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Melting Me Softly Episode 13 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 13 Recap


Everyone watch the footage that is telecasted. In the footage from 20 years back, Hwang is on the phone with Lee Hyeong Du and he is shocked to hear that Seok Du has a twin brother. Hwang refuses to tell Hyeong Du the lab’s location. Hwang says a blood transfusion is needed to thaw Seok Du and says he will come there. Dong Chan’s voice says Hwang met with an accident when he left the lab after the call. The thawed Seok Du’s footage follows as he says he is the real Chairman. Dong Chan’s voice says Hyeong Du is Seok Du’s twin. The credits follow (Produced and Directed by Ma Dong Chan).


Mi-ran remembers Dong Chan saying one should make the world a better place than what they came into. Her temperature rises to 32.5°C.

(Episode 13: The truth, too late)

Later, Mi-ran asks why Dong Chan didn’t tell her that he was planning something this huge. Dong Chan says she would have stopped him. Mi-ran says she would’ve supported him. Dong Chan says it isn’t cool and tells her not to cause trouble by doing something like this. He apologises but she asks him to tell her things from now on. He agrees with a smile.

At home, Dong Chan is exhausted as he falls asleep on the couch. Dong Ju, Dong Shik and Seo Yoon look at him sleeping. Seo Yoon comments that he can sleep after what he did.

The reporters crowd around their restaurant. Dong Shik draws the blinds and sits beside Seo Yoon. He asks what Dong Chan is doing in this situation. Seo Yoon says he is pretending to be pretty.


A while later, Dong Chan goes to a disciplinary hearing. Dong Chan says he will take full responsibility if what has happened. He is asked if he doesn’t regret using the broadcasting channel for personal reasons. Dong Chan says he doesn’t regret it. He says he doesn’t want to hide the truth because of selfishness and fear. He says he did what he had to do. He says it was in public interest and not a personal one.

In his office, Kim asks Hyung Gi how Dong Chan got the tape when they had destroyed everything. Hyung Gi says he forgot to remove the tape from the camera that Jin had put on the ceiling. They are worried the police will start digging deeper.


Just then, Dong Chan walks in commenting that the two are together again. He says he has something to discuss. They say the footage is fabricated. Dong Chan says Seok Du is awake and is hidden well. He refuses to tell Seok Du’s location. Kim says a lot of conspiracy theories are brewing. Dong Chan says both Kim and Hyung Gi will be summoned once the investigation starts. Dong Chan tells them to tell the truth this time around. Dong Chan tells them that they can’t be jailed because the statute of limitations is over.

Hyeong Du is told that a Board Meeting has been called. Hyeong Du tells the board that he is Seok Du and there is no evidence proving otherwise. He says he stopped by the lab to see his twin Hyeong Du 20 years ago. He says the video of Seok Du is forged.


Just then, Jung Woo brings Seok Du into the room in a wheelchair. Hyeong Du calls Seok Du as Hywong Du. Seok Du looks at the Board members and says he is the real Seok Du. Hyeong Du looks at Jung Woo and says he is his real father. Jung Woo says his mother had told him that his father was in a cryonic capsule due to side effects from a blood transfusion. He tells the board how his mother died after she came to Korea upon learning that two people had woken up. He accuses Hyeong Du of killing her. Hyeong Du says she passed away due to cardiac arrest and was severely depressed.

Just then, the company’s lawyer gets up and says that when the late Chairman transferred the position to Hyeong Du he had said some important words. He asks him what it was. Hyeong Du goes silent. Seok Du says his father had told him not to sell the pharmaceuticals even if it suffers from loss. The Lawyer says Seok Du is the real Chairman. Baek walks in with the arrest warrant for Hyeong Du.

Hwang is released and Jo meets him. Hwang asks about Dong Chan and Mi-ran. Jo says he found a solution. As they drive back, Hwang says he has to find the reagent to cure all of them.

At the police station, Ha Young is questioned in connection with Hyeong Du. They ask her about the recording where she asks Mi-ran to be put back into the cryonic capsule.

Outside she runs into Dong Chan. She walks away without saying a word.

During his questioning, Dong Chan says he will submit the evidence proving it is Hyeong Du.

Both Dong Chan and Ha Young think about running into each other earlier. Ha Young thinks that she shattered and lost her ground when he asked her for help. She thinks that she wants to free herself from him.


Seok Du visits Hyeong Du in jail. He asks why he did it. Hyeong Du says he was in jail when Seok Du was recognised as a son. He says he wanted to steal Seok Du’s life. He says 21 years back when Seok Du met with an accident they learned that his blood was of a rare type. Only his son Jung Woo and Hyeong Du were the type that could donate blood. Hyeong Du says Jung Woo was too young. Hyeong Du says he thought if he didn’t show up Seok Du would die but their mother and Seok Du’s wife put Seok Du in a cryonic capsule. Hyeong Du says he was happy being Seok Du but Dong Chan woke up and things became messy. He says they should’ve stayed frozen.

Dong Chan comes to work at the station. He smiles as he sees Mi-ran. As Ji Hoon asks for Chinese orders for lunch, Mi-ran orders fried rice. Dong Chan writes on the note asking if he should eat jjampong or jjajangmyeon. Mi-ran chooses jjajangmyeon. Throughout the day, Dong Chan asks similar kind of questions and Mi-ran answers them. Finally, Mi-ran calls him to the editing room.

In the editing room, Mi-ran asks if he is rebelling. She says this isn’t the discussion that she meant. She tells him to decide things on his own from now. He leans in and kisses her on the cheek. He holds her close but the watch starts beeping. They move away.

Their team is walking by when both of them come out of the room. They look at the two of them. Dong Chan asks them why they are looking at him. He tells them they are dating and walks away with Mi-ran.

In his office, Kim tells Hyung Gi that he is in trouble for being associated with Hyeong Du. Dong Chan walks in saying they should get married if they are this close. Dong Chan asks if he should get fired or hand in the resignation. He tells Kim also to get fired. Dong Chan hands in his resignation. He walks out before Kim can stop him.


Later, Mi-ran tells Dong Chan that he handed in the resignation without telling her. He tells her she was the one who told him to decide on his own. She asks him why he is so extreme. He tells her not to get worked up. She asks if he has a plan. He says his niece told him to start a Youtube Channel. Mi-ran says he never listens to anyone. He says he listens to his niece because she is smart. He says they should quit together as TV isn’t the mainstream media anymore. Dong Chan’s face falls when she says she is old fashioned and still thinks TV shows are most influential.

Dong Chan asks if she is going to stay in a broadcasting station where Ma Dong Chan no longer exists. Dong Chan asks how she can expect him to quit and leave her working with Ji Hoon. He tells her to quit. Mi-ran says he can’t get what he wants by just whining. She tells him to quit by himself. He calls her cold-hearted.


Meanwhile, Hyung Gi is on the phone saying he is deciding to stay here, as the person creating the problem is leaving. Later, Hyung Gi tells the team that the first episode will air this weekend. He also adds that Dong Chan will be leaving. When asked, Hyung Gi says Dong Chan was fired. He tells people to offer their condolences if they see him.

Dong Chan walks in saying he isn’t dead. He clarifies that he resigned and no one has the right to fire Ma Dong Chan. He addresses the team. He says he knows he is old but says he will try to give it a try. He says he should do something no one has done before in order to change the world.

As Dong Chan packs his things, he watches Ji Hoon asks Mi-ran his doubts. Dong Chan throws a book by Ji Hoon and tells him not to keep asking Mi-ran everything. He tells him to refer to the book.

Dong Chan comes home and sleeps on the couch.

Go Go 99 airs at night. Dong Shik and Seo Yoon watch it happily. Kyung Ja cheers as she sees it. Byung Sim is annoyed that his 6-hour interview was cut short to 2 minutes.

The show is a big hit with 21.3% viewership and the maximum number of downloads.

Later, Dong Chan eats with his family. Dong Shik says their mother has gone to church to do her part as Dong Chan’s mother because he lost his job. Dong Chan tells Seo Yoon that he was at the library. She tells him not to waste his energy in the library as everything is available on the internet.



Dong Chan says he is going to start his YouTube Channel tomorrow. She asks him if the channel is going to be on beauty, games, eating or ASMR. Dong Ju advises him that he should focus on living a long and stable life. She says it is always better to live than to die.

At TBO, Hyung Gi says Go Go 99 will be added to the official schedule. The team cheers. Dong Chan walks in solemnly. Hyung Gi asks why he is here. Dong Chan asks where Mi-ran and Ji Hoon are. They say they have gone for casting. Dong Chan asks why they are together.

Meanwhile, Mi-ran and Ji Hoon walk down a path. She asks him if he is hungry. He tells her not to treat him as a kid. He says he is her school friend. She says she is his mother’s friend too. He is annoyed and walks away saying he doesn’t want to eat with his mother’s friend. She smiles and follows him.


As they walk into the office, they see Dong Chan. Dong Chan immediately tells off Ji Hoon for not being ambitious. He says you get to live 20s’only once. Ji Hoon asks if 50s’can be lived twice. Ji Hoon says he works hard. Mi-ran asks Dong Chan to stop taking his jobless frustration on Ji Hoon. Ji Hoon starts laughing and Dong-chan starts yelling. Mi-ran drags Dong Chan away.

Mi-ran tells him to wait while she brings her bag. Dong Chan asks why she is having fun with Ji Hoon. She says he isn’t having fun and asks him to stop behaving like an oldie. Dong Chan calls her an old woman and they argue.

Meanwhile, Kim tells Hyung Gi that the board told them to just suspend Dong Chan, as they can’t lose him. Kim asks if the two are dating as he sees Dong Chan and Mi-ran. Hyung Gi confirms it.

Dong Shik dines with Hwang. He tells him that Dong Chan is jobless now. A drunk Kyun Ja and Hyung Gi walk in. As Kyun Ja and Hyung Gi eat, she asks him if they can have instant noodles at her house at night. He says why she wants to eat after dinner. Kyung Ja calls him an idiot and Hyung Gi says he would love to.


Dong Ju and Dong Shik watch this. She says she doesn’t like Hyung Gi. Dong Shik says he is better than Chu. Hwang turns around and looks a Hyung Gi. He recognises Hyung Gi as Dong Chan’s assistant director. Hyung Gi spits out the food as he sees Hwang.

Meanwhile, during dinner, Dong Shik says Dong Ju became a decent human being but Dong Chan is now jobless. The family says that the plumbing is down and it will take a week to fix. Dong Shik says is going to stay at his family’s place, Dong Ju at her friend’s and their mom at her sisters. They ask where Dong Chan is going to stay. Dong Chan asks if they are bullying him. Seo Yoon asks if he will come with them and he refuses her offer. Just then, Dong Chan gets a call.


Later Dong Chan meets two men (probably from another station). They offer him a place on the board and offer an exuberant sum of money. They ask him to sign a contract. Dong Chan refuses the offer saying he will do what he wishes to do. He says he will be tied down by the contract and be a puppet of the money if he consents. He says he isn’t good in taking orders and he politely declines. The man says they will offer him full control and freedom. He asks Dong Chan to give a call if he changes his mind.


Ha Young Hands in her resignation. Kim says she was cleared of suspicion and asks why she is resigning. She says one of them have to take responsibility. Kim suggests they should cover it up like before. She says she wants to be different from 20 years back. She says there have been irreversible situations because of her wrong choices. Kim asks if it is difficult for her to work with Dong Chan and says he has resigned.


Meanwhile, Young Sun and Byung Sim walk out of the family court. She tells him to keep his job as her alimony to him. She says he can’t use her father for connections any more. She says she divorced him because he showed a good attitude as Ji Hoon’s father. She tells him to work hard to keep his job. As she walks away, Byung Sim calls her and says she looks pretty. She walks away muttering that he is crazy.

Young Sun walks into the cafe and Kyung Ja is waiting for her. She is shocked and says she wasn’t the one who posted the article. Young Sun says she is disappointed that Kyun Ja suspects her. She says she just now got a divorce and Kyun Ja is shocked.


Mi-ran and Dong Chan walk in the park eating ice cream. She says everyone in the station is saying that stations are going crazy trying to recruit Dong Chan. Dong Chan brushes it away saying it’s his daily life. Dong Chan says he doesn’t have a place to stay. He asks if he should move out. She says he shouldn’t do that. She says their attic room is vacant and he can stay there for a week. He immediately agrees.

Dong Chan meets Mi-ran’s parents and they ask him to make himself at home. He calls them mother and father. They exchange a weird look. As he goes upstairs, Mi-ran’s parents say that he would be perfect if he wasn’t such a trouble maker.

Dong Chan unpacks his things in his room’s attic and Hwang walks in. Hwang says Dong Chan will be busy from now. Hwang says Dong Chan had promised him 20 years back that he will help Hwang succeed in the experiment using Korean funds only. He says that will be realised soon. He says the experiment will be a success once the body temperature is restored. Hwang says they can soon live like normal people.

At night, Mi-ran smiles as she realises Dong Chan is upstairs. She receives a message from him. She says she is about to sleep. He asks how she can sleep while he is here. She asks if she should come up.

Mi-ran comes up to the attic. She says it will be hot here and asks if he will be fine. He says he missed her and she says she did too. He kisses her and she is surprised. He pulls her in for a longer kiss. This time their watches start beeping. He moves away and blames her for having dirty thoughts. She says his watch was ringing faster. Dong Chan says they shouldn’t be here and suggests they should go outside.


At the ice room, Dong Chan says he wishes their temperatures were normal, that it were cold here, that he could drink hot Americano and lover her a lot. Mi-ran says she does too. He tells her to say something she wants. She lists out, earmuffs, fur hats, leggings and long boots. Dong Chan says he does too. Two women walk in and they walk out because the temperature is too cold in the ice room. After a few hours, Dong Chan and Miran walk out.


Meanwhile, at the Serious crimes unit, a photo is put up on the wanted list of murder suspects.

Mi-ran sends a message to Dong Chan in the morning saying she is ready. Dong Chan says he will meet her outside in 3 minutes.

As he heads out, Mi-ran’s family makes him sit for breakfast. He politely declines but Nam Tae forces him. Mi-ran walks in as Nam Tae tells Dong Chan that Byung Sim used to stay there before Dong-chan. Mi-ran is awkward.

Later in the car, Dong Chan asks if the rooftop house is where all the men related to her stay. She says Byung Sim moved in without her permission and asks if he is upset. Dong Chan says he finds it funny. Dong Chan says both Byung Sim and the intern are out of line. She says Ji Hoon is Byung Sim’s son. Dong Chan nods. She repeats it again and he says he heard her the first time. Slowly it sinks in and he is shocked. Dong Chan wonders what it is with that family.

She gets off at the station. She shows him an ice room and says it is romantic. She says they will go there next time. Dong Chen gets out of the car too. When asked, he says he will do what he pleases.

Inside the station, a worried Hyung Gi asks him why he is visiting the station frequently. Hyung Gi tells him that Ha Young quit.

Later, Kim tells Hyung Gi that UnSung groups share price is plummeting since the news broke out. He says he is doomed because he bought those stocks. Hyung Gi says Dong Chan still comes by every day. Kim says someone put up a petition to hire him back. Kim says they might have to bring him back saying it was just a suspension as the board is persistent. Hyung Gi tells him to have a backbone. He asks Kim to file the resignation letter. Kim asks Hyung Gi to leave if he has an issue as Dong Chan is more important.

Meanwhile, Jin walks into the station and Ha Young walks past him.

Jin visits Dong Chan who is creating an account for a new channel. Jin asks why he is doing this here and not at home. Dong Chan says he has a plan. Jin says he hasn’t disclosed something to Dong Chan and it torments him.

Jin says Ha Young came to see him 20 years back asking him to go with her to the police station so they can start an investigation. He says no one helped her and he was too scared too. Dong Chan is taken aback hearing this. Dong Chan sits alone in the editing room for a long time. He then calls up Ha Young and asks to meet.

Dong Chan walks to the rooftop where Park and his colleagues are. They greet him but he doesn’t respond. They go downstairs and mention that Dong Chan is on the rooftop. Mi-ran overhears them.

Ha Young comes to the rooftop. Dong Chan walks to her and asks why she doesn’t tell him everything. He asks why she didn’t tell him the truth when he was busy doubting her. Ha Young remains quiet. Dong Chan says he waited for her to tell him. He says he waited for an explanation.



Ha Young says she hated herself for doing bad things and not searching for him. Dong Chan says he thought she had abandoned him. He says he wasn’t bothered how the world changed over the past 20 years or that the station didn’t look for him. He says he was bothered by the fact that she didn’t look for him. He says he was heartbroken and hurt.

Ha Young says she should’ve endured it but she couldn’t. She says she didn’t look for him in the end. Ha Young says she gave him up for her own success. She walks forward and hugs him. She asks him not to forgive her. Dong Chan stands still as tears streak down Ha Young’s face.

Mi-ran walks to the rooftop and sees the two of them. She stops in her tracks.


Image Courtesy- TVN


This felt more like a penultimate episode with most of the storylines finishing.

Hyeong Du and Seok Du’s storyline had a good back-story and it finished off well. Young Sun and Byung Sim’s storyline too got over smoothly. Dong Chan’s resignation was a good decision as it goes to show he respects the rules of the job.

I wonder how the Police cleared Ha Young of any suspicion despite obtaining a record of her asking Hyeong Du to put Mi-ran back in the capsule.

Also, Jin says Ha Young wanted to go the police but didn’t because he didn’t help her. I wonder why she needed someone’s company to go to the police station back then while she didn’t require anyone’s help in approaching Lee Hyeong Du now. Ha Young herself mentions that she chose her career over searching for Dong Chan. It seems like the scene has been written for the sake of bringing a hurdle in the plot.

I wonder why Hyung Gi was shocked seeing Hwang.

The series has 3 more episodes to go and I wonder what will happen in them as it doesn’t seem like there is much storyline left in the series.

-By Soul Sword-

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