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Melting Me Softly- Episode 5 Recap

Melting Me Softly- Episode 5 Recap


Dong Chan walks into Ha-Young’s office. He asks her if she knew. She asks what he is talking about. Dong Chan asks if she knew about everything and yet didn’t look for him as the others in the broadcasting station. He is teary-eyed as he asks her what she was doing when he disappeared.


Ha-young asks if he has the right to ask her that. She accuses him of disappearing. She says she couldn’t do anything and it felt like she was surrounded by walls. She says she was miserable and waited for him for 20 years. She asks if he knows how she felt for 20 years. She says she waited for news articles that would report if he was alive. Ha-Young says she stayed at the station so that she would know if they found him abroad. She says they didn’t hear from Dong Chan for years.

Dong Chan says he thought she would have at least looked for him. He says what surprised him most when he read the investigation records was that Ha-Young had mentioned nothing about the experiment in her statement to the police. Dong Chan says she should have behaved differently from others.

Ha-Young admits to not talking about his disappearance. She cries saying she lived for the past 20 years feeling guilty of doing that. She says she even looked for articles which said he was dead so that she could relax.

Dong Chan is shocked to hear this. He asks what she was implying. He asks if she was disappointed that he came back alive. Dong Chan asks if it was all his fault. He says that no one forced him to do it. He says he did it because he wanted to and he can’t be asking Ha Young all this. He walks away asking her to forget it.

Ha-young asks what she needs to do. She cries as she asks what she should do to make him feel better. She asks him why he thinks that she isn’t still married.

Later, Dong Chan stands on the roof of the station remembering Ha-Young asking him to promise that he will come back alive from the experiment.

Mi-ran is lying in a field smiling. Suddenly a cryosleep chamber falls from the sky and lands on her.


Mi-ran wakes up from her nightmare, screaming and drenched in sweat. She has three fans surrounding her bed. She looks up and sees that her A/C is leaking water on her pillow. She feels hot despite the air conditioner and three fans. Mi-ran walks to the refrigerator and sticks her head in the freezer.

At his home, Dong Chan walks to the refrigerator and puts his head in the freezer. He wonders why he is feeling hot.

(Episode 5- The Destiny of 31.5°)

The next day, Kim says they can’t afford to agree to Mi-ran’s whims and fancies. He refuses to give her a job. Hyung Gi asks if she will forget about the 70 million dollars if she is given a job. Dong Chan says it isn’t easy to get a job at the station and says Mi-ran won’t clear the regular interview. He says it is also unfair to other job seekers. He says they should decline. He says he will persuade her. Hyung Gi asks if she will be persuaded. Dong Chan says she won’t be.


Dong Chan says Mi-ran will put on a messy show, sue them and even give interviews about participating in the experiment. He says every time she fails a job interview, she will curse them on media. He says since she knows Chinese, things will get out of control even in China. Dong Chan says he will still meet with Mi-ran to talk.

Hyung Gi and Kim are appalled. Dong Chan asks if they didn’t anticipate any of this.

Later, Dong Chan tells Mi-ran to work as an intern for 3 months. He says it isn’t for testing but it is because she hasn’t graduated yet. He asks her to finish school while she works. He says she should in the meantime figure out if broadcasting is her cup of tea. Mi-ran says she agrees to the terms.


She says she wants to work as director of the Variety Team. He asks why she chose the variety team. She says it is because a Variety team director ruined her life. Dong Chan asks her to try it and see if it will help her fight the trauma or grow it. She asks if he doesn’t think she has a talent for it. Dong Chan says she doesn’t and her face falls.

Dong Chan asks her to bring 3 proposals for variety shows and Mi-ran says it will be a piece of cake. He tells to make it edible enough as it is her first hurdle as an intern. She says he can trust her and he smiles. Then, in a serious tone, Dong Chan asks if she feels sick.

Mi-ran says she feels hot and it is exhausting when she feels hot. Dong Chan tells her to maintain a body temperature of 31.5°C as it is their current normal temperature. He says Hwang has to regain his memory to solve the situation. He says it is due to the protein that becomes active in low temperatures. He says it could be fatal if their temperatures rise. She asks if they should live like this. He says he will think of something but he asks her to be careful till then.

Tears pool in Mi-ran’s eyes and Dong Chan apologises. Mi-ran asks Dong Chan to be careful too. 2 glasses of ice is on their table.

At his office, Kim asks Hyung Gi what they did wrong. He says he was against Dong Chan doing the experiment. He says this happened because of Dong Chan’s stubbornness. Kim asks why he should suffer from insomnia when he did nothing wrong. He says he has much conscience.

Hyung Gi explains that the root of their sin was that they hid the truth when Dong Chan disappeared. He says he was selfish but says he would do the same thing if given another chance. Kim agrees that he would do the same too.

Meanwhile, the team wonders how Dong Chan looks the same when he was born in 1968. As Dong Chan walks in, the woman in the team comments that he looks hotter than ever.

At Mi-ran’s home, the air-conditioner technician says that the motor has broken because the cooling device overran. Mi-ran’s mother wonders why there are 3 fans in the room.

Later her mother tells Mi-ran’s father that she has to take Mi-ran to the clinic, as there is something wrong with her health. She says Mi-ran’s hands and feet are cold as ice. Mi-ran’s father suggests discussing it with the Director’s parents, who was frozen along with Mi-ran. Mi-ran’s mother refuses saying it is pointless. Mi-ran’s father says the Director was the one who planned the experiment. The mother agrees and says they should find Dong Chan’s address.

In the morning, Dong Chan finds his house littered with clothes and soju bottles. He tidies it up and cleans it up after figuring out how to work the automatic broom.

He walks outside and looks at his photo on the restaurant’s signboard. He is startled when Dong Ju speaks from behind him. She holds his face and says he is not her brother. He removes her hand and asks her to stop drinking as it will kill her. She calls him rude as he drives away. Dong Shik walks to her and she says they must get a DNA test on Dong Chan. He tells her to come to her senses and stop drinking.

As he drives down, Dong Chan notices a van with a sign “Bubble Bubble Laundry” following his car. He speeds down the road but the van (with two men) pursues him. Dong Chan immediately makes a U-turn, throwing the men off-guard. Dong Chan makes another U-turn and this time he is behind the van.


The men are startled as Dong Chan is following them now. Dong Chan overtakes their van and stops his car in front of them. The van comes to a halt. Dong Chan goes over to them and asks if they were tailing him. The man says they weren’t. Dong Chan asks why they aren’t angry that he stopped them in this manner. He asks why they were following him if they aren’t reporters. The man calls him rude. Dong Chan notices some tools on the backseat and he looks at the vans licence plate (86B 5687). The sign says “Bubble Bubble Laundry.” He asks if they were going for a delivery.


The man says yes. Dong Chan asks where the laundry is. They say they delivered it. Dong Chan asks why they were following him when he has no laundry. The driver maintains they weren’t following him. Dong Chan asks for the delivery address and asks why there isn’t a phone number next to the business’s name.

The driver gets out and Dong Chan asks if they are thugs. The driver says Dong Chan is too rude. Dong Chan asks if the man will be more respectful if Dong Chan turns out to be older. The man asks for Dong Chan’s ID but Dong Chan asks for the man’s ID first. The man shows him the ID. The man is shocked to see Dong Chan’s ID. Dong Chan repeats the man’s ID number and says the next time they meet, the man will find himself in jail. The man asks how Dong Chan is so old. Dong Chan says he has his reasons and asks the man to leave. The men drive away.

The driver calls up his boss and says Dong Chan figured out he was being followed and that he is 52 years old.

The man on the other end is Un Seong Group’s CEO Lee’s assistant. He tells Lee he has to hire professionals for this job. Lee says they can’t hire professionals, as it would seem suspicious. The assistant says it would be easier to look for Lee Seok Du’s capsule (the one in the lab).

Lee Seok Du (impostor) says they can find Hwang and kill him or find Seok Du’s capsule and destroy it. He says their goal remains the same. He says if they catch Dong Chan and make him talk, they will find what they want. Lee says someone has woken Dong Chan up.

Meanwhile, Dong Chan reaches the lab. He tells Dr Jo about the tail. Hwang is in the lab and gets a flash of the experiment. He clutches his head as Dong Chan and Jo walk in. Dong Chan says they should move Hwang to a place where the thugs would least expect him to be.

Mi-ran’s parents visit Dong Chan’s family. Dong Chan’s family is shocked when they learn about the experiment. Dong Chan’s mother is angry and asks why they didn’t inform them while they knew their daughter was alive. She says their family lived like a walking corpse all along and her husband died due to stroke. She accuses Mi Ran’s parents of living with hope while they lived without it. 

Mi-ran’s father says they were told not to tell anyone. He says nothing will come of blaming each other. He says Mi-ran wouldn’t have participated in the experiment if not for Dong Chan. Dong Ju gets angry and says Dong Chan didn’t force Mi-ran. She says Mi-ran’s family is well off now while Dong Chan’s is broke. Dong Ju says their life would be different if they had known Dong Chan was alive. She says that is the difference between hope and despair.

Mi-ran’s father says both their children are in the same situation and they should come up with a countermeasure. He says Mi-ran is unwell. Dong Chan’s mother blames it on the professor. She says everyone will see a different side to her once she runs into the professor. Mi-ran’s mother says she won’t forgive Hwang either.


Just then, Dong Chan brings Hwang into the restaurant. They wonder who this person is.

At the university, Byung Sim’s class has poor attendance. Mi-ran isn’t there either. Later, his assistant says this is the add-and-drop period and so a lot of students dropped the class. He mentions that this happens every year. Byung Sim stops the assistant and says that though he has everything, he feels hurt too.

Byung Sim notices Mi-ran walking down the path. He asks his assistant to go and ask her if her mother’s name is Go Mi-ran. The assistant asks her while Byung Sim hides behind a tree. The assistant comes up and says that the girl says she is Mi-ran. Byung Sim clutches his chest and sinks to the ground. He wonders if Mi-ran is a time traveller. He wonders if she reincarnated.


He envisions a scene (‘Goblin- The Lonely and Great God’?). Mi-ran is dressed in warrior clothes with her sword. She sits in the snow-filled place in between heaven and earth. Byung Sim runs up to her. She looks up to him and looks like she is freezing. He asks her if she came so far just to see him. He blows on her face and hands to try to keep her warm. Mi-ran says she reincarnated so she could be with him. Byung Sim asks if she likes him so much that she took another life to be with him. Mi-ran says she will love him even in her next life. Mi-ran freezes to death and Byung Sim starts screaming.

Byung Sim falls in the path and the assistant thinks he is in shock because of the dropouts.

Young Sun and Kyung Ja meet in a restaurant. Young Sun says Byung Sim fainted in the university today. She says she doesn’t care as long as he is alive. She says he must’ve fainted due to drug overdose. Kyung Ja says Mi-ran went back to school and might have met Byung Sim. She says Byung Sim changed his name and looks different because of plastic surgery. She says Mi-ran won’t recognise him but he will recognise her. Kyung Ja suggests going to the university.

Mi-ran goes to her class. Ji Hoon and Young Joon are there. The students bring out their tabs and earpods. Mi-ran opens her textbook and takes out her pen. Young Joon notices her walkman and earphones. She puts a pen through the cassette and swirls it. Young Joon says he has seen that on the internet. Ji Hoon says she must like retro stuff.


Later, they learn that Mi-ran dropped out of Byung Sim’s class too. Young Joon says they must choose a leader and suggests that the eldest person must be the leader. They notice 1996 on her textbook and ask if she was born in 1996. Ji Hoon suggests that they share their numbers and discuss homework on the group chat room. Mi-ran shows her phone and says she can store only limited numbers on it. The other two are puzzled as she asks which room the chat room is.

At Dong Chan’s restaurant, Hwang sits at the head of the table while both families are struggling not to kill Hwang. Mi-ran’s father says Dong Chan is right and they have to wait till Hwang regains his memories. He says Dong Chan had asked for this favour. Dong Chan’s mother says there is no place in their house for Hwang. Mi-ran’s father says he will take Hwang. Mi-ran’s mother says she would rather beat Hwang to death.

Hwang tells them that they are being very rude while he is right there. He says he is hungry. Mi-ran’s father says they will give Hwang a place to stay and asks Dong Chan’s family to keep Hwang during the day. Dong Ju says they should keep him.


In his office, Kim reasons with Dong Chan. He says it wouldn’t have been of use even if he had found Dong Chan because Hwang wasn’t around to thaw him. Dong Chan asks if that is the reason Kim didn’t look for him. Dong Chan says he will take responsibility for his mistakes while Kim should take responsibility for his.

Kim explains that this is Kim Si Seok’s second time as a congressman. He says Kim Si Seok, who was the head of the station at that time was the one who made the final decision. He says all the higher up of all broadcasting stations agreed to cover up the issue. He tells Dong Chan not to create a fuss. Dong Chan says this kind of threat doesn’t work on him.

Kim asks Dong Chan to forget the past and start afresh. He says they are willing to pay 20 years worth of his unpaid paycheck. He says they will pay him 5,00,000 dollars as compensation. He also says that the company provides a car with a driver for him. He passes the key to Dong Chan. He says the entire nation is talking about Dong Chan and it will become a huge mess.

Dong Chan laughs in disbelief and asks what the conditions are. Kim says they want Dong Chan to do an interview on the news channel and tell the story himself. He asks Dong Chan to say he disappeared because he was tired of making shows. He asks Dong Chan to say his resignation letter kept getting rejected. He asks Dong Chan to apologise for leaving irresponsibly.

Dong Chan asks why he should lie. Kim asks Dong Chan to think about his future. Dong Chan walks out saying it’s not even funny. Kim asks Dong Chan to think about his family and asks how long they will sell stir-fried chicken. Dong Chan turns around and says they sell pork ribs, not chicken.

Dong Chan finds Kim’s car and struggles to figure out how it works. He is surprised when he sees everything is automated.

Someone watches Dong Chan as he buys a phone. Dong Chan calls up Mi-ran.

Ji Hoon helps Mi-ran to buy carbonara at the ticket vending machine while Dong Chan is on the phone with her. Dong Chan says he will visit her in her school. Mi-ran calls Ji Hoon handsome and thanks him. Dong Chan is puzzled. She tells Dong Chan she isn’t referring to him and she smiles at Ji Hoon.

Mi-ran eats carbonara and says she ordered it because the name was unique. Young Joon asks if she is from North Korea. He asks about her job hunt. She says she will be interning at TBO broadcasting station. Ji Hoon comments that it is very difficult to get a job at the broadcasting stations. She learns that they are in Journalism and Public Relations. She says it used to be called Journalism and broadcasting.

Young Joon says Mi-ran’s things are authentic. Ji Hoon asks her to speak to him casually since she is 4 years elder to him. She agrees asks if she can have little of Ji Hoon’s dish as hers is too greasy. Ji Hoon says they will switch dishes and asks her to have his dish. She thanks him profusely. She asks him his name and he says he is Hwang Ji Hoon. Young Joon says he is Baek Young Joon. Mi-ran says Ji Hoon is so sweet and comments that his parents might have loved him a lot. Ji Hoon says she is wrong.

The two thugs from earlier are driving a freezer truck this time. They follow Dong Chan to the university.

Dong Chan watches Mi-ran from far. She is laughing and talking with Ji Hoon and Young Joon. Dong Chan wonders why she is so happy.


Dong Chan walks up to them and asks to talk with Mi-ran. He gives Ji Hoon a look. Ji Hoon says they will discuss later and goes away with Young Joon. Dong Chan frowns as she says she will wait for Ji Hoon’s text. Dong Chan imitates her as they leave and asks how old the boys are. She says they are freshmen and calls them cute. Dong Chan says they are young enough to be her sons.

Mi-ran says she is 24. She says she didn’t live those 20 years and asks him not to add them to her age. She says Dong Chan is super old if they count that way. Just then, a man in his fifties recognises Dong Chan. He says he is his friend from college. Dong Chan recognises him as Seo In Seok. In Seok says he read the article about Dong Chan’s return. He says he got divorced and remarried. He says he has a grandchild now, as he got married early. He leaves his card with Dong Chan and asks him to come to reunions.

Mi-ran asks if Dong Chan studied in the same school as her. Dong Chan asks if she doesn’t remember. He says he had paid her extra since she was his junior.

Later, Dong Chan says they should accept inventions of the new generation. He hands her a new phone. She happily takes it. He asks about the proposals and she says they are going well. She asks when is the meeting as her classes are over. He is surprised when she says she finished the proposals.

Just then, she receives a call from her friends saying they are here. Dong Chan says he will leave. She tells him to meet her friends saying they are pretty. She smiles as he agrees.

Dong Chan is taken aback when he sees Mi-ran’s friends. Kyung Ja takes his hand and doesn’t let go. He gives Mi-ran a look and says he has to leave. Mi-ran controls her laughter as he walks away.

Dong Chan gets into his car and he receives a call (from Baek) saying the van’s license plate number couldn’t be tracked. He is told that the resident registration number shows the man is a thug with a criminal record. Baek says the man could be connected to Hwang’s case.


Baek is having lunch with Dong Ju. He asks Dong Ju to stop drinking. Dong Chan’s mother asks them why they got divorced when they meet so often. She asks them to get remarried again. Baek asks her how she could say something horrible. He says he parted ways because he wanted a decent life. Dong Ju yells at him to keep his mouth shut. She tells Baek that Hwang is in their house.

Hwang cries as he peels onions in the kitchen. Baek sees him from afar.

At another restaurant, Mi-ran learns that Kyung Ja had divorced her husband when he cheated on her with a 24- year-old girl. Just then, Byung Sim calls up Young Sun and she tells him off for fainting. Before Kyun Ja can talk about Young Sun’s husband, Mi-ran talks about Byung Sim and calls him a jerk. She calls him a psycho and says she pities his wife. She says anything is better than being Byung Sim’s wife. She asks them to teach her how to use the new phone.

In the freezer truck, the thugs are fascinated by Dong Chan’s age. They say that their mission is to find out Hwang’s whereabouts from Dong Chan. They wonder why Dong Chan is in the book store.

Dong Chan buys “Snow White” and “Three Little Pigs” from the bookstore.

The thugs decide to follow him.

Young Sun and Kyun Ja drop Mi-ran off. Young Sun says she this isn’t the time to tell Mi-ran that she is married to Byung Sim.

She sends a message to Dong Chan saying she is at the broadcasting station. She has saved his name as “Cold Hearted Punk”. She notices the emojis and stickers. She sends a sticker commenting that it is cute.

Dong Chan smiles as he sees the stickers. His smile fades when he runs into Ha-Young. She says the news show is at 9:00 pm and asks if Dong Chan can pull it off. Dong Chan says it is for everyone’s sake. She asks him if he is free for dinner the next day. Dong Chan declines saying he wants to go home early for the time being. He says he wants to be closer with his family members and walks away.

Dong Chan walks into the room where Mi-ran is sitting. He sits on the table beside and watches her exploring her phone. He knocks the table to get her attention and she turns around. She shows him her recent discovery in a fascinated manner.


She stops talking as she notices him watching her.She moves away and leans back in her chair. He asks to see her proposals. Dong Chan goes through her proposals and says he won’t accept her proposals, but says he will accept her internship. She calls him unfair and asks him to accept both. He asks if she thinks variety shows are a joke. She says they have to be funny. He says he meant variety shows aren’t that easy. She asks him why he is accepting her then. He says he is accepting her because he thinks highly of her wits and spirit.

She asks him why he is talking casually to her. He says he has accepted her as an intern and it means she is his staff and junior. He says it is weird to be polite with her. He says he will give her a week to revise the proposals. She agrees. He suggests that they go out. She asks where they are going. He says Professor Hwang is in his house and says he will explain on the way. He tells her Hwang will stay in his place during the day and her place at night.

Mi-ran follows him out asking why Hwang has to stay in her house. He grabs the drink from her and she grabs it from him. Ha-Young watches the two of them from the top of the stairs.

As they walk to the car. Mi-ran says her phone can teach her directions too. When Dong Chan doesn’t respond she turns to look at him. Dong Chan slowly lifts his hands in the air as the thug holds the knife against Dong Chan’s back. Mi-ran’s eyes widen in shock. Dong Chan recognises the thug from earlier.


The freezer truck drives down the road. Dong Chan and Mi-ran are in the freezer. Mi-ran is upset they took away her phone. She asks why they put them in a freezer. Dong Chan says they are incredibly stupid.

The thugs are driving the truck, laughing and hoping the two aren’t dead in the freezer. They say they will go to a place with no internet connection and CCTV.

Mi-ran says she is hungry. She looks up at the hanging meat. She asks Dong Chan if they should eat it as it the true form of raw meat. She smacks her lips. Dong Chan looks at her in disbelief. Suddenly the truck stops. The thug gets into the freezer and is shocked to see the two of them alive.


Dong Chan says they don’t know where Hwang is. He says Hwang is dead. The thug is persistent. Mi-ran yells at him saying they don’t know where Hwang is. The thug tells her to behave like a hostage. He raises his hand but Dong Chan stops him. Mi-ran notices that the thug is wearing a wig. Dong Chan says the thug is wearing a disguise so he won’t get caught. The thug shivers as he asks if they aren’t cold. Mi-ran snaps that she needs to use the restroom. Dong Chan asks him to allow Mi-ran to use the restroom and asks the thug to talk to him meanwhile.

The thug refuses. Dong Chan asks him to let him go instead. Mi-ran glares at him and Dong Chan says he is joking. Mi-ran tells him off for joking in this situation. Dong Chan asks if Mi-ran can’t feel any emotion other than anger. He asks why she is always angry. She says he is the cause of her anger. He starts arguing but notices the thug sitting down shivering.

The thug asks them where Hwang is. Dong Chan and Mi-ran kick the thug yelling they don’t know. The thug rolls over and Mi-ran’s phone falls out. Mi-ran grabs the phone but the thug tries to pull it from her. Mi-ran bites the man’s hand. Dong Chan tackles the thug and she gets the phone.

The thug pins Dong Chan on the floor. They grab each other’s hair and Dong Chan pulls off the thug’s wig. Mi-ran kicks the thug in his crotch. The man keels over in pain. Dong Chan is shocked seeing this.

Mi-ran and Dong Chan kick open the freezer and jump out. Mi-ran asks Dong Chan if he was serious when he asked the thug to let him go. Dong Chan promises that he was joking. He asks if she wasn’t joking when she wanted to eat raw meat. Mi-ran says she wasn’t joking. Dong Chan asks if she is an animal.


Dong Chan walks over to the other thug and says he is going to report him to the police. The thug drives away leaving the two of them in the middle of nowhere.


Dong Chan and Mi-ran walk for some time and they come by a river. They are sweating heavily. After walking for a long time, Mi-ran is exhausted. She is about to faint when Dong Chan holds her, asking if she is okay. Mi-ran says it must be due to the rise in temperature and passes out. Dong Chan carries her and starts running.


After running for a while, Dong Chan gets exhausted and his vision turns hazy. He notices a car driving up the road and asks for a lift.

Dong Chan carries her into the hospital and asks them to give her a shot to reduce her temperature. He tells them to give the shot without checking her temperature. He says he will take full responsibility.


Dong Chan goes to the restroom and douses himself with water.

He then comes and sees Mi-ran sleeping on the bed. He sees the chart, which reads Ko Mi-ran, age 44.

In the evening, he sits outside the hospital. He recalls asking Mi-ran what her dream was. Mi-ran had said she wanted to earn her living. She said she wanted to make some money and live a happy life. He then remembers her saying she feels hot and can’t sleep without a fan. He holds his head in his hand.

Just then, he receives a call from Ha Young. She says it is time and he has to be on standby. Dr Jo walks up to him as he hangs up.

Dong Chan gets ready and Kim wishes him luck.

Before the program begins, Ha Young walks up to him. She holds his hand and asks if he will be okay. Dong Chan looks at her and nods. Dong Chan removes her hand and looks away. Ha Young grimaces and sits down.


Hyung Gi and Kim walk into the studio.

The broadcasting begins and Ha-young gives a brief introduction on Dong Chan’s disappearance. She looks at Dong Chan and asks him what he as to say.


Dong Chan says, “I am…” and pauses before continuing.

Dong Chan says, “I am Ma Dong Chan, the first person to survive a cryonics experiment.”


Ha Young stares at him.

At the hospital, Mi-ran opens her eyes.

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode was interesting and it looks like the story is picking up pace.

The comedy involving the leads is a great watch but the comedy with the other characters seems like fillers. The scene with Dong Chan and the thugs was a good watch and the freezer scene was hilarious.

The scene where Dong Chan confronted Ha Young was well made. It makes one dislike Ha-Young’s character even more as she doesn’t even bother to apologise to Dong Chan. The scene where Dong Ju described the difference between hope and despair was well written. It goes to show what a difference a ray of hope can make in a person’s life.

Ji Hoon and Young Joon are my picks of the supporting characters. Byung Sim’s imagination is ridiculously narcissistic as he imagined the reincarnation scene. I wonder if he is delusional or extremely imaginative.

It seems like Mi-ran is having issues with her memory. She doesn’t remember Dong Chan saying they went to the same school. I wonder if Dong Chan’s memory is intact. It was shown earlier on, that Dong Chan was against Mi-ran participating in the experiment. She argued with him over it and was bent upon participating. At present, I wonder how she still blames him for it and Dong Chan apologises without reminding her of the same. I wonder if it is because both of them don’t remember fragments of their past.

The last scene was well made. Though it was predictable, I wonder if Dong Chan changed his mind (the content of his interview) outside the hospital or if he had pre-planned it at Kim’s office itself.

The pace and content of today’s episode were good. I hope the next episode keeps up with this.

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