his lab. Hwang runs out of the restaurant. He has a serious look on his face as if he has regained his memory.


Dong Chan and Mi-ran go to another restaurant. Everyone recognises him. He suggests planning the show after lunch. She says she isn’t done with the proposals. He asks if she thinks her proposals will be accepted. She says she is planning something amazing. He says he hopes so too. He tells her to let him know if Byung Sim bothers her again. She says she can handle it by herself.


Dong Chan tells her not to smile in front of men. He tells her not to look cute in any way. She smiles asking if he thinks she has a cute smile. He says he doesn’t but that scumbag may think so. Dong Chan smiles as he watches her angrily slurping the noodles.

Later at the station, Dong Chan shows Mi-ran to her seat. He sits in the bay opposite to her. He smiles as he sees her admiring her ID card.


Meanwhile, Young Sun and Kyun Ja meet at her cafe. Young Sun says she is jealous that Mi-ran looks 24 while she is 44. She says Mi-ran should have taken them along in the experiment. She says she wanted to enter the capsule a day before she met Byung Sim and woken up 20 years later. Kyung Ja says it would mean Young Sun wouldn’t have her son Ji Hoon around. Just then, Ji Hoon calls Young Soon and says that Byung Sim was assaulted by a woman. She says she is humiliated after hanging up.

Young Sun walks down the street saying Byung Sim isn’t disclosing the woman’s identity. They then call up Mi-ran as they are close by.

Mi-ran is about to give the proposal to Dong Chan when she receives a call from Young-Sun. She notices that Dong Chan is engrossed in his work.

Later, Dong Chan notices Mi-ran’s proposal is on his desk. He looks up to see that she is gone. He finds a post-it note saying she is clocking out early since her friends are here. Dong Chan says there is a limit to which he can tolerate her friends.

Kyun Ja chokes on her drink when Mi-ran says Byung Sim asked to date her again. She says she beat him up. Young Sun is awkward. Mi-ran wonders why he changed his name. She says she feels terrible for Byung Sim’s wife. Young Sun excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Kyun Ja tells Mi-ran that Byung Sim is married to Young-Sun. Mi-ran is shocked.

At the restaurant, Dong Chan’s mother tells Hwang to regain his memories. She says she will forgive Hwang if he cures Dong Chan of his side effects. Hwang says he will try. Dong Chan walks in just then and says he has asked police protection for Hwang. He says they will escort him.

Hwang says he did something dangerous in his past.

Byung Sim comes home and Young Sun is waiting for him. He says his body and soul are weak. She hits him and asks him to get out and live with Freud.


Dong Chan is having dinner with his family. His niece Seo Yoon calls Dong Chan a hipster, which means the opposite of loser. Dong Chan asks if she read the books. She smiles sheepishly and asks if he meant, “The Three Little Porks”. Dong Chan’s eyes widen in shock and he asks if she read Snow White. Seo Yoon says they shouldn’t read about princesses. She says people don’t believe that the princesses can change their lives by meeting a good man. She says they don’t need princes on white horses. It is time they make stories about horse riding princesses.

Dong Chan asks what she learnt from Three Little Pigs and she says being the landlord is the best. She says the pigs suffered because they didn’t have a home. Dong Chan is taken aback. She says Cinderella hurt her leg when her glass slipper shattered. She says Cinderella was put behind bars by KCSI. Dong Ju says they tested the blood and Cinderella turned out to be the prince’s sister. Dong Shik asks if Cinderella’s mother had an affair. Dong Chan rolls his eyes. Dong Chan receives a call from Hyung Gi who curses him.

Later Dong Chan goes to an eatery and finds a heavily drunk Hyung Gi. Hyung Gi asks if he can’t treat Dong Chan as if he is younger at least for a day. Dong Chan orders ice water. Hyung Gi begins ranting. He says he lived all this while without accomplishing anything. He says he is embarrassed to die without doing anything. He says he feels his future is dark. He says he lived recklessly because of that. He says Dong Chan won’t understand him because he is young. He asks if there is a pretty, benevolent and curvy woman anywhere.


Dong Chan’s attention is caught by the news bulletin, which shows him as Captain Korea. Hyung Gi says Dong Chan is Korea’s version of Captain America. He says if he was frozen along with Dong Chan, he would’ve become Bucky.

The news debate starts on whether they should refer to Captain Korea as 52 years old or 32. Each side talks about physical age and emotional age. Dong Chan watches this in amazement. One of the viewers calls up and says the state should support Dong Chan with insurance and medical benefits. She says it is frustrating to see them fight over his age.

Dong Chan says the voice sounds like Mi-ran’s.

Mi-ran is in her house as she talks on the phone. She says that even if Dong Chan registers on the site for marriage, people will assume he is remarrying. She says the government should compensate for that. She says they should pass a bill for cryonics.

Dong Chan’s mother, who is also watching the show, calls the caller a smart woman.

Everyone in the eatery recognises Dong Chan. Hyung Gi gets up says Dong Chan isn’t the frozen man but just looks similar. Dong Chan walks out of the eatery.


Dong Chan calls up Mi-ran and asks if she is trying to reveal that she participated in the experiment. He says he knows the woman who called the show is Mi-ran. She is shocked that he knows it was her. He tells her that her life will be in danger if people find out that she participated. She says the people around her already know. He says it is different if the world finds out. She agrees to keep it a secret.

Dong Chan asks why she is worried about his wedding. She says it is her problem too as she has to go out on a blind date with a divorced man. He says there is no point in talking to her. He asks if her health is okay. She says she is fine. He asks her to call if anything happens and hangs up.

Byung Sim turns up at Kyun Ja’s house and asks her to keep him in her house for an hour. He says his heart is freezing. Byung Sim asks her to help him get back together with Mi-ran. Kyun Ja is shocked as he says he still loves Mi-ran. Byung Sim says he isn’t worried about Young Sun her father is rich. He says Mi-ran is angry because he betrays her and she still loves him. Kyun Ja says she wonders how Young-sun managed to live with him without killing him.

Meanwhile in her house, Ha Young sits at her dresser. She recalls the ring Dong Chan had put on her hand. She takes the ring from the drawer and puts it on her finger.

Mi-ran goes to sleep at night. Nam-tae isn’t able to sleep due to Hwang’s loud snores.

Ha Young comes to work in the morning and is told that someone leaked the news that another person took part in the experiment. Her assistant says they should do a cover on that. She says they have to come with an article to rebut their assertion. She says some things are better not broadcasted and that is why Dong Chan is protecting that person.

Ha Youngs meets Dong Chan and tells him to ask Mi-ran to be careful. She says Mi-ran and he shouldn’t be working together. Dong Chan thanks her for not doing the cover. Dong Chan notices the ring on Ha-young’s hand. He asks her what the ring is supposed to mean. Ha Young sits in front of him and says that they should start over again.


She says their love hasn’t ended yet. Dong Chan looks at Ha Young.

Mi-ran walks into the room but stops when she sees Ha Young.


Image Courtesy- TVN


Ji Hoon being Byung Sim and Young Sun’s son was a great suspense. It is hilarious to think of what would come out of it when father and son find out that both of them like Mi-ran. It looks like Young Sun is already jealous of Mi-ran.

Byung Sim and Mi-ran’s reunion scene was funny. The police station scene was even more hilarious. It was funny how fast Dong Chan went from accusing Mi-ran of hitting a guy to siding with her.

It is interesting to see how Dong Chan is enjoying flaunting his age and bossing everyone around. The subtle hint of how today’s journalism wouldn’t be accepted in society 20 years ago was well incorporated into the scene. It is ironic how everyone is suddenly interested in participating in the experiment once the news became public.

The scenes where the leads share screen space is a good watch. It is ironic how Ha- Young didn’t wear the ring in Dong Chan’s absence and now suddenly when he says he plans on staying away, she chooses to put it on. I am curious to see how the ending scene continues in the next episode.

-By Soul Sword-

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