The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 2 Recap

As they walk back from the live court, Yo Han commends Jin Joo and Ga-on doing a good job. He asks if they can have dinner together and Jin Joo instantly agrees. Yo Han looks at Ga-on and says he can refuse if he doesn’t want to join. Ga-on says he will come.

Back in their office, Jin Joo crashes on the couch commenting that she was nervous throughout the trials as the cameras were focussing on her. Ga-on asks if a person can shed a tear while they yawn. Jin Joo says it is possible. She then goes on to say that Yo Han is an heir to a big family and hence it will be a gourmet dinner.

Later, they join Yo Han for a gourmet dinner and Jin Joo asks what Yo Han’s hobby is. He says he likes hunting and it is more fun when the prey is stronger. They are served wild boar meat and Yo Han says he has a hunting permit. He watches Ga-on when he says it is thrilling to shoot it between the eyes when it is coming running at you.

Yo Han asks Jin Joo how the meat is. She says it has a deep flavour. He says he can’t taste very well but he likes the feel of the chew on the meat as his teeth tear the food apart. Ga-on says animals have fangs while humans have teeth. Yo Han says humans are animals too.

Jin Joo interrupts them and tries to lighten the mood by asking if Yo Han can’t taste well because of eating good food since childhood. Yo Han is pensive as Ga-on asks if he was a pampered prince in his childhood. Yo Han is quiet as we see a montage of an adult grabbing Yo Han by his neck.

Yo Han says he does come from a wealthy family and his father was a loan shark. Ga-on comments that Yo Han’s father was heartless. Yo Han smiles as he mentions that Ga-on’s family was neck-deep in debt. Ga-on asks if Yo Han had looked him up. Yo Han says he wanted to know about his colleague. Yo Han mentions that Ga-on’s father got scammed by a con artist and committed suicide.

Ga-on says the essence of the money-lending business is to pretend like you have a heart when you are heartless. Yo Han agrees by saying they sell hope and are paid by fear. He adds that his father went for confession every time his debtor committed suicide. He asks if Ga-on can’t imagine being raised by such a person.

Ga-on excuses himself and walks away despite JinJoo’s protests.

Ga-on walks back home when a yellow Porsche drives past him. The car cruises down the road and it stops near a Social Responsibility Foundation’s food stall for the homeless. The car revs up and drives straight at the people who jump out of the skin. The driver smiles as he enjoys terrorising the people. he then drives away after cursing them.

He then drives at an old man on a bicycle. He goes dangerously close to the old man. The old man falls as the car swerves past him. Ga-on helps the old man up. The driver gets out of the car and apologises to the man. He then says the old man should have been more careful and he drives away.

Minister Cha expresses her annoyance with Yo Han’s verdict and wonders if he was acting when he was putting on an act when he cried. President Heo says Yo Han wasn’t acting. Heo asks why Cha is so frustrated over Chairman Ju’s verdict. Cha says Ju is the major donor of the foundation. Heo says Chairman Seo wasn’t distressed by the verdict.

Cha goes to meet Seo but is stopped by Sun-Ha who says Seo is meditating. Cha calls her a lowly secretary and tells her to move. Sun-A moves away.

Cha walks into Seo’s meditation hall and he asks her why she is throwing a tantrum. She accuses him of teaming up with Yo Han and going behind her back. He says Yo Han must have had his reasons and he won over the people to his side. She says she won’t sit back and watch Seo join hands with Heo. Seo tells her to leave.

Sun-A is waiting outside as Cha walks back. She says the ruling party’s approval rating went up by 17% after the live trial. She says many companies more powerful than JU Chemicals will support Cha as a presidential candidate. Sun-A goes on to apologise for crossing the line again while being a mere secretary. Sun A walks away.

Ga-on meets Min over a game of basketball at night. Later, they discuss the case. Ga-on says Yo Han did not let Chairman Ju get away. Min says finding the motive will be tough. He assumes that there would’ve been a deal as President Heo’s rating went up.

Ga-on says everything went well. Min warns that they cant be satisfied with the trial’s outcome. Ga-on says he will try to find the motive.

The next day, Ga-on wonders if the Doctor who Yo Han was talking about when he listened in was Jang (Dr Safety). Ga-on comes to Yo Han’s office and Yo Han refers to him as his precious sidekick. Ga-on is offended by being called a sidekick.

Ga-on says he can’t trust that Dr Safety suddenly changed the testimony out of a guilty conscience. He says Jang (Dr Safety) made it look like Chairman Ju deliberately murdered the victim and Yo Han happily went along with it. He points out that this was the first time Yo Han reacted positively after being quiet for a long time. 

Yo Han says that he didn’t mention that it was intentional. Ga-on says Chairman Ju changed his statement because of Dr Safety. Yo Han dismisses it by saying it ended well because of it.

Ga-on objects as this is not constitutional.

Yo Han says this is like a game and they will lose the game if they can’t prove anything. He says men with power will hide, fabricate and bury evidence to get away. He says it is sad but there is no justice in reality but a dreadful unjust game.

After Ga-on leaves, Yo Han comments, “He looks exactly like him.”

Outside, Ga-on looks at his phone where the entire conversation was recorded.

Later, Yoon Soo Hyun receives a call from Ga-on asking to meet.

They meet at a store and she listens to the recorded conversation. She asks if Ga-on’s girlfriend cheated on him with Yo Han. He tells her about Dr Safety. She says if it wasn’t his guilty conscience, then he would have confessed because he wants to live. Ga-on tells Soo Kyung that Yo Han may have manipulated the witness. She says he will get stabbed if he tells this to anyone as Yo Han is the nation’s hero now.

Lee Young Min speeds down the road in his Yellow Porsche honking and overtaking the other cars on the road. He yells that they are all annoying him. He drives right at a woman and child in a car and the woman slams into the side to avoid him. She is shaken as she gets out of the car. Ga-on and Soo Kyung witness this scene and they pursue the Porsche in Soo Kyun’s car.  She is unable to catch up with him as his car is faster.

They watch as Kang Yo Han’s Corvette cruises past them. The grey Corvette catches up with the Porche effortlessly and Yo Han flashes his headlights, catching Lee Young Hoon’s attention.

The cars swiftly cruise past the train running parallel to them. Lee Young Min frowns as he sees that the Corvette is still hot on his tracks, pursuing him. 

Yo Han drives beside Lee and lowers his window. Lee is nervous as he sees Yo Han howling in laughter. He calls Yo Han crazy as Yo Han winks at him. Lee speeds away. Yo Han frowns as he follows Lee.

Yo Han overtakes the Porsche and breaks hard. The Porsche skids to a stop as Lee hits the breaks.

Lee curses Yo Han as Yo Han gets out and opens the trunk of his car.

Ga-on and Soo Kyung reach the spot.

Lee Young Min goes over to Yo Han calling him a lunatic. He demands to know who Yo Han is.  Yo Han takes a sledgehammer from the trunk and Lee falls silent. Yo Han drags the sledgehammer across the road and raises it high. A terrified Lee Young Hoon shields his head and falls in an attempt to save himself. Yo Han brings the sledgehammer down on the Porsches hood, making a huge dent.

Lee watches in shock as Yo Han repeatedly bashes the car with the sledgehammer and breaks the windshield too.

Ga-on and Soo Kyung watch this from afar.

Lee asks why Yo Han is doing this. Yo Han says, “Because you are annoying me.”

Yo Han walks up to the Porche and pretends to look inside. He takes out a drug packet from his sleeve and looks up at Lee. Lee is flustered and confused as he says that the drug isn’t his.

Yo Han says he found it in his car and that is what matters. He gives Lee a public transportation card and tells him to take the subway home. He watches as Yo Han speeds away in the Corvette.

Soo Kyung wonders what she just saw and Ga-on asks if she believes him now.

The next morning Ga-on comes to work and finds that Jin Joo has pulled an all-nighter. She says she wants to work hard though she was chosen for her looks.

Soo Hyun tells him that she is going to follow up on Dr Safety’s testimony. Ga-on tells her not to do it but she is stubborn. She says Kang Yo Han got on her wrong side and she won’t stand by and watch a judge cheat.

Soo Hyun waits outside Dr Safety’s house. He asks her if she is here to get him a job because he lost his by becoming a whistleblower.

A man watches her from far and reports to Yo Han that he was right and she met with Dr Safety.

Back in the office, Ga-on listens to Yo Han who is on the phone. Yo Han says Ga-on suspects Dr Safety. He says it is a valid suspicion as no one will be courageous during this time. Yo Han holds the listening device in his hand as he talks. He says each witness has a different stance. He adds that Chairman Ju threw in the towel out of fear. He says he must do something in this grossly unfair game.

Soo Hyung also meets with Dr Yu, the doctor who testified about the pollutants in the water. He mentions that he nearly had an accident after drinking the water in the live court. Yu says he is fine now and even his blood reports came back normal.

Soo Hyun and Ga-on meet at his place for coffee. Ga-on says he met some people by chance. They were very happy and they said they are glad to have found someone they can trust through the live trial. She says Yo Han’s actions cant be justified. She says he broke the rules and that is also a crime.

Soo Hyun tells him to back off while she does the digging. She says he owes a lot to Professor Min but he has given Ga-on a big task. She says it is not a good idea to wiretap a judge who does background checks. He says he isn’t doing this because of Professor Min.

Lee Young Min is at his office. He tastes a dessert on his table and asks if this is the best they can do. They say they scouted the head chefs though there was a risk of a lawsuit. Lee asks if this is the best they could do despite that. His team apologises to him. He demands to know why he isn’t getting the exact recipe despite spending the money. The Director says they have copied it almost exactly.

Lee is furious and asks the Director to eat the half-eaten dessert. He is told the Director has diabetes to which he tells the Director to quit and starve to death. He walks away as the Director eats the dessert.

Lee sits in his office and gets a headache thinking about Yo Han. He looks through his medicine drawer and then finds a drug packet taped underneath the speaker. He decides to call his mother but learns that she is out of the office. He hangs up frustrated as he realises he can’t go to his mother for this.

Later, Lee hits a new female bartender because she doesn’t make a proper drink for him. He tells off the head bartender too and the man says he will replace the girl.

A man watches this and calls someone.

Lee walks into the parking lot and gets into his car when an SUV pulls up before him. He finds Yo Han sitting inside. He asks Lee where his Public Transport card is. Lee is anxious as he asks if Yo Han is following him around. He asks if Yo Han thinks he is prey and says he isn’t that easy to catch. Yo Han watches as Lee says they shouldn’t meet again and drives away.

Yo Han comments that Lee isn’t the prey but fresh bait.

Meanwhile, Jin Joo tells Ga-on that Yo Han transferred the economic crime case to a regular court and has taken up this case instead. She says it is a case where a young guy got drunk and beat up a few people. She says this will result in a fine of 1000 dollars at the most.

Ga-on checks the defendant’s profile. It mentions the person as a 28-year-old unemployed man. She says that is why the prosecution requested a summary order straightaway.

Ga-on notices that the man is a first-time offender but has been questioned many times. He concludes that he must have settled with the victims. They note that this time he didn’t settle. They realise that since the police were letting him off, they wouldn’t have written down his real occupation. Jin Ju says she is disappointed in Yo Han for choosing such a simple case.

Ga-on gets a call from Soo Hyung and steps out to take it. She says she found a comment in an online community that said, “Kang Yo Han is the Devil.” She says she got the person’s phone number.

Ga-on and Jin Joo go to Yo Han’s office and find the live trial’s PD there. He is all praises for the two of them. He says he is here to invite them to a charity fashion that the Social Responsibility Foundation and the show are co-hosting. Ga-on instantly turns down the invitation.

Jin Joo says she will attend but asks what she should wear. Yo Han says he will take care of that.

Later that night, Jin Joo is excited as she sits beside Yo Han who drives her to the charity fashion show. She thanks him for the dress and says she will return it clean. He tells her to keep it as there is no one to wear it.

Yo Han tells the press that he will always stand for justice.

As they head into the gathering Sun-A greets them. Yo Han goes to socialise as Sun-A speaks to Jin Joo. She introduces her to Chairman Seo who ogles at her. Sun-A gives looks at him in contempt as he puts his arm around Jin Joo while speaking to her.

Meanwhile, Ga-on goes to the church and speaks to the priest (who commented that Yo Han is the devil). The priest says Yo Han was different from the other children since the day he came.


The teacher asks Kang Yo Han to introduce himself to the class. Yo Han doesn’t utter a word. A girl, Sae In offers to be his partner.

One day during class, a bird flies into the classroom. All the children except Yo Han start screaming as it flies around. The bird lands on Sae In’s desk and she screams in fear. Yo Han watches her and immediately kills the bird with the knife he has in his bag. The entire class starts yelling abuses at him for killing the bird. Yo Han looks away.

The priest says Yo Han was called a monster since then. He says they didn’t talk to him since then and treated him like he was invisible. Ga-on asks if that is why the priest wrote the comment that Yo Han is the devil.

The priest says there is more. He says the children were divided into two groups the rich neighbourhood and those from the poor. He says they all treated Yo Han like a monster.

We see a montage of the kids teasing and bullying Yo Han.

Meanwhile, Yo Han greets Minister Cha. She congratulates him on the trial and says she was surprised. She asks if he intends to do that again and he says no. She gives a look of disbelief as he holds her close while he laughs for the photos.

Everyone takes to the dance floor as the live orchestra plays the music. Yo Han leaves Cha and goes to find Jin Joo. Jin Joo seems uncomfortable as she is seated with Chairman Seo.

Yo Han escorts her to the dance floor and teaches her to dance. Just then, Sun-Ah cuts in and asks to dance with him. Jin-Joo moves away as Sun-A walks in. Yo Han stands still as Sun-A takes his hands and they dance.

The priest tells Ga-on that the rich kids were paired with the poor kids so that they get along. The rich children started reporting the loss of their belongings. They accused their partners of stealing them.

At the dance, Sun-A says she enjoyed the trial. She says it was a different genre and she even teared up. He says he is glad. She says the sponsors of the Foundation hate unexpected twists. She says old men like the predictable. Yo Han says it is difficult to satisfy everyone’s preferences. Sun-A leans into his ear and whispers that men who enjoy things alone aren’t charming. She says they aren’t useful either. Yo Han says that is unfortunate as he is having a lot of fun right now.


One of the kids loses his gaming console and he finds it in his partner’s bag. A fight breaks out. Soon everyone in the class is fighting with each other. Yo Han sits in the last row and watches this calmly.

Yo Han watches Sun-A walk away from the dance floor. Just then, Minister Cha calls him and he walks over to her. She says she brought her family and introduces them to him. Cha’s husband Lee Jae-Kyung is delighted to meet Yo Han in person. He calls their son Lee Young Hoon to greet Yo Han.

Lee Young Min is shocked as he sees Yo Han. Yo Han is calm as he holds out his hand butLee hesitates. Yo Han seems to be enjoying himself as Lee’s parents look on. Yo Han smiles as Lee shakes his hand.

We see a montage of young Yo Han smiling as his classmates fight among themselves.

The priest says, “He was the devil”.

Ga-On takes the bus back . He ponders over Yo Han’s childhood and Yo Han’s father being a loan shark.

Meanwhile, Sun-A expresses concern to Seo that Yo Han may not be tame enough. Yo Han meets her eyes from across the hall.

Ga-On goes into Yo Han’s office and tries to remove the listening device but he finds it gone. He is startled as Yo Han asks if he is looking for this. He looks around to see Yo Han standing in the dark holding the listening device. Yo Han puts the device into Ga-on’s hand.

Ga-on asks Yo Han why he is doing this and Yo Han replies, “Because I can. Possibility is like a drug”.

Both of them are distracted by a beeping sound from behind the painting. Ga-On immediately pushes Yo Han out of the way and falls over him.

Both of them are thrown away by the blast and Ga-on loses consciousness. Yo Han supports him and brings him out of the blazing office.

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This was an interesting episode and this time the action took place outside the courtroom.

It was intriguing to see Yo Han talking about his past easily. He seems to be a different person outside the courthouse. He also doesn’t try to hide his personality.

The car chase scene was a great watch and the cinematography is noteworthy. Yo Han surpassed Lee Young Min’s insanity with his eccentric behaviour. It was interesting to See Lee Young Min’s reaction when his own actions were served to him in a platter. 

Jung Sun-A seems mysterious. Yo Han is cold towards her and it looks like there might be a past between them.

From the looks of it, Yo Han seems to be working alone against a pack of extremely powerful enemies. It looks like he is building power from scratch and is using the people’s support to raise in power.

His lack of fear for the people in power unsettles the antagonists. 

On the surface, it seems like Kang Yo Han’s actions are driven by a sense of justice and righteousness. But, it looks like Yo Han is working on a plan and he is choosing his trial cases based on it. Usually, vigilantes choose to remain anonymous but it is nice to see Yo Han as a vigilante with a face and legal power.

I am curious to see what part of Yo Han’s past has set him on this mission.

-By Soul Sword-

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