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Melting Me Softly Episode 15 Recap

Melting Me Softly Episode 15 Recap

After Baek gets out to check the police car, Mi-ran dials Dong Chan’s number and wonders why he isn’t picking up. She looks through the rear-view mirror and sees Baek lying unconscious by the police car. Before she can react, Terry is beside her car’s window.

At the lab, Dong Chan stops struggling in pain as his heartbeat returns to normal. Hwang says Dong Chan will need another shot on the sixth day. He says they will know if the temperature is back to normal 24 hours after that shot. Dong Chan makes sure that Ji Hoon is filming everything.


Mi-ran slyly puts her hand into the purse and holds the stun gun that Dong Chan gave her. She tries to get out but Terry catches her. As they struggle, Mi-ran uses the stun gun on him and he passes out. Mi-ran gets into the driver’s seat and drives away.

Meanwhile, Ha Young receives a call regarding the incident. She says she is glad Mi-ran is fine. She calls up her assistant and asks for more people at the police station. She says there is going to be breaking news regarding Terry. She says they have to find out what disguises he uses and asks for the CGI team.


At the police station, Mi-ran learns that Baek was stabbed but he has been moved to the general ward, as the wound isn’t deep.

Ji Hoon drives an exhausted Dong Chan back. Dong Chan asks how a freshman learnt to drive a car. Ji Hoon says he learnt over the vacation and can’t guarantee anything. Dong Chan asks to take the wheel but Ji Hoon says Dong Chan shouldn’t do anything that strains the heart.

Mi-ran is still at the police station when she receives the call. She doesn’t tell him about the incident but asks what is wrong with his voice. Dong Chan struggles to talk but he says he is fine and hangs up.

(Episode 15- Hot Guy and Cold Girl)

Meanwhile, Ha Young is in a meeting with her assistants. She learns that Terry Kim’s real name is Kim Hyeong Du and he stole the identity of a homeless man. Ha Young says revealing his personal details will be their main news topic.


Hwang calls up Mi-ran and tells her that Dong Chan took the shot this morning. He apologises to Mi-ran as he says Dong Chan asked him not to tell her. She asks if Dong Chan is okay.

Dong Chan lies on his bed groaning. He receives a call from Baek saying that Terry got him. Dong Chan says Terry should be caught. Dong Chan is shocked when Baek says Terry tried to attack Mi-ran but failed. Dong Chan gets dressed and staggers out when the doorbell rings.

Dong Chan and Mi-ran sit at the table. Mi-ran places a bowl of food in front of him asking him to eat. Dong Chan asks her to take a few days off till Terry is caught. She says he is the one who needs rest. Dong Chan tries to eat but he feels nauseous so he says he can’t eat.


She asks him why he didn’t tell her that he is getting the shot. He says she does everything first and if he tells her she would do it first. She says she did have an appointment. Mi-ran refuses to take a few days off and tells him she is going to catch Terry. Dong Chan is taken aback.

Mi-ran shows him the pepper spray and says she will spray this on Terry. He tells her to stay out of it and says the police will do the job. Mi-ran says the police was hurt. She says she will catch the culprit. Dong Chan asks if she thinks she is Wonder Woman and asks her to stay at home. Mi-ran says she might not be good at dating but is good at other things. She says Terry shouldn’t think she is a joke. Dong Chan tells her that this is a professional killer. He says he will drop her home but she says she will go alone. Dong Chan gets up saying that he will drop her and he stumbles. She holds him.

At the lab, Hwang says they will inject the shot into Mi-ran as soon as possible if Dong Chan’s results are fine. He says she will develop resistance to fever reducers soon.

Dong Chan wakes up and finds Mi-ran beside him. Mi-ran says she wishes to be sick in his place. He says that in a week they can do what normal people do. She says it has to be two weeks, as she has to take her shot next week. Dong Chan falls asleep again.

When Dong Chan wakes up, he finds a meal beside his bed and a drink with a note. The note asks him to eat even if he feels like throwing up.

Later, Dong Chan shoots a VLog. He says it’s been 12 hours since the injection. He says his temperature is the same but his heartbeat is irregular and he has a serious headache. He says he still feels pressure in his heart and still needs ice water. He says he is still a cryonic human.

Dong Chan wakes up in the morning and notices his temperature has risen to 32.8°C. He smiles. He receives a message from Mi-ran asking if he slept well and he responds to it. He asks if he should return to the rooftop house, as his toilet isn’t fixed yet. She says she used the toilet yesterday and says it is fixed.

Dong Chan keeps updating his Vlog. He says he is feeling hot and cold at times. He says he thinks the injection is working.


Seo Yoon calls him to eat. As the family eats, Dong Chan asks Dong Shik to open singing classes for men. Dong Chan says it will definitely fail because men sing only when they are drunk. Dong Chan asks Dong Ju to get back with Baek. She says it isn’t that simple. Dong Chan says Baek is the best partner for her. He says that Baek is injured and asks her to visit him. Dong Ju says she won’t but looks like she is thinking about it. Dong Shik asks Dong Chan when he is getting married. Dong Chan says he should get married someday. Dong Ju says he will be 60 soon and he seems concerned.

The next day Dong Chan comes to work. Mi-ran smiles at him. Dong Chan sits at his desk and watches the team meeting from afar. Seeing that the meeting is going nowhere, dong Chan walks in and interrupts them. He gives them better ideas and walks away. Hyung Gi ignores him and continues to discuss nonsense regarding the teaser. Dong Chan walks back and yells at him. He tells Hyung Gi to think from the viewers’ perspective and not what he wants. Hyung Gi murmurs asking Dong Chan to shoot it himself. Dong Chan says he wants to.


Later, Dong Chan shoots a Vlog entry. He says his temperature is 33.3°C and he has crossed the critical point. He says he has finally started to feel cold. Ji Hoon stops recording and asks why Dong Chan participated in the experiment. He asks if Dong Chan regrets it and if would do it again if he could reverse time. Dong Chan says he has to as no one else would do it. He says that will make a better tomorrow. Ji Hoon asks if he can call him as helder brother. Dong Chan says he is older than Ji Hoon’s dad. Ji Hoon asks if he should call him as an elderly person and Dong Chan walks out. Dong Chan walks back in and asks him to change his name in Ji Hoon’s contact list.

Meanwhile, Kim asks Ha Young to be a correspondent in Washington. She says she has resigned. He says that would be irresponsible. He tells her to think of Washington as a demotion. He tells her to stay there for 2 years.


Later, Ha Young tells Dong Chan that she is going to Washington for 2 years. She says she hopes they can meet as friends when she returns. She asks if she is being too shameless. Dong Chan says they can meet as friends. She says she hopes he stays happy and says she is going to become happier. He says he hopes so and wishes her well.

Dong Ju visits Baek in the hospital. She says she has to take a selfie with him. He is taken aback when she says Dong Chan had promised her 500 dollars if she visited Baek in hospital. She tells Baek to pose for photos.


Dong Chan is in Kim’s office, asking him to flash the murderer’s face during commercials. Kim refuses. Dong Chan asks if he is working with Hyeong Du. Kim looks scandalised. Dong Chan asks Kim to take responsibility. Suddenly, Dong Chan realises that his temperature isn’t rising even when his heart rate is going up.

Dong Chan tells Mi-ran about this and she is happy. He says he is going to visit Hwang and tells her to stay here.

At the meeting, Mi-ran is asked to work on the casting. Mi-ran works while the rest of the team leaves. Dong Chan returns and says they will talk on their way home. He looks happy.


As they drive back, Dong Chan notices that Mi-ran is feeling hot. He reduces the temperature to the lowest. She is happy to see that Dong Chan is feeling cold like a normal person. She wonders if she should take the shot. Dong Chan asks her to wait. He says he has to take one more shot.

Later, Dong Chan makes another Vlog entry. This time his temperature is 34.7°C. Dong Chan is happy as he covers himself with a quilt as he goes to sleep. As he sleeps his temperature climbs to 35°C.

Meanwhile, Kyung Ja and Young Sun discuss Mi-ran. Kyung Ja says Mi-ran is smart but she isn’t able to take control of her man. Young Suns s says it is because Mi-ran likes Dong Chan. Just then, Hyung Gi calls up and she speaks to him in a cheesy manner. Young Sun teases her. Ji Hoon comes home just then.


Later, Ji Hoon tells Young Sun that he wants to be a director like Dong Chan. Young Sun comments that they all have a peculiar relationship. Ji Hoon asks what is her opinion on being a cryonic. He asks if she ever wanted to escape reality. Young Sun says she doesn’t and she is happy watching her son grow up. She says there is no point in missing 20 years. She says it is like postponing your homework. She says life is all about suffering. Ji Hoon says he too wants to live in the same period as her. She says she has raised an incredible son.

Dong Chan goes for a jog in the morning. His temperature is at 35.5°C. Dong Chan comes home and calls up Mi-ran. He tells he is fine after jogging. He asks to meet.

They meet at the sauna. Dong Chan gets chased out of the steam room for keeping the door to the ice room open. He takes a few blankets and goes into the ice room and sits with Mi-ran. She says he seems cold and asks him to go outside. He shivers as he says he is fine. She says she is worried as he could catch a cold. She says they should go somewhere else.


Later, Dong Chan takes her for a ride on a bicycle. He asks if she wants to do anything else. She says she wants to take him on a bicycle ride and go to a hot sauna. She says she wants to see the stars with him. He says they should do everything together.


Later at a cafe, she calls him a traitor as he slurps hot coffee. Mi-ran asks to go home as she has a lot of work and asks him to spend some time alone. He calls her cold-hearted. She says she is a cryonic.

They buy drinks for the team and head to TBO. As he drops her, she tells him not to worry, as the police will pick her up. She kisses him on his cheek. He moves towards her but her vital watch starts beeping. He moves away and suggests they wait like seniors waiting for KSATS. Mi-ran nods and leaves.

For the entire day, Dong Chan’s body temperature remains 35.5°C.

On the 6th day, Hwang gives him the second shot and says they should wait and see. He says this is the final step and things will get tough for Dong Chan today. Jo says they can’t use drugs on him.

Later, Dong Chan is sick and panting as he lies in the bed. Mi-ran calls him up saying she regrets not taking the shot along with him. Dong Chan says he knows she misses him and asks her not to be worried. She says she will come over if he is in pain. He says he is completely fine. He says he is sleepy and falls asleep.

Just then, a package arrives for Mi-ran from Seo Hyun Jung. She opens the package to find the book in which she had written an article. Her essay is titled, “A Cold Woman’s Warm heart”.

At Dong Chan’s house, Dong Ju and Dong Shik wonder why Dong Chan is sleeping like a 100-day-old baby. She wonders if he will age overnight like in the movies.

Dong Chan wakes up the next day and is overwhelmed when he sees his temperature is 36.5°C. He calls up Mi-ran and tells her. She is relieved.


Later at night, Dong Chan and Mi-ran sit on a bench watching the stars. Dong Chan apologises to her and thanks her. Mi-ran says though it was unfair, there were good things too. He asks what is it and she says it is him. She says she is thankful for this as they experienced something between just the two of them. She says they fell in love too. Dong Chan holds her close and asks her to wait a bit.

The next day, Dong Chan goes to the lab. Jo tells Hwang and Dong Chan that the results are back to normal. Hwang congratulates Dong Chan on becoming a normal human being. Dong Chan is delighted. He asks if Mi-ran can take the shot now. Hwang says he will prepare it immediately.


Later at home, Dong Chan’s mother makes him seaweed soup and says he was born again today. He drinks it and says he doesn’t feel hot anymore. Dong Ju congratulates him saying it must have been tough without alcohol. Seo Hoon says he won’t be popular on YouTube now that he isn’t a cryonic anymore. Dong Chan says they should go to the sauna. They continue to eat.


Dong Chan gets dressed. He picks out the normal watch but puts it back and puts on his vital watch.

Later, he tells Mi-ran to get the shot tomorrow. She says she will get it day after, as they have to shoot the teaser tomorrow. He says this is more important. She says she got it from him. He says he will play her bodyguard till the suspect is caught. She asks him why he is still wearing the vital watch. He says once her temperature is normal, they can wear matching watches.

Later, he gives the VLog file to Ji Hoon and walks out.


Dong Chan visits Mi-ran’s parents and tells them his temperature is normal. Mi-ran’s mother’s eyes tear up as she feels Dong Chan’s warm hands. Dong Chan says Miran will be normal in a week. He says he didn’t apologise to them properly and was shameless. Her parents say they too had hated and resented him. He calls them as mother and father and says it is okay.

Later at home, Dong Chan recalls his journey as a cryonic.

Mi-ran gets ready for work. She calls up the courier and says she needs to send a package to Dong Chan.

Mi-ran arrives at the busy set where the team is setting the set to shoot the teaser. Dong Chan is also there. He comments that the teaser is going to be different from the show. He catches Mi-ran’s eye and waves to her.

Mi-ran walks towards him. He lifts her and twirls her around smiling. He places her down and his smile fades.

(Flashback to a few seconds earlier)25

Mi-ran waves at Dong Chan. She gets serious as she spots Terry behind him with a knife. Mi-ran runs towards Dong Chan but Dong Chan lifts her and twirls her around. Terry tries to stab Dong Chan but ends up stabbing MI-ran. Dong Chan’s smile fades as he stands face to face with Terry.


At present, Terry drops the knife and runs away. Dong Chan sees Mi-ran’s blood on his hands. Mi-ran looks up at him and passes out. Dong Chan sinks to the floor with her and calls out to her to wake up. Dong Chan calls for help.

Mi-ran is rushed to the hospital. Dong Chan is outside the emergency room as her parents come rushing in.

Jo and Hwang are in the car. Hwang says it is impossible to perform surgery on Mi-ran. Jo says anaesthesia will cause her blood vessels to expand and the temperature will go down more. Hwang says she has to hang in there for a week.


As they reach the hospital, the doctor says they have to perform emergency ventrotomy. Hwang says it is impossible at Mi-ran’s body temperature. The doctor asks if they can’t bring the temperature to normal today. Dong Chan asks if they can’t operate with the body temperature of 33°C. The doctor says they can’t. Dong Chan asks how long can she hold on without surgery. The doctor says her heart might stop within 24 hours.

Hwang tells Dong Chan that there is only one way.

Ha Young is at her office packing and is shocked when she hears about this. Ji Hoon and the team are solemn as they sit at their desks.

Dong Chan’s eyes are downcast as he tells Mi-ran’s parents that Mi-ran has to be put back into the cryonic capsule. He says they will be able to stop her bleeding even if they aren’t able to operate on her. He says she will start bleeding again when she will get thawed. He says her body has to be in a state where it can endure surgery as soon as she is thawed. He says they will develop a medicine that will restore her temperature as soon as she is thawed. Dong Chan says he will risk everything to make sure he develops it.


Mi-ran’s mother cries hard as she holds his hand and says she trusts him. Dong Chan’s eyes tear up as he says he is sorry.

Later, Dong Chan watches as Mi-ran’s is placed inside the capsule.


Ha Young is in her office when she is told that Mi-ran is being placed in the capsule.

Dong Chan is heartbroken as he sits in his room looking at Mi-ran’s vital watch. He recalls Mi-ran telling him not to follow her if she had to enter the capsule again. She asked him to protect her from outside the capsule.


Dong Chan receives a package form Mi-ran. He opens it and finds a black suit in it with a card, “For You”. Dong Chan cries as he opens the card. It has a note, “You will never match up to me because I like you a lot more.” Dong Chan cries as he read

s the note.

Dong Chan visits Mi-ran’s capsule the next day looking grief-stricken.


Image Courtesy – TVN


Though the ending of this episode was predictable (Mi-ran was shown in the capsule in an earlier episode), the events leading up to it were a good watch.

Though Mi-ran is in the capsule now, I guess the way Dong Chan will deal with the situation will be different from how Ha Young tackled a similar situation. At this point, it looks like the story is revolving around Ha Young as she is involved in every plot development.

Young Sun’s take on being a cryonic was well-written.

The part where Dong Chan’s body temperature returned to normal over a period of 7 days was well- made.

This episode was well-written. It would have been great if the same could be said about the previous episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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