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Melting Me Softly Episode 14 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 14 Recap

Mi-ran goes down the stairs. Tears well up in her eyes as she walks down. She doesn’t respond to Ji Hoon who asks her what is wrong.

Dong Chan stands in the terrace. His voiceover says, “I hope you live a happy life”.

(Episode 14- The People Who Want to Get Frozen)

Dong Chan comes back from the terrace and sees that Mi-ran isn’t in her seat. He goes away. The team wonders if Dong Chan really quit. They say he isn’t taking up new jobs that pay well.

Mi-ran walks on the street looking upset. She doesn’t pick up Dong Chan’s calls. She calls up Kyun Ja and suggests that they go for a drink.


At Kyun Ja’s house, Young Sun is also there. Kyun Ja pours Mi-ran some juice. MI-ran learns that Kyun Ja is dating someone and Young Sun got a divorce. Kyun Ja asks how she and Dong Chan are doing. She says the fortune teller is talented for predicting this. Mi-ran says it is true that Dong Chan is her soulmate but wonders if she is his soulmate.

She asks her friends for advice. Mi-ran asks if Dong Chan has feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Kyun Ja says men never forget their first love. Young Sun asks her to cut him off. Kyun Ja asks if the girlfriend is pretty and her age. Mi-ran says she must be in her 40s’, pretty, awesome and successful. Mi-ran’s says she is no match to her. Kyun Ja says youth is more important.

Mi-ran asks if Dong Chan is acting this way towards her because he feels responsible. Kyun Ja tells her to beat the woman to a pulp. Young Sun objects that the man is wrong and the woman did nothing. Kyun Ja says Mi-ran should beat both of them up.

Dong Chan is in his room and Nam-Tae walks in. Dong Chan tells him that Mi-ran isn’t home yet and isn’t picking up his calls. He says this hasn’t happened before. Nam-Tae says he will try her number. Mi-ran immediately picks up Nam-Tae’s call. he tells her to come home soon and hangs up. Dong Chan is surprised.


Later, Dong Chan again tries Mi-ran’s number and it doesn’t go through. he wonders if she is filtering his calls.

Mi-ran walks back home. Someone follows her. She turns around and that person hides behind a wall. Mi-ran walks faster and the person follows her. Mi-ran runs and the figure chases her.


She runs into Dong Chan and the figure goes away. Dong Chan asks if something is wrong. She says it is nothing.

Dong Chan asks why she didn’t pick up his calls. She says she didn’t want to and he asks why. She says it is because they will fight and she will lose. She says she will be upset if she loses. She says she will get upset and hurt so she doesn’t want to talk about it. Dong Chan disagrees and asks her to speak up.


Dong Chan says he will try not to hurt her. Mi-ran says she can’t do that. she says they shouldn’t fight. She says since she is the weaker one, she will get upset no matter what.

Mi-ran tries to walk away but Dong Chan holds her and asks why she is the weaker one. She says her feelings for him are bigger. Dong Chan asks her what is wrong. Mi-ran says she will think about it and talk tomorrow. She says she is too emptional right now and can’t afford to make a mistake. She walks away.

Mi-ran sits in her room and wonders why he didn’t grab on to her. She wonders what she should do. She starts crying.

Dong Chan is in his room wondering what is wrong. Hwang comes in just then. Dong Chan tells him that they will find him a home soon. Hwang says they shouldn’t spend the foundation’s money on him. He says he is happy living with Nam Tae.

Dong Chan says he wants to take the shot first. Hwang says Mi-ran wanted to take it first. Dong Chan says he is too fearless for her own good. He says she went into the capsule fearlessly.

Mi-ran is at work. She looks at Ha-Young’s profile on the internet. She remembers Ha Young asking Mi-ran to protect Dong Chan as anyone could want it.

Ha Young is told that crowdfunding is large for the cryonics project. Her assistant says he didn’t want Unsung Group to give the funding because it is a large-sized company. She asks if it was Dong Chan’s project and he confirms it. He says the project will enter the next phase after the reagent is made.

Ha Young asks if Dong Chan and Mi-ran can live normal lives. The man says yes. She asks if they can cover the story and he says they refused.


Mi-ran is in the elevator. Ha Young walks in. Mi-ran asks why she isn’t married yet. Ha Young says it is a rude question and Mi-ran apologises. Ha Young asks if Mi-ran thinks it is because of Dong Chan. Mi-ran asks if she still loves Dong Chan. Mi-ran tells Ha Young that she is still pretty and awesome. She says Ha Young is someone that Dong Chan once loved. Ha Young asks if she is that unsure of herself.

Hwang is busy at work in his lab.

Dong Chan comes to work. He feels like someone is watching him.

Mi-ran is back at her desk. She mutters to herself that she isn’t unsure about herself.

Dong Chan walks up to her and asks to talk with her. He smiles as she comes with him.

Dong Chan asks her what is wrong and she says she saw him with Ha Young yesterday on the rooftop. He comments that this is what it is about.

Mi-ran asks what is between them. Dong Chan says he doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he should respect her privacy. Mi-ran seems angry. He says they resolved a long-standing misunderstanding. Mi-ran asks what it is and he remains silent.

Mi-ran asks if he even likes her. She says she thinks he doesn’t like her. She says Dong Chan wasn’t jealous that Byung Sim stayed in the rooftop room. Dong Chan says he acted as if he wasn’t jealous. He says he is still furious about it. He says he didn’t feel small in front of her. He says he was furious inside. He said he smiled and let it go because he wanted to look like a cool guy.

Dong Chan says she thinks he doesn’t love her. He says it wasn’t love at first sight. She glares at him. He says he can’t say things he doesn’t feel. He says he wants her to understand. she asks him why he likes her when he doesn’t love her.


Dong Chan says he doesn’t know. He says he doesn’t know what part of her he likes but he loves her to death. Dong Chan says he is an old guy and he can’t go on as it will make him squirm. He says they should stop. She asks if he is abusing his power over her. He says she thinks she is inferior to him.

Mi-ran says that no matter how much he likes her, he can’t compare to her. She says she still likes him more. He says they cant weigh their feelings for each other. Dong Chan changes KO Mi-ran’s name on his phone to “Superior”. He takes her phone and searches for his name on it but he can’t find it. She slowly says that it is saved as “Cold-hearted Punk”. He changes it to “Inferior”. He gives it back to her and says their relationship has been clearly identified. She takes it back. He asks her to smile and she says it isn’t funny. He says she is cute when she is angry. Mi-ran says she is hungry as she didn’t have anything from last night.

As she eats, Mi-ran asks why he resigned. He says he is responsible for what he did. She says she is superior to him and he should listen to her. He agrees. She says the station wants him back and he should take the offer. He asks if it is because they can be together all day. She says he spoke about his dream when they first met. She says he should make it happen. She says Vlogging should be your next step.


Ha Young sees an article stating that there isn’t enough evidence to charge Lee Hyeong Du for murder. Her assistant says that a man named Terry Kim is on the run. He says Terry Kim is a professional killer hired by Lee Hyeong Du. He says the police don’t have his fingerprints. Ha Young asks him to dig deeper as he may be working under some other name.

Terry Kim is in a restaurant. He recalls Hyeong Du telling him that if he wants the payment, he should kill Dong Chan even if Hyeong du was arrested. He also said to kill Mi-ran if he can’t get to Dong Chan.


Dong Chan recalls that he was feeling that someone was watching him. He calls up Baek and asks if the killer has been arrested. Baek says the killer is still in Korea.

Hyung Gi walks in asking why Dong Chan is still here if he quit.

Meanwhile, at the lab, Hwang says Dong Chan will get the shot first. Dr Jo says a young person also approached him to go inside the cryonic capsule.

A Young man (Park Jin Young) walks into the station.


Meanwhile one of the staffs asks Mi-ran knows Jang Woo Sin from Seonwoo Construction. Mi-ran says she doesn’t. She says Seonwoo is TBO’s largest shareholder and owner. She says Jang Woo Sin is young, rich and handsome. Mi-ran asks what has that got to do with her. She is told that Jang wants to meet her.

Later, Mi-ran meets Jang Woo Shin. He says he met Jo earlier and says he wants to be a cryonic. He says he loves a woman and it is not easy to marry the woman he loves with a family like his. He says he is dating her in secret but she is sick now. He says she was diagnosed with an incurable illness. He says he can’t allow her to go alone into the capsule so he wants to join her.


He says he doesn’t get cold that easily. He asks if it will be okay for a woman and if it will hurt. Miran says it isn’t cold and it doesn’t hurt. He says he is relieved to hear that. Mi-ran asks why he couldn’t wait for her but is choosing to get frozen with her. He says he wants to be with her in the same place and time. He says he is a very simple guy and that is what he could think of. He wishes her well and leaves. Mi-ran is deep in thought.

Hyung Gi tells Kim that Dong Chan came to work again. Kim says the board wants Dong Chan to take Hyung Gi’s place. Hyung Gi starts rebelling.

Dong Chan walks in and Kim asks if he wants to work here as he keeps coming here. Dong Chan says Kim always uses the bathroom. He asks if Kim wants to work in the bathroom. Hyung Gi asks why he comes here. Dong Chan says it is a force of habit. Dong Chan says he will leave once he completes his work of 20 years. Kim is glad but Hyung Gi objects. Dong Chan says he will work on the things he is interested in and no one should interfere.

Dong Chan’s mother is angry as she comes home. She tells Dong Shik and Dong Ju that Hwang said Dong Chan is dating Mi-ran. They exchange disapproving looks. Dong Ju says the girl is a cryonic and wonders if she can have kids as Dong Chan is the firstborn. Dong Shik says it might be possible. Dong Chan’s mother says she will never approve of Mi-ran. Dong Ju mutters that Dong Chan is a cryonic too.


Meanwhile, Ji Hoon tells Dong Chan that he has signed up for military service. Dong Chan asks if he has a girlfriend. Ji Hoon says there is someone he likes but she is dating someone else. Dong Chan asks if it is Mi-ran. Dong Chan tells Ji Hoon to find another girl. Ji Hoon says he can make his own decisions.

Dong Chan asks Ji Hoon to join him on his new project. Ji Hoon says he is working with Mi-ran on Go Go 99. Dong Chan says will take care of it. Ji Hoon asks if he has no choice. Dong Chan says he doesn’t. He says he likes Ji Hoon a lot.


Dong Chan receives a call from Dong Shik asking him to come home for a family meeting with the girl he is dating.

Mi-ran gets into Dong Chan’s car. She is nervous. He tells her not to be nervous and says his mother probably wants to tell them to be careful.

At his house, Mi-ran greets his family. Everyone is awkward. Dong Shik is relieved when he learns that Dong Chan is not staying in the same room as Mi-ran but on the rooftop.


Dong Chan’s mother asks if they aren’t planning on getting married. Dong Chan asks how she can ask them that. Mi-ran says they aren’t and Dong Chan is shocked. Mi-ran says she is just 24 and doesn’t plan on getting married yet. After a silence, his mother says it is a relief. She says she doesn’t want them to never get married. Mi-ran asks why. His mother says she isn’t good enough for her son.


Mi-ran says she is pretty likeable. Dong Ju says she sounds confident. Mi-ran says she is a hard worker, not a picky eater and has a great personality. Dong Chan smiles. Mi-ran says the broadcasting station owes her 70 million dollars. Dong Chan says it is not true. She says Dong Chan is getting paid out of her money.

She says Dong Chan is peculiar and no one can tolerate him. Everyone starts laughing. His mother asks how she is comfortable with the elderly and can joke around with them. Mi-ran says she should soothe the anger. She says she will bring something tasty once she gets her salary. She asks what she wants to have. Everyone smiles.

Meanwhile, Byung Sim visits Young-Sun. he runs inside and lies on the couch. She asks if she should report him. He asks her to do it so he can sleep in jail. He tells a ghost is in his studio. Young-sun asks him to get out. He starts spinning stories but they don’t buy it. Ji Hoon asks him to go through legal proceedings. Byung Sim calls them cold-hearted.

Dong Chan drives Miran back. He apologises to her in case she was offended. Mi-ran says she wasn’t. She says she would’ve done the same if she was his mother because he is a wonderful son. She says no woman would satisfy her. Dong Chan smiles. He doesn’t notice a car following them.

Later, both of them are unable to sleep. Dong Chan asks Mi-ran if she wants to come up.

Miran goes up to his room. She tells him to be quiet as her parents are downstairs.


The lie on his bed as she talks. Mi-ran tells Dong Chan about Jang’s visit. Mi-ran tells Dong Chan not to enter the capsule with her if she does in future. He tells her not to say such a horrible thing. She says if anything like that happens to her, she asks him to protect her from outside. Dong Chan says he won’t. Mi-ran says he doesn’t sound convincing and Dong Chan smiles.

The next day, Ji Hoon tells Hyung Gi that he will be joining Dong Chan’s project as assistant director. He asks for advice. Hyung Ji says he pities Ji Hoon. He tells him not to compliment Dong Chan, never to criticize him, not to bite nails etc.

Later Dong Chan gives Ji Hoon a list of people to interview. Ji Hoon asks who are they and Dong Chan says they are the people who want to get frozen.

Dong Chan interviews many people who give ridiculous reasons for wanting to be frozen. In the end, Dong Chan is disappointed.

Later, Dong Chan and Ji Hoon meet a couple. They say their son Nam Ki Seok is suffering from a rare form of cancer that has no cure. They say they want to keep him frozen till the cure is found.


Dong Chan says he understands. He adds that it may even take 50 years for them to develop the drug. He says the parents will lose precious time and they won’t be able to make new memories. he says the child will be heartbroken when he wakes up.

The father says he can’t watch his son die. The mother says she wishes she could give the rest of her life to her son. she breaks down into tears.

Later, Ji Hoon and Dong Chan discuss that making a decision is tough. Ji Hoon says if he was the son, he wouldn’t go in. He says if he was the parent he would want the child to go in. Dong Chan says this is why Hwang started the project. He says they should educate the people about the goals again. Ji Hoon says Dong Chan is cool and says he will help him. Dong Chan commends him on being able to differentiate personal feelings from work.

Dong Chan gives Mi-ran a call and says he is on his way to get her.

Ha Young sees Mi-ran busy texting as she waits in the parking lot. Just then she notices a figure riding a motorcycle coming towards Mi-ran. She yells out Mi-ran’s name and Mi-ran jumps out of the way just in time.


Later, Ha Young informs Dong Chan and he says he will be right there. Mi-ran is in Ha Young’s office and Ha Young says she asked the security to check the CCTV.

Ha Young receives a call from Detective Seo saying the motorcycle wasn’t registered. She tells Mi-ran that the man intentionally drove towards Mi-ran. She says Hwang’s abductor is still wanted and asks Mi-ran to be careful. Mi-ran thanks her.

Ha Young says she isn’t someone who needs to be thanked.

Later, Mi-ran is in Dong Chan’s car. He says they should request for bodyguards. Mi-ran says she would have been in trouble if it wasn’t for Ha Young. Mi-ran asks for something cold.

She waits for him in the cafe and he comes back with a bag. She finds a taser in it. He asks her to keep it with her always. She takes it. Just then, he receives a call from Dong Shik saying the washroom is fixed. he asks Dong Chan to come back. Dong Chan looks at Mi-ran and he says into the phone that the washroom isn’t fixed yet. Dong Shik is confused. Dong Chan says he understands that it will take another week and hangs up. Mi-ran believes it.

Dong Chan’s mother says they shouldn’t be in the same house. Dong Ju says they can’t do anything because their temperature will rise. Her mother says that is all the more reason to be apart.

Seo Yoon says Dong Chan got a gold button on Youtube and he is going to bring in a lot of money. Dong Shik says Hyung Gi said he is going to quit because Dong Chan is going back to work.

At his lab, Hwang is delighted ass he finishes creating the reagent. He immediately lets Dong Chan know. Dong Chan thanks him.


Dong Chan smiles in anticipation and relief.

Ha Young drives back and she remembers Mi-ran thanking her. She calls up Mi-ran and asks to meet.


Dong Chan video chats with Seo Yoon. She says everyone is fighting about Mi-ran. Dong Chan tells her that he is getting his shot tomorrow. He tells her not to tell her grandmother. He asks for it to be kept a secret.

She says she will tell him a secret too. She says she has a boyfriend. Dong Chan asks what he does. She says he is in elementary school and asks what did he expect. She says he can’t be a prosecutor or judge. Dong Chan asks if her boyfriend wants to be a prosecutor or a judge. she says kids dream about being a YouTuber or an Idol. She calls him back home before hanging up.


Ha Young meets Mi-ran and tells her that she had made a deal with Hyeong Du to put Mi-ran back into the cryonic capsule. Mi-ran is angry as she asks why she would do such a thing. Ha Young says she was obsessed with Dong Chan and was jealous of her. She says she hit rock bottom.

Mi-ran asks if Ha Young thought she could have Dong Chan if she disappeared. Ha Young says she wanted to put Dong Chan through the pain. She says she wanted Dong Chan to grow old while his lover looked young.

Mi-ran asks if Dong Chan knows about this. Ha Young says he doesn’t yet, but he will find out soon. Mi-ran tells her that she doesn’t want Dong Chan to know. She asks to keep it between them.

She sits alone in the cafe when she receives a message from Dong Chan asking where she is and calling her home. Mi-ran says she will be home soon.

Ha Young dries back thinking to herself that everything is over now.

Mi-ran goes home and finds him asleep on the bed. He wakes up and asks her where she was. she says she met a friend. He gives her another gift box. Mi-ran asks if this is a tear gas gun. She sees that it is a pair of normal watches. He says they won’t need the vital watch anymore as Hwang found the cure. She happily wears the watch.


Dong Chan asks her if she doesn’t have any plans to get married. Mi-ran asks if he wants to marry her. She asks him to wait until she is 30. Dong Chan says he has no choice.

The next day, Dong Chan gets the reagent. Ji Hoon films it. Hwang says the temperature will reach normal in a week.


Baek drives Mi-ran to work. Baek tells her that Dong Chan has gone to see Hwang. Mi-ran guesses that he must be taking the shot.

Baek notices a police car tailing them. He pulls over on the side and the police car stops too. He gets out of the car to check.

Meanwhile, Dong Chan’s heart rate increases. Hwang says this is normal. After some time, Dong Chan clutches his chest and writhes in pain. Hwang looks nervously at Jo.

At the station, Ha Young gets a call from Detective Seo stating that the killer drives around in a police car.

Terry Kim gets out of the police car and Baek walks up towards him.

Dong Chan holds his chest as excruciating pain shoots through his chest.

Mi-ran is shocked as she sees Terry Kim standing by her car window.


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This episode focussed more on the cryonics experiment and details about it. The episode seemed like that it should have been one of the earlier episodes of the series.

It looks like the assassin plot was added in for the drama in the last two episodes. It is ironic that Hyeong Du asked the assassin to kill Mi-ran or Dong Chan even if he dies. He chose to leave his brother and Hwang alive.

The reason as to why Ha Young went from being an obsessed lover to sainthood overnight still remains a mystery.

I wonder how they are taking interviews for subjects for the experiment without resolving the hypothermia issue.

There were quite a few scenes that were a good watch in this episode. Dong Chan and Mi-ran’s scenes were good. The scenes with TBO’s owner asking to go into the capsule with his lover, the parents of the sick child and Miran meeting his Dong Chan’s family were well made too.

Considering how this series was progressing, this episode at least had a direction towards the ending. There were some new issues that cropped up in this episode which i guess will make up the final two episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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